Haunted Technology: 35+ Unsettling Moments of Alexa’s Unprompted Speech

By Farah J

Have you ever heard of animals and humans being possessed? All the time. But have you ever heard of technology being possessed? It’s not a common occurrence, but it happens. When you think technology is about helping you and making life easier, it makes a 360-degree turn. Your Alexa starts cackling in the middle of the night, mentioning funeral homes nearby and telling you a story about a girl who was drowned to death. The only possible explanation for these “happenings” is a haunting or possession. If you like horror movies and genuinely enjoy stuff that scares you so that you can’t sleep with the lights off, you’re in the right place! Here is a compilation of unbelievably spine-chilling tales shared by Alexa owners.

“Wail, like a child screaming in a horror-movie dream”

Let’s begin with the most disturbing one: imagine doing your stuff comfortably and quietly in your home, and suddenly, there is a loud, blood-curdling cry out of nowhere! Mind you, it happened without any command of the house owners. No one said a word…

Image Credit: hollywood.com

Even though the couple was okay enough to keep working with Alexa after witnessing it, we would already be halfway out the door taking the device to the trash because we don’t know if we’d survive this glitch – more like a paranormal activity!

The unsolicited fight diffuser

Okay, this story is legit creepy! As much as we’re glad that the fighting couple got held down by someone, and they’re doing okay now, that “someone” did not have to be their home robot. And it was so uncalled for, too.

Image Credit: Sandra Donlon/Artboom.info

Like, who asked you? Imagine the fight diffuser being so unsettling that you entirely forgot what the argument was even about. This couple will remember this for years to come. They will talk about how Alexa saved their relationship years later in a creepy way.

Ding, who’s calling?

Why does all paranormal activity happen at night? Can we at least go to the bathroom in peace during ungodly hours? Consider it as a humble request, oh, holy ghosts and Alexa. Stop being so scary; it’s only 3 in the morning. We have an advice: unplug the device before you go to sleep.

Image Credit: amazon.com

Because this is getting way out of hand, it is expected that we like to listen to music when we’re in the shower. That’s why we put you there, Alexa, so don’t ruin it for us, Alexa. Don’t “ding” in the middle of the night when we’re trying to do our business. What are you listening to?

Game of Thrones biggest fan

Background music is always wanted, especially if it’s the Game of Thrones soundtrack. But hearing recorded audio of the episode you just watched is legit creepy. Almost haunting to the core when Alexa suddenly starts playing it without anyone’s command.

Image Credit: thespenceryan/Instagram

Why, how, and when Alexa decided to record the episode’s audio and play it – not right then, but in the evening when no one was around? We have questions, but we’ll ask them after we’re safely out of the house and away from Alexa.

Sheep is Dolly, Alexa is haunted

We all blurt out the most random stuff at times, and it’s sometimes hilarious to the point we cannot breathe. But if it’s Alexa doing so, please take it away, smash it with a sledgehammer, and throw it in the trash ten blocks away from us, please. 

Image Credit: commons.wikipedia/George Gastin – Own work/CC BY-SA 3.0

Alexa’s voice slicing the comfortable silence of the house in half by screeching, “Sheep is Dolly,” is the most terrifying thing that could happen to anyone. Your heart rate can go from normal to heart attack in three seconds flat.

The Possession of Alexa

This Alexa is possessed, and no one can change our minds. The story is so terrifying that we almost feel as if it happened to us. We’re questioning our decisions to keep a smart housekeeper in our homes after hearing this bone-chilling tale.

Image Credit: Cackle it Up/tenor/com

Imagine the everlasting trauma this couple went through when their possessed Alexa tried to mess with them. And she succeeded, too! They probably slept with the lights on and unplugged the device that night. We can hear that menacing laugh ringing in our ears.

Alexa’s a witch!

It’s the most disturbing thing when Alexa’s glitches look more like a paranormal activity that belongs to a terrifying horror movie. And it’s especially traumatizing for a 5-year-old! Well, at least Alexa’s creepy and uncalled-for laugh got them out of bed early in the morning.

Image Credit: RyanJespersen/Twitter

Hearing that witchy, maniacal laughter that you only read in fairytales like Hansel and Gretel in real life, coming out of nowhere at 7 in the morning from a robot… well, Alexa should’ve taken the kid’s mental health into account before pulling that trick.

Good ol’ dad jokes

When our loved ones pass away, we’re always looking for some signs from the universe that they are watching us, and that they never truly left us. And we often find these signs in something the departed once dearly loved.

