7 Bathroom Design Mistakes You Should Avoid

By Luka E

Your bathroom is one space that should always feel calming and relaxed. It’s easy, however, for them to get cluttered quickly, especially if they’re small. These are a few of the mistakes people make, as observed by designers and organization experts, and how to remedy them.

White Everywhere

Most homes seem to have all white walls and ceilings, and it’s honestly quite boring. Don’t be afraid to use dark colors and bold patterns in your bathroom. It can give a small space the feeling of being larger than it actually is and adds a wonderful feeling of dimension.

Decorating Without a Purpose

Rather than filling up what little space you have with decorations that don’t serve a purpose, try to maximize on items that have a function in the room. Use open storage units to display bathroom items like towels or robes.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock

Having Everything Out in the Open 

By balancing open and closed storage spaces, you can minimize clutter. Try to only keep the essentials out in the open, and store things like nail clippers, shampoo, or hairspray in a closed storage.

Keeping to Only Bathroom Specific Items

Treat your bathroom as you would any other space. Hanging some art or using decorative vases to hold your toothbrushes or cotton balls can make the space feel much more intentional and friendly.

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Create a Space That Flatters You

You should always feel good when you get out of the shower and look at yourself in the mirror. Good lighting is essential, and picking the right color palette to suit your skin tone goes a long way to making you feel beautiful (or handsome) every day. Soft pink hues are usually complimentary to our skin.