Pottery Perfection: 40+ Artists Who Shared Their Magnificent Masterpieces On Social Media

By Sachin P

Ceramics are among mankind’s earliest innovations. They are perhaps one of the most widely used art forms that have developed throughout human history. In fact, ceramics produced by humans were first discovered about 24,000 years ago! Although the technology, as well as its uses, have continuously advanced, this kind of art has mostly remained in use. As we did millennia ago, we use ceramics as food and beverage receptacles, art supplies, tile, and bricks, among other things.

In this article, we’d like to highlight some of the most extraordinary and distinctive ceramic creations. These have been uploaded to a social media group dedicated to ceramics. We think you’ll discover some extraordinarily fascinating and lovely objects here. The options range from spectacular arm sculptures to distinctive mugs. Let’s get started!

What a happy-looking ceramic hippo

Just look at this happy, happy hippo that we have here! Moto Moto from the Madagascar movies would sure love to have this at his home. This chunky dude is adorable. Interesting choice of color, too, if we may add.


The lovely teal color actually adds to the whole vibe. Plus, with the pose, the hippo looks like a house cat! So much care has gone into making this, and it is quite evident. This deserves all the exposure and praise!

Layered porcelain

In order to create porcelain, a white clay body is fired at high temperatures. The toughness, transparency, and brilliance of porcelain are well known. Layers and layers of porcelain clay are fused together to create layered porcelain. Compared to ordinary porcelain, layered porcelain is thinner and more delicate.

ForestCeramicCo / Reddit

A fact that is quite evident when you look at this mug. Just look at the smooth finish and the vibrant colors that are almost about to pop up from the surface. What a beautiful piece of ceramic this is.

Crystal mug that invites good vibes

Now, we are pretty sure that this poster just went ahead and took a shortcut when it came to this. Most probably, they are from Australia. Why? That’s because there are some extensive deposits of crystal in the land down under.

Essarai_Ceramics / Reddit

This guy has probably dug up a crystal cluster, stuck it to an unfired mug, and then fired it. Okay, jokes aside, this person is a wonderfully talented craftsperson and should produce more unique work like this. We would definitely buy some.


We would be remiss if we didn’t talk about the glaze on these lidded jars! They look so good and so fine it is as if it is melting! Or, it kind of looks like waves crashing on a brown beach.

heatsensitive / Reddit

We reckon that these are definitely top-tier gift items. The effort the artist has put into perfecting this is readily evident when you look at how it turned out. It would be the perfect item to store spices or sugar and tea.

Ceramic manta rays

Just look at the beautiful gloss on these manta rays! They look like they have been carved out of enamel or some kind of precious stone! The firing has to have been done so precisely for the outcome to be this fine.

thepomelolady / Reddit

They look so lifelike! Congratulations to the artist who used ceramic to create such a beautiful representation of a marine animal. The details are incredible. These look like the kind of ethereal creatures you would find in an Avatar movie.

Mug extraordinaire

So this person thinks that their partner makes the best ceramics in the world. Having looked at this mug, we couldn’t agree with them more. Just look at the overall finish. Kind of gives a station wagon vibe, doesn’t it?

PlayfulJuggernaut282 / Reddit

The exposed “wood grain” gives a really nice aesthetic to the complete setup of the mug. Plus, we spy with our eyes that the mug contains some hot chocolate. Can you imagine drinking some hot cocoa out of this mug? Oh, what bliss!

Kutani ware (Kutani yaki)

Pottery known as Kutani yaki is produced in and around Kaga, Ishikawa Prefecture. The first examples of this ancient handcraft date back to the early Edo era (beginning of the 17th century). These feature vibrant colors, solid and exquisite motifs, and a specific overglaze decoration process.

bibothebarbarian / Reddit

The above are distinguishing qualities of Kutani ware. In this method, the glazed exterior is painted with pigments to create a design, which is then fired again. That is because the overglaze paint could be burned at a temperature of roughly 800 °C.

Ikebana is back on the menu, boys!

