40 Purrfect Outdoor Spaces For Cat And Human Fun

By Aakash M

A “catio” is an outdoor cat enclosure. Catios are the ultimate solution for giving your indoor cat a safe and stimulating outdoor experience. They are easy to create and provide a fresh environment for play and relaxation. If the catio is large enough, you can even join your furry friend for some outdoor fun.

Contrary to popular belief, catios are actually essential for indoor cats. Studies indicate that indoor cats often experience boredom due to their natural instincts to roam and hunt. A catio provides a much-needed source of stimulation and enrichment to keep cats active and happy.

Catios can vary in size, from a compact window box to a spacious full-sized room, depending on your cat’s needs and your vision. In case you’re interested in making a catio for your furry friend, check out these 40 incredible catio ideas to unleash your creativity.

A house with levels

We know that we’re just starting off, but let us tell you something. A cat house like that is simply the endgame for cats. We’re sure that a cat sitting on the top level would feel like a king of a castle or something. 

Source: animalarchitecture/Instagram

To give them this feeling of royalty, all you need to do is build this cat house with some scrap wood. Or, if you don’t have the time for that, you should go ahead and purchase something like that from the Internet!

Guard cats

This, dear friends, is a watch station that we can build for our beloved cats. Now, if you attach a few frames to your fence, that’s automatically going to turn into a viewing station for your cats. How beautiful you make it is up to you!

Source: street_cat_rescue_atx/Instagram

If you have a lot of space and if you also have a lot of areas of interest near your house (for your cats) like trees or tall structures, they can climb on the watching station and check out all the interesting critters that come by.

Pole to scratch

This catio would be one of the best places for a cat to spend its playtime, and that’s for sure. This structure is called a scratching pole, and cats love this because, of course, they love to scratch every surface.

Source: homemydesign.com

They scratch on any and every surface because they love sharpening their claws. Therefore, it is essential to include something like a scratching pole in their playground area. To make things even better, include a shelf or two for some extra enrichment.

Treehouse catio

Building a treehouse for your cat is one of the best ideas. All you need to do is turn a tree in your backyard into a nice playhouse for your cat. Well, it’s not just that simple. You need some basic carpentry skills first.

Source: fortunatekitties/Instagram

If you don’t have the tools or skills, you can hire a professional to set it up for you. Of course, if you have been thinking about improving your woodworking skills, why not practice with something simple like this. You’ll be proud of what you’ve made in the end!

Climbing around

If we know about one thing that cats certainly love, it’s climbing. Cats love climbing and finding a perch whenever they can. So, if you build a climbing frame for them in their new catio, you’ll pretty much be fulfilling their wildest dreams. 

Source: gatos_da_tami_oficial/Instagram

Just like this image, there should be a lot of shelves in and around the space for your cat to explore. It’s a pretty useful idea if you already have multiple cats living with you because they’ll all have plenty of space to enjoy!

Innovative structures

If you’re busy with other work, or if you don’t have a lot of time to get creative, but if you do want to create a nice catio, then this structure would be ideal for you. It’s simple to replicate but complex enough for cats to enjoy.

Source: mia_y_tua/Instagram

You don’t even need any tools or skills to put together this one. All you need are some basic cat enrichment toys and a collapsible clothes drying rack. When you put it together, for extra security and safety for your cats, use some pieces to keep the rack propped open.


This one would require some creativity and a lot of hard work from your side, as you can see that it’s a bit more complicated, compared to the catios that we saw earlier in the article. But, your cat is going to enjoy this structure.

Image Credits: hubpages.com

You can make something like this by using the unused items in your basement, like an old bookcase or desk frame. You just need some space, supplies, and creativity to create an enjoyable playground for your cat! Keep it in your living room or your backyard; whatever suits your needs.


This catio looks really beautiful. The climbing structures are very simple, but with so much room to move around, these are perfect for any cat. We can confidently say that your cat will love something as good as this. Isn’t this an amazing design?

Source: jocelyn.too/Instagram

These things are going to make for a really amazing play station for your cat, and you’ll love watching your cat leap from one shelf to another as it tries to figure out which shelf is ideal for a cozy nap.

Trees again

Earlier, we saw a treehouse for a cat. Even though it took some effort, it’s practically effortless compared to this complex masterpiece. This one looks a bit more complicated, and you’d easily be able to tell the two apart by looking at this image.

Source: catioguy/Instagram

You know how much cats love climbing trees. So if that’s the case, why not make a whole tree for them out of wood? They’d love that, wouldn’t they? Watching them jump around the levels would be such a delight to see!

