When Creativity Defies Reality: 44 State Of The Art Design Fails

By Aileen D

E.A. Bucchianeri once said, “art is in the eye of the beholder.” Although we adore this sentiment and appreciate all of the different forms of art out there, there are times when you should probably focus on the functionality of your creation rather than just your creative muse. Unfortunately for these folk, it seems they acquired the services of ill-equipped contractors and eccentric designers who wanted to show off their individualistic talent. These artists did not lack any creative juices but struggled instead with prioritizing the purpose of their constructions. From fire detectors prone to causing fires to staircases leading nowhere, this article is full of mishaps you wouldn’t help but ponder if you fell (sometimes literally) on them yourself.

When You Have Unwanted Guests

How do you say no to people who invite themselves over to your house? You don’t. You pull open the door, invite them in and have them sit on this odd-looking couch. It’s perfect for when your uninvited guest arrives with a few guests of their own as well.

Image Courtesy of will palm 6 / Crappy Design / Reddit

Here is the plan: have your uninvited guest sit in the middle of this sofa. Make sure that all other seats are taken as well, leaving him stuck in the gaping hole. Now, that’s one failsafe design to keep unwelcome guests from coming over. We are confident that he will get the message almost instantly.

Go Walk

The government has been pretty vocal about getting people to reduce their carbon footprint. They have suggested that people return to biking, running, or walking to commute to work. The mayor has placed bike stands at several places around the city. However, based on this rack, it seems that he prefers a different means of transportation.

Image Courtesy of Aizenhauer / Crappy Design / Reddi

This bike stand is too tight to even fit your bike wheel in. Reddit user Aizenhauer was more than confused about how to use it. He looked around at everyone staring at him and made a few futile attempts to place his bike wheel inside the grooves. With only a couple of minutes to spare before his first meeting, he chose to bring his bike inside the building up the elevator. So much for reducing carbon footprints.

Ready to Play Hopscotch?

Social distancing has become the norm in every establishment and restaurant. To remind people to keep their distance, this public space put down lines for people to follow. It seems like they overdid it, though. Instead of simply staying a meter apart, all we want to do is play a round of hopscotch.

Image courtesy of randmnes _ kid / Crappy Design / Reddit

Now, who would like to go first? Many have tried and failed to make sense of the line to this public office. We assume that there was a group huddled by the corner wondering which foot should go where and which places to hop on.

Only A Couple Of Minutes At A Time

Several up-and-coming designers submitted their design proposals for public space benches. Of many, this one won. Its’ designer was excited to announce that it was produced only from recycled materials. Unlike stone or gravel, this seat wouldn’t bake in the sun, nor would it fry your bum when you sit on it.

Image courtesy of Yarash 2110 / Crappy Design / Reddit

The only disadvantage to this bench is that it is uncomfortable to sit on for an extended time. Also, should any items fall between the cracks, you need at least half an hour to recover them. Take it from the group of people in this picture. They have been taking turns trying to reach for their buddy’s phone since this morning.

Checking Product Dimensions

This pet owner knows how difficult it is to leave their pet alone when on vacation. They have often asked their neighbor to check in on their furball, feed him, and take him out for a walk. But with Wopet‘s Automatic Pet Feeder, at least one of his concerns would be reduced. Based on the image on the box, you would think this feeder is large enough to feed his dog for a month minimum.

Image courtesy of [deleted] / Crappy Design / Reddit

After taking it out of the box, this pet owner checked twice. It didn’t seem like the product image on the box was up to scale with the one they sold on the market. It was assumed that this feeder would be as tall as his waist, but it had barely reached his knee. Should they file for a return?

Renovating the Office, They Said

How does this employee know that his boss doesn’t like him? That’s easy. He went back to his desk the first day after a long weekend and noticed that they had done some remodeling. He now has to squeeze himself into his seat between the desk and pole. Was this management’s way of telling him to keep from taking breaks every hour?

