Curb-Appeal Landscaping Ideas For Making Your House Stand Out

By Yeshwanth K

Improving the landscape in your front yard while making it look attractive might not be as hard as you think. We will list a few ideas, which would not only make your house look gorgeous but would also improve your home’s curb appeal. These ideas would be helpful for the people who wish to sell their homes. So, let’s have a look at the curb-appeal landscaping ideas that make your house the best-looking one among the others in your street.

Adding fresh mulch to your garden beds

Image: Shutterstock

Mulch would improve the fertility of your soil, and at the same time, darker colored mulch such as black or brown would make your flowers/plants look more distinctive. It is better to use mulch mixed with manure for the plants located at a safe distance from your house because it smells pretty bad.

Shape your lawn

The phrase “the more, the merrier” might not be apt when it comes to your lawn. Nevertheless, cutting the grass too short might not allow it to grow effectively. Cut the grass up to one-third with the help of a sharp mower blade. If the grass seems dry, avoid watering it when the climate is hot, as the water will evaporate quickly.

Select proportionate plants

While plating bushes in your front yard, always focus on the proportion because small and separated bushes might not look good in front of your house. Please make use of small trees and bushes of various heights to make it look attractive.

Use Planters

When someone visits your house, they would indeed be attracted by seeing a few remarkable plants or grass in your entryway. Learn more about the conditions of the plants which you decide to put in your planters. It is better to pad the bottom of large planters with plastic to prevent them from getting heavy.

Plant some Perennials

The maintenance of perennials might be a bit more, yet they are considered the best over the long run. These plants and flowers make your lawn colorful and bring out the texture to your landscaping.

Remove weeds to make the walkway look attractive

You can remove the weeds in your walkway with the help of a mixture of white vinegar and boiling water (1:1 ratio). Adding smaller gravel or adding a thin layer of polymeric sand between the cracks allows you to prevent weeds from growing.

Light it up

Image: Shutterstock

Use some lanterns or pathway lights for lighting up the walkway, which makes your pathway look way more relaxed. Also, try using some spotlights to highlight the unique items on your lawn. Adding these lights will bring more attraction to your house, especially during the night times.