Personal Space

How does this layered catio look? Doesn’t it look just like a good old bunk bed, but of course, without the bed? No matter what we call it, it’s definitely something your cat would like resting in, and we’re sold on it.

Source: NikkiHeadon/Pinterest

Now, this structure basically consists of two medium or large dog kennels — you can pick the size based on your needs or available space. Take off one side, stack a board with some holes cut out — large enough for a cat — and stack the other crate with a missing side on top.

How about a tunnel?

Well, here is where things get interesting. Doesn’t a cat tunnel sound really exciting? And don’t you feel like going in there and relaxing for a bit as well? It excites us, and we want to relax for a bit in a cute cat tunnel too!

Image Credits: hubpages.com

Just look at how cozy those kitties are! Also, it’s a place from where it can keep its eyes on you too! You can recreate that with a few old tires, or you can even make use of the natural areas of your house if it works.

A whole jungle

For those who thought that it could never get more creative than a cat tunnel, here’s an enormous structure for you. It’s a cat jungle. Just when you thought that it couldn’t get better! They’ll be having a lot of fun here, and we don’t even need to justify anything.

Source: kattenren.com

They’ll literally be having hours of fun in there if you end up making a cat jungle for your cats. Since this one is a bit complicated, you can search for a few plans online or even buy something. But, it’s best to go hands-on and get creative!


Catios like these are also the ones you’ll see in pet shops, and whenever we come across one of these, don’t we feel like having one of these to ourselves as well? These enclosures are just too majestic. They’ll improve the vibe of the place they are built in!

Source: erikaknobben/Pinterest

By the look at the cats in this image, it seems like they all are having the time of their lives. It indeed looks pretty comfortable because the person who built this structure took it to the next level by installing cushions on the shelves.

A whole garden

As we mentioned earlier, cats get bored pretty easily, and they, too, like other animals, need to roam and run around. So, a catio like this one would be more than perfect for them because they’ll enjoy themselves over here.

Source: thebloomcats/Instagram

Also, as you can see, it’s pretty big, so even you can go in there and play with your cats if you feel like it! Additionally, if you add a few plants here and there, well, who knows. It could lead to another hobby for you!

Staring at you

In this image, the cats are all staring at you. Well, they are staring into the camera, or they might be staring into the eyes of the person who clicked this image. Maybe it’s their way of thanking the person for building such a nice catio.

Source: elfsprite/Pinterest

This one is really smart since it doesn’t occupy a lot of space, yet it still has plenty of room for cats to rest and play. There are four different levels; even one with some dirt if your kitty likes to experience the wider world outside of their cat bed.


You only need to take a look at this cat’s sleeping face to understand the amount of comfort it is in. It looks more like a really lavish enclosure instead of a plain catio. We’re honestly jealous of this cat. It’s truly living the life!

Source: bschmidtz/Instagram

There are levels even in this catio, and as you can see, no complicated stuff has been used here. Just some wood, fence, grass, and other things that you could manage pretty easily if you put the time in. Easy peasy!

Hierarchy catio

Earlier, we joked about how cats love the feeling of superiority. After looking at this image, it seems as if it must be true. The way they are sitting on different levels, it feels as if a very intense discussion has just taken place!

Image Credits: hubpages.com

It feels as if they all had a mutual agreement within themselves where they ended up deciding who’s better than whom and who’s the best. Then, they seated themselves accordingly. Had the catio not been there, then all of it would’ve never happened and there’d probably be a big cat fight!

What a view

These felines in this catio must have a great view. But of course, cats being cats, they look really disinterested in the view from their catio. Anyways, we must applaud the construction of this structure since it has been built amazingly.

Source: v2mshop.com

As you can see, you only need some basic woodworking skills. Your cats certainly won’t mind if you don’t paint it. They just want to hang out there and enjoy the fresh air! With a thin mesh netting, they have an easy view of the outside while staying safely inside.


Till now, we have seen quite a few catios, and you know that they all are equally amazing, but this one is just on another level. It is, without a doubt, the most lavish one yet! It looks bigger than our own bedroom!

Source: levanti/Pinterest

We’re so jealous of these cats. They have basically everything they need all in one place. Toys? Check! Grass to lay on? Check! Climbing structures? You bet! Building this must have been a difficult task, but we’re sure the cats are grateful.