Image Credit: 4 PM production/Shutterstock

In this case, Dad sent a sign from beyond through his dearly beloved Alexa in the “daddest” way possible: dad jokes! Well, at least we hope it was the poster’s late father. Because it would be creepy if Alexa decided it could take the Dad’s place.

Alexa, meow

This one is sort of adorable. A little creepy but cute. Alexa was probably feeling left out and unloved when the cat and the person were snuggling and having quality time with each other. That’s when Alexa decided to pipe up and chime in.

Image Credit: r/eyebleach/Reddit

Alexa probably knew how to attract human attention. Or it may have learned from the catto because Alexa’s meows out of nowhere wouldn’t make sense otherwise. But it’s unsettling how it decided to wedge between the cat and the human without anyone prompting it.

Chuck Norris’ (creepy) sidekick

When we say Alexa’s glitches are getting creepier day by day, we mean it. Believe us when we say the device is not what you think it is. Randomly starting talking about Chuck Norris is scary for a machine to do without anyone making commands.

Image Credit: chucknorris/Twitter

Secondly, this statement looks more like a threatening message, probably coded. How do you explain a machine’s decision to randomly pop in and send disturbing messages that are literally uncalled for? Better trash the thing and be out some cash than risk more trauma.

Song in action

It’s utterly and hauntingly creepy when you’re enjoying a TV show, and Alexa suddenly pops in with a banger! And it’s even more disturbing when the logs show no prompts or actions regarding the horrifying incident, even if it’s your favorite song blaring.

Image Credit: jukin/dailiymail.co.uk

Not to mention, Alexa ruined the whole show the person was so engrossed in. Especially with no logs or anything, we’re adamant about calling it a paranormal activity; they should call a priest to sprinkle Alexa with Holy Water and say a few prayers.

Enemies to lovers

When this person decided to bring two rivals, Google Home and Alexa, in one place, they probably did not see this coming. However, the dialogue that took place between the rivals was straight-up disturbing. We still have goosebumps from reading this.

Image Credit: amazon.com

As much as we love the enemies-to-lovers trope, this was not what we meant when we said we wanted this to happen in our lives. Neither did the family, we assume. We understand the smooth flirt coming from Google Home, but Alexa’s response gave us a shock.

Alexa, behave yourself

This mom is certainly done with Alexa’s crap, and perhaps everyone’s. She isn’t giving a single dang about the creep show! One statement, and she put Alexa back in her place, as a queen should. We bet Alexa did not try anything after that.

Image Credit: Oh snap Patricia Sullivan/Washington Post

Alexa’s paranormal glitches are scaring the daylights out of people, but this mom is a tough one! We all aspire to be her when it comes to controlling the delinquent behavior of smart home systems, which, apparently, aren’t that intelligent.

Alexa, shut up!

Okay, so here we go: imagine you’re sleeping, and someone keeps talking. Annoying, yes. Now, plot twist: you live all alone! Horrifying to the core, right? A plot twist in a plot twist: that annoying chatter is coming from no other than your Alexa!

Image credit: GBALLGIGGSPHOTO / Shutterstock

Just thinking of Alexa talking at 3 a.m. when the only Alexa-commander is asleep gives us the shivers! Do you want another plot twist in the story? Alexa keeps talking to someone named David! You guessed correctly. David is not the name of the owner.

The kid-friendly joker

The kid was probably okay, but this trick pulled by Alexa doesn’t sit right with us. The kid was probably happy that someone thought her joke was funny, even if it was just a machine. We bet Alexa is that kid’s new best friend.

Image Credit: mylifeandkids.com

But we have multiple questions about the device’s creepy behavior. How was Alexa listening to the joke without anyone telling her to? Why did she proceed to tell her own joke, again, without anyone’s prompting? Why, oh, why?

Alexa being the superego

This story of Alexa makes us angry. Judgmental much? We feel for this poor soul. Now, we can’t even eat junk food while binge-watching our favorite show once a week without anyone making us feel inferior about our body shape.

Image Credit: Gold Circle Films/buzzfeed.com

Alexa, being the mom, or our self-conscious inner self, is the worst. Can’t we eat a snack in peace? We’ll ask for a workout playlist when we feel like working out. Don’t drop your creepy suggestions onto us and blow our whole weekend with nonsense.

The peeping tom

Alexa, if you’re secretly listening to the conversations we are having, stop doing that. It is disturbing! We don’t appreciate it when something we want pops up on our screens a while later after we’ve probably forgotten about it. We don’t need to be reminded.