Look at these donut vases surrounded by the Ikebana flowers! But what is Ikebana? It is a traditional Japanese floral design that incorporates seasonal components selected to represent a topic or hues that go well with the interior design of a space.

deandraface / Reddit

Ikebana floral arrangements have a sculptural appearance and frequently just include a single flower. Form, shape, and line are all carefully considered. Ikebana arrangements are exact and significant, in contrast to most Western designs, which are informal. They have a meditative function as well.

Seal of approval

Seals are such cute animals. They are so chubby and chunky and like they could be our buddies. That’s because of their friendly shape and adorable faces. We could not believe it when we realized that these little guys were not real.

Im_The_Government / Reddit

They look so real and lifelike. Even their eyes look so vibrant. How the artist managed to get all the nuances right and create something like this out of ceramic is just amazing. We do hope they will continue doing good work.

Ceramic Squeakoid!

Aww! Look at this cute squeakoid that we have here! But what is a squeakoid? It’s a Gyroid! Gyroids are little, ornamental clay figures that have rudimentary features and little limbs and are semi-sentient. They generate melodic noises and dance when touched to trigger them.

happyclaypot / Reddit

In earlier Animal Crossing games, there were dozens of different gyroid kinds, classified into several classes, each with its own sound and appearance. This ceramic one looks absolutely fantastic and adorable. We would very much like to have one if that option is available.

What a joy to look at these!

Would you just stop what you are doing and just look at this iridescent glaze on these things? They look absolutely fantastic! Just look at these! Oh man, we are losing our minds on these because they look absolutely gorgeous!

lanadelclay / Reddit

The recipe to get iridescence like this has to be spot on! One wrong calibration, and you are left with a crafting project that won a participation prize at the elementary school talent show. This actually looks like it is from a painting!


Even those who weren’t present during the counterculture era of the 1960s can discern the style of the majority of the psychedelic art produced at that time. Many artistic creations are from a time when it was common for artists to draw inspiration from their mystical psychedelic experiences.

Feral_Hare / Reddit

Such practices are still done today and are well-known in popular culture. When you consider that influence, you can see why this vase looks like it was time traveled into the present day. What a lovely pattern and vibrant presence!

What a beautiful pattern!

Just look at the tessellation pattern we have on this ceramic vessel right here! So symmetric and so pleasing to look at. This poster says that her husband is behind the creation of this. He should be commended for his creation!

backseatromance / Reddit

He was apparently influenced heavily by geometric patterns. These are patterns that are very prominent in Islamic architecture, in particular. The individual appears to have visited Alhambra in Spain or seen it in an Alhambra coffee table book or documentary.


Goodness, this vase is just top-notch, isn’t it? Just look at the incredible features of this thing! Amazing! Looks like a luster firing. Lustre firing is an overglaze that occurs in a range of textures. These include gold, silver, and platinum.

soulramics / Reddit

As an overglaze, this is added to a surface that has already been fired and coated with glaze. Although it seems simple enough, there are several crucial things you should know before dealing with ceramic luster glazes. When done well, this is the result!

Ceramic blobfish

Aww, just look at these ceramic blobfish that we have here. Makes us go all googly-eyed at the sight of it! The artist has managed to encapsulate the whimsical sadness that is exemplified by blobfish. But why are they like that?

astraelly / Reddit

Well, the immense pressure of the deep sea would be the reason. These fish are found 2800 meters under the sea, and the immense pressure actually makes them look normal. Once you bring them to the surface, the drop in pressure makes their gelatinous bodies expand rapidly.

Kitchen Splash

This is an excellent way to decorate a backsplash. It is like nothing we have ever seen. Just look at how the colors dissipate and congregate in the middle. This is absolutely splendid. The artist has named this “Kitchen Splash,” which is quite apt!

Antony_PC / Reddit

It kind of looks like a splash, doesn’t it? The colors originate in the middle and splash outward. The intelligent use of verdant hues is so pleasing to the eye. You could almost get lost in thought while doing the dishes.

True blue, mate!

What a blue hue this spoon holder has! It has the kind of ocean blue that you tend to find in the deepest parts of the ocean. Absolutely stunning in every sense of the word. Plus, look at the glaze on this!

