Stuff Nightmares Are Made Of: 40+ Beds With Menacing Auras

By Arvyn B

Bedrooms are meant to be a place you can depend on for rest and relaxation. After all, this is where you lay down your head after a long day of work, so it makes sense that they should be calming and relaxing. Well, it seems like these people did not get the memo! All of the beds on this list are either scary-looking or give us some seriously creepy vibes. We are not sure why anyone would want their sanctuary and place of peace to look so terrifying, but apparently, they did! They look like they belong more in a haunted house or a horror movie instead of a family home. Let us know which bed on this list has the most menacing aura. There are quite a few horrid ones, so get ready!


Babies spend a considerable amount of the day sleeping, so it is imperative they have a bed that they feel comfortable in. Perhaps someone should tell this parent – just look at how scared this baby looks in the boat!

Image courtesy of

Instead of putting them inside a nice, calming boat, they put them in a vessel that a shark is eating! No wonder the baby is crying – we would be too if we were in this situation!

Vampire Slumber

Ever since the release of the Twilight books and films, there has been a lot of popularity surrounding vampires. However, we think that this person took their obsession a little too far. They changed their bed into a coffin!

Image courtesy of Dacre Stoker/AirBnB

We do not imagine this is a particularly comfortable kind of bed, as it is made of hardwood. If you want to check it out, it is part of a Dracula-themed AirBnB place. It is spooky stuff, but that’s the point!

Hospital Bed

There is something so creepy about hospital beds. Perhaps it is because they seem to be so colorless and plain that they come off as rather terrifying. This person decided to bring the creepiness back home with their very own hospital bed!

Image courtesy of Pleasehatethesethings/Instagram

The curtains around the bed make it seem like a ward in a mental hospital. We have no idea why they have so much sheepskin going on there, either. It looks like a sheep exploded all over the bedroom floor!


Whoever made this bed had an excellent idea in mind. Making a dinosaur bed for your kid is pretty cool! It is just a shame that their execution was not as good. The T-Rex bed looks so demented and scary!

Image courtesy of

It also does not look like the most comfortable bed either. Having those teeth pointing out at the end right under your feet would make things feel a bit off-putting! At least these parents tried to create something unique.

Santa Claus

The worst part of this bed is that it looks so awful and tacky. We have no idea why anyone would ever choose to have a bed in that horrific shade of blue or why they’d want a creepy Santa sitting beside it.

Image courtesy of

It does make a little bit of sense – after all, because “He sees you when you’re sleeping!” The fact that Santa Claus is not the creepiest part of this bedroom says a lot about how horrific the color scheme is.

Rocky Bed

There is a lot going on in this picture, and it isn’t easy to know where to start. There are the walls made out of literal rock, a weird green color scheme, and a door leading to another strange place.

Image courtesy of ADirtyBlonde/Blogspot

Do not even get us started on the patterns that this person chose for the bedspread. What on Earth are those designs?! Whoever designed this room seriously needs to rethink their outlook on interior design. It is truly horrible!

Freaky Foil

Aluminum foil is a great material to help when cooking food since it assists in keeping your food nice and warm. It is not too expensive, either. But, we do not fancy using it as a bedspread as this person did!

Image courtesy of Hello_457/Reddit

Seriously – who thought that covering their bed, walls, and end table with this stuff was a great idea? It seems like a pretty terrible one to us, as there would be so much noise. Not to mention it’s uncomfortable!

Snake in the bed

Some people like to sleep with their pets in the bed, like cats and dogs, as these animals can give the owners extra comfort at night. But who has ever heard of someone sleeping with a snake in their bed?!

Image courtesy of

We are pretty sure that having an animal like this in your bed will give you nightmares, not sweet dreams! Hopefully, this is just a toy snake and not the real thing. It is too terrifying to think about!

Royal Bed

Having a bed that is fit for a king or queen sounds like the perfect dream. However, we have a strong feeling that this bed is nowhere near as great as it might seem. If anything, it looks too royal!

Image courtesy of Pleasehatethesethings/Instagram

The classic design of the bed and the rest of the room gives off major medieval vibes – and not in the right way. Instead, it looks like you might get your head chopped off in this room. Definitely not fun!

