45 Times Designers Forgot That Their Artwork Would Need To Be Cleaned

By Liezel L

When designing housewares, many crafters tend to focus on the appearance and aesthetics. However, what some of them forget to take into consideration is how these “accessories” will be maintained. It seems that they rarely ask, “will it be easy to clean?” It might seem insignificant, but after even a few weeks, it becomes evident just how important maintenance is. After all, if the appearance is what matters, the dirt on a fixture will quickly outweigh the creative design.

There are enough beautiful yet impractical housewares out there a Facebook group named “Things designed by people who don’t have to clean them” was formed. They keep a keen eye on the wacky things that, well, were designed by people that didn’t think about cleaning them. Here are some of the best ones they’ve found.

The Shoe That Picks Up Everything

Usually, people don’t want smooth soles on their shoes. They want their shoes to have some traction so they don’t slip and injure themselves. Unfortunately, we think these shoes have too much grip on them in the way that every little thing on the road would stick on them instead.

image courtesy of Ayri Miramontes/ Facebook

Sorry to give you the image, but imagine if you accidentally stepped on some poo while wearing these shoes. That would be one heck of a nightmare. The only way you’ll probably get rid of every single particle of it would be to power wash it out or just simply toss it in the trash.

The Perfect Mouse For Dust

We love how technology gets easier and more practical for us to use every day — except for this one, maybe. It looks like a futuristic design for the standard mouse, but it also looks like an excellent dust trap.

image courtesy of Teah Louise/ Facebook

Fortunately, there is a good explanation for this design. Apparently, those holes are great for reducing the mouse’s weight and letting the palm breathe, reducing sweaty palms. Also, the backplate can be easily removed so you just have to rinse and scrub it if you want it clean. Maybe it’s not a fail after all.

Spider Homes

Honestly, this ceiling design would have been so innovative if only it didn’t create too many hiding spots for creepy crawlies or dark secrets. They look like they were made to be the breeding grounds for everything you don’t want to be dropping down from your ceiling.

image courtesy of Lam Amon Si Yuen/ Facebook

The ceiling looks stylish and unique, and it even contributes to the ambiance of the place. But if we visited, we might think twice about sitting underneath those vases if we don’t want any unwanted surprises in the middle of our meals.

All For The Love Of Pink

This wall strangely looks like something Barbie would have in her home, and honestly, we’re judging it pretty hard. For one, we get the love of pink, but how much pink do you really need in your life? And two, how in the world can they still breathe like a normal person?

image courtesy of Michelle Chow Jacoby/ Facebook

That wall looks like a huge death trap for your lungs. Imagine all the allergens, the sneezes, and the skin irritation you can get from all the dirt and dust that’ll inevitably get trapped underneath that warm and fuzzy exterior. It gives us the creeps!

Where The Light Touches The Dust

This chandelier is beautiful, and we can stare at it for hours, but you know what haunts us? All the dust and dirt sitting just by that bright light. Lighting fixtures don’t get cleaned enough as it is, and we bet this one gets skipped over often.

image courtesy of Stevie Holcomb/ Facebook

Most people neglect to clean their lighting fixtures, mostly because they’re just too out of the way. And it’s not like anyone’s going to touch them. But this one just discourages cleaning right off the bat because of how delicate and intricate it looks.

This Victorian Aquarium

Apparently, this aquarium was made way back in the late 1800s, and while we love its gothic design and overall unique look, we’re not really sure how to go about cleaning it. It’s not like you can just tip it over the side a little to get all the dirty water out.

image courtesy of Sama Bellomo/ Facebook

For the outside, a little bit of wiping down would work, but it’s the inside that’s problematic. Unlike a regular aquarium, you can’t just tip it over or put it in the tub to wash. Simply put, it’s just way too complicated.

A Throne Fit For A King

This isn’t usually how we’d imagine something people would call a “throne fit for a king,” but this definitely fits the bill, don’t you think? It’s gold, somewhat fancy (although not in good taste), and it would be useful to have servants clean it up.

image courtesy of Ranissha Smith/ Facebook

We understand wanting to be comfortable and at peace with ourselves in one of the most private rooms of your home, but this has just got to be over the top. The couch design is already pushing it, but they had to add gold tiles. There was just no afterthought to it all, huh?

The Dust Catcher Of Our Dreams

People who can create things like this are truly one of a kind, aren’t they? The things they can do with their hands and minds are no joke. Having their works, especially ones as detailed as this, is something to be proud of. That is if you don’t think about ever cleaning it.

image courtesy of Susan Steele Lienhart/ Facebook

This is just the perfect little dust catcher. Just a deep inhale near this would definitely send you sneezing. But then again, things like this aren’t bought with practicality in mind. They’re works of art and they’re for the soul to enjoy, so cleaning isn’t a top priority in the design.