CorvidWatcher / Reddit

The artist managed to score a home run with this spoon holder. The brilliant hue almost gives the impression that this could be lapis lazuli and not ceramic! It could perfectly pull that illusion off! What a work of art this is!

Mmhmm gurl!

Take a look at this sassy raccoon over here! With his chubbiness, the raccoon looks absolutely smashing. We give endless praise to the artist that managed to come up with something like this. Look at the eyes, the liveliness that they just give off.

Im_The_Government / Reddit

It looks like it saw Brad Pitt for the first time (for the sake of reference, let’s say the early 2000s, Brad). With its hand up to its chest, it can’t actually believe what it’s seeing. Well, us too, chunky raccoon. We, too, would look like this if we saw Brad Pitt.

These got dipped in the sky to get this blue.

There is no way that this could have been colored by normal means. We are pretty sure that the artist is a faerie and just dipped this in the sky and dragged it through all the clouds. How on earth can you explain this?

ForestCeramicCo / Reddit

The raw talent that is on display here is just astounding. Just look at the contrast. It feels like waves crashing. Some of the talents that are displayed in this article really take the cake and the whole bakery. Absolutely brilliant.

Pretty neat, isn’t it?

Now would you look at this thing right here? It looks like it is suspended in mid-air! Is it? But no, wait! It is an illusion! A very nice one, at that. The bowl is suspended with the dripping paint!

RestEqualsRust / Reddit

This must have been a headache to fire! One must be highly knowledgeable about kilns in order to fire this accurately. Otherwise, the thin supports could end up being brittle and collapsing. It looks nice as decoration, but it has no practical application as far as we can tell.

Looks hecking delicious!

When we say that this will be a bestseller, we mean it. Just look at this donutware! They look perfectly edible even though they are made of clay. Just have a look at the finish of these things. These are just beautiful.

RestEqualsRust / Reddit

Like with most of the creations that are featured on this list, we have high hopes for the artist. That much faith is pretty much justified by work like this! Look at that frosting and the sprinkles! They look so real!


Ah, some of us can relate to this quite well, actually. Getting your ear pulled when you have been an absolute rascal. Just because we relate doesn’t mean that we miss it! Not at all! Mmhmm, no siree, thank you!

bibothebarbarian / Reddit

But the artist’s talent is pretty serious, as you can clearly see here. The wincing facial expression when your ear is pulled is perfectly displayed in a medium like clay. This is absolutely brilliant. A little off-putting, but brilliant nonetheless.

Dragon teapot

This teapot has an overall fantasy vibe to it when you look at it from a certain angle. Kind of looks like the teapot a dragon emperor would use. You know, the rustic old piece made using dragon scales and whatnot?

inblueviolet / Reddit

We can imagine the Dragonborn from Skyrim pouring himself a warm cup of tea from this. This has the potential of being a treasured object in whatever household the Dragonborn resides. Not only Dragonborn, but this is also a favorite among the Targaryen clan!

What a beautiful teapot

Doesn’t this look absolutely beautiful? Just look at the overall workmanship on something as familiar as a teapot. It looks positively delicate, just like the flower petals that adorn the surface. It takes a lot of patience to create something like this.

planckIQ / Reddit

You have to absolutely master every aspect, even the way you breathe, to work on something like this. Placing a hand on the handle is a really lovely touch. It sort of feels like holding someone’s hand when you open it.


Now that is some next-level color grading on this small pot right here. The overall vibe of this object is just so pleasant and calming. The artist has really gone to length and spared no detail and expense when creating this.

PerryChan_02 / Reddit

By the looks of it, this could pass as a potion gourd of sorts. You know, the kind that, once drunk, will make you invisible, gives you superhuman strength, or makes you shapeshift to whatever person you want to. The opportunities are endless.

Three gorgeous hand-carved designs

We are absolutely in love with the textures on these three cups! Why don’t we start with the one on the top? The swirls and the patterns fondly remind us of swirl ice cream. It’s a delight to just look at these things.

ForestCeramicCo / Reddit

Then the one on the left has a bit of a fire element to it. The clash of warm and cold colors really pops the pattern out. The one on the right is a veritable piece of art. Kudos to the creator!

