Set Sail in Style: 35+ Nautical Bathroom Decor Inspirations

By Louise T February 29, 2024

Ahoy there! Brace yourself for a seafaring escapade as we embark on the journey to craft your dream nautical bathroom. Picture this: a sailor’s utopia right in your home, a maritime haven that feels like a cozy house away from the rolling waves. Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or just enchanted by the sea’s allure, get ready for an exciting adventure! Transform your bathroom into a maritime oasis, where timeless charm and serene vibes whisk you away to sandy shores, crashing waves, and endless horizons. Join us as we explore over 40 decoration ideas, setting sail on a voyage of creativity and inspiration to make your nautical bathroom dreams a reality!

1. Beach Huts Wall Accent

Crafted from wood or vinyl, this wall accent features a charming row of beach huts painted in vibrant colors. Hang it on the wall above the bathtub to create a focal point that evokes the laid-back vibe of beachside cottages. 

Image courtesy of danelm/Ideogram

Create a coastal haven by incorporating cloud and sun motifs on the accent wall, coupled with other beach-inspired accents. This design seamlessly transports the allure of the beach into your bathroom, orchestrating a transformative ambiance that turns the space into a serene seaside retreat.

2. Add A Stylish Wall Decoration

During your next bathroom upgrade, add cardinal points (north, south, east, west), and consider it  a nautical compass design. Look for a sleek and modern compass wall metal art piece featuring the cardinal directions prominently displayed. Think outside the box. 

Image courtesy of danelm/Ideogram

You could also opt for a vintage-inspired compass print framed in a minimalist black or white frame for a timeless look. Arrange the compass wall decor as a focal point above the bathtub or near the entrance to your bathroom.

3. A Daily Reminder That You Need To Relax

A wooden board with the word “relax” carved or painted on it is a perfect addition to your bathroom. Hang it on the wall above the bathtub or near the shower to serve as a gentle reminder to unwind and destress.

Image courtesy of danelm/Ideogram

Never forget, prioritize relaxation above all else. Infuse your space with a personal touch that radiates tranquility, inviting you to unwind in your beach-inspired oasis. Every step into this retreat serves as an invitation to embrace the soothing calmness that defines your personal sanctuary.

4. Add A Rope Towel Holder 

Absolutely! Adding a rope towel holder is a perfect touch for your beach-themed bathroom. Start by installing a sturdy rope horizontally along one wall, securing it with hooks or brackets. Hang your towels over the rope for a rustic, nautical look. 

Image courtesy of danelm/Ideogram

You can even tie knots in the rope for added visual interest. The rope towel holder not only enhances the beach vibe but also adds functionality, keeping your towels neatly organized and within reach anytime you need them. We approve!

5. Interwoven Intricate Rug

The cream color adds a touch of sophistication, while the nautical-inspired motif brings a sense of coastal charm. Place it in front of the bathtub or sink to add comfort underfoot and enhance the overall aesthetic of your bathroom decor.

Image courtesy of danelm/Ideogram

This gorgeous rug complements any interior design scheme or a full-blown beach theme. Its soft, neutral color and attractive, finely woven pattern make it incredibly adaptable. This rug will definitely steal the show when placed in front of your bathroom vanity.

6. Rustic Meets Nautical 

Blending rustic and nautical decor creates a charming and inviting atmosphere with a coastal flair. Start by incorporating natural materials like weathered wood, rope, and reclaimed driftwood furniture for a rustic foundation. Then, add nautical touches such as seahorses and starfishes.

Image courtesy of danelm/Ideogram

One major thing we love about this piece is that it’s different from what we have seen so far. If you want to add other beach items and you’re tired of the same old starfish and shells, then try seahorses.

7. Mason Jars For Bathroom Organization 

Mason jars can be the most amazing bathroom storage system components on the globe, used for anything from soap dispensers to toothbrush caddies. Label each jar with its contents using adhesive labels or chalkboard paint for a more personalized touch. 

Image courtesy of

Use the jars to store items like cotton balls, Q-tips, or toothbrushes, keeping them easily accessible while adding a pop of color and pattern to your bathroom decor. They become even more charming when some striking painted stripes are added.

32. White Washed Crates Filled With Shells

These crates, crafted from weathered wood and painted in a whitewashed finish, evoke the rustic charm of seaside cottages. Each crate is filled with an abundance of seashells in various shapes, sizes, and colors, creating a captivating and beautiful display.