This Elevator To Wonderland

If there was an elevator made for Alice to take to wonderland, we’re pretty sure it would look like something like this. Apparently, this isn’t just from someone’s imagination. It’s an actual elevator in an art hotel in London called The Exhibitionist, and all their lifts are filled with fun installations like this one.

image courtesy of Victoria Preston/ Facebook

Although it takes you to another world, we can’t even picture the job the cleaning people have to do for this, especially on rainy days. We don’t even want to imagine all the mold inside there. We hope they somehow get aired out in the sunlight.

A Prickly Thing To Clean

We’re not sure if those spikes were meant as a protection against birds perching on the rooftop and pooping on innocent tourists, but we’re not loving it. For startres, those spikes make the building look like a giant toilet brush.

image courtesy of Rob Reed/ Facebook

There’s no aesthetic appeal to appreciate for us here. And there’s no practical use for those spikes that we can see either. Whoever made this had a little too much time and money on their hands to spare, it seems.

Looks Are Deceiving

At first glance, this entire room looks cushy and inviting. It’s like it’s just waiting for you to jump right in and feel like you’re lying on a bunch of clouds. But don’t be fooled. It may look and feel comfy but think about it for a minute.

image courtesy of Tara Rose/ Facebook

First of all, there are too many white things in that room. And when there’s plenty of white, there are many more chances of stains and whatnot that will take ages to remove. Then, there’s the texture of the couch and bed which made the perfect dust catchers. Now, would you really want to bury your face there?

Inception Table

Tables like these are works of art that most of us can only dream of having. They’re usually one-of-a-kind customized pieces. Despite how beautiful this table is, we don’t want to be the one holding the duster when cleaning day arrives.

image courtesy of Kay Rhan/ Facebook

That’ll just be a nightmare to clean and will probably take hours of the valuable time you could have spent cleaning other parts of the house. What makes it worse is that all the nooks and crannies are under the table, so you have to go out of your way to thoroughly clean it.

A Staircase Of Pure Art

Whoever has this staircase in their home must feel like an Olympian god whenever they walk up these stairs, just like they’re ascending Mount Olympus. It’s a pure work of art that looks like it was crafted by the gods themselves.

image courtesy of Jomana Khalaf/ Facebook

We can’t even imagine how long it took to make it, nor how long it would take to polish it and give it the gleam it has in the picture. We’re pretty sure a little bit of water and soap won’t cut it for that kind of masterpiece.

A Ceiling Fitting Of Vegas

There are plenty of things that seem so out of this world in Vegas, and this is somewhat one of them. They give off quite a psychedelic effect, and to a degree, they can look beautiful. We’re just not sure it’s a great ceiling design.

image courtesy of Abby Koval/ Facebook

First off, despite being colorful, it doesn’t look like it would match anything — it’s too busy. It also appears to darken the room instead of showering it with bright colors. Lastly, how would anyone be able to clean all that?

The Dream Room

If we could, we’d stay in bed all day watching our favorite shows and movies, snacking on whatever pleases us most. That’s why this is such a dream room. If this was in our house, we’d never want to leave.

image courtesy of Martin Kvinge/ Facebook

It might also make you want to swear off cleaning for the rest of your life. Because, as fun as this seems, think of all the crumbs, dust, spills, and stains that would be so hard to get rid of. There’s no way it’ll ever truly be clean.

It’s Just A Rust-Fest Waiting To Happen

By the looks of this bathroom, it wasn’t created out of necessity. It was created simply for style. But why? Of all stylistic choices in the world, why choose this? Why spend money on something that is not only a poor design but also just a big headache waiting to happen?

image courtesy of Tameika Jayne/ Facebook

Rusting will be the number one problem here. Once that starts, everything will just crumble in this bathroom. They’ll be dealing with leaks, holes, and whatnot. And it’ll just get harder and harder to clean each time a new problem appears.

Your Very Own Private Beach

People go to the beach to soak up the sun, splash in the water, and feel summer in all its glory. No one goes just to get covered in sand and have a coating of coarse grains stuck everywhere. That’s why we think this little indoor beach set-up just defeats the purpose of it.

image courtesy of Jack Christensen/ Facebook

Never mind the purpose of it, though. Look at all that sand! We think someone did this because they never wanted to clean the basement again because there’s just no hope of having a spotless room again. Even after the world dries up, the sand will still be in that basement, no matter what.

