Home Elevation Essentials: 35+ Must-Haves for Every Space

By Navkiran K March 5, 2024

Embarking on a home renovation journey can often trigger thoughts of hefty expenses, but fear not! Transforming your living space into a haven of luxury doesn’t have to break the bank or swallow up your precious time. Picture this: a dash of elegance here, a sprinkle of charm there, and voila! Your interiors are ready to dazzle.

To make your dream home upgrade a reality, we’ve curated a fabulous list of 45 items that promise to elevate your space without draining your wallet. From sleek design elements to organizational wonders, our picks cater to every taste and style. Whether you’re a design enthusiast seeking fresh inspiration or a homeowner keen on enhancing functionality, you’re sure to discover gems that resonate with your vision. Let the transformation begin!

1. A luxurious rainfall shower head

Transform your bathroom into a spa haven with a rainfall showerhead—the ultimate mood lifter! Elevate your daily routine with this sleek stainless steel centerpiece. It’s the perfect budget-friendly bathroom upgrade that promises a touch of luxury without a full-scale renovation. Ah, the power of a refreshing shower!

Image courtesy: blog.bathselect.com

Installation and upkeep are a breeze with these showerheads! The wide design guarantees a tranquil yet energizing water cascade. Get ready for showers so relaxing, you’ll never want to miss one again. Embrace the soothing flow and say goodbye to shower-skipping blues!

2. A magical bed canopy

Remember yearning for a bed canopy in childhood? Problem solved! This dreamy bed canopy takes you back without the need for posts. Elevate your room with whimsical charm—just hang it from a ceiling hook, and voilà, you’ve got your cozy childhood dreams fulfilled!

Image courtesy: amazon.com

Assemble with a breeze—this bed canopy fits all beds, whether post-less or floor-level! Watch the magic unfold as your bed transforms with this whimsical touch. Amp up the enchantment by adding twinkling fairy lights for that extra special bedtime glow. Sweet dreams just got a whole lot sweeter!

3. Exposed wood shelves 

Turn your space from bland to grand with this affordable and easy addition! Let these shelves become the canvas for your personality. Showcase prized trophies, favorite posters, or quirky collections. Make it a delightful expression of you, where fun meets uniqueness in your own space!

Image courtesy: amazon.com

Bring the joy to your kids’ room by turning this shelf into a vibrant playground for toys and books! It’s not just for the living room—some savvy homeowners add this touch of whimsy to tiny kitchens, making cramped spaces feel a bit more open. Let the shelves do the talking!

4. A pair of mid-century chairs 

Level up your interior game with these mid-century marvels! Stylish, functional, and easy on the eyes—these chairs have it all. The cushioned seats bring comfort without sacrificing your flair. Best part? You won’t break the bank snagging these gems! Upgrade your space without downgrading your budget—that’s winning decor!

Image courtesy: amazon.com

Add a pop of personality! Upholstered seats in hues matching your interior’s vibe bring a velvety touch. These chairs redefine the ordinary with a sleek, modern twist. Clean lines and subtle elegance make them the go-to for a chic, minimalist dining space. Elevate your style—it’s time for a chair upgrade!

5. The organic elegance of a Paulownia wood stool 

Meet the unsung hero of home vibes—the Paulownia stool! With its creamy white charm, it effortlessly slides into any theme, be it boho-chic or minimalist. This little detail speaks volumes, proving that in the world of decor, it’s the small things that turn a house into a home!

Image courtesy: amazon.com

Handcrafted charm is the secret ingredient of this Paulownia stool—the epitome of allure! Create a character-packed nook in your home, mixing and matching these stools for a cozy living room vibe. Bonus: it doubles as a snazzy side table! Versatility meets handmade elegance in one delightful package.

6. Wall stickers

Wall decor without the hassle! Skip the effort and hefty bills with a changeable approach. Not everyone’s ready to commit to one wallpaper—keep it breezy and budget-friendly. Opt for something that’s easily switchable, giving your walls a makeover without breaking the bank or a sweat!

