Create Sasha Bikoff’s Hollywood Regency Style With An 80s Glam Look

By Yeshwanth K December 19, 2021

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Sasha Bikoff recently renovated an Eastside apartment, which is different from most other projects. Let’s hear from her what she did to each room to make it look luxurious and attractive.

First of all, Bikoff mentioned that her client wanted something that had a feminine touch with more of a Hollywood regency look and wanted everything to be white, cream, and glam while making it have the 80s look.

Bikoff, who is an expert in the revival of art decor belong to various periods, was able to come up with something that had the Regency, the 80s glam, and the Art Deco for that apartment as desired by the client.


Bikoff made all the walls in the entry white while adding a gold Gucci wallpaper, and to make more effect, she made use of the 80s looking vintage brass lucite console and mirror. This was a gesture towards the client’s fashion background and an exuberant backdrop for her colorful modern art.

Living Room

As Bikoff wanted to create a combination of stylistic eras, the living room consisted of Louis XVI chairs, vintage Italian crystal chandeliers, a shag rug, the 80s themed coffee table, and a Phyllis Morris console.

All this was from the inspiration of the client’s art, which was being collected by her throughout her career. When Bikoff was to choose between blue and orange, she chose blue as orange was too bold while going for the Hollywood glam style. Bikoff opted for a French blue palette on the sofa as well as the armchairs. For bringing the texture out, she used Venetian plaster on the walls and voluminous drapery.

Dining Room

The same ceiling wallpaper used in the living room was used for the dining room as well, and an Italian sconce was arranged in the corner, which is in the opposite direction of another sconce in the living room. She did this to make look like the living room and dining room were a combined space so that not only can people have dinner, but they can go into the other room sitting on the couch and have conversations after eating.


The client wanted a pink bedroom from the beginning, and for respecting her wish, Bikoff opted for a less saturated variant of the color, which was barely blush white and had a complex tonal approach. Why? Because Bikoff didn’t want the color to look childish or very harsh such as the color of Pepto Bismol. Then there was the Rubelli wallpaper along with the vintage Fortuny lamps, a headboard upholstered in vintage Fendi fabric, and pink colored bedding that was slightly colorful.


The closet was designed in such a way that the Bikoff used custom millwork in a soft pink color that connects to the bedroom. Additionally, there was rose quartz hardware which was trimmed with brass to go hand-in-hand with Dorothy Draper’s amazing furniture designs.


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Removing the originally existing stone was thought to be way too expensive, and therefore, even when both Bikoff and the client didn’t like it, they still decided to ignore it. To make the stone look better, they added wallpaper to the ceiling, devised a new vanity with a pink crystal sink top, while continuing with the wallpaper used in the hall.