Image Courtesy of foul – owl / Crappy Design / Reddit

Now, he has to bring salads for lunch. Otherwise, he won’t be able to fit inside that space. Also, he is probably able to take very few bathroom breaks. That has got to be tough. Not to worry, every six months, they get to rate management. But he will have to wait until then to get back at his boss.

What State Is That

This mum wanted to give her guest a souvenir to remember her family. She had found the perfect item online and received it just days after placing the order. But since she had received the item, she had been rethinking her decision. Which letter would their guest use to replace the image of the state?

Image Courtesy of ydnarim / Crappy Design / Reddit

Live. Love? Well, at least, those two words were positive things to remind anyone of their stay. She carefully placed the mug back inside the box and told herself she had well-meaning intentions. Then she placed the cup inside a paper bag and hoped that her guest would love it.

One Space Apart

There’s a golden rule when using public urinals. You have to use every other toilet from the man standing next to you. Break this code, and you just might as well brand yourself a creep. But try as these employees might, management has found a way to force them to break the rules.

Image Courtesy of chili – of – house – snow / Crappy Design / Reddit

You won’t be able to use this urinal without backing up into the person standing behind you. So instead of having to accommodate three men at a time, this urinal can only be used by one fully grown man per release. The good news is that employees can take longer break periods.

Not the Nagger

It didn’t matter if it was a pajama. Every Simpsons fan was dying to get hold of this piece. It had been one of the few items officially released by Fox Company, and there had only been limited sets of these sold online. So this fan quickly got to placing an order.

Image Courtesy of Nize / Crappy Design / Reddit

She didn’t notice the faulty design until after she had worn it. She never remembered Marge to be a nagger, so why did she have two mouths on her face? She looked incredulously at the now-comical character and wondered if she should seek a refund.

Losing Appetite

Women have resorted to all crazy schemes to lose weight fast. Some have tried eating only one cube of cheese per day to fit in size zero. This mother bought a tablecloth that would make you lose your appetite.

Image courtesy of rafwaf123 / Crappy Design / Reddit

Guests can’t help but be taken aback by the design of this tablecloth. They look at their host and back at it while thinking, Is that hair? as they trace the outline with a finger. Without even having used it more than five times, Reddit user rafwaf123 scraped the tablecloth, hurling it into the bin where it rightfully belonged.

The Stairs To The Throne

Reddit user bgwinup is one of those who fervently believe that the real magic happens in the bathroom. That is why he had hired a designer to individualize this spot of all the rooms in his house. The contractor was given a few days, within which bgwinup expected a jaw-dropping surprise.

Image Courtesy of bgwinup / Crappy Design / Reddit

His jaw dropped, alright. But he hadn’t been pleased with the design he had been given. There are way too many steps to take before taking a seat on that throne. And it almost seems like this design was meant to increase the risk for falls.

One Way Entry

Everyone was excited about the building going under renovation. They couldn’t help but stare in awe at how tall it was and how spacious it would be. The contractor boasted about the building being able to accommodate 5,000 people at a time. But they weren’t all too happy with the amenities come the big day.

Image courtesy of Lord _ Neah / Crappy Design / Reddit

What is the left side of the stairs for if they don’t lead anywhere? Perhaps, it is idle space for people to squat on. Maybe it is a spot for some hardcore parkour or an indoor skateboarder. If you have a better idea, let us know.

Spread the Grime

Almost every homeowner has a bucket or a tray of household cleaning products. This woman isn’t much different. She decided to throw out her old wipes, brushes, and scrubs. Then she went to the market, paper in hand, to cross each one off the list as she found what she was looking for.

Image Courtesy of Rejected Toast / Crappy Design / Reddit

She had come across this scrub, which made her reconsider leaving her kitchen tools as they were-Scrubbing Gems? Why did it look like scrubbing mold? It was more likely to spread the fungi all over the place instead of disinfecting it. And that price! Who would pay $20.00 for a scrub that looks like it was ridden with bacteria?

So Which Way Is It?