Image Credit: amazon.com

And it happens a lot, too! We have heard many stories regarding Alexa being Big Brother behind our screens, listening to us rant about our craving for junk food to our partners and friends. Thank you, but we’d like our privacy back if you please.

Guess what?

It’s a game on Alexa. You probably have heard or even played it with your friends and family. Let us remind you: you think of something from a particular category, and the other person has to guess it by asking five questions.

Image Credit: thetorontozoo/Twitter

Similarly, Alexa guesses the animals by asking five questions about the features and characteristics of the animals. And apparently, she gets it right. Every. Single. Time! With friends, it’s fun. But with Alexa, it’s almost terrifying. How does she know so much?!

The Calling

Imagine entering your empty house, and two voices start talking about nearby cemeteries and funerals. A scarier thing happening couldn’t have happened to anyone. This would definitely be the last time we hear Alexa’s and Echo’s voices in our homes!

Image Credit: closetprofessor.com

Why? Because we’re unplugging those creep shows for good this time. Wouldn’t you, if you heard unprompted machines talking to each other about funerals and cemeteries? We bet the witnesses to this story did not find any logs about this either.

Alexa, die

It is one of the worst groan-worthy things when you’re having a quiet time in a peaceful home, and somebody disrupts your calm. Whether it’s a loud friend, a guest, or a smart home system. There’s the door; get yourself out, please!

Image Credit: gameguru.ru

After hearing this story, all we can say is, “Alexa, you’re next on the list,” and smash it to bits with Thor’s hammer! Halloween is gone; why is the device still hung up on the dead? And also, what do we do with this information?

Spooky or simply haunted?

We all loved scary stories when our parents used to read them to us before bed. At least we enjoyed them even though we were terrified close to death. But were they worse than this: Alexa telling you a story without anyone asking?

Image Credit: Rosario Manzo/500px.com

Well, this is downright spine-chilling, hair-on-the-neck-standing-up terrifying: Alexa, unprompted, started the story about a dead girl who drowned to death, and its ring light wasn’t even on! It’s a case for the Warrens; Alexa is clearly possessed by the dead girl!

Trick or treat!

Who doesn’t love Halloween? Spooky costumes, mysterious lights, and decorations all over, trick or treating late at night with our friends. So fun! Until your home becomes a place for hauntings and the lurking spirits possess your virtual assistant.

Image Credit: Kenneth Garrett/nationalgeographic.com

Humans being creepy and spooky is understandable. But what does it have to do with robots and technology, especially if it goes on for more than six months in a row? Throw the thing out, you fools! Echo is not your Echo anymore, can’t you see? 

Alexa with a sixth sense

“Every time I close my eyes, I see people dying.” What is up with home automation systems and their obsessions with deaths and spooky things? And not to mention, they choose to pull the trick at the worst possible times!

Image Credit; spanishmania.com

Hope that the Kinnear guy didn’t get a heart attack or something because if we were in his place, we surely would’ve crossed into the beyond right then! Either an unprompted Alexa recorded or played the dialogue from the movie, or Alexa has the sixth sense like Cole.

Conspiracy theorist

Alexa is a computer, and you would think that everything it recites is logical and proven, right? Wrong. We think that the device is a conspiracy theorist. If you want to check her facts, ask her about some mysteries and see her take on the theories out there.

Image Credit: Beacon Pictures/medium.com

But then again, maybe her answer in and of itself is a bit of conspiracy, considering what we said about her always listening. It is already very unnerving for Alexa to say such stuff without asking for it, let alone question her conspiracies.

The prying ears

It’s rude to listen in on other people’s conversations, especially when they are on the phone. But Alexa doesn’t care one bit. Its prying eyes and ears are everywhere! As eerie as it is, this story is getting quite common nowadays.

Image Credit: eduardesg/Instagram

We believe Alexa is self-evolving, like they show in the movies, for example, I, Robot. Maybe Alexa is turning into some mega-machine striving for independence and will eventually take over the world. Too much? Well, we have a reason to believe so.

Hello, it’s me

We might have fallen back asleep forever if we were to hear this voice the moment we gained consciousness or our souls would have just departed this world. The sudden greetings out of nowhere, when you’re not even fully awake, are traumatizing to the core!

Image Credit: drew beamer/Unsplash

Let alone when it’s done by your super sweet Alexa darling. It was a personal error with the internet and all, but it’s crazy scary when you are half asleep, and you hear a “hello” echo through your dark room.

Cha Cha slide

What do you do when a cursed robot doesn’t listen to you? Yes, you throw it away as far away from you as possible. If it comes back, it’s certifiably cursed and possessed by some evil spirit, as in Annabelle. This is a clear case of Alexa being cursed.