Image courtesy of danelm/Ideogram

You should consider displaying some of your most beloved sea-themed items on your wall using these shallow crates in place of a conventional shelf. This charming display will evoke fond memories of beachcombing adventures and infuse your space with coastal charm.

9. Make Ample Use Of Starfishes 

Decorating each section of your bathroom with starfishes can create an enchanting theme. Here’s how you can incorporate them. You can hang framed artwork or shadow boxes filled with real or faux starfishes on the walls for an amazing view. 

Image courtesy of

You can also decide to go with the style of this person and keep it simple. Just make sure to use starfishes well enough. Arrange starfishes on bathroom shelves alongside shells, coral, plants or driftwood for a visually appealing display.

10. Webbed Nautical Mason Jars

Begin by wrapping mason jars with twine to evoke a rustic texture reminiscent of nautical rope. Utilize hot glue to affix small sections of the rope to the jars, crafting a whimsical and beach-inspired design that adds charm to your space.

Image courtesy of danelm/Ideogram

You can simply fill the jars with sand and shells, these decorations will work for you. Sit them together for a tidy display or arrange them throughout your home to create a tied-together look. With the webbed pattern around the glass.

11. A Simple Nautical Bath Tray 

A nautical bath tray is a wonderful addition to enhance your bathing experience while staying true to the coastal theme. Look for a tray made of natural wood or painted any color of your choice. Opt for one with handles.

Image courtesy of danelm/Ideogram

Fill the tray with decorations and basic bath necessities, making it easier to relax and unwind in the tub. Whether you use it to hold your bath essentials or as a decorative display for shells and candles, this way there’s orderliness.

12. Nautical Bathroom With Wooden Fish 

Incorporating a wooden fish on a shelf can add a whimsical and dreamlike touch to your nautical bathroom design, making it look flawless. Look for a handcrafted wooden fish with intricate details and a perfect finish for an authentic maritime feel.

Image courtesy of

Place it on a shelf alongside other coastal decor elements that can fit in a jar like seashells, starfish, and beach sand. To make it more unique, you can also arrange LED candles around the fish to create a soft glow.

13. Cute Nautical Decor 

For cute nautical bathroom decor, consider a nice little storage filled with items like sailor rubber duckies, adorable miniature sailboats, starfish or charming anchor-shaped soap dishes. You could also hang towels with playful nautical motifs like stripes, anchors, or lighthouses. 

Image courtesy of danelm/Ideogram

Decorative items such as sea creature-shaped will add a touch of fun to the space. These charming and playful items will infuse your bathroom with personality and delight, bringing a smile to your face every time you enter your nautical-themed space.

14. Decorate A Transparent Bottle

To decorate a transparent bottle with a beach theme, you can create a beautiful beach scene inside the bottle. You’ll need a transparent glass or plastic bottle, sand, small seashells, and any other miniature beach-themed items you’d like to include.

Image courtesy of danelm/Ideogram

Clean the bottle thoroughly until it’s completely dry before starting. Begin by adding a layer of sand to the bottom of the bottle to mimic the beach. Arrange the seashells, driftwood, and sea glass on top to create a beach scene.

15. A Starfish Gallery Is A Great Idea

Creating a starfish gallery is a wonderful and adorable way to showcase these beautiful creatures and infuse your space with coastal charm. To make your gallery, you firstly have to collect a variety of starfish in different sizes, shapes, and colors.

Image courtesy of

You can find them at beach shops, craft stores, or online retailers. Carefully mount each starfish on the shelf you have created. Ensure that they are securely placed but also easily removable for maintenance. Then consider adding other beach-themed elements.

16. Add Humorous Wall Sign 

Putting the humorous and decorative beach rules wall sign is a lighthearted addition to any coastal-themed bathroom. Crafted from wood, this sign features humorous sentences for beachgoers and the like. This is something we approve of, what do you think? 

Image courtesy of

This amusing sign at your house will urge visitors to savor their time away from the real world. This sign will make everyone smile broadly since it contains six references to beach life. This fun and quirky piece will delight guests.

17. Nautical Wall Frames 

Choose a small section of the wall near the vanity or bathtub to serve as your gallery space. Select a mix of starfish and put them in a framed artwork, photographs, and decorative elements that reflect your style and interests. 

Image courtesy of

Then arrange the pieces in a cohesive layout, balancing different sizes and shapes for visual harmony. Hang them securely using adhesive hooks or gallery wire. This mini gallery will enhance the bathroom’s atmosphere and make it feel more like home.

