Cruddy Crafts: 35+ DIY Projects That Should Have Stayed On The Drawing Board

By Aileen D

Hack and DIY projects are some of the best things to come from the internet. There are tips to help with almost every aspect of life, and people love to show off their handmade crafts. We’ve tried a few trendy DIY projects ourselves. However, we know when something isn’t good and is destined for the garbage, not a blog post. It turns out, though, that there are plenty of people who are proud to show off their work, no matter how cringy.

The subreddit r/DiWhy features DIY failures and questionable handcrafted items that are more chilling than they are creative. While we applaud anyone’s effort and dedication to making something by hand, we’d like to gently remind you that it’s not a requirement. It’s okay to buy something rather than make it.

Please, Help!

We’re sure you know how it feels to love someone but hate something they do. Twitter user @CllrBattley absolutely adores his grandma but hates the fact that she has to crochet these odd-looking dolls. He can’t bear himself to tell her she needs to stop!

lmage Courtesy of Councillor Rowan Battley / @Cllr Battley / Twitter

What do you think? Would you be able to sleep well if you saw this doll greeting your bedside the moment you opened your eyes? We know we can’t. That’s why we have got to help @CllrBattley get these dolls torched, sold pronto! Any takers?

Can Also Function As A Corset

Back in the day, Converse shoes were all the hype. Now, that they are as common as a dollar, they mean little to teenagers who are looking to draw attention from their peers. So this teen repurposed her Converse shoes into an edgy top.

Image Courtesy of tia gox d 22 / Di Why / Reddit

She got the idea while tying her laces. Piece those together, and it would be enough to cover her ribcage. What’s best is that this edgy top can even be repurposed as a corset. As you guessed, this teen drew the attention of most of her classmates…and her teachers. That’s a surefire way to reserve a seat in detention.


If you ever run out of Christmas decoration ideas, simply drop by your local dollar store. We are confident there are wreaths, lightings, and fixtures that you could place on the walls and your pine tree in a jiffy. Don’t bother creating Christmas spaghetti ornaments as this couple did.

Image courtesy of ctibu / Di Why / Reddit

Sealed with epoxy, he claims. Do you think that’s enough to hold the funk in when the sauce starts to rot? Just because you can place candy canes on the Christmas tree doesn’t mean that it equally applies to Italian-style spaghetti balls. What a waste!

The Most Expensive Floor Design

What is the most expensive floor design? It would probably be a match between evergreen stone floors or marble. At least, that was what we thought. Either of those two will cost you $10 / square foot. But after seeing this floor design on the internet, we’re going for a garage hunt.

Image Courtesy of (deleted) / DI Why / Old Reddit

At first, it almost seemed like this was a poor design choice. But only the wealthiest person in the world would bother to throw away his card collection and stomp on it like this. On the bright side, you can summon different powers and read various character info on these cards while you sit on the throne.

Hundreds to Cents

If you ever want to get a crash course on how to lose an Instagram following, then get your notebooks ready. This woman had a vision of her perfect thousand-dollar Louis Vuitton handbag, but a couple of embellishments were missing on the one she had in stock.

Image courtesy of Margi karp catcher / Di why / reddit

Being the daring avant-garde that she is, she took some tweezers, glue and then set to work. Can you imagine it took her a week to create this ensemble? We couldn’t even tell! With all that work put in, you would think those flowers would grow on their own.

Face Palm

Just because you live in a flat doesn’t mean you can’t grow your own garden. You could grow a small lemon tree in a pot or propagate garlic in a plastic bottle, thanks to urban gardening. This man wanted to try his hand at planting too, so he found himself a small container to plant a seed in.

Image Courtesy of spost _ 020 _ / Di Why / Reddit

He wanted to grow his own palm tree. He removed the fleshy fruit from the seeds and then placed them in this doll’s face containing potting soil. The seedling must have liked the snug room since it bloomed in the next coming days. Once it grows big enough, this man will have to transfer his plant to a larger container.

The Only Thing Running Away

You have got to give this entrepreneur some credit. He figured he could make a living out of art, and he pursued it. People around him tried to discourage his effort. What do you know about decorating? But he kept at his craft and was able to produce this in a week’s time.