Spot The Sink If You Can

Usually, people display their collections somewhere they’ll see on a daily basis. Dedicated shelves and cabinets are the go-to; the latter is an easy way to store things without having too much dust accumulate. However, this person wanted somewhere they’d visit frequently.

image courtesy of Markos Barnabas/ Facebook

We wonder if that bathroom is still even functional. How can you even pull down your pants without knocking one or two cars off a shelf? We don’t even want to think about the bacteria that would build up in there. And, worst of all, how do you reach the sink?

The Most Puzzling Sink We’ve Seen

You read that right. This is a sink. It looks like something we’d see in a futuristic film where those lines lead the water to some kind of recycling machine for it to be cleaned and readied for reuse again, which would be amazing. We doubt the design of this sink does that, though.

image courtesy of Daniela Garcia/ Facebook

Sure, it looks neat but the dirt and mold that would just build up in those crevices are just sickening to think of. There isn’t even any real purpose to some of those lines so you’d end up cleaning it all for nothing.

This Adorable Mug

First of all, this mug is just adorable. Imagine seeing a little octopus start peeking out at you as you drain your coffee. That’s not such a bad surprise to cheer you up in the morning. There’s just the issue of getting it all nice and clean after every use.

image courtesy of Torrey Hirning/ Facebook

If you used it for water or just some tea, a little easy rinse could do the trick but what about if it was used for chocolate or coffee? That might make it tricky. Still, if we saw this at the store, we’d definitely buy it.

Poseidon’s Sink

This is a beautiful sink; no one can deny that. The artistry and the skill behind it are just impeccable. And we can only dream of having something so beautiful in our homes. The only downside to it is the maintenance.

image courtesy of Cay Lindberg/ Facebook

We would already be scared of using it with how beautiful it looks, but just think about cleaning it. You’d have to scrub or wipe it as you’ve never done before to give it justice. And sadly, that’s too much pressure just for upkeep. So, no thank you octopus sink.

Poolside Dreams

Sure, a little nap by the poolside or a little downtime reading a book there would be nice. But spending every night literally by the poolside though isn’t an ideal picture for us. Apparently, it’s the dream room for someone and they went to great lengths to turn it into reality.

image courtesy of Har Madden/ Facebook

Why, though? Is it really too much to walk out of their room to go to the pool? Did they really have to put it inside there? We can only imagine the horror and puzzlement the people tasked to clean this might have felt. Oh, those poor souls.

Is This Ghost Rider’s Car?

We got to say, we love the commitment this car’s owner had to the design. Those headlights are just so cool. It must have cost a fortune to have them made and such a hard time finding someone who could make it, too. We’re not such fans of the barbed wire grille, though.

image courtesy of Melissa Petersen/ Facebook

There’s no way that would pass a state safety inspection test and there’s no way the car owner could have kept that permanently nice and not rusted if they planned to drive it out. Plus, that’s just trouble waiting to happen.

The Shoe That Keeps On Giving

These kicks are advertised as a breathable pair of running shoes, and while we don’t doubt the “breathable” part, we’re not sure it will make taking a run outside a pleasurable experience. With all the pebbles, dirt, and incidental bird or dog poo that can get stuck in there, you might not have a good time.

image courtesy of Randy Denham/ Facebook

The gaps of the shoe sole are just inviting all kinds of stuff to get stuck inside and bother you while on your run. What is even the purpose of those huge gaps if not just for design appeal? It’s best to run as far away as you can from these shoes rather than use them.

Tumbleweed Chandelier

There are so many resources around us but sometimes, many of us don’t know what to do with a lot of them. There are times though when someone figures something out and it’s just brilliant. We don’t count this as one of those times.

image courtesy of Kimberly Collier/ Facebook

Did they find a use for tumbleweed? Yes. Is it useful? No. Is it aesthetically pleasing? Maybe. Does it create a mess? Oh, yes it does. Whoever made this gave it a good try, but to put it frankly, it’s an effort best put elsewhere — like maybe cleaning up the mess that chandelier must have made.

A Live Dust-Mobile

For people who constantly get back aches or bum aches while doing those long commutes every day, this might seem like a good idea. Who doesn’t want to get a little massage while driving, right? We’re pretty sure the effects of the massage will go away come cleaning time, though.

image courtesy of Moritz Msr/ Facebook

It’s just a dirt trap on wheels. This car will be soaking up every bit of dust from every place it goes, not to mention everything already inside the car. We’re pretty sure once the owner removes all that, there will be a dust pattern showing where those beads were once.