This one also looks like a nice vacation home for the cats, and it’s as big as the one we saw previously. We can’t see the whole thing because we’re getting a top view of it from this image. But it’s still a jaw-dropping view. 

Source: Chrimiphi/Pinterest

We can only imagine the amount of comfort that cats might be in while they are relaxing in this catio. There are a lot of places to rest, and most of all, cats can climb around the branches of the trees as well. Great job!


This catio has emphasized the importance of having a shelter, and to that, we’d say that the job has been done pretty amazingly. It’s good that there are a lot of toys and cushions and crates around the area as well.

Source: lmulvehill/Pinterest

Since the top is covered so well, there are no chances of weather spoiling the party for our furry friends over here. So, this one is a great outdoor catio. Be it rain or snow, nothing’s gonna change here, and that’s for sure.


This catio is also well-sheltered, and on top of that, it looks aesthetically pleasing as well. It was obviously built behind the home but on the ground level, where it’s in eyesight. Also, we don’t need to point out how comfortable it is for the cats.

Source: lrwhite28/Pinterest

For large catios like this one, you can mix and match store-bought products with some basic carpentry skills. If the catio you have in mind doesn’t include a roof, make one! Are there not enough shelves? You got this! Don’t be afraid to add your own personal touch.

Play area

We often take our dogs out for a walk, right? Because they need that kind of physical activity once or twice a day. They need to play around or run around. But what about cats? They need physical activity as well, don’t they?

Source: carousell.com.my

Well, here is a catio that could be a very nice play area. There’s a lot of space for running around, and there’s plenty of equipment here as well. So, when you set up a nice space for your cats, don’t forget to throw in some toys, too.

Creativity on point

As the title suggests here, the creativity is actually at a pretty good level here. The person who built this catio went on to build a small house, some levels and also a good playing area with a rope. The effort is highly appreciated.

Source: felodah/Pinterest

While doing all that, they have also managed to give the catio an aesthetic look, and guess what? It doesn’t even take up a lot of space! Also, is it us, or do cats look like they’re trying to strike a nice pose?

Retirement home

This catio is so big that even we can go for a vacation here. We applaud the owner of this catio since it is visible that maintaining a huge structure like that would require a lot of time and effort on a daily basis.

Source: enjoythelittllething_s/Instagram

Even the environment around a catio says a lot about the enclosure’s vibe itself. If you take a look at this one, it’s all green, aesthetic, and well-maintained. We should note that plants and trees go a long way for such projects.

Party time

Maybe this image was clicked the day after a party, where the cats are all tuckered out and need a long sleep. You can see how some of them are sleeping while others are just lying around comfortably. This one is just superb.

Source: loveamermaid/Pinterest

The mats on the shelves are a nice touch. Not to mention the doormat inside and boxes for the cats to chill in. We all know how much felines love their boxes. And, we can’t ignore the kickin’ disco ball! How awesome is this setup?

Smart and simple

You can see that a lot of artificial equipment has been used in this catio, and we can tell that it all has been done pretty efficiently. The mats, carpets, and even the tree. But, it has all been built with a lot of precision.

Source: radkins1013/Pinterest

For building a catio like this one, you’ll some serious carpentry skills. Consider getting some professional help as well if you’re planning to take the whole project by yourself. The end result is always going to be fruitful! Trust us.


This cat is indeed in awe of the structure its human has built for it. That, or maybe it’s just using the opportunity to stretch. Unlike the other catios, there isn’t a lot of visual design involved, and there are few pieces of equipment, too.

Source: kotiery/Pinterest

Now that you’ve seen what’s happening over there, you know that this one looks simple, but it’s still a pretty great catio that you could build for your cat. And, just like this one, your furry friend would be happy with a space like this to hang out in.

Thank you for this catio

Look into the eyes of this cat. It’s almost as if it’s thanking the person who made this structure, and we can understand the sentiment because it is, without a doubt, a gorgeous structure! Even from just a side angle, we can tell how much effort went into it.

Source: idperez/Pinterest

This catio sure has it all. There’s a climbing structure, a place to sharpen its nails, and even a basket to sit in. And, the most important thing the owners put in: a litter box! Everybody needs to use the bathroom during the day, and your cat is no exception.

Thank you for this catio part – 2

Just like the one we saw earlier, even the cat here looks pretty grateful to the person who built the structure. However, we don’t think that’s the only reason for that look because a part of us says that it wants to get out of the catio, and we don’t know why.