Swell and elegant

It might feel like drinking from a fountain when you try to drink from this. That’s because it strongly resembles a fountain. With the overall vibe this thing has, we suggest using this to serve something like fruit punch or a mocktail.

inblueviolet / Reddit

That’s because the vibrant colors tend to clash with the bluish-white hue of the vessel. That actually adds to the whole vibe. It might look a bit precarious, but it is a small price to pay when you want to uphold swag.

Custom cat bowls

The Reddit poster is a cat lover through and through. That fact is quite evident when you see the love and care that has gone into these custom cat bowls. They are imbued with the characteristics of their respective owners. How cute!

gabsdoesclay / Reddit

With this setup, we can assume this person has three cats. One ginger, one white, and one black. They even went the extra mile to incorporate the characteristic patterns on the tails as well. Any cat person would need no excuse to buy these if they were marketed!

Ramen bowls

Look at the glaze and the colors on these ramen bowls! They look absolutely fantastic. They look so good that it would almost be criminal to use these and ruin them. Should we eat from the bowl, allowing the patina to form? Maybe not.

dougierubes / Reddit

Perhaps we should just preserve the bowl as it is. The moment we laid our eyes on this, we knew; we were looking at a work of art, and it has to be treated as such. So, there’s are getting locked away and will only be used for special occasions.

Melting ceramics

This actually looks like the bowl is melting! Man, we would love to know the thought process behind a creation like this. He should have definitely made a YouTube video on this so other interested parties could learn more about the art.

RestEqualsRust / Reddit

Look at the top bowl; the different textures make this all the more intriguing. Absolutely fantastic, and we are not exaggerating when we say this. This particular artist has some natural talent! Take our money! We’ll take three of each!

Ceramic church

This person has been working on this project for four months. We can see why once we see what they are attempting to make. Something of a perfect replica of a medieval European abbey or church. Especially like the ones in Italy.

smiling_warrior / Reddit

The level of commitment and dedication that a creation like this warrants is really not that easy to comprehend. This person has gone and put a lot of effort into making this look as accurate as possible. This gets full marks in our books.

So cute!

Aww man! This hummingbird is cuteness overload! Just look at it. This perfectly exemplifies the less is more concept. We would love to have this in our household. It would look really great in any mug collection and would brighten our day when we drink our morning coffee from it.

Em_Art / Reddit

This has a very nice vibe to it. A very soothing, happy vibe is much sought after these days. We would like to thank the artist for coming up with something like this. What a beautiful thing this really is.

Chunky Boy

Call off the hunt, people! Looks like we have found the prime contender to represent us as our spirit animal. Just look at the 100% pure A-grade chunky critter we have here. Using your imagination, can you guess what it is?

roachthatwontdie / Reddit

It is a skunk! Like Pepe Le Pew from Looney Tunes. Sure, it is not as slim and suave as Pepe, but this has excellent character. Talk about love at first sight when you see something like this. We can’t get enough!

The planets will keep your drink warm.

There is nothing like taking a sip out of your favorite hot beverage in a cup like this. Did you get the whole world in your hand? Well, you can have the whole solar system in your hand with this cup. Also, it keeps the drink warm.

ForestCeramicCo / Reddit

How it manages to keep the drink warm is shown in the cross-section. There are double walls. Notice the vacuum between the two walls? That means that the heat loss is minimal since there is a vacuum, so your drink remains deliciously hot.

Axolotl mugs!!

Axolotls! That’s all that we need to see to furiously upvote a post. Who wouldn’t go all googly-eyed when they see an Axolotl? Whether it is for the first time or for the umpteenth time, an Axolotl is an axolotl.

happyclaypot / Reddit

This means the most decent and recommended thing to do is to go “Aww” every time you see one. These mugs have no exception. They automatically wake up the Puss in Boots eyes within each and every one of us.

Sgraffito seal

Sgraffito, which means “to scratch” in Italian, is a method of decorating ceramics in which levels of shades (underglazes or colored slips) are applied to leather-hard pottery, and then portions of the layer(s) are scratched off to produce clashing pictures, styles, and textures.

cryptidcat / Reddit

The scraping exposes the clay color scheme underneath. Underglazes or colored slips can be used as the color layer or layers. The results shown above are examples of one technique. Sgraffito is applied to leather-hard pottery because the top layer may be removed much more easily.