Human Trap

Most of us are familiar with the concept of a mousetrap. You put some food instead of the trap, the mouse eats it, and then they are trapped underneath the box. Well, it seems a “human trap” works somewhat similarly!

Image courtesy of Eggwater/Imgur

Instead of food, a “human trap” uses the promise of sleeping on a comfortable bed to lure people inside. We are not too sure if anyone would take the risk of sleeping here. The branch could snap at any minute!

Bat Cave

If you’re a fan of Batman or bats in general, then you’re sure to like this bed, as the headboard has been carved into the shape of your favorite winged friend! However, for the rest of us, it’s just creepy.

Image courtes of LifeCheating/Twitter

After all, who would want to sleep in a bed that reminds you of these blood-sucking creatures? At least the lighting around the bed is nice in this picture, so you could make the room better with a few adjustments.

Car Bed

We are all pretty familiar with the concept of a race-car bed, especially those with kids. But we doubt that anyone has seen a car bed quite like this one. It is an old Chevrolet repurposed into a bed!

Image courtesy of Pleasehatethesethings/Instagram

We have no idea why anyone would want to do something like this unless they were a huge Chevvy fan. Even so, it is pretty strange to make your bed into the shape of one! Hopefully, it is more comfortable than it looks.

Pearl Bed

Sleeping on a bed of pearls sounds like it would be heaven on earth. Well, how about sleeping inside an oyster? It does not sound anywhere near as appealing! There are so many things wrong with this oyster-shaped bed.

Image courtesy of Best Furniture

To start with, there is the color. A bed this white would be such a pain to keep sparkling clean all the time! There is also the hinge at the back. What if it fell on you as you slept?

Bed of Angels

Here is another bed that sounds great in theory but looks absolutely horrific in reality. Imagine sleeping on a bed covered with angels and cherubs. Take a look at this picture below, and you might just change your mind!

Image courtesy of Pleasehatethesethings/Instagram

There is something pretty creepy about the way that these angels are perched at the end of the bed. We reckon they would look terrifying at night, and they are probably a hassle to avoid when it is dark.

Bear bed

This one might be meant for children, but that does not stop it from being any less creepy! Just look at the bear’s face and the use of pink around the room. It looks pretty unsettling, and we hate it.

Image courtesy of Sweetreatreatkids

It is clearly meant to be innocent, but we seriously cannot imagine any children having a good night’s sleep tucked away in this bear bed. That shade of pink makes the bear look like a nurse in a hospital!

Floating bed

At first glance, this bed looks pretty cool, as it appears to be floating on the ground. But the real question is, how does it do that?! We reckon that turning out the lights would make it pretty spooky.

Image courtesy of EveryonesFavoritePolak/Imgur

Perhaps they are using mirrors or something similar to give the effect of the bed floating. It could be that answer or a monster under the bed that is holding it up. We really hope it’s the first one!

Velvet Dream

Velvet is a gorgeous material to use in the bedroom…if you use the right amount of it, that is! We think that this person has definitely overused it and turned their room into the stuff nightmares are made of instead.

Image courtesy of

This bedroom looks like it came straight out of the 1970s with all of that velvet! The worst part of this is that the velvet is not even a nice shade that compliments the room. Instead, it’s a horrific faded yellow and pink color!

Cot bed

It is not just adult beds that can look pretty scary, as this bed clearly proves. It is meant for a baby, but it looks more cruel than peaceful. Just look at those upturned legs, for example! What was the designer thinking?

Image courtesy of Pleasehatethesethings/Instagram

Do not even get us started on that shade of blue that this person chose. It is absolutely vile! It seems pretty cruel to give a bed like this to a child since it makes us feel so uncomfortable.

Pyramid Bed

In theory, sleeping outside among nature seems like a pretty nice and relaxing idea. The reality is very different, as there are a ton of bugs and other things to make you feel on edge. But that’s nothing compared to this!

Image courtesy of Imgur

At least in a tent, you do not have to deal with anyone seeing you sleep! This glass pyramid looks more like a punishment for someone than a relaxing getaway. We definitely do not recommend this unless you’re very brave.

Bird’s nest

Just what is it with people and choosing to sleep in a bed that looks like an animal?! This one is probably the creepiest of the bunch, simply because of how plain ugly it is. Look at that bird’s face!

