Artist Discovers Creative Way Of Repurposing Her Old Books

By Anthony K

Reading is a fun way of passing your time while increasing your knowledge in different fields. How do you dispose of your books after reading and rereading your books? You may share the books with other passionate readers or seek creative ways of making the paper and print more useful, like the Sweden-based artist Cecilia Levy.

Photo Credits: Cecilia Levy

Levy turns old book pages into elegant sculptures you could hold in your hands or decorate your home. She uses starch paste and the paper maché technique to hold papers together and create meticulously modeled objects like plates, teacups, and spoons.

The graphic designer explores her love of books and knowledge through sculptural projects.

Levy combines the paper texts to create unique 3D art instead of hiding the source of her materials. The words are visible on different parts, like decorative and abstract prints, giving each object a unique feel. Levy makes good use of readily-available books from her shelves, her colleagues, and second-hand books others are looking to dispose of.

Photo Credits: Cecilia Levy

The artist confesses that her choice of material usually has marks from previous readers and owners, holes after binding, typography, visible traces from the passage of time, olden expressions and spelling, wrinkles and dog ears, and some odd content.

Because the books are no longer suitable, she turns them into decorative pieces. Still, she takes time to choose each paper carefully to incorporate the aforementioned qualities into each piece.

Photo Credits: Cecilia Levy

Each piece by Cecilia Levy has a vintage feel and appeal that may blend with your interior décor. Levy’s art pieces are available in her online shop. You can follow her on social media to check out her projects.