Five Stylish Bathroom Decor Ideas For Your Home

By Martin B April 11, 2024

A bathroom is a place for relaxing. Therefore, the bathroom’s ambiance must be conducive to inspire relaxation, and this can be achieved by taking great care in decorating it.

1. Stylish Curtain

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Start by removing your old shower curtain and bring in a new curtain that will create a fresh new look in your bathroom. So, apart from keeping water splashing onto the floor, the shower curtain changes the mood of your bathroom to a pleasant one.

2. Mirror Frame

Putting a frame to your bathroom mirror creates boldness and an illusion of space. The frame transforms the mirror from boring to a lively-looking mirror, which changes the bathroom’s appearance. The frame is easy to install, and you can do it on your own.

Image Credit: danelm/Ideogram

3. Tiles

A classic way to transform the appearance of your bathroom is by putting new patterns of tiles in your bathroom. They are easy to clean. Interior designer Shannon Claire Smith points out that tiles bring lots of desirable changes to the bathroom at an affordable price. “This makes the most noticeable difference, and there are lots of good options for around two dollars a square foot,” Smith says.

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4. Wallpaper

This is a budget-friendly way of putting style into your bathroom because installation is quick and easy. You can choose a tailor-made theme to suit the mood you want to create in the bathroom. As a result, it adds a ton of class to a bathroom.

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5. Painting Tub

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Last but not least, a well-painted exterior of a tub can enhance the appearance of a bathroom. Therefore, semi-gloss paint can be used on the tub to complement bathroom colors. Smith says this is a project that will give the biggest bang for your buck. It’s easy and makes a huge difference!