18. Gnarly Nautical Shelf 

The deep-sea blue color of this three-tiered shelf is a wonderful accessory for your bathroom. The shelf provides ample space for displaying decorative items like shells, candles, tissues, bathing towels or maritime artifacts, the beautifully carved out whale tail really rounds off the shelf.

Image courtesy of danelm/Ideogram

With room to store extra towels and toilet paper rolls, this shelf gives additional storage space with style. Including a nautical rope element in the design further adds to its charm that is capitalized with the stacked set of whales.

19. Use A Nice Beach Theme 

If you can’t go to the beach, let the beach come to you. To create a beach-themed bathroom, start with a color palette inspired by the coast: sandy beige, ocean blue, and crisp white. Get a sign that says “beach”.

Image courtesy of

You can also decide to choose accessories like a shower curtain with a beach scene or a bath mat resembling sand. Bring in natural elements like pebbles or sea glass for added texture. This way you can experience the beach anytime.

20. Nautical Decorations On A Budget 

So apparently you don’t need to break the bank to achieve  a cool nautical bathroom decor on a budget. It is actually possible with a bit of creativity and resourcefulness. Start by scouring thrift stores, yard sales, for affordable nautical-themed items.

Image courtesy of danelm/Ideogram

Just like this person, you can get framed photos of the beach for affordable prices. To add more flair, repurpose everyday objects like mason jars or tin cans as charming DIY storage containers or candle holders. Use inexpensive paint or stencils.

21. Add A Surfboard 

Here is a simple yet unique and stylish way to infuse the space with coastal charm. Choose a surfboard with a classic design. Lean it against a wall or mount it horizontally as decorative accents above the bathtub or vanity.

Image courtesy of

You can also repurpose old surfboards as shelves or towel racks for added functionality, just like they did in this photo. The Vibrant colors and iconic shape will add a playful and adventurous vibe to your bathroom, making it different.

22. Introduce A Nautical Beach Dresser

Look for a dresser with a weathered or distressed finish. You can paint the dresser depending on the color of your bathroom. Choose hardware like rope drawer pulls or anchor-shaped knobs to enhance the nautical theme. Then add a crafted basket.

Image courtesy of danelm/Ideogram

Use the dresser to store towels, toiletries, and any other bathroom essentials, organizing them in baskets or bins for a tidy look. Decorate the top surface with coastal accents like seashells, coral, or beach-themed artwork to complete the beach-inspired vibe.

23. An Old-School Photo Frame 

An old-school photo frame adds undeniable charm to your bathroom, infusing the space with a sense of nostalgia and character. Choose a vintage-style frame with ornate details, weathered edges, a nautical rope, or distressed finishes to evoke a timeless appeal. 

Image courtesy of danelm/Ideogram

Inside the frame, display black and white photographs of coastal landscapes, vintage beach scenes, to complement the frame’s aesthetic and enhance the bathroom’s ambiance. You can also attach the frame with a rope and an old-fashioned hook to make it complete.

24. Your Beach House 

To add a beach house theme to your bathroom, paint the bathroom white or ocean blue. Choose natural materials such as weathered wood, rattan, and linen for furniture and accessories like seashells, starfishes and others to create a relaxed, beachy vibe.

Image courtesy of danelm/Ideogram

Hang framed beach inscription that reads “beach house” as well. This way you get to experience the beach and everything that comes with it from your home. Mind you, it doesn’t even have to be summer yet. We love this idea.

25. Use Mason Jars 

A Sea Star Decorative Box and Jar Set is a delightful addition to any nautical-themed bathroom decor. The set typically includes a wooden or ceramic box adorned with a sea star, perfect for storing small items like cotton balls or jewelry. 

Image courtesy of danelm/Ideogram

Additionally, it comes with a matching jar featuring the same design, ideal for holding bath salts, bath beads, or decorative sand. Place them on your bathroom countertop or shelving to add a touch of coastal charm while keeping your essentials organized.

26. Painted Starfish Towel Rings 

Choose circular wooden or metal towel rings as your base. Paint them in vibrant starfish blue hues for a lively touch, or maintain a natural look by leaving the metal as is. After drying, affix small decorative starfish for a charming coastal accent in your bathroom.

Image courtesy of danelm/Ideogram

With this set of painted starfish towel rings, you can hang your towel in the bathroom with style. These are ideal for using with a hand towel next to the sink or for hanging your towel after taking a shower.