Image courtesy of Jacques Dirand

At least they have tried to make the rest of the room tie into this theme, with the bird nest decoration and claws under the bed. That doesn’t make it any less creepy, and you will never catch us here!

Tree bed

This is another bed that sounds like a great idea, but the reality is a very different story. After all, who wouldn’t want to spend a night sleeping in the trees? You might not want to stay here, though…

Image courtesy of Treebonesresort

Just imagine how many spiderwebs or even snakes you mind find on your face when you wake up – gross! There could also be any number of small animals that get into your “bedroom” too. We have to say no to this one.

Box bed

So far, we have seen quite a few beds that have been creepy simply because they are very over the top. Well, for this one, the problem is how simple it is. It is quite literally just a box!

Image courtes of Musicforbodies

We imagine that it would probably hurt a lot if you rolled over and hit the sides! This could only work as an extreme punishment for someone, as it cannot be comfortable at all to sleep in. How horrid!

Stone bed

Most beds are made from wood, and some beds are made from metal, which are both pretty normal. But a bed made from stones and rocks? That is just plain weird, but it appears that someone has done it before!

Image courtesy of Pleasehatethesethings/Instagram

Not only must this be a real pain to sleep in, but a bed like this has a lot of other problems. For example, how are you supposed to lift this in order to vacuum underneath? It’s way too heavy!

Oyster Bed

We have already seen one bed shaped like an oyster, but it appears that this entry takes the cake for the ugliest oyster on the list. It is a horrible shade of blue and way too sharp as well!

Image courtesy of The Peak of Chic

We can imagine that those sharp edges would cause a lot of pain to your legs and hands in the middle of the night! They might have been trying for The Little Mermaid, but it looks more like Saw.

Barbed Bed

Many of the entries on this list seem like they were not intended to be painful. However, it is pretty clear that this entry was meant to hurt. The real question is – why would someone want to sleep here?!

Image courtesy of Pleasehatethesethings/Instagram

There is no explanation for why someone would want to sleep with so much barbed wire resting above the bed. If you got up too quickly, you could easily end up slicing off your head! This is just too strange.

Wavy Bed

These beds look like they have come straight out of a time capsule from the early 2000s! If you did not know or do not remember, this wooden “wavy” pattern was very popular back then. What an interesting throwback!

Image courtesy of

However, we cannot really say that these are too popular now. If you have something like this set in your bedroom, then it will make your entire room seem pretty dated. Just look at that candle-shaped chair, for example!

Throwback Bed

Now it’s time to look at another throwback, but for something even further back – the 80s! If you were not alive back then, this was a time of very particular patterns and odd styles. This bedroom nails the style perfectly!

Image courtesy of The_80s_Interior/Instagram

This might look okay on a bedroom, but we definitely cannot imagine having a whole house looking like this. Even as a bedroom, it is not lovely! We hope that nobody has a room that looks similar to this.

Hunting Bed

Some people really like the classic, woodsy look for their bedroom because it feels rather nice. We have to agree! But we definitely cannot support a bedroom that looks like the one you will see below, as it looks absolutely horrible.

Image courtesy of Tiffney Marechal

We are not sure why anyone would ever want a bedroom that looks like this. It appears as if it came straight out of a fairy tale – but not a good one! Those twisted branches could belong to an evil queen.

Chevrolet Bed

We thought that one Chevrolet bed was enough, but it seems like these must be pretty popular because here is another one! This time, the user has even included some rear lights to make it look extra special. It’s pretty strange!

Image courtesy of Aqiblqbal/Imgur

We think that the lights must get pretty annoying at nighttime when you are trying to sleep. The user even put some wheels on this bed to make it look even more realistic. We think it is an odd choice!

Face Bed

This one is creepy in all sorts of different ways. Not only is the bed extremely creased, but there are some really strange looking wooden faces on it, too! Perhaps they are some kind of a cultural art piece.

Image courtesy of

Whatever they are, we think that they are pretty creepy! Whoever sleeps in this room needs to think about redecorating as well as getting their bedsheets ironed. It is awful to see these look so drabby. Get it sorted out!

Water Bed

Back in the 1990s, water beds were very popular. There was something quite cool about sleeping on a bed made of water! It seems that this person did not get the message, though, and confused themselves on what exactly a waterbed is.