You wouldn’t be considered a real scientist if you couldn’t read a wind vane. Remember those? We used to have real fun determining which direction the wind blew from and how fast it was blowing through a place. But instead of simply telling us those measurements, this wind vane gives us a migraine.

Image Courtesy of Opunter 12 / Crappy Design / Reddit

Should we be relying on the direction of the falling pine tree or the direction of the axe? Even real scientists can’t tell. It might be better to take this wind vane down if it can’t serve its real purpose. Or we can just wait for a strong wind to unhinge it from its spot. We would certainly be able to determine wind direction then.

On Self-Destruct

When setting the mood, it’s important to light a couple of candles. The dim lights will cause your eyes to dilate, making you even more attractive to your significant other. Just make sure to keep those candles attended to since some products were made to self-destruct.

Image Courtesy fo bekleyis 95 / Crappy Design / Reddit

Not only was this candle burning the wick, but it was also causing its’ container to melt too. It might be better to leave this item as unused decor. After all, the cute container is unlike many others, and it gives a fresh scent meant to deodorize the room.

Whoops, Meant To Do That

You wouldn’t believe it, but this swing has been here for over three decades. Despite its low placement, no one has bothered to take it down. There have been a handful of people who have encountered mishaps here, but nothing too serious.

Image courtesy of et that / r/ crappy Design / Reddit

Passersby would have to take extra precautions when walking through the park. Runners have to sprint twice as fast if they want to dodge kids with legs extended, enjoying the swing. If you took a hit to your leg, then locals deem it your fault for failing to move out of the way.

Just A Spit’s Throw Away

We don’t think we have come across an atrocious design like this one. Instead of taking your time on the throne, you’re guaranteed to speed up the process. This kind of reminds us of a 3-in-1 shampoo where you can access everything you need in very close proximity.

Image courtesy of Pigeon Herd / Crappy Design / Reddit

The good news is that you can brush your teeth while “taking care of business.” All you have to do is spit and hope that you shoot right at the sink. You may consider making a competition out of it with your spouse. With so much time at home lately, what else is there to do?

Better Have Insurance

People usually try to access the cafeteria without having to use this door. They avoid it at all costs, going as far as taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Why you might ask, well, it’s because the company hasn’t insured any of its employees from falls.

Image Courtesy fo paarnahkrin / Crappy Design / Reddit

Whoever had crafted this design hadn’t thought it through very well. To count, these steps have claimed the reputation of eight employees and have caused countless bruises. Those employees were lucky to have had only gotten away with a few scratches. We think management is waiting for someone to get fractured before changing the design.

Open to A Few

It’s the first day of classes, and students are squinting awkwardly at directories and back at their letter of admission. Many wander around the campus, wondering which stairs they should take to quickly ass their classrooms. But this day is the worst for those enrolling in the College of Law.

Image courtesy of Rinkiya _ ke _ papaaa / Crappy Design / Reddit

They say that the study of law is only meant for some. And this site only permits access to the brave, or at the very least, those who are aware of this college’s secret hallways. Do you think this university was trying to discourage students from enrolling in specific courses?

Did it My Way

Many children pass through this lane on their way home from school, so the local government placed these barriers to have the cyclists slow down. You can say the latter weren’t pleased. They curbed their own way to avoid the barriers altogether.

Image Courtesy of jacksterooney / r/ Designs / Reddit

Now, you might think that children are left aggrieved. Not to worry, preschoolers have had countless fun making these barriers into monkey bars while cyclists speed by the side. It seems like the local government hit two birds with one stone with this endeavor.

An Accident Waiting To Happen

By law, the mayor has to place bike lanes on every street. The roads were already crowded, so he was left with this sole recourse. He put a bike road just in front of a parking site. That should do it! Within a month, there were complaints filed against the city government.

Image courtesy of suicidal 32 potato / Crappy Design / Reddit

As you can imagine, this endeavor was an accident waiting to happen – for both cyclists and car owners. You were lucky if you had parked your car in the middle. If you hadn’t, you better have had paid the premium for this year’s insurance coverage. This is a tall risk to take.