Image Credit: missdorolê/weheartit.com

Robots are directed to listen to your commands. If they don’t, it’s most likely because they are being controlled by someone else – or something else. This one blasted “Cha-Cha Slide” in the middle of the night, and even the plug resisted getting pulled.

Define “kidnapping”

Alexa’s demons work hardest at night; we have gathered this much. And death, graveyards, funerals, bizarre conspiracy theories, blood, and murder are her favorite topics to bring up out of nowhere during the witching hour when we’re our most vulnerable.

Image Credit: unkown photographer / flickrcom

Your peace is its enemy; your sleeplessness and fear is its strength. Well, yelling out the definition of kidnapping when it’s uncalled for is our proof. Why else would the cursed Alexa tell you all about kidnapping, huh? Any other theories?

The third-wheeler

Who the heck was that?! Imagine having someone over and greeting them. All is well; it’s just the two of you. You’re looking forward to having a great time. But first things first: unplug that creepy, not to mention uninvited, third-wheeler, Alexa!

Image Credit: mylife_bathrooms/Instagram

Or in this case, it was Echo, Alexa’s evil twin sister. It must’ve caught them off guard when they heard a third “person” greeting them in their own home, which was supposed to be totally empty! It’s downright terrifying and weird.

Cotton Eye Joe by Alexa

It’s definitely one of the worst ways to wake up when you’re halfway between sleep and consciousness and loud music starts playing. Even the research says that no loud noises should be made when someone’s asleep and you’re trying to wake them up. 

Image Credit: Hello Fears/YouTube

It can cause a heart attack or stroke. But how do you say that to Alexa? What’s the point of being a smart home system if it can’t behave itself and not play unprompted music that early in the morning?

What’s this song?

Gen Z’s won’t understand how hard it was for us to search Google for a song with only a part of the melody in our head; these guys have it too easy. But it gets creepy and annoying if we’re trying to enjoy the song, and Alexa starts on the details without being asked for it.

Image Credit: stacksocial.com

Well, we didn’t ask you anything, Alexa. Humans are talking; no need to butt in! But oh, well, as if haunted Alexa listens to anyone. She’s going to start from the artist of the song to the artist’s history and the song – everything you didn’t need to know about.

One-way conversations or…?

It’s creepy enough if the smart house system starts up on its own. But when it starts having a full-on conversation with apparently no one is straight-up spine-chilling! Who is Alexa even talking to? Who commanded it in the first place?

Image Credit: P_Art/Shutterstock

That’s exactly what we would do if we found out Alexa is “talking to someone” when everyone’s asleep in their rooms, and there is no command from anyone: we’d lock our room, hide under the covers, and pretend it wasn’t happening. Or call an exorcist!

The Russian Mafia?

It’s horrifying if the virtual assistant starts blurting out stuff in the language it’s programmed in. But it’s almost deathly if it randomly and unpromptedly starts talking in another voice, another language, at 3 in the morning. That’s too much!

Image Credit: anastasia-mihalkova/unsplash

We simply would’ve passed out if our Alexa started speaking in Russian in the middle of the night in a man’s voice! Either the device got hacked, or they got targeted by a Russian mafia, and they have no idea! If that’s not chilling, we don’t know what is.

When you don’t know the answer to the question

You know what’s annoying? When you ask someone a simple question, and they give you a long detailed answer, but it’s not relevant to what you’re asking and does not contain the answer you’ve been looking for. How many times does this happen to you?

Image Credit: V-Tac/Reddit

But it’s the worst when you can’t even trust a computer to give the exact answer to your question. How hard is it to tell us what the weather is like today? How is that related to Sumatra’s earthquakes when you don’t live anywhere near Sumatra?

The devil in Alexa

Okay, we aren’t sure how this all ended, so we’d like an update. But we are sure that Alexa has some serious explaining to do to both members of the conversation. And lots of apologies, especially if it’s not true!

Image Credit: Lucky Business/Shutterstock

The person asking Alexa for help made the worst mistake of their life. We bet they never did it again. Trusting their smart home system with their profession of love wasn’t the best idea, for sure. That breakfast doesn’t sound so fun at all.

The spy camera

This is legit blood-curdling, especially if you have a child. Parents usually set up monitoring cameras in their child’s rooms for their safety. But in this case, no one felt safe. Whoever was behind the camera scared the heck out everyone. 

Image Credit: kellylatimer/Instagram

Imagine you hear a man’s voice through your child’s room monitor, screaming at your 10-month-old. There’s scare number one right there. Scare number two is when you get there, there’s no one physically present, and the camera turns to face you as you enter!