Image Courtesy of Skweebinstein / Di Why / Reddit

Is it just us, or did he prove the naysayers correct? We can guess that he had made these custom stair runners with no more than two cans of spray paint, a brush, and white paint. We don’t know about you, but the only thing running down this flight of stairs is us.

Can’t Show Her to Mum

This man had found the perfect girl. She was intelligent, supportive, and easy on the eyes. They got along well on almost everything and only had a number of disagreements. But it was nothing they could patch up. He thought she was the one until she sent him this picture.

Image Courtesy of Jnapier 999 / Di Why / Reddit

She was selling it on Etsy. At a glance, he could tell that she wasn’t a cook. And it was a dealbreaker to him to have a wife who couldn’t cook at home. How in the world did she even come up with this idea? Was she supposed to sell it off and use the money to order take-out?

The Tree of Life

Have you ever gone inside a museum and wondered just what the artist was thinking? We have spent hours trying to understand the motivations of avant-gardes and creative thinkers. But there are simply some works of art that make little sense.

Image Courtesy of psancez 47 / Di Why / Reddit

Is this supposed to be the tree of life? The artist claims that with a little hot glue, tiny baby figures, and a great deal of patience, you can create a family tree. What interpretation could you make of this, and would you ever imagine this to land The Museum of Modern Art?

For the Love of Hotdogs

This man had had enough. He was one of the rare people who believed that hotdogs were not meant to go on a bun. The bun masks the umami taste of those Michigan and half-smoked hotdogs that are perfect on their own. In his belief, hotdogs were meant to go on this.

Image Courtesy of liantz vi / Di Why / Reddit

Epoxy. We know. There must be a backstory to this, but all we had been told is that this man has had this hotdog encased in that casket for over 20 years. We don’t know whether to be intrigued or disgusted with this trophy. How do you feel about having this displayed in your home?

Dangling Ear-rings

Use the right accessories, and you will be able to draw attention to your eyes or your lips. Take this woman. She believed that her hair was her crowning glory. She didn’t want to use headbands or clips to embellish her hair. She used piercings to draw attention to her ears and her gorgeous hair subtly.

Image Courtesy of Werkus BY / Di Why / Reddit

But if any, all that is doing is drawing our attention to those horrendous set of ear-rings. People had to look twice to check if they were seeing clearly. Was her ear lopping off from the side of her head? Some even drew their handkerchiefs to cover the wound, only to find out there had been none.

Priorities First

Don’t you hate eating chips that have grown saggy and stale? We would try to eat the whole bag, but we have calories to count. Thanks to this hack, we won’t have to worry about opening a bag of chips and leaving half of it unconsumed. All we have to do is secure a bag lock using our eyeglass case.

Image Courtesy of The Two Wipe Wonder / Di Why / Reddit

Roll the top end down and snap the hard case over it! Forget your glasses. It’s not like they’re important anyway. You could always get a new pair, but it would be twice the hassle to go to the grocery store and buy a new bag of crispy chips!

No Wonder Cats Have High Standards

If you have ever wondered why cats have high standards, then look no further. This fur parent wanted to cut costs. He was toying with the tail of his kitty when he came up with a brilliant idea. He booked an appointment at the Barbershop and then came home with his dreadlocks to create this masterpiece.

Image Courtesy of Dry – Context – 3590 – / Di Why / Reddit

He showed the finished product to his cat. His cat sniffed it, turned around, and then kicked its hind leg. What? Swear I had my hair washed. His cat walked away. Okay, maybe it was a week before I washed it. He raised the bed and looked at his cat’s tail disappearing by the corner. It makes for the perfect bed! At least try it!

How to Make A Room Child-proof

When you’re a parent, your number one concern is your child’s safety. You must make sure that jelly pads cover sharp corners and that drawers with medicine are kept locked. Since your kid is also at risk for falls, then best paint the carpet like this…

Image courtesy of syni neumann / tiktok

to keep them from climbing down the crib. It’s a surefire way to keep your kids woozy and scare them from taking a step over the edge of the bed and crawling on the floor. You’re guaranteed to carry them in and out of the room whenever you choose to. Would you ever have your kids’ floor painted like this?


