Creating A Book Library At Home

By Luka E

If you’re as much of a book lover as we are, you’ve probably accumulated a good number of books which, while you may not reread them, you’re not entirely willing to part with. The trouble is, where do we store all these wonderful books? Eventually, your coffee tables and shelves are going to be overburdened by your most precious reads, and besides – where do you put your coffee if the tables are full of books?

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Having a home library is any bookworm’s dream, but you might think that they’re reserved for those with extra rooms to spare. Well, we’re here to tell you that all it takes is a bit of ingenuity to find the right little section of a room to create a home for your books and a calm place to read. Here are a few tips: 

Create a Book Nook

Choose a corner in any of your lounge or dining room and install some cost-effective shelves. This book nook will give the room a lovely, quaint feeling that any book lover will feel at home in.

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Garden Facing Book Room

A garden-facing alcove is ideal for installing bookshelves if you can create a small bench by the window. Even better!

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Pro tip – Go, White

Light shades help a space to feel bigger than it actually is!

Use All The Space You Have

If you’re smart about it, you’ll use all the space you have, from ceiling to floor, above and below windows. If you do, you’ll probably need a ladder to get to the top shelves. Won’t that feel fancy!

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Hopefully, this article has encouraged you to give yourself a go at creating your own little library at home. We wish you luck!