Amazing Designs That Fix Window Problems

By Goodness M

Windows in our homes play a major role in the feeling of the space. They provide much-needed air circulation and sunlight. They are the gateway to our homes. That is why choosing the correct window treatments solves many home design problems. As a result, the drapes or shutters we hang on our windows contribute to establishing a sophisticated home.

Undesirable View


We do not have control over an ugly view outside our window. However, we have the power to shield our window from this eyesore. This can be achieved by mounting a decorated sheer window covering. This completely hides the ugly view. In addition, it allows light into the room. As a result, an attractive decorative element is added to the window.

Invasion of Privacy

Credit: Sunburst Shutters

Some windows create privacy problems. They give strangers access to look into our homes. Therefore, install plantation shutters for total privacy and light control. These can shut completely. However, you are left with an option of tilting the louvers if you want to let in light or view outdoors. Besides offering privacy, these shutters give a sophisticated permanent architectural feature to your room.

Too Much Light

Excessive sunlight causes a lot of damage to our furniture and fabrics. Also, it prevents us from properly watching television. In addition, the heat makes us uncomfortable. To prevent this discomfort we can design a layered window treatment. This limits the light which enters the room without obstructing the view. You can easily install the off-white sheer fabric roman shades that filter incoming sunlight. As a result, a well-lit room full of comfort and warmth is created.