He tries to keep it from the public, but everyone in town knows how well this man throws darts. He can throw one at lightning speed and hit the center bulls-eye. If you don’t want to believe us, just look at the picture below. He could secure a falling lanyard that had a router attached to it.

Image Courtesy of Waffles _ And _ Waflles / Di Why / Reddit

He threw it so hard that the whole point sunk into the wall. And ever since this freak accident, they didn’t bother to remove the dart. The router was placed precisely where they would get max net speed. They have to untangle the wires every now and then, but all it takes is a jiffy.

Ran Out of Paint

We have been to a couple of hotels. And the amenities just seem to keep getting better and better – all except for this one. This one has floorboards that creak and a pool with flies swimming in it. Did we mention the walls? It almost looks like someone had smeared something on them.

Image Courtesy of Acceptable Debt / Di Why / Reddit

Does that look like child’s play or what? When we had asked the front desk what the inspiration for the design was, they said it was a subtle way to make up for a shortage of paint. We think they should have left the walls bare with neutral colors.

Shelf Space

This man was trying his hand at entrepreneurship. He had learned that all successful businessmen read frequently. So, he bought a load of books and arranged them on his shelf. He grew to love reading so much that he didn’t have room for much else. He decided to cut some corners.

Image Courtesy of el more – dickin / Di Why / Reddit

We don’t know if that was his way of testing his memory or trying to give others the illusion that he has read a ton of books. Either way, he has got more shelf room to stock books on…provided he doesn’t mutilate these treasured wonders.

Just One Catch

Thanks to Netflix, we won’t have to reserve seats to watch the latest blockbuster. All we have to do is preheat our microwave and throw in a bag of kernel corn. Then try to find those remotes. Oh shucks, where did we put it? Found one. Just need to find the rest.

Image Courtesy of Woman of Craft / Di why / Old Reddit

But ever since Redditor WomanofCraft sold us this genius idea online, we had been able to find our remotes in a quarter of the time. The only catch is that we have to return it where we found it. If we lose one, we lose them all.

Feeling Succulents

Caring for a plant is much like caring for a furchild. You have to make sure it gets fed with fertilizer, receives enough sunlight, and is watered from time to time. But the only drawback is that you can’t take it with you wherever you go. So some people have resorted to placing their plants on the car dashboard.

Image courtesy of Site Thief / Di WHY / Old Reddit

Before you raise an eyebrow, at least you have got a natural air purifier on your car dashboard. This is best for young drivers who like to push the pedal to the metal. If they want to keep those plants on the dashboard, they would have to drive carefully and decelerate when turning around corners.

Beats Church

If you want to keep an eye on your teen kids but give them some privacy, then try to buy a set of these. You can stay in the kitchenette and hear whether or not there’s any funny business going on in the living room. Parents have given this couch a five-star rating, saying it beats forcing kids to go to church.

Image Courtesy of fonte browny / Di Why / Reddit

We hear it even works well on adults. The noise you make on this couch is enough to ruin the mood on a Saturday night. The only dealbreaker is when kids jump up and down on the couch. There’s no way to get a refund on a deformed set. Would you consider getting one for your house?

Lasts the Week

Don’t you hate having to clean your decorations? Well, with this new design, you won’t have to worry about dusting off cobwebs and specks off your figurines. You can place them as high up the shelf and not worry about them breaking should the cat push them off. These things have a shelf life of about three weeks.

Image courtesy of ThriLL3r _ / Di Why / Reddit

If you no longer like the design, simply wait for the figure to deflate. If you’re feeling a little nifty, puff into the end, twist the gloves into your desired shape, and then piece the items together. You could come up with as many angels as you would like!

Fleek Lashes

There’s nothing like false eyelashes to accentuate a woman’s eyes. You wouldn’t have to worry about putting on mascara or eyeshadow when going out on dates with a pair of these. You’re guaranteed to stun your partner into silence the moment you walk inside the room.

Image courtesy of Ivana Drago / Di Why / Reddit

Unlike other eyelash extensions, these come in different sizes, colors, and itches. Itch 1 is perfect for when you want to play coy and dab at your eyes every now and then. Itch 2 is ideal if you want to achieve that puppy-look eye. And Itch 3 is perfect if you want a trip to the hospital. You’re guaranteed permanent blindness!

