A Look At The Loss Of Art In Modern Architecture

By Victor O

If you are asked to state some of the most charming architecture in the world,  your mind will immediately go to buildings like St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Taj Mahal, St. Basil’s Cathedral, and the Dome of the Rock. These are artistic buildings with breathtaking details. Some of these buildings were built in the 1500s and 1600s or even before. Creating these buildings took time, patience, and great taste. Sadly, architecture today feels the same and we don’t get to see the diversity in the beauty that authentic architecture has. We only get to see minimalistic and similar designs with no artistic detail.

Image source: julia-kuzenkov-442028/Pexels

Modern architecture was created to reinvent the way buildings are built to focus on how humans live and what they find beautiful. It is more of a minimalistic and experimental style. But even then, it seems like there isn’t much variety.

Modern houses look boring and too simple because there are not enough details in the designs due to oversimplifications. All of these dissolve humans into accepting the aesthetic of sterility. Modern architecture has slowly cleared out local mores. Walking through a business district, you will see similar architectural structures. From the glossy towers, whitewashed walls in offices, and similar-looking tables and chairs in offices.

These simple designs in buildings are negligence towards beauty. Modern spaces have some interior designs that are the same, for example, ceiling tiles. There is a pretty common type of ceiling tile used in modern architectural buildings, and it has a cheap look and gets damaged easily. Other examples are lecture rooms that look like there was no effort into designing them and redesigned street lights, bus terminals, and bins due to the prioritization of utility and cost over beauty and longevity.

Image source: expect-best-79873/Pexels

Beauty has been stolen from us and sold back to us under the concept of minimalism and luxury. But these so-called designs are even less substantial and require more repair, while the lindy, beautiful, aesthetic designs were built to last. We can all make sure there are little changes from us that give more beauty and liven the architectural designs around us.