8 Common Bedroom Design Mistakes

By Luka E

The space we live in makes a tremendous difference in how we behave and feel in our daily lives. An awkward or cluttered bedroom could leave you feeling uncomfortable, scattered, or frustrated when all that’s needed is some redecoration. These are the most common bedroom design mistakes, according to professional designers.

1. Undersized Rugs

You might think that a smaller room requires a smaller rug, but it’s really about your bed size. According to Erin Coren of Curated nest, the ideal bedroom rug sticks out on the sides and front of the bed and reaches up to just before the nightstands.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock

2. Tiny Pillows

Your pillows also need to be big enough for your bed to avoid looking like you stole a pillow from a baby’s crib.

3. Short Headboards

What’s the point of having a gorgeous headboard if it gets hidden by the pillows?

4. Bedroom Sets

Matching furniture sets lack imagination and style. By hand-selecting each piece, you’ll come out with a more creative and functional design.

5. Bare Bulbs

Designers hate it when bare bulbs stick out under lampshades. Get custom-made lampshades, or find some with the right sizing.

6. Oversized Mattresses

While it’s a great feeling sleeping on an enormous mattress, there’s a limit to how much sleeping space you really need. It should also fit the bed frame or skirtings well, or it’ll just look silly.

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7. Too Many Pillows

Try to create a balance of pretty and functional when it comes to decorative pillows. Stick to three layers of pillows, max.

8. Mirror Placement

Please don’t put a mirror anywhere where you can see it from your bed. It isn’t nice for Feng Shui and can cause your subconscious mind to think others are in the room.