Decorating A House Based On Famous Paintings

By Stephen M

Vincent van Gogh, Salvador Dali, Leonardo da Vinci, and Edvard Munch are some of the names that quickly come to mind at the mention of great artists. But how would they have painted and decorated their homes if still alive today? With the help of some of their famous artwork and favorite color schemes, we’ve created what their living areas might look like.

All images are courtesy of Angi.

The Scream, Edvard Munch

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Munch’s masterpiece is an emblematic piece of art. The painting features soft-toned browns and blues, complementing blood red and orange sky colors, creating a dramatic scene. Red features prominently in The Scream, and its muted qualities in the painting make it aggressive for décor. The other complementing colors make the scheme suitable for living spaces, including lounges and bedrooms.

Mona Lisa, Da Vinci

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Mona Lisa needs no introduction in the art world. The artist used brown and ochres in different tones to represent all aspects of paintings. Using da Vinci’s Mona Lisa as design inspiration will suit your living areas. The brown color creates a warm and natural atmosphere, while the mustard yellows and orange creates a stylish look for want.

The Starry Night, Van Gogh

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Vincent Van Gogh’s works mainly featured complementary shades of blue, blue, and yellow, as seen in “The Starry Night.” The complementary shades of blue in The Starry Nights portray energetic movement, with the yellow and orange creating a bold impression. The shades of blue are perfect for the lounge area, or you may collaborate with your painter to make something charming and cheeky to suit your personality. The blue brings the energy and vibrancy you want to your living area, while the accompanying yellow creates a happy environment.