Image courtesy: amazon.com

For the serial decorators out there, meet your match: wall stickers! Swap styles effortlessly. Whether it’s covering the whole wall or adding flair to a neat section, these stickers are your design playground. Imagine them as the perfect backdrop to showcase your special shelf—it’s decor magic without the permanent wand!

7. A tasteful accessory 

Spruce up your space with the tasteful touch of a ceramic vase. Elevate forgotten corners with tall vases or make a statement in your dining or living room with a bold centerpiece. It’s the stylish secret sauce for transforming your home from drab to fab!

Image courtesy: amazon.com

Bring the earthy vibes home with textures that tell a tale! Opt for handcrafted treasures, or jazz it up with industrial or geometric patterns. Create a floral contrast for an extra pop! These vases aren’t just decor, they’re the perfect housewarming hug in ceramic form!

8. Under cabinet lights

Brighten up your kitchen with these cabinet lights—the ultimate hassle-free upgrade! Easy installation, no wires dangling, and a breeze to handle. It’s like upgrading without the electrician drama! Bonus: dim them as you please with a handy switch. Illuminate your space effortlessly—it’s the kitchen glow-up you didn’t know you needed!

Image courtesy: wired4signsusa.com

Bright ideas beyond the kitchen! These lights are wardrobe and bookshelf superheroes, giving showcases an extra glow. Want to step out looking flawless? Throw them on your vanity mirror for that perfect lighting—consider it your secret weapon for leaving the house looking like a star!

9. Experiment with shapes 

Shape things up for maximum style! Mix and match geometrical patterns, go wild with asymmetrical furniture placements, and don’t forget the playful arches. It’s not just about looks; these shapes bring a unique warmth to your space. Say hello to a home that’s as chic as it is cozy!

Image courtesy: amazon.com

Meet the magic of curves with this white and gold arched bookshelf—a masterclass in softening those hard edges! It’s not just for books; transform it into a showcase for your statement pieces. Amp up the charm with LED lighting to make this corner the superstar of your home. Decor just got arched and fabulous!

10. Upholstered sofa 

Sink into the comfort zone with an upholstered sofa—the instant key to a warm and welcoming living room. Spice things up by changing the upholstery fabrics to match any theme you fancy! With these sets, let your creativity run wild, experimenting with colors, patterns, and textures.

Image courtesy: urbanoutfitters.com

Level up the cozy game by throwing in as many pillows and cushions as you can handle—the more, the merrier! Elevate the style with antique bergere or wing-back chairs for versatile seating fun. Stick to classics or go bold with French Ottoman upholstery—it’s your space, make it snuggly and stylish!

11. Making your baths worthwhile

Indulge in some serious self-care with this gorgeous walnut bath caddy—because nothing says relaxation like a long, rejuvenating soak! Crafted from solid black walnut lumber, it’s loaded with features like soap dishes and towel handles. Turn every shower into a spa day and treat yourself to the ultimate bath experience!

Image courtesy: etsy.com

Level up your bath game with custom caddies—complete with wine glass holders and iPad slots, because why not make a splash? Perfect for those sleek bathtubs that give zero room for your bath-time essentials. Now, you can soak, sip, and scroll—turning your bath into a personal spa extravaganza!

12. A ceramic side table 

Elevate your living space with the charm of ceramic side tables—the instant relaxer for any room vibe! Choose from a palette of versatile shapes and colors, whether it’s a sleek, smooth finish or a table that’s ready to experiment. Turn your space into an elegant haven that’s as chic as it is cozy!

Image courtesy: urbanoutfitters.com

Ceramic tables are not just chic; they’re Earth’s buddies, being eco-friendly and crafted from sustainable materials. Kid in the house? These tables are stain-resistant champs, ready for any mess. Easy to clean, handcrafted, and guilt-free—they’re the superhero sidekicks your living space deserves!

13. Toddler stool 

Toddler tornado in the house? Time to switch things up for their tiny convenience! A small stool is the secret weapon, fostering self-dependence. Now, they can conquer faucets and kitchen counters like the little champions they are. It’s the perfect step for tiny feet on the road to independence!