New Fabric Material

Designers rush to put their ideas to paper. They piece together different fabric types to achieve the desired look and then pick the best model who can show it off the runway. Lately, designers have been developing more ingenious designs and using odd fabric materials. The more bizarre, the more awe it draws from the crowd!

Image Courtesy of disco 1978 / Di Why / Reddit

This man knew he could be a brilliant designer. He believed that he could recycle trash into a good sweater material. One evening, he cleaned the fluff and lint from his washing machine when it hit him. I could be the next Coco Chanel! Can you see yourself buying clothing items like this off the runway?

Cupboard Shelf

Why hadn’t we come up with this genius idea before? This man has taken the internet by storm with his practical use of foam as a cupboard shelf. With a cutter and time on his hands, he was able to craft this 3-foot tall dispenser where you could leave your dishware to dry.

Image Courtesy of pirate animal / Di Why / Reddit

There’s padding and protection to cushion your dinnerware from breakage. And after cleaning them, you could tuck them in each slot and leave them there to dry. There’s really no need to place them on the plate rack. And the best part – everything is within reach! Isn’t that neat?


This person has a love for knitting and crocheting. She could spend the whole day contentedly sitting on the couch, making a tailor-fit garment for her loved ones. Lately, she’s been designing covers and mantels for tables. But this is her most unique piece to date!

Image Courtesy of rosie Spose / Di Why / Reddit

What had been her inspiration? She didn’t like the feel of cold porcelain on her skin every time she used the toilet. If only there were a way to sit comfortably. She continued her crocheting. And that’s when it hit her! Now, she can sit crocheting for hours, without the cold seat bothering her, on the throne.

For Those Who Are Scorching Hot

We don’t know how mirrors don’t catch on fire with the number of hot people who step in front of them. This man crafted this DIY mirror using nothing but common sense and spray foam insulation to keep this risk from happening. He claims it’s perfect to create that shabby chic look.

Image Courtesy of snooper dooper 94 / Reddit

Now, how would you feel stepping in front of this mirror? We would probably hate it. After all, it almost feels like someone’s snuffing out our natural vibe. And that space – why, you could see less of yourself in that mirror because of that spray foam covering the sides!

All that Effort

DIY videos became very popular because people could save up on costs by doing these easy hacks, without the need of a professional. But lately, DIY hacks have been growing more and more outrageous. Instead of buying some tongs, this man thought it best to create your own patty flipper.

Image courtesy of blood_omen / Di Why / reddit

You would need some tape, a pan, a hatchet or a saw, and a great deal of accuracy to cut through the steel unscathed. Just one look at those pictures, and we can’t help but want to run to the dollar store to buy ourselves some inexpensive spatula.

What’s Knockin’

This man had the whole house redone. He tore down partitions, replaced fixtures, and added windows to allow natural light to pour into the whole house. He even changed the front door because he felt like going for mahogany. He upcycled some items like this into a table.

Image courtesy of Arakelyan Karapet/Shutterstock

If you unclasp the lock, you could save up room and serve dinner fit for three people. But if you have guests over, simply spread the door, clasp the lock and add seats as needed. The best thing about this upcycled item is that you can add a buzzer – for when you want another round of ribs.

All for Show

People can’t seem to make up their minds. In one decade, they might want to sport short, edgy hair, and in the next, they would like to grow out dreadlocks. In the 90s, earphones were all the buzz, but now there seems to be a love for bulky headphones. If ever you want to jump on the bandwagon, you can always try this!

Image Courtesy of Ideas and Crafts

Create ear cups using cardboard and some yarn. This process might be a little more tiresome than just having to buy regular headphones, but it’s definitely worth it! You can always switch back to using earbuds when you feel like it.

Leave This to the Experts

If we had to choose between baking and cooking, we would choose the latter. You can improvise with cooking. It’s perfect for when you have scrap food in the refrigerator and feel a little brave to create a new dish. You can never do the same with baking. Twitter user @shoyoslove tried to, but he was proven wrong.