Anyone Like Headbangs?

Whoever created this must have had unaddressed anger issues towards teachers. They had placed this type of “double” door in every classroom. You would know if a teacher was a newbie. They would announce their arrival by way of a headbang.

Image Courtesy of Paul Flynn _ / Crappy Design / Reddit

Teachers would enter the room, cheeks flushed, and heads bowed. Instead of commanding respect, they would find it difficult to silence the hushed giggles from the class. Kids looked up to the rare few who could enter the room unscathed.

Just How Odd Was It?

The local furniture store had placed new items on the storefront. Most of the items were affordable for their quality, except for this toilet design which we find overrated. Who would pay a hundred dollars for this weird Donald Duck toilet?

Image Courtesy of [deleted] / Crappy Design / Reddit

Even if Donald Duck is your favorite literature character, we know this one is extreme! Even Disneyland wouldn’t be interested in toilets of this nature. What happened to the cute Simpson pajamas from before? Even with a double smile, we would take those before this any day.

Taking the Boat Next Time

On most days, using this bridge is a breeze. But it is such a hassle to cross it during the rainy season. Locals have to wear rubber boots to get to their destination. If they are surprised by the rain and don’t come equipped with the appropriate shoes, they must perform a trapeze just to get by.

Image Courtesy of chili _ Pepper 97 / Crappy Design / reddit

Your last resort could always be to take a boat. Ferry your way through the river below, get the supplies you need, then paddle back. Of course, that’s quite impractical too, which begs the question, which of the three are you prone to choose?

What Happened to Elsa?

Reddit user Sekai hunter has two kids – both of whom love Frozen. He couldn’t help hear out-of-tune hums and guttural sing-alongs of Let It Go. For one of his daughter’s birthday parties, he was excited to display these balloons of Princess Elsa.

Image courtesy of Seka i Hunter / Crappy Design / Reddit

Sekai hunter’s kid stared at the balloon for a couple of minutes until she began to cry. She was overwhelmed at the site and could not figure out who it was. When he told her that it was her favorite, Queen Elsa, she looked at him quizzically and said that she didn’t remember her looking like THAT!

Good Luck Scrubbing

This homeowner didn’t want his bathroom to be outdone by his neighbor’s. So he hired someone off Craiglist and pointed him to his bathroom. “Can I expect this to be done by the end of the week?” he asked? He was told it would be done in less time. He grinned triumphantly.

Image Courtesy of I wanna hump a little / Crappy Design / Reddit

But that cocky grin quickly disappeared. The designer came to a speedy defense, explaining that his creation was unique and that no one else in the community would have the same thing as him. Although he was right about how impressive the toilet was, did the designer even consider how to keep it clean and sanitary?

First To Cause A Fire

What’s a non-negotiable when you’re spending money on items and furniture? Other people have to buy couture clothing, whereas some would never sacrifice the integrity of their security system. This Reddit user made the mistake of playing cheap with his fire alarm.

Image Courtesy of [deleted] / Crappy Design / Reddit

It had caught on fire earlier, and to his surprise, the microwave, toaster, and induction cooker rang individual alarms to call the owner’s attention. It was good that he chose not to save up on quality kitchen appliances. Otherwise, he would have come to a home without a kitchen.

A Die-Hard Fan

We are confident you must have become a die-hard fan of some musical artist at some point in your life. Reddit user Yulinka 17 had been an avid Belieber. So you can just imagine how happy she was when she came across this couch online. Online it had perfectly displayed his facial features for you to sit on.

Image Courtesy of Yulinka17 / Crappy Design / Reddit

The coach arms were ridden with his signature, but she didn’t mind. Her friends had laughs looking at this odd-looking furniture neatly placed in her bedroom. She just made sure never to invite friends who weren’t Bieber fans because they would poke fun at her.

Careful Editing

This laptop caused quite the envy of many computer geeks. It had the right specs for gaming and work. But those who had purchased the model weren’t too happy with it. How come? Writers had to be careful when editing, lest they shut the computer down or delete unsaved work.

