Best Indoor Flowering Plants That Make Your Home Look More Colorful

By Yeshwanth K

It isn’t mandatory to grow flowering plants in your garden as you can also grow them inside the house. By doing so, you can make your house look more attractive than usual. Many flowering plants can be kept inside your house. You don’t necessarily have to be a botanist to figure out which plants suit your home.

Bloomscape’s horticulturist Joyce Mast, also known as ‘plant mom,’ states that taking care of these plants is easy, and most plants survive in different lighting situations, such as direct sunlight.

Mast suggests plucking off the dead flowers so that all the energy would be directed towards new blooming flowers. Also, the soil should be moist, and you must ensure that water won’t be stored at the bottom of the pot as it can lead to root issues.

To start your hobby as a budding horticulturist, we suggest some of the flowering plants that are perfect for growing indoors.


Image Courtesy: Ankhesenamun/Unsplash

In most cases, people opt for orchids while trying to have some indoor flowering plants. Generally, many people have a misconception that growing orchids is complicated, but it is not true. It is straightforward as long as you choose the right soil and water the plants regularly.


Image Courtesy: Kalanchoe/Chesna/Pixabay

Kalanchoe is one of the attractive indoor plants, which can cope with direct sunlight as well. Therefore, you can even put them in windows without worrying about sunlight. Additionally, these plants don’t require regular watering, which makes them hassle-free plants.


Image Courtesy: Fatmagül B/Unsplash

Although Hydrangeas are garden plants that grow best in summer, they can also be kept indoors—optimum conditions for Hydrangeas direct sunlight and moist soil. If the plant starts to sag, Mast recommends placing them in a bucket or sink with some water for around 45 minutes so that the soil can absorb water and become moist. After that, you can place them back in the sunlight.


Image Courtesy: Bromeliad/bernswaelz/Pixabay

Another variety of flowering plants that are easy to grow are Bromeliads. These plants require a minimal amount of water and flower for around 3 months. The best kind of bromeliads is ‘Achmea Fascia Pink’ and ‘Bromeliad Tillandsia Summer.’


Image Courtesy: Chrysantheums Flowers Garden/mattiasboeckel/Pixabay

Even though Chrysanthemums require a bit more attention, they are somewhat easy to handle and look charming. All they need is a pot with efficient drainage and regular watering.


Image Courtesy: Cyclamen Pink Flower Potted/Elstef/Pixabay

When you make sure that Cyclamen are put in moist soil without standing water, the flowers can last up to 2 months. Also, these heart-shaped flowers are known to brighten up your mood.

Honorable Mentions:

Image Courtesy: Knight Star Amaryllis/Radfotosonn/Pixabay
Image Courtesy: Anthurium/britaseifert/Pixabay
Zygo Cactus
Image Courtesy: Christmas Cactus/nightowl/Pixabay
Image Courtesy: Gloxinias/armennano/Pixabay

Bottom Line:

Horticulture is a simple hobby, and you won’t necessarily have to be a rocket scientist to understand it. You can experiment with some other flowering plants, but the above-mentioned plants are known to be the best. Best of luck!!!