A Great Idea Gone Sideways

Whenever we see installations like this, we actually marvel at the beauty of it and the great use of space. It’s something we might actually want in our own homes to add a little bit of green to our living spaces. But when we say that, we don’t really think about the cleaning situation of it.

image courtesy of Mihhail Voronin/ Facebook

Unlike other things on this list, this one isn’t that bad to clean. A bit of soil may fall off every once in a while and there might be some drips of water from spraying the leaves, but that’s about it. It’s not like you’ll be cleaning off a whole garden from your floor every single day.

iPhone Mop

This phone case is cute, soft, and stylish. It also gives a little bit of cushion for your phone if it drops. So, what’s wrong with it? Well, it’s basically a rag just covering up your phone. It’s perfect for soaking up liquids from tables or dirt from your bag.

image courtesy of Hanna Ella Sandvik/ Facebook

Also, it’s a great place for the germs and bacteria coming from your hands to build their home. So whenever you put that thing right by your face, you’re sure to get a case of pimples or some allergies. But if you’re looking to have a cleaning rag on hand at all times, go for it.

Furry Nightmare Chair

We all want our chairs at home to be as comfortable as can be, right? After all, we’ll be the ones sitting on them every day. And while we get that this kind of chair looks perfect, you’d better think twice before getting it.

image courtesy of Jenni Paasky/ Facebook

It may look comfy and warm because of how furry it is, but think about the moment you’re sipping coffee and you accidentally spill a few drops. Or if you’re munching on some chips or popcorn while watching Netlfix. It’s practically a gathering spot for everything ants and cockroaches would love.

The Hairy Lamp

Is it hair? Is it a mop head? Or is it just a clump of strings? We honestly don’t know what in the world is on this lamp. What we’re sure of is that we’re leaving it where we found it: far away from our homes.

image courtesy of Martie Franzen/ Facebook

We gotta say, it is a unique-looking lamp and we doubt there are more like it in the world, but if you want easy-to-clean furniture, this is not one of them. Instead, it looks like something you’d use to clean the other furniture in your home.

This Is A Creativity Fail

People whose creativity knows no bounds are just something else. They’re amazing and the things they can come up with are one of a kind. And while the person who made this may be one of those people, we don’t think everyone’s going to love their work on the floor.

image courtesy of Noellie Spinelli/ Facebook

If we’re going by looks, yes, it looks cute and definitely unique. But we bet while doing the project, they forgot that they have to mop their floors every once in a while. And what happens when water comes in contact with scrap paper? A mess, that’s what.

This Wall Will Never Look Clean

Many of us don’t know it, but the grouting of tiles is a very important thing. Not only does it help hold the tiles together but it also prevents things from looking messy and underbaked like this wall right here.

image courtesy of Cari King/ Facebook

The lack of proper grouting on this one just makes it look so dirty and like the toilet’s been used for a hundred years but never has been cleaned once. It’s just horrendous. Whoever decided to leave it must have been pretty mad.

Cursed Toothbrush Holder

We all know that our toothbrushes don’t immediately dry after we use them, right? There can be drips of water that will trail down and pool at the bottom of the toothbrush and when that’s not cleaned up, it can lead to molds in the toothbrush container.

image courtesy of Annis Ferrey/ Facebook

Apparently, whoever designed this toothbrush holder might have forgotten about that fact or they’d simply never owned a toothbrush holder nor cleaned one. The fact is, this is just a waiting mold pit that will be difficult and frustrating to clean.

A Dust And Germ Garden On The Drive

As some people say, less is more. For this case, we think they’re absolutely right. The people who made this car ceiling design might love flowers and all that, but there are plenty more ways to show their love for it.

image courtesy of Sierra Lynn/ Facebook

One way is leaving the car ceiling bare and expressing their creativity and love for blooms elsewhere. That way, they won’t be cultivating a germ and bacteria garden up there plus they won’t waste too much time cleaning it all.

It’ll Eat You Alive!

We love sharks, and apparently so does this person. Even if you have galeophobia, you must admit that this is a clever idea. This platter design is doing a good job of making the meal more fun and giving people something memorable about the place.

image courtesy of Carolann Hill/ Facebook

We do feel sorry for whoever is going to be washing those dishes. They look as unfriendly towards the people washing them as real sharks do. They really look like they’ll bite your fingers through if you even dare to scrub inside.