Image courtesy of Sehrengiz / Crappy Design / Reddit

If you were working the whole night, it was best to shut the laptop down from the main menu. If you had to delete a few words, highlight then hit backspace. Otherwise, you might have caused yourself a mountain of work if you pressed the wrong button.

One Window At A Tim

It is crucial to have either windows or a vent to allow air circulation when designing a bathroom. This company thought it was best to place two windows side by side in this space. But the placement caused many to question what good it was? You were only able to open a window one at a time.

Image courtesy of I Like Cheese Sandwich / Crappy Design / Reddit

Simple things like this often go unnoticed, but once you see it, you can’t unsee it. At first glance, and without much experience in architecture or room design, we couldn’t see what was wrong. At least the tiling and paint job were well done?

Deposits Only

This bank has a funny way of discouraging its clients from withdrawing their money. It has only a select ATM centers to cater to its users, but the few machines that it has are situated in odd places such as this. Without inserting their ATM cards, it’s as if this machine is telling them access is denied.

Image courtesy of d3yv3l / Crappy Design / Reddit

The only advantage we see in this situation is that you can take a nap while waiting for the machine to dispense your money. Go ahead. Rest your back on that fine slope and take a few breaths to steady yourself. Most customers thought it best to use online banking after this.

Choose Your Sport

Almost everyone in this community is fit. That’s because most locals have a sport they engage in during the weekends. Most choose between volleyball and basketball. Only a minority play golf or baseball. Could you guess from this court’s design just what sport the local mayor is a fan of?

Image Courtesy of Mr Pijus 123 / Crappy Design / Reddit

Volleyball, of course. He had only made the court look like it could be accessible to basketball players. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out how high a ball can bounce when slammed on the sand. That is why most basketball matches are held inside the covered gym.

Love-Hate Relationship

There’s nothing like a kind word or a pep talk to boost your morale. Someone decided to place an uplifting billboard on the side of the road to encourage passersby. The only flaw was that it hadn’t been carefully designed. People don’t know whether to commit to action or stay at home.

Image Courtesy of The _ King _ In _ The North/ rtherewasanattempt / reddit

Instead of radiating positivity, most people who walk past this billboard frown in confusion. A few shake their heads and laugh at the flawed design. We wouldn’t know how to interpret this either, especially if we were traveling by car.

Rated Five Stars

It’s essential to have an electric heater for those extra cold nights during the winter season. A few minutes of use can be a quick remedy to counter the chill in the room. Many have rated this product five stars. But a handful have given it a rating of one star, saying never to use it at full power.

Image courtesy of ignatirabo / Crappy Design / Reddit

Do so, and you run the risk of burning the house down. At the very least, it will burn through its plastic casing, causing a toxic and offensive odor to waft through the air. What rating would you give this overly effective product?

Icy Steps

How do you cope when commuting to work during the winter season? We are the type to bundle ourselves in at least five layers of clothing. And as a safety precaution, some have tried using these snow boots. It’s meant to make those walks easier for the consumer.

Image Courtesy of Olney villain 4190 / r/ Crappy Design / Reddit

But instead of doing so, Reddit user Olney villan4190 complains that these boots turned into ice high heels. Not only was the road more slippery for him, but it was such a pain. He had never walked in heels a day in his life. Oh, the agony.

Requires X-ray Vision

This mother had just given birth. Wanting to store her breastmilk, she thought it best to buy some milk bottles at the grocery. She came across this interesting model. Given its aluminum material, the company swore that you could reheat milk in less than a minute.

Image Courtesy of youright im wrong / frequent / Reddit

But you would have to have x-ray vision to view just how much breast milk is stored inside. It’s best for villains and comic book heroes who have those superpowers. Plastic bottles are best used by mortals like us. Wouldn’t you agree?

Limit Electricity Use

This Reddit user has come across an important lesson while traveling. It’s best to book a hotel room in advance. If you don’t, you will be forced to stay at a 1-star motel like this, with its lone port behind the room radiator. Talk about limiting expenses; management has got that covered.