Image courtesy: miniture.in

Go for the fun and functional route—choose a stool that’s a DIY delight! Make assembling it a playful activity for your little one. Bonus: it might just rescue you when there’s a shelf towering out of reach. Double-duty as a kid’s fun project and your secret shelf-saver!

14. Tapestries 

Spruce up your space without giving your wallet a workout—tapestries are the pocket-friendly decor heroes! Dive into a sea of options, from traditional mandalas to simple designs. Transform your wall into a masterpiece without the budget blues. It’s artistry that won’t break the bank, but will definitely steal the show!

Image courtesy: amazon.com

Add a pop of vibrancy with a playful macrame wall hanging—it’s like a texture hug for your space! Need a headboard that’s always ready for a move? A fiber art tapestry’s got your back. Whether it’s vibrant threads or cozy weaves, let your space scream “home” in every fiber!

15. Amp up your glam quotient 

Meet the vintage wall sconce—your home’s glam squad! Dressed in a tasteful matte finish with a splash of brass-colored pizzazz, it’s the statement light fixture your place craves. The flower-shaped glass lampshade adds a touch of delicacy, turning every room into a charming spectacle. Shine on, you stylish sconce!

Image courtesy: amazon.com

This light’s the love child of modern cool and retro charm—a perfect match for any space! Whether your bedroom craves a hint of luxe or your powder room needs a dazzling sidekick, this light is the ultimate steal deal. Illuminate your style without breaking the bank—it’s a win-win!

16. Rugs 

Rugs: the magic carpet for your space! Anchor it, jazz it up, and watch your room come alive with charm. Feeling occasional? Shag rugs for the win! Want an eclectic twist? Kilim rugs are your funky friends. Whichever rug journey you choose, your space is in for a stylish ride!

Image courtesy: amazon.com

A colorful distressed rug is also well-suited for a living room area that has a lot of traffic. Plus, it adds a lot of personality to the room! If you’re looking for something with a more unique texture, you can also get knotted rugs. 

17. A buffet cabinet 

Say hello to the buffet cabinet, the superhero for your crockery and dining set dilemmas! More than just storage, it’s a stylish space-saver for dinnerware and festive decor. Transform your dining room or kitchen into a decor haven with this multitasking marvel. Storage just got a serious upgrade!

Image courtesy: amazon.com

These cabinets come in a wide range of colors and materials. Glass details would be great if you want to flaunt your crockery collection. A simple cabinet like the one above makes for a great addition to your home. The sleek finish and rattan details are a contrasting yet eye-catching combination. 

18. A fascinating entryway 

Your entryway makes for the first impression when someone walks into your home—make it count! If it’s a small area, try to make the best of the space available. You can incorporate a small bench with a built-in shoe rack to ensure organization.

Image courtesy: amazon.com

A coat hanger is also perfect for adding more character to your space. Plus, taking off your coat and hat makes for a great “I’m home” ritual! Consider adding other decorative elements in your decor—you can include paintings or tall ceramic vases for a refreshing entry area.

19. The old-school charm of ivy vines

Love greens but can’t make the time to care for the plants? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! A faux ivy vine can be used to make your garden look absolutely beautiful, in addition to functioning as a privacy screen. 

Image courtesy: thegreenhead.com

The best part? You don’t need any gardening skills! All you need to do is hook this faux ivy to any part of your garden or patio. It can be attached to a trellis, gate, or even a wire fence. 

20. Memphis rugs 

Memphis rugs are a great way to add more color to your space without overpowering it. The vibrant colors and graphic patterns are a bold addition to all kinds of interior design styles. You can go for a bigger size if you want the rug to become the focal point of your room. 

Image courtesy: amazon.com

Whether your minimal living room needs a pop of color or you’re going for something eccentric that goes with your boho-chic aesthetic, there’s no shortage of options to choose from. These kitchen rugs, for example, are as functional as they are cute! 

21. An office chair 

Show your clients you mean business with a classy office chair for your home office. Not only is this addition going to leave a great impression on your guests, but it also ensures you can spend hours in your workspace comfortably. 