Image courtesy of Pleasehatethesethings/Instagram

The water is meant to go inside the bed, not next to it! This is just all kinds of dangerous. If you rolled out of bed too fast, you would end up straight into the freezing cold water! What is the point of this?

Tiny Bed

We are not too sure if this bed is actually as small as it looks or if it just has some dodgy camera angles that make it look so small. Either way, it is quite a funny-looking bed, and we wonder who it belongs to.

Image courtesy of Furniture Styles

Just check out those huge curtain rails next to it! We are not too sure why anyone would need them to be this big – perhaps it was meant for a monarch or another powerful person. Whatever the reason, it’s odd!

Alien Bed

This bed looks like exactly like it has come from a 1970s science fiction show – check out those huge pillars! These would certainly make it a pain to get in and out of bed as you try to navigate through them.

Image courtesy of PopSop

We have no idea why someone would want to do this to themselves. Perhaps they enjoy the challenge that it gives. Either way, it is certainly a strange choice of bedroom and decoration. We cannot recommend building something like this!

Shrek Bed

The maker of this bed probably had good intentions when they initially designed it, but we cannot help but think about how much this headboard looks like the cartoon character Shrek – seriously! Those curved lamps are so odd…

Image courtesy of Vurni

However, we guess that these would be rather good for reading in bed, as they are sure to brighten up the rest of the room. It would be pretty relaxing if you could get past the Shrek headboard, though!

Grassy Bed

If you are looking to spend some time outside in the garden, then we strongly recommend that you do not buy this bed. It looks absolutely terrible! A bed made of grass is sure to attract plenty of nasty bugs.

Image courtesy of Cepolina

That will certainly give a new meaning to the phrase “bed bugs!” We do not think that sleeping on a bed made of grass is all too comfortable, either. The blades of grass are sure to cause some irritation!

Slip’ n’ Slide Bed

Either this bed is for cats, or it is for someone who seriously seems to love acrobats. Just how on Earth do you get into this thing? It seems like a complete mystery and much too challenging to bother with!

Image courtesy of Mechant Design

Perhaps it is for someone who is going to join a performing circus, or perhaps for a young child. Whoever this bed is for, it certainly makes for a great topic of conversation at a party. It is super strange!

Triple-layered Bed

We have all gone through that feeling of a lumpy mattress where it feels like no matter what you do, you cannot get comfortable. This user came up with a strange solution to that problem – they bought three mattresses!

Image courtesy of Pleasehatethesethings/Instagram

Honestly, this just seems like a serious waste of money and not at all something that we can recommend doing. If you have some spares hanging around, then go for it, but save your money for better things instead!

Low bed

In each part of the world, different types of beds are popular, from hammocks to three-poster ones. We are not too sure what to call this one, though. Perhaps a low-hanging bed? Whatever the name, it definitely looks very weird!

Image courtesy of Pleasehatethesethings/Instagram

To start with, the bed itself is very low to the floor and does not look nearly big enough to hold a proper, comfortable mattress. Then there are the bizarre-looking posts around it. Who allowed those atrocities to happen?!

Hanging bed

We have already seen a bed that looks like it is floating above the ground, but this one is the real deal. It is hanging from the ceiling with some long pieces of rope! We would love to know why…

Image courtesy of Pleasehatethesethings/Instagram

This bed is definitely not for anyone with vertigo or motion sickness. We would also be quite worried if the ropes snapped and broke in the middle of the night. You would smash straight into the ground. What a pain!

Pointy Bed

This bed is a complete safety hazard, from the top to the bottom, as it is covered in lots of pointy things. You could easily take your eye out if you tripped and fell onto one of these pieces!

Image courtesy of HookedonHouses

None of the furniture in this bedroom seems to go with the other pieces either, from the ceiling fan to the dressers. Whoever designed this bedroom really needs a few tips on designing and matching things accordingly!

Loft Net Bed

Now, think of this next one as a combination of two of our favorite things; hammocks and trampolines. If you are a fan of either or both of these things, this bed will look more like a wonderful dream instead of a nightmare like most of the ones we’ve seen.

Image courtesy of [unknown user]/ Pinterest

Though they aren’t that common in most parts of the world, loft beds are the perfect way to add a ‘room’ in your house. However, you have to be careful and ensure that it’s properly installed because otherwise, an accident could happen, and then you’ll have a nightmare on your hands.