5 Amazing Ways To Make Wax Melts At Home

By Goodness M

Change the ambiance of your home by throwing a wax melt into a burner. The fresh scents coming from the melts have a positive effect on your mood. These nifty little things can be bought from shops. However, making wax melts at home is more satisfying and simple. Therefore, we have compiled a simplified guide to assist you in making perfect wax melts.


Photo Credit: knowitinfo.com


Heat-proof glass bowl


Large spoon

Silicone ice cube tray


1. Boil Water

The 300ml of water should be poured into a saucepan and boiled on the stove.

2. Melt the Ingredients

Put the candle dye, beeswax, and coconut oil, into the glass bowl (it’s very important that it is heat-proof). Heat the bowl by placing it over the boiling water. As the ingredients melt, stir them gently with a large spoon.

3. Add essential oil

After combining the oil and beeswax, remove them from the heat. Therefore, add your favorite essential oil and stir well.

4. Pour into Ice Cube Tray

The wax melt mixture must be distributed evenly into the sections in your tray. Please note that the choice of your ice cube tray must be the one with small cavities so that the melts fit properly in a burner.

5. Let The Wax Solidify

Photo Credit: myfrugalhome.com

Allow the wax melts to solidify by putting the tray in a cool place. Your homemade wax melts will be ready for use after a few hours. Carefully take them out of each little section of whatever kind of tray you use and store them in a sealed container.