Image courtesy: woodenstreet.com

Plus, there are a number of other benefits of using ergonomic chairs as well. You can reach for lower drawers or nearby desks without having to get up. There are fewer chances of hurting your back, and you can maintain focus with better posture. 

22. Elegant switch plate covers

We know what you’re thinking—who even came up with the idea of designing a cover for switch plates? However, once you get a hold of this elegant and unique addition to your home, there’s no going back! Especially if you’re one for details in the decor.

Image courtesy: buzzfeed.com

The cover comes in all kinds of metallic finishes—antique brass, satin nickel, lacquered brass, and bright chrome are only a few of these. Plus, the exquisite vintage-inspired design and decorative borders will give your space more character. These switch plate covers are solid, durable, beautifully designed, and genuinely a must-have!

23. A handmade jute rug

If you love to experiment with colors and textures, there’s no way you wouldn’t want to get this jute rug. It is handwoven and has a rich texture that can add more depth to your space. It is especially perfect for individuals who prefer to walk around barefoot in the house! 

Image courtesy: dunelm.com

The earthy brown tone can complement an all-white palette. Or you can also use it if you feel a space is excessively modern to offset some of the coldness. Additionally, if you’re a pet parent who frequently has to deal with mud stains, this rug is a great fix! 

24. Rattan furniture

The charm of rattan furniture is truly unmatched. The organic visual appeal of these pieces can add more texture and warmth to any space. It can be used to complement all interior styles, such as coastal or boho-chic. When it comes to durability and affordability, this is an excellent choice. 

Image courtesy: amazon.com

A unique piece such as a small entryway bench such as this one is a great investment. You can use other natural elements to complement the overall theme. There’s nothing quite like a white-on-white palette with rattan furnishings and plenty of greens! 

25. A lovely bamboo wall fan 

Adorn your walls with this statement bamboo wall fan to give a comforting oriental touch to any space. Simple, elegant, and organic, this piece has a charm that can elevate the vibe of an entire room. The best part? You can get it at a price that won’t hurt your pocket. 

Image courtesy: amazon.com

You can place it against brightly colored walls for a wonderful contrast or clean white walls for more texture. It can also be used in interesting ways, such as this one, wherein the wall piece has been used to create the effect of a bed headboard. 

26. Don’t leave the nooks unattended 

Make the best of empty nooks and awkward corners by adding a few simple artistic touches. Framed artworks are the best example. You can choose an artwork that resonates with your personal aesthetic or something to complement the overall color palette of your room. 

Image courtesy: viralhomes.com

From dreamy landscapes to bold modern art, you can even use artwork to create an exciting contrast for your interiors. For something more personal, you can even frame your own or your loved ones’ work. It might add a cozy, lived-in feel to your home! 

27. An oversized pouf

Have your heart set on renovating your home but don’t know where to start? Begin by switching out the traditional seating options for these stylish leather ottoman poufs. You can also use them as footrests or decorative accent pieces, or even as a storage solution. 

Image courtesy: amazon.com

Since they come unstuffed, you can fill them up with old clothes, woolens, or even quilts! This also gives you the option of washing the cover in case of spills or stains- so you don’t have to worry about maintenance! 

28. Linen dish towels 

You might not have given too much thought to your kitchen dish towels, but these beautiful linen towels will make you rethink your choices! These colorful dish towels are perfect for all kinds of kitchen tasks, such as cleaning, baking, etc. 

Image courtesy: samprity.epabd.org

They can also make great decorative accents for your kitchen. Leave a lasting impression on your guests by replacing old and worn-out kitchen rags with these lovely pieces. They’re washable, lightweight, and super easy to maintain. If you’ve been hunting the stores for a housewarming gift, you could get these instead! 

29. A woven throw blanket 

Give an extra warm vibe to your couch by adding throw pillows and blankets. Not only do they make the couch more comfortable as a lap blanket, but they also boost the visual appeal of the room. You can also use these as decorative pieces for your bedroom or outdoor picnics. 

Image courtesy: amazon.com

The elaborate knot fringes add to the loveliness of the piece, while the colorful tufted design is a treat for the eyes. This throw is also low-maintenance- all you need to do is throw it in the washing machine once in a while. It doesn’t wrinkle or shrink!