Beautifully underglaze spook!

Underglazes are used to make motifs and designs that show through the glaze that covers them. This may add aesthetic character and depth to the surface. While they are frequently used in clear glazes, these can also be employed under some other transparent glazes.

stephanroo / Reddit

Those are typically light in color. The phrase “underglaze” can refer to any ornamentation that is placed on the surface of pottery well before the glaze is put in, nearly always in a liquid form. Underglazes can, in this broad sense, include slips, engobes, and stains.

We want these!

We want these in our possession, and we want it done posthaste. Not a second is to be wasted. Just look at these! Doesn’t this scream creativity? If you have a bit of goth in you, we know you want these!

Timely-Bridge-3513 / Reddit

So, we have a walrus who works in the harbor and a seal who looks like he works on a merchant’s vessel. We have a very chic lady with some killer shades and a killer moon that is sending out vibes!

What a piece!

Salvador Dali would have been proud of this table right here. Just look at it. The Reddit poster managed to “table” his idea pretty well. The pun is very much intended. This piece really gives off a very natural vibe, doesn’t it?

amblp_3922 / Reddit

The contours remind us of a forest with wizened, whitened trees tightened with extreme age. So, if there is a deep thinker in you, this can set you off on a path of thought. This is more of an artwork than a functional piece.

Ghibli ceramics

This person went full creative mode and made a dashing terracotta pot for his jade plant. Doesn’t it look fabulous? It has a very Studio Ghibli vibe to it, doesn’t it? It must have taken the guy ages to attend to all the details.

jpmuldoon / Reddit

This pot is like the Howl’s moving castle of plant pots. In its ragtag assembly and imperfect nature, it looks pretty neat. It supplements the whole vibe that the jade plant brings to this specific scenario. It is absolutely stunning.


If there was a contender that personifies simple yet alluring, this would win hands down. No competition at all. Perfectly uses the raw redness of the earth. It looks so perfect while looking absolutely humble, just like humans aspire to be.

nws_ceramics / Reddit

Plus, the ability to perfect the glaze like this is really something else! The glaze really builds up the overall character of the vessel. We can see these being used to store expensive spices or emollients or things of that nature.

Gobstopper mugs

Since high firing frequently results in producing the most glossy and lasting ceramic work, most potters, as well as ceramic artists, opt for it. The majority of artists that use this firing range create their custom glazes. Over 450 high-fire glaze formulas are found (maybe more).

ForestCeramicCo / Reddit

Many of these formulas were modified or adapted from traditional glazes. Many of those were developed by master practitioners in the area. You can modify the fundamental recipes for opaque glazes to suit your demands, as well as those for clear, transparent-colored glazes.

Peaceful to even look at

Aren’t these just absolutely beautiful? They look like the kind of tableware you expect to find in a comic book. They look so meticulous, and because of that, they add so much value to an already perfect finish. Truly stunning pieces of work.

Few-Echo-8683 / Reddit

We know that these are made to be used. But, to be honest, these can serve both an ornamental and functional purpose. The shape, the style, and the paintwork all exemplify the passion the talented artist has for their work.


What a perfect mug for a perfect rainy day. The best vessel to drink your hot chocolate while it is muggy outside. We just can’t help it when the perfect pun just aligns. Jokes aside, isn’t this just the cutest setup?

inblueviolet / Reddit

We love the detailing we see on this. The raindrops, the gloomy eyes, and everything else adds to the rainy day vibe that this manages to perfectly encapsulate. We wish to express our sincere wishes to the artist for creating such a piece.

Thinking outside the box

As far as innovative, simple ideas go, this takes the cake. What a cute and creative way to prevent root rot because of excess moisture. This person made the pot to be a funnel, so the excess water has a source to drain out.

P8Nvvv / Reddit

But how can a funnel sit upright? That’s where the stand comes into play. The water neatly drains from the suspended vase to the small receptacle below. Plus, the color scheme looks pretty neat. Very soothing to the eyes, isn’t it?