27. Sea Inspired Shower Curtain

A Blue and Gray Sea Shower Curtain is an elegant choice for a nautical-themed bathroom. This sea shower curtain’s hues evoke a breezy beach house atmosphere, perfect for unwinding in your own spa haven. The combination depicts the ocean and sky.

Image courtesy of

The room’s white accessories, against a weathered gray background, highlight the pattern of the curtain’s blue hues. For a hint of the season, hang in your house during the summer. This curtain will serve as a focal point in your bathroom.

28. Create A Beach Inspired Initials

You can decide to create your initial using wooden or cardboard letters and decorate them with a combination of beige and blue seashells. Arrange the seashells in patterns or clusters on the letter, alternating between the two colors for visual interest. 

Image courtesy of danelm/Ideogram

Display the initials of your family’s last name throughout your house to commemorate summer with this design coated in seashells. The beige, blue, and gray tones of these shells combine to create the ideal and surreal beach vibe in your house.

29. Shark Decoration 

Crafted to resemble ocean waves with a shark fin protruding, this decoration adds an element of excitement and adventure to the space. If you have seen the movie Jaws then you will know exactly what this awesome decoration stands for.

Image courtesy of danelm/Ideogram

This adorable ornamental piece, which can easily fit on whatever shelf or windowsill you choose, features undulating waves that curve ahead. The shark appears to be lurking close; his fin is visible through the breaks. This brings back scary memories.

30. Create A Lighthouse Shelf 

Start by creating a backdrop resembling a rugged coastline using weathered wood or driftwood. Mount a wooden shelf along the top edge to mimic a cliff or rocky outcrop. Install pieces like this on the shelf to represent the lighthouse.

Image courtesy of

With a little tender loving care, you can transform a piece of rough wood into a standout piece. The cottages and lighthouses that border the shore are reflected in this artwork. This unique design captures the essence of a coastal landscape.

31. An Anchor Rug

Crafted from soft and durable materials, this rug features a classic blue and white color scheme reminiscent of the open sea. A rug that enhances the beauty and uniqueness of any bathroom is a must, we will want something like this.

Image courtesy of danelm/Ideogram

Its plush texture provides comfort underfoot while also absorbing water, will make it ideal for use near the shower or bathtub. This blue and white accent rug, made in classic coastal colors, looks fantastic in the middle of your bathroom.

32. Display Your Nautical Decorations With Wood Crates

Using wooden crates to display your nautical decorations is a fantastic idea for adding rustic charm to your beach-themed bathroom. Arrange the crates on shelves or countertops and fill them with your favorite beach finds like seashells, driftwood, or glass floats. 

Image courtesy of

You can also use the crates to showcase books about the sea, candles, or small potted plants. Consider painting or decorating the crates to match the coastal aesthetic, perhaps in shades of weathered blue or whitewashed wood, depending on your choice.

33. Starfish And Corals Design 

Introducing starfish and corals into your bathroom can transform it into an underwater oasis. The starfish, with its intricate design and vibrant colors, adds a touch of whimsy and natural beauty. Placed strategically on shelves, they infuse a sense of charm. 

Image courtesy of

Corals, with their delicate structures and diverse hues, bring texture and depth to the space. Whether as wall art, soap dishes, or even towel hooks, they evoke the serene atmosphere of an oceanic sanctuary. Together, they create a harmonious coastal ambiance.

34. Anchor Shaped Toilet Roll Holder 

When it comes to decorating your bathroom with a nautical motif, you mustn’t overlook details, no matter how small. This unusual toilet paper holder is shaped like an anchor and blends into the design without seeming like a tacky practical item. 

Image courtesy of danelm/Ideogram

Mounted on a navy blue wall, the anchor serves as both a vibrant focal point and a functional toilet paper holder. This decorative piece not only adds charm to the space but also offers a convenient and stylish solution for keeping toilet paper rolls easily accessible.

35. Painted Wooden Buoys

Crafted from wood and painted in a refreshing mint green and white color scheme, these buoys evoke the colors of the sea and the charm of coastal living. Hang them on the wall as wall art, use them as door handles.

Image courtesy of danelm/Ideogram

You can also use them as drawer pulls, or display them on shelves or countertops for a playful nautical vibe. These two painted wooden buoys make a lovely addition to any environment. We would be trying this DIY, what about you?

36. Create A Floating Shelf 

Here’s another idea; creating a nautical floating shelf combines storage functionality with decorative charm. Start with a wooden plank, preferably weathered or stained for a rustic look. Attach sturdy nautical rope to each end, securing it with knots for hanging support. 