30. Choose a reclaimed wood dining table 

A dining room is a special space that is not just built for sharing meals but also for memories. This is why a warm, intimate interior is perfect for this space! You can easily do so by choosing a reclaimed wood dining table. 

Image courtesy: rustichouse.co.uk

Not only would this dining table add a special texture to your dining space, but it is also extremely durable. Most reclaimed woods can be treated with oils and wax for an enriched texture. You can pair them with traditional wood chairs or modern chairs for an eclectic combination. 

31. A fun cabinet hammock 

If you’re all about cute home accessories, this cabinet hammock is perfect for you. This macrame piece can be attached to the bottom of your cabinets to keep fruits or vegetables. It might even entice your kids into eating more fruits! 

Image courtesy: pocoro.net

Using this aesthetic storage solution can also clear up a lot of counter space and make your kitchen look cleaner. Plus, it’s a great way of incorporating freshness into your kitchen with natural materials. The durable design ensures that it’s a great investment for your kitchen! 

32. A lovely table lamp 

Whether you want to add an intimate ambiance to your room or create a cozy reading nook, a lamp is a one-stop solution. It also makes for a great focal point for any room. Make sure to place it on a table that is proportionate to the size of the lamp, though! 

Image courtesy: shopthenovogratz.com

If you’re going for something eclectic yet sophisticated, this industrial-style lamp would be perfect. The metallic gray shade and base are enlivened by the golden details, which make this gorgeous piece classier. If you opt for LED bulbs instead of traditional incandescent bulbs, you can save a lot of energy as well! 

33. Teak tiles 

Landscaping outdoor spaces is as important as paying attention to your interiors. With a few changes here and there, you’re all set with an outdoor space that’s perfect for hosting sundowners! These interlocking teak tiles can be one such upgrade. 

Image courtesy: homedepot.com

Not only are they very durable, they are super easy to install! If you’re installing them on a hard, flat surface, you might not even need any tools. This means you can take them apart and use them if you move to another house. 

34. Pet-friendly sectional sofa covers

Pet parents know how hard cleaning up the sofa is- especially with all the pet dander that sticks to the couch! Spills and stains by toddlers can be equally frustrating and hard to remove. This is exactly why you should use a sofa cover.

Image courtesy: amazon.com

Choosing one that’s as funky and bright as this one might be a great idea! You can also choose a cover that has multiple applications, such as a nap blanket or an AC blanket. If it gets too dirty too soon, you can always flip it over! 

35. A sturdy wooden platform bed 

The mid-century modern interior design style is characterized by sleek lines, a minimalist approach, and a special focus on functionality. This is what makes it so popular! If you’re thinking of incorporating this theme in your bedroom, this bed would be a perfect fit. 

Image courtesy: amazon.com

Solid, easy to assemble, and durable, this bed has a wooden texture that gives it a fresh and timeless look. The absence of a headboard also gives you the space to be creative and experiment with all kinds of materials and shapes! 

36. Decluttering without actually having to 

Hate the tangled mess of wires and cables that is cluttering your home? Here’s a brilliant idea- get a CovoBox to cover it up! Hollow on the inside, this box is perfect for hiding the electronic routers and wires. Moreover, the exterior is customizable! 

Image courtesy: amazon.com

Made out of reclaimed books and wood, this covobox is a clever way to hide things in plain sight. At least until a curious reader comes along. You can choose from your favorite titles and even make up some for this secret storage solution!   

37. A sleek magnetic knife block

Give your kitchen a sleek upgrade with a magnetic knife block. Not only does it give a modern and stylish edge to your kitchen, but it also makes organization much easier! It was also previously featured in the show ‘Oprah’s Favorite Things!’

Image courtesy: materialkitchen.com

The razor-sharp finish also keeps your knives sharp for much longer. This is because it doesn’t require you to put the knife inside, thereby helping you avoid friction. It also makes for a great gift, especially if you’re thinking of an individual who loves cooking! 

