5 DIY House Projects Most Likely Exceed The Initial Budget

By Stephen M

It is mostly believed that do-it-yourself (DIY) projects are cheaper than hiring a professional or purchasing an already made item. Many people, including homeowners, try to fix certain things by themselves with a limited budget. However, they sometimes end up spending more than the allotted budget. This mostly happens because homeowners sometimes underestimate the extent of the project, therefore, undervalue the cost.

According to experts, you need to understand what you need and know the cost of items required before setting a budget. Here are some DIY projects that may exceed your budget.


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The cost of installing a new HVAC depends on the size of your home, and the size and brand of the HVAC you are buying. That aside, the ductwork and the installation cost vary by company. Therefore, you cannot base your budget on how much a friend or family member spent on theirs. It can be below or above based on the above considerations.

Plumbing work

Remodeling or repairing damaged or faulty plumbing works can exceed your budget when other issues crop up. You may just want to replace a damaged faucet in the bathroom or kitchen, but end up realizing there is a major problem with the pipeline. So, although you initially budgeted for a faucet, you may have to spend more.

Basement remodeling

There are times you may want to remodel and repurpose your basement. For example, you may want to use the space as an entertainment area or even as a training area. Any of these projects would require more than having to declutter, paint, and install the equipment. You have to do some add-ons break and remake certain areas, do electrical fittings and installations, etc., before bringing in the needed equipment.

Bathroom improvement

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The bathroom is one of the most important spaces in a home. You visit the place at least twice daily and spend around 10 minutes on each visit. This makes the bathroom one of the spaces most homeowners want to improve occasionally. But do you know that a simple replacement of old tiles can make you want to change almost everything in the bathroom? While shopping for tiles, you may see a nice mirror, tub, curtains, etc., you may also want to buy. These and installation costs would automatically increase your budget.


If your roof is leaking profusely or has been badly damaged, you may actually go over the budget. Aside from repairing or replacing the roof, you need to also replace the ceiling or plywood damaged by the leaks. This increases the cost of the project.