Image courtesy of danelm/Ideogram

Adorn the shelf with maritime accents like miniature sailboats, shells, or glass floats. Utilize it for storing bathroom essentials like towels, candles, or toiletries while displaying decorative pieces atop. Mount it securely on the wall at eye level or slightly higher.

37. Painted Palm Tree Art

Crafted from reclaimed wood and painted with a palm tree motif, this wall art brings a touch of natural beauty. The palm tree design evokes feelings of relaxation and serenity, making it perfect for creating a tranquil oasis in your bathroom. 

Image courtesy of danelm/Ideogram

Utilize those leftover salvaged wooden planks to make a stunning painted palm tree canvas. This gives your beach house a splash of contemporary design while bringing back memories of the soft sea wind. Place this beauty anywhere inside your house.

7. Get A Huge Anchor In Your Anchor 

If you love nautical style and this is something you haven’t thought of, then we suggest you do so. Try to incorporate a nicely shaped anchor into your bathroom decor as a brilliant way to stay true to the nautical theme.

Image courtesy of

You can place a decorative anchor on a shelf, hang it on the wall as a statement piece, or use it as a towel hook. Opt for anchors made of wood, metal, or even rope to add interest to the space.

39. Wash Your Palms Sign

This beautiful and humorous design comes with a witty pun, this sign encourages proper hand hygiene with a humorous twist. Hang it near the sink or on the bathroom door as a gentle reminder for guests to wash their hands.

Image courtesy of

This playful bathroom sign, with its mint green color choice, looks very cool and laid-back with its neat white border. Your bathroom design will look more enjoyable because it takes up very little space and offers a ton of fun.

40. Ship’s Wheel Decorative Mirror 

Crafted in the shape of a ship’s wheel, this mirror adds a touch of nautical elegance to the space. The white finish complements a variety of decor styles, while the ship’s wheel design brings a sense of exploration to your bathroom. 

Image courtesy of danelm/Ideogram

Use this amazing ship’s wheel mirror above your vanity cabinet to add a nautical touch that will make your bathroom stand out from the crowd. Including this attractive mirror will make your daily routine more enjoyable, something to look forward to.

41. Tea Light Holders

Crafted from natural wood and dyed in a serene sea blue hue, these tea light holders evoke the calming colors of the ocean. Place them on countertops, shelves, or around the bathtub to add a soft soothing glow to the space. 

Image courtesy of danelm/Ideogram

The natural texture of the wood combined with the sea blue color creates a rustic yet elegant look that complements a variety of decor styles. These wooden holders, which have a cool blue dye finish, look good even when not illuminated!

42. Rope Towel Ring

Installing this nautical rope towel ring will give your bathroom a lot of character and charm while serving a useful purpose. This beautiful creation is crafted from natural rope, this towel ring adds a touch of coastal elegance to the space. 

Image courtesy of danelm/Ideogram

Hang it on the wall near the sink or shower for easy access to towels. The earthy tones and texture of the rope complement a variety of decor styles, from beachy to farmhouse-inspired. This towel ring also provides practical storage.

43. Reuse Your Paddles

Repurposing paddles as both decoration and makeshift hangers is a creative way to enhance your nautical-themed bathroom. Mount the paddles horizontally on the wall as a focal point, either above the bathtub or near the entrance or wherever you like.

Image courtesy of danelm/Ideogram

Use hooks attached to the paddles to hang towels, bathrobes, or even small baskets for storage. You can leave the paddles in their natural wood finish for a rustic look or paint them in shades of blue or white to match.

44. Beautiful Bathroom Box

Adorned with playful beach-inspired motifs, use the box to store toiletries, towels, or other bathroom essentials, keeping them organized and easily accessible. Place it on the countertop or shelf for a stylish and functional storage solution that enhances the coastal ambiance.

Image courtesy of danelm/Ideogram

Organize all valuables and trinkets in one handy location with this bathroom box. This box may hold rolled-up washcloths for daily use. It can also be used for several other things depending on your use for it. We highly recommend it.

45. Candles Are An Excellent Choice 

Adding nautical candles to your bathroom enhances its ambiance with a touch of elegance. The flickering light of the candles creates a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. Coupled with normal stress, this will be perfect for unwinding after a long day. 

Image courtesy of danelm/Ideogram

You can decide to design them in shapes like lighthouses, anchors, or shells; these candles serve as charming decorative accents, complementing the nautical theme. Whether placed around the bathtub for a soothing bath or on countertops for a decorative flair.