38. An agate massage tool 

Step up your skincare routine and your interiors with this luxurious agate massage tool. While you’re at it, these stones can also help with your self-care rituals. These tools are designed to massage your body for benefits such as lymphatic drainage and blood circulation. 

Image courtesy: verishop.com

As a result, it can do wonders for your wrinkles, fine lines, and inflammation, rejuvenating your skin. Agate is also known to have a lot of benefits for your spiritual health. It is believed that agate transforms negative energy into positive while also grounding, centering, and promoting emotional balance. 

39. A pair of spindle side chairs

We’ve all been in that situation- too many guests and not enough seating. Fix the problem by keeping a pair of sturdy and stylish dining chairs that can go with any kind of dining room space. You can also get a bistro table to create a cozy nook. 

Image courtesy: amazon.com

These dining chairs are as functional as they are affordable. They’re perfect for a farmhouse aesthetic. The charcoal gray finish gives the chairs a sleek finish that can complement a modern dining table as well. It is also easy to assemble and can be used in a bedroom or library as well. 

40. A cotton knit duvet cover

There’s nothing better than coming home to your cozy bed after a super-tiring day, especially when it’s clean! Protect your favorite comforter from dust and wear by covering it in a duvet cover. It’s a great investment! For starters, you can extend the life of your comforter by using this cover. 

Image courtesy: amazon.com

Duvet covers are also much easier to clean as compared to comforters which might require professional cleaning. Plus, cotton duvet covers are lightweight and breathable. These covers also regulate your body temperature, keeping you cool. This can also be a simple and affordable way to upgrade your room! 

41. SodaStream water bundle 

If you’re tired of lugging bottles of sparkling water every time you host a dinner party, this SodaStream water bundle is a must-have for you. Get sparkling water with the simple push of a button. Having this around the house is a sure-shot way to increase your water intake!

Image courtesy: sodastream/instagram.com

This self-carbonation machine is perfect to spruce up all your favorite drinks- whether it’s a fresh fruit infusion or the classic lemonade. Plus, you’ll be cutting down on lots of single-use plastic and helping the environment as well. With its sleek and modern appearance, it basically qualifies as home decor!  

42. Wall shelves

A gallery wall featuring your favorite records and musicians is sure to give your home the vintage and classy vibe it deserves. Besides, wouldn’t this be a childhood dream come true? These floating shelves can be an affordable yet unique addition to your home. 

Image courtesy: amazon.com

You can also use this shelf as a display for other collections. Although even the barest of walls would make a good background, there would be nothing better than to have your collection mounted on a wall with stone accents! 

43. All things sustainable 

If you’re all about eco-friendly stuff, you’ll love this amazing bamboo toilet paper. Featuring all kinds of funky designs and prints, this toilet paper also has a unique, skin-friendly texture. It’s a lot smoother and stronger than the conventional toilet paper.

Image courtesy: fastcompany.com

The toilet paper is free of any added scents or dyes, which ensures it is gentle on the skin. 100% plastic-free packaging has been used, so, rest assured, you’re not contributing to plastic waste at all. It is also made of recycled materials, so it’s a win-win for you as well as the environment! 

44. A Frame TV 

Getting the new Samsung Frame TV can be a massive upgrade for your interiors. The matte display ensures that there’s no compromise when it comes to the visibility factor of your screen. No matter what lighting, the anti-reflection technology makes every movie date perfect! 

Image courtesy: samsung.com

What’s more, you can switch from TV mode to art mode when you’re not watching. The Frame TV becomes an art display with just one click! Choose from hundreds of digital designs for the one that resonates with your taste- you can also use it as a display for your photos!  

45. Quaint baroque mirror 

Give your living space a lovely upgrade with this baroque mirror that is as functional as it is aesthetic. You can mount it on a bare wall to add more character or even place it in a corner or a console table. 

Image courtesy: veblen.eu

Although these mirrors look like they’ve been picked at a Parisian market, they’re easily available online! The frames come in metallic shades like gold, silver, and copper, perfect to go with jewel tones as well as pastels. Exquisite detailing has been used for the borders.