Image Courtesy of vlackimir / Crappy Design / Reddit

Reddit user Vlackimir complained that he had spent nearly 15 minutes looking for a plug to charge his phone. He had resorted to using a flashlight and found this one hidden by radiator bars. It seemed like this hotel was trying to cut costs and force its customers to minimize consumption.

Give Thfnks?

This restaurant owes its success to its customers, who have been loyal to it for the past couple of years. To give thanks, it hosts annual dinners free of charge for people who pass by the restaurant. It also caters at a discounted rate, and just recently, it had placed this signage at the front door.

Image Courtesy of JohnS – Fl / Crappy Design / Reddit

Give thfnks? Many stare at the design quizzically until they realize that the flower is supposed to stand for an a. Well, not to worry, this restaurant gives the best dining experience in town. It deserves the support the townsfolk have been offering for the past decade.

Turn Into A Mermaid

How do you reward yourself at the end of the week? We try to pamper ourselves by getting a home massage. If that’s too expensive for you, an alternative would be to book an appointment at the local spa. Clientele swears that its services are the absolute best.

Image courtesy of cream 77 / r/ Crappy Design / Reddit

Give or take an hour, that Swedish massage with hot oil is bound to turn you into a mermaid, or at least that is what this billboard is advertising. It isn’t the best way to campaign for the therapists’ superb service.

Leaving Your Mark

We spend hours at a time writing and finishing reports from the office. So the least that we can do is make sure that we are comfortable while doing it. This Reddit user had invested a lot of money in this seat, with its soft lining and plush pillows.

Image courtesy of milkstea u / mildly infuriating / Reddit

The only drawback is that a mark would be left on it whenever you sit down. His guests have complained about seeing this reflecting after they sit down. Some find it very entertaining, but this Reddit user deemed it best to reserve the seat for personal use, if at all.

How’s It Goin’ Partner?

One of the things that we love the most about going to the bathroom is that we are given a few minutes of privacy. So you can only imagine this Reddit user’s surprise when he saw the doors to the cubicle designed like this. You’re in for a swashbucklin’ ride.

Image Courtesy of Zapp Brannigans Law / r/ Crappy Design / Reddit

Anyone can walk in on you during what is meant to be private and personal time. We like our bubble, thank you very much. Guess this was management’s way of reducing time wasted during employee breaks or an initiative to make new friends quickly?

What Disability?

Since this city passed a new law, proprietors were now expected to accommodate disabled clientele. There had to be ramps, staircases with handrails, and elevators that could carry a minimum of five people. This public park tried to comply with those rules but failed miserably.

Image courtesy of Pxelchen / Crappy Design / Reddit

Not only was the ramp too steep, it literally wasn’t accessible. Most people have resorted to having their wheelchairs carried down a flight of stairs in a situation such as this which could be problematic. Fortunately, that’s only a meter’s length.

Got Nothing To Do

The crime rate in this area is so low that cops have nothing to do during their spare time. We don’t think they have dealt with many high-risk situations before. That is why some of those cops volunteer to help traffic enforcers. Unfortunately, they aren’t always known for exercising sound judgment.

Image Courtesy of beka sula beridze / r / mildly infuriating / Reddit

This Reddit user complained that he was fined for speeding while his car was onboard a tow truck! The driver was distraught to receive the report in the mail one day. He went to court to protest the ticket for a crime her indeed did not commit. Maybe having too much time on your hands isn’t always as good as it seems.

Sharp Dip

It is vital for all students to attend a yearly orientation. Otherwise, students have a chance to potentially roll into an accident while walking. People have complained that they have tripped or fallen down this flight of stairs one too many times.

Image courtesy of Slespter was Taken / Crappy Design / Reddit

From afar, it only looks like there is a deep slope. And if you aren’t paying attention to where you are walking, you might guess that you could easily walk down the slope without much thought. This is one set of stairs waiting for a disaster.