Image Courtesy of @shoyo slave / hinata shoyo loves you ! / Twitter

Apart from eggs, cake needs sugar, baking powder, and some flour. Remove one or almost all of the ingredients, and you would be left with nothing but this catastrophe. We can’t imagine what this would taste like. Whoever said that baking was a piece of cake was clearly wrong.

Nailed Shut

This landlord thought that he could earn some quick cash renting out some of his spare units. Sure, he made some money to provide for his family, but he also earned a cluster of headaches every now and then. He can’t understand how some tenants behave the way that they do.

Image Courtesy of bruce 656 / Di Why / Reddit

This tenant must fear sunlight because he/she felt that she had to nail the curtains to the wall. This landlord scratched his head and wondered why he had never thought of that before. That’s the perfect way to secure his tenants’ privacy and reduce costs on fixture replacements.

Stomach’s Going To Be Sick

It’s like this park is cursed. Families bring packed lunch to eat in this park, and not even an hour later, kids report that they’re feeling woozy and sick. Now, people refuse to use the park altogether, claiming that authorities should step in…

Image Courtesy of The Purging Plague / Di Why / Old Reddit

and cut those tables off those chains. Whoever suggested this ought to be removed from office. That’s an incredible waste of public money – having to buy picnic tables but not being able to use them for dining. Neither can people use the tables as swings. They are too heavy to push.

All Condiments Aboard?

Don’t you hate asking someone to pass condiments on the dinner table? Using a Lazy Daisy is a pain in the eyes. So this man crafted this beautiful dining table to ensure that everyone seated along it could get the salt bottle when they needed it.

Image Courtesy of liberte trading / Di Why / Reddit

If you are seated at the end of the table, your reflexes have to be quick. You had to catch the floating ship of condiments and keep them from falling into the tub. Another question we can’t help but ask is, how is the water recycled from the cement basin and channeled back to the makeshift lake?

Why He Drives So Slow

There’s no time too early for traffic jams to occur on a Monday morning. It was 7 am, and a long line of cars honking at this brown sedan. It was crawling at a snail’s pace, and drivers couldn’t wait to overtake it. Upon closer look, it all made sense why he couldn’t go past 40 mph.

Image courtesy of Giloncho / Di Why / Reddit

Anyone can see that it’s an inefficient design. The car must work doubly to move the same distance another vehicle with a steel body would travel. Drivers can’t help but shake their heads in disgust. That’s a great way to catch everyone’s attention, alright. And it’s also a surefire way to come late to work

Never Lose Sight of Those Dentures Again

Aside from glasses, one of the worst things you can misplace is your dentures. Can you imagine asking someone where they had last seen them? Bet you couldn’t. So this person came up with an ingenious idea to stick them into this denture holder.

Image Courtesy of Kraken kun / Di Why / reddit

Now, there’s no way you can lose sight of those dentures. All you have to do is stick them back into Harry Potter’s eye sockets before going to sleep. By morning, grasp firmly, rinse those dentures and slide them unto your gums. This way, you will always have a smile ready for when you need one

Got A Time Limit

The city government has found an odd way to keep people from overstaying at the park. They installed these benches that are designed to inflict pain. Some people can withstand sitting on them. What’s the odd denominator? These people are cyclists.

Image courtesy of throsent / di Why / Reddit

It’s called a public park for a reason. Instead of limiting the period by which townsfolk can use these seats, it might be better for the city government to install more comfortable benches around the park. That way, people other than cyclists can enjoy feeding the ducks or feeling the afternoon breeze.

Thought it Was A Wallpaper

This mum had good intentions when she tried to clean up her boy’s room. She threw all the dirty laundry in the bin, vacuumed the crumbs off the floor, and even put up a decoration or two. But her son wasn’t too glad to find that his room, particularly his worktable ransacked.

Image Courtesy of [deleted] / Di Why / Old Reddit

He tried to stay calm as he explained, Mum, that’s my mouse pad you decorated my night light with. She looked at the wallpaper and back at him. Well, how was I supposed to know? She continued vacuuming the floor. He exhaled deeply and tried to wipe off the wet glue stuck to the back of the mouse pad.