Addicted To Scrabble

If we had to choose our favorite floor design from this list, we’d choose this one over the Mod Podge floor. This one is just as creative and it’s a lot easier to maintain and clean. Our only problem is why in the world was it installed in the bathroom?

image courtesy of Avantgardens/ Facebook

Wood doesn’t pair too well with constant moisture. This floor looks like it’ll never be fully dry, and soon enough, it’ll be home to all sorts of molds. If the designer put some kind of protectant layer though, then maybe it’s okay.

What An Intricate Kitchen Design

We’re all for intricate home designs, but this one, we can’t get on board with because of its location. They could have put those intricate designs on cabinets, drawers, or table legs. And yet they chose to put it on top of a stove.

image courtesy of Cuthbert Mortenson/ Facebook

It’s one of the places in your kitchen that requires frequent cleanings. And with that kind of design, we think you’ll spend more time cleaning the space rather than actually cooking in it. It’s either that or you might end up with a sprinkling of dust every time you cook. Yummy!

Rabbit Portal Mirror

Who doesn’t want a cute mirror that makes you look slimmer and lights up like you’re at a party? The answer to that is people who don’t want to spend more time cleaning the sides of the mirror than polishing the actual mirror.

image courtesy of Jahara Smith/ Facebook

This mirror has a lot of great perks to it but we’re not sure we’re willing to take all that in exchange for the labor of cleaning up its fluff. Any plain old mirror would work for us, thank you. At least with those, a little wiping is good enough.

The Edges Of This Are Just Bothersome

At first glance, there seems to be nothing wrong with this oven covering. Sure, it doesn’t really match the overall design of the kitchen but that’s their style so we won’t judge. It’s just the edges that are getting us in a twist.

image courtesy of Lizabeth Crump/ Facebook

One side is all perfectly nice and lined up and then the other side is just the opposite. Did they somehow just lose motivation to finish it up? Or is that their way of being creative? Whatever it is, we hope they appreciate the cleaning task they’ve set out for themselves.

The Poodle Table

A table is used for all kinds of things. It’s where we put our stuff, it’s where we work and study, it’s where we eat, and whatnot. It’s the number one place in our homes that would eventually get messy almost every day and yet someone chose to make this.

image courtesy of Jessica Troutner/ Facebook

Before anyone else gets confused, it’s a poodle table. Kudos for dedication towards creating it, especially with the full poodle cut, but negative points for completely not thinking it through. If it’s their prized possession though, who are we to judge?

The Wedding Cake Pantry

At the time the designer of this pantry thought it up, it must have been a great idea. When it came to life though, we don’t think anyone was in their most celebratory mood to get some cake or any of that.

image courtesy of Barbara Greene/ Facebook

We don’t even want to think about looking at what’s resting on those ledges given the fact that it probably wasn’t cleaned out properly for months. But hey, it’s extra storage so we guess that doesn’t make this design totally bad.

Foam Mirrors That Absolutely Make No Sense

For some reason, some people think that putting foam around their mirrors is an aesthetically pleasing choice. Well, it’s not. And it doesn’t serve an enormous purpose anyway. The foam just sits there waiting for insects to make a home in it.

image courtesy of Serena Grace Blake/ Facebook

The worst part is you never really know how to clean that foam and if it really is clean. There can be weird stains on it or even a weird smell sometimes. So rather than guessing every day, why not just chuck it out?

A Germ Touchpad

This may look like a light switch covered with bugs, but don’t worry, they’re just pebbles, so at least you’re safe from creepy crawlies. What you’re not safe from are the millions of germs and bacteria that might be in every nook and cranny of this light switch.

image courtesy of Sydney Sills/ Facebook

We’re pretty sure that is not an easy thing to completely disinfect. And it’s not also something easy to polish, either. Then again, it’s just a light switch cover. Oils on people’s hands do the polishing anyway, so why worry?

This Part Of The Toilet

When cleaning our toilets, we usually pay the most attention to the bowl, sink, handles, walls, and floors. And we usually neglect this part of the toilet a lot. Not only is it out of the way but it’s just such a weird thing to clean.

image courtesy of Geza Marie Waki/ Facebook

You’d really have to go down on your knees and have a good long brush that’s small enough to reach all those weird edges. Then, you’d have to kind of hug your toilet just to make sure everything around that base is clean too. Only then can you say that your toilet is truly clean.

This Water Fountain

Just by looking at it this way, it might not seem like much but once the water starts flowing, this thing can take on a pretty, delicate appearance. But who has time to clean every single one of those cups, seriously?

image courtesy of Christine Plante/ Facebook

Because of the cleaning part, we’d rather not own it. But we’d still enjoy watching the water run down each cup, of course. Just because it’s hard to clean doesn’t mean nobody can enjoy it after the cleaning part is over.