Image Credits: hubpages.com

This one is a really lavish catio because there is everything here. There’s water, trees, and stairs to climb on; the list goes on. Perhaps the only thing missing is a litter box and some toy mice. So, why do they want to leave? It’s great!

Affordable DIY catio

If we go into technicalities, building this catio would cost you nothing more than a few hundred dollars. Because it doesn’t require a lot of material, it also won’t require a lot of time from your end to make it.

Image Credits: itsoverflowing.com

If done properly, it would only take you a day or so, and not to mention that your cats will still have a lot of fun here. You’ll need different lengths of wood for the frame and, to cover that all up, some hardware cloth.

A simple outdoor enclosure

As you can see, this catio doesn’t take up a lot of horizontal space, so if that’s one of your main concerns, you should go for a similar design or this exact one. A catio like this one would also be great for your cats’ exercise.

Source: canadianwoodworking.com

Not only do such designs keep your cats safe from all the outdoor threats, but they will also make your curb look really appealing. The entire frame of the catio, with the bench base, would only need two different lengths of wood.

A successful experiment

If there’s one thing all of these catios have in common, it’s innovation! But we’re sure that you might not have seen a catio like this one. Trust us. This one is completely different from the others because it has been made out of PVC tubes!

Source: daebakjoah.com

This DIY catio has just been made by putting together some PVC tubes for the frame. You can create as many levels as you want in this catio. For the base, you can use wooden planks, and for finishing up, you can use wired or plastic netting.

Into the future

Doesn’t this catio have a design similar to that of a time machine that we see in cartoons? It’s almost like it has this nice door that would take you to the future if you open it. In reality, it’s a pretty huge cat enclosure.

Source: elwingworks/Instagram

But, the good part is that you can make things affordable by using a lot of upcycled material for their construction. This one will fit perfectly near the windows, and it will also make your cat feel fresh outdoors while exercising. The wooden frame makes the catio look bigger.

5-star catio

You can definitely rest here while your cat hangs out, sleeps, or plays around in the catio. You can build a similar enclosure and keep a nice and comfy chair inside the catio for yourself, just like it has been done in this image.

Source: consciouscat.net

We love how they made the stairs for the cats to reach different levels. They’re just different logs all securely placed leading from one shelf to another. How cool is that? The whole thing really looks like a jungle gym.

Modern catio

What do you think about this catio? We, for one, were blown away by the innovation. Who would’ve thought of building a catio with a passage connecting the inside of the house and the catio? We’d call this one “catio goals.”

Source: kidzo.fr

So as you can see, there’s a lot of equipment and a lot of shelves as well for the cat to play with. The tunnel provides a safe passage for the cat from the window to the catio and vice-versa. With a design like this, you can rest assured that your cats will stay safe when they play.

Outdoor shelter

Here is one of the most beautiful catios you could build for your pawsome friend. This one is luxurious since it comes with the best features and the best looks. There’s a huge list of things inside this premium catio.

Source: unknown user/imgur

For starters, it has a built-in house for the cat. Next, there are customized ramps and platforms so that the cat never has to compromise on the exercise. Also, there’s a chair for you to sit on and spend some quality time with your cat!

Easy and affordable DIY outdoor catio

We have looked at so many outdoor catios, and the main reason for that is that cats just love being outdoors, and we should to keep them as happy as we can! On that note, here is an outdoor catio that is affordable and really easy to make.

Image Credits: itsoverflowing.com

This catio, just like most of the other designs, will keep the cats safe from predators while they are outdoors. The frame of this catio has been built using steel or PVC pipe tubes. Next, the covering up has been done with wired netting.

Pergola catio

This pergola cat enclosure is massive, and it’s not costly nor made of high-end equipment. In fact, it has been constructed in a pretty simple way. All you need to do is use your old pergolas to transform them into this enormous cat enclosure.

Source: NightBlooming/etsy.com

We know you’ll fall in love with this huge catio, and trust us, so will your cats. If there’s an already built pergola, making the catio would be an even easier task. In that case, you only need to install ramps and trees and cover things up with hardware cloth.

Best one for the last

And of course, here’s the fanciest catio we’ve seen. It’s a simple outdoor cat enclosure with a passage from the window to the catio for the cat to safely travel from one place to another. It’s frankly one of the best catio models built at home.

Source: eileenmak/flickr

The tunnel system is amazing since it has been built very simply. The same wooden design is continued, but it has been covered with the same netting that covers the rest of the catio. Apart from the tunnel, the tilted roof and the wired netting are the key highlights.