4 Amazing Shades Of Front Door Colors

By Goodness M

Front door paint colors applied properly make a long-lasting impression on us because some colors are friendly and welcoming. As guests, we feel the warmth that greets us at the front entrance. Therefore, a pleasant shade of color makes a difference in our lives and houses.

1. Sky Blue

Credit: hgtv.com

We believe that formality, elegance, and heritage are portrayed on the front door by this colour because of the vibrancy that refreshes your home’s exterior look to give it a modern update. Sara McLean of Dunn-Edwards Paints emphasizes that this nature-inspired color gives a friendly and warm welcome to guests. It stands out and adds an amazing appeal to the front door. “Peace River is a relaxing blue that presents as a welcoming hue to visitors,” she says.

2. Orange

Credit: houzz.com

This show-stopping door color makes a punchy statement and attracts attention. It is suited for South facing front doors because sunsets complement the color by adding a spark to the door. As a result, this vibrant color brings enthusiasm and warmth to your front entrance.

3. Pale Yellow

This shade of sunny yellow on the front door gives a happy pop of color for homes with light and neutral siding. The warmth of this front entry portrays an amiable and inviting appearance. We feel welcome here!

4. Bright Green

This front door color gives us an impression of boldness and a very commanding appearance. As a result, this nature-inspired color makes a great first impression on your front entry. Annie Sloan, creator of Chalk paint, states that it boasts a charming quality that stands out.