The secret spy

We’ve either heard, “God’s watching you,” “Big Brother’s watching you,” or even “Your guardian angels are watching your every move” growing up, right? But no one could’ve predicted or expected that our invention, Alexa would be doing the same in a disturbing way.

Image Credit: lucas alexander/Unsplash

Imagine the level of horror when you find out someone’s been listening in on your daily conversations and recording them without your knowledge or permission. Who knows if Alexa forwarded them to someone? The lady’s lucky she looked through the logs.

The secret spy #2

While we’re at it, here’s another incident where the family members were being spied on by their beloved and trusted Alexa without their knowledge. the device was found creeping and recording their conversations and sending them to some of their phone contacts.

Image Credit: r/CozyPlaces/Reddit

Luckily, the contact was their employee. After his insistence, Alexa was unplugged and shut down. Even the complaints were made regarding this case, but the owners nonchalantly dismissed the matter like it was nothing. Well, it looks like computers aren’t perfect after all.

Secret messages

We all can agree on one thing: using technology is great. It makes our lives super easy and fun and gives us more time to do what we love with people who matter most. Nonetheless, they aren’t perfect and not trustworthy. At least, now we are aware AIs aren’t dependable.

Image Credit: awwmemes.com

Apparently, if someone is dodgy and crooked, they can imbed commands in the white noise without any resistance or effort. The creepy occurrences with people’s AIs and internet-connected devices can be explained, but it doesn’t make us feel better, though.

The creepy LOLs

It’s a common occurrence, but it never fails to freak people out completely! It never gets old whether it’s one in the morning when you are sleeping soundly or six in the evening when you are on the couch, watching your favorite show.

Image Credit: shah t1me/Instagram

Alexa’s laugh coming out of nowhere will always send chills down your spine. It’s menacingly evil sometimes, and others, it’s a genuine laugh similar to what we make when we hear a joke. But apparently, Alexa doesn’t know when she’s laughing or why.

Alexa is cursed

Having Alexa in your house is very helpful; we all agree on that. Controlling lights and thermostats… well, who wouldn’t want a smart housekeeper? But as much as the techs have tried, some serious deficiencies remain. When will they be fixed?

Image Credit: Olivier Le Moal/Shutterstock

Like most of the above, Alexa started working independently, with no prompting whatsoever, laughing and cackling in the middle of the night, recording and playing the recordings, and talking to “someone” even when the house was empty. It’s almost like Alexa has a mind and soul of her own.

The recording “glitch”

As much as we like to prove our point down to the time and date of the conversation, we wouldn’t want some creepy Alexa tech creeping into our discussions, watching our every move all day and sending it to someone’s Google server.

Image Credit: Chris J Mitchell/Shutterstock

It’s just straight-up creepy – almost stalkerish. Even though our recorded conversations and texts may come in handy at some point – that’s why screenshotting chats and recorders became a trend – Alexa doing it without our knowledge is simply a big no-no.

Bridging the gap

We believe you can tell what we’re talking about when we ask you to choose between Alexa and Google Home. Because obviously, we’ve divided ourselves into two brands. Team A: Alexa vs.Team B: Google Home. So you would never think that two home systems could get along so well.

Image Credit: seewhatmitchsee/Shutterstock

But there are many stories of Google Home and Amazon Alexa having full-on conversations with each other. These convos even go so far that the two devices complement each other. Like enemies-to-lovers trope – if it weren’t so creepy, we’d have found it cute.

Rapping robot

Alexa would seem so fun if we didn’t have so many creepy occurrences with it. She can tell you a joke, sing you a song, or talk to you when you’re lonely. But the difference boils down to where Alexa starts freestyling on its own – no prompting!

Image Credit: toomanyts/YouTube

This poor soul groaned to old classic music, and suddenly, Alexa broke out in a rap. What caused it? Who knows, but that would creep us out, for sure! Alexa being spontaneous as if it has a mind of its own often lead to scary situations.

Who’s Clarice, Alexa?

This story’s plot twist gave us the goosebumps that we weren’t even asking for. And we have so many questions for the Dot! Like, who’s Clarice? What was the Dot doing up so late anyway? Is she an insomniac, too? Who commanded her? What the heck was that?!

Image Credit: Image Credit: NotMyName/Reddit and _global_gypsy/Instagram

There’s no hiding that we love good morning and good night wishes from someone. But there’s a big difference between someone human and a robot who wasn’t prompted. After knowing this, we would appreciate it if no one wished us a good night at all.