To Eat or Not To Eat

We have seen some food items that are too beautiful to eat. Much of it is cake, and some even include nachos. But we have never seen something as confusing as this – a jello cake lamp. We can’t decide whether to eat it, or to study our assignment with it.

Image Courtesy of lexo puff / Di Why / Old Reddit

We would probably stick to using it as a lamp. After all, we can only imagine how green peas and carrots taste like if they are suspended in jello. We don’t know about you, but that’s a surefire way to get your kids to hate eating their vegetables and their dessert.

Dull Dolls

To reduce plastic waste, a lot of companies banned single-use straws. Now, reusable straws are the way to go. This artist decided he would be crafting reusable straws from uncanny pieces such as doll parts. You read that right. Simply choose which doll character you want, and you can sip juice through them.

Image Courtesy of ballisticraven claw / Di Why / Reddit

A number of people found this straw art disturbing. For one, the artist is still advocating the use of plastic instead of glass or wood alternatives. Second, we don’t know if we can sip juice through these doll heads without snorting in laughter. It seems to us that this artist isn’t done playing with dolls.

Just Snug

Winter is coming. That’s this man’s favorite quote. Not only does his job require it, but he loves to prepare for every contingency. Today, he had to deal with an unforgiving, cold climate. So he found himself some jeans and tailored them to create a cinched ankle design.

Image Courtesy of OGFunk Master / Di Why / Reddit

When he has to go out to do a job, all he has to do is repurpose the cinched ankle design into a balaclava helmet. To date, he has been able to complete a hundred jobs without anyone recognizing him. It’s the perfect DIY hack for maintaining your anonymity!

When You Shouldn’t Recycle

Don’t get us wrong. We are firm believers in reducing waste, recycling trash, and reusing discarded bottles and boxes. But there are simply some items that must be disposed of. These include hypodermic needles, fully consumed batteries, and (need we say it) your dog’s nail clippings.

Image Courtesy of Gay – Rave – Boi / Di Why / Reddit

This man thought it would be a brilliant idea to save all his dog’s nail clippings and then make a pen out of it. If any, this work of art is going to make us illiterate. We don’t want to have to write anything with it, nor would we want anyone to read the blank parchment we can’t bring ourselves to write on.

Got a Bright Idea

We believe that everyone is innately creative. It’s just that some people have better ideas than others. We invite you to judge how well this guy’s idea was to revamp his grandma’s antique sewing machine. It’s nearly 30 years old and works well with a bit of cleaning and some grease.

Image Courtesy of Incomparable Vee Kay / Di Why / Reddit

Instead of having some parts replaced, he thought it best to add a screw-in base at the top side of the sewing machine. What a bright idea! Do you think this person meant to use this exclusively as a nightlamp, or to help seamstresses sew in the dark?

Falling Down

One thing that can make or break a room design is overhead lighting. If you have got bright lights to mimic daylight, then you wouldn’t have to worry about getting out of bed to get your rush of feel-good hormones. All you have to do is flick the light on.

Image Courtesy of Big Bad Sheep 13 / Di Why / Reddit

But try to get this set of overhead lights, and you just might be forced to go outside the room to get some sunlight. As much as they try to, guests around the dinner table try to sit themselves away from that concrete slab. Some refuse to eat altogether, feeling the heavy weight of this thing overhead.

Who Needs It?

We are willing to pay hundreds of dollars for things that give us many features. But, we would be more impressed if these things were simple to use. That’s why this optometrist thought of discarding glass frames altogether. Why did anyone ever think of using them in the first place?

Image Courtesy of Mba _ Pierre / Di Why / reddit

The only drawback is that you should read books at eye level. If you stoop down, you might just lose a lens. So far, this company only offers its products to a select number of clients. They must have high nose ridges to ensure that the product works optimally.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Redditor splurgeoverthem can’t decide what to make of his junk car. He can’t sell it to anyone for the price he wants. Neither can he ask someone to tow the thing away. So he came up with this project to get rid of the thing with the least bit of effort.

Image Courtesy of splurge over them / Di Why / Reddit

How about that? You can steer the boat in any direction you want. Just put both hands on the wheel and make sure to buckle your seatbelt. You can go as fast as the water can take you without worrying about crossing a red and being ticketed for it.