DIY Tricks For Turning Your Room Into A Sanctuary

By Anthony K

After a hard day’s work, the one thing we want the most is to get home and jump into bed. Most people don’t know this, but having a pretty room will help you make the most of your free time. When your surroundings are pleasant and make you happy, you basically get twice as much rest as you would in a bland bedroom.

Glen Handley from Midlands recently shared photos of his room’s transformation using his upcycling skills, flashes of color pop paint, and DIY basics. The outstanding bedroom has an upgrade making it a sanctuary based on his tastes and preferences. Below are four tips to help you transform your rooms on a tight budget.

Plan for the Upgrade

Well, naturally, the first step is to prepare your wallet for this upgrade. As simple as your makeover may be, it’s still going to be an extra expense that you were probably not expecting. Once you have the money, get the upgrade started.

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Know what you need for the upgrade, plan for it, and shop around for the best offers. You can use online shopping platforms or visit local stores for essential supplies. Handley shopped online at the Facebook Marketplace for a cool sideboard.

Use Your Art and Crafting Skills

Handley uses a hand-painted arch mural he achieved on the first attempt to add a unique depth to the room.

Photo Credits: @inside.number.twelve/

He suggests that you can start with a mood board if you need a hand-painted mural showcasing your talents, passion, and personality.

Use What You Have

Handley gave readily-available items a new look to upgrade the room by upcycling old-school furniture in the house to upgrade the room. He also suggests experimenting with different patterns to find the best design to improve the safety of your room’s confines.

Photo Credits: @inside.number.twelve/

Use your DIY Skills

The Midlands man had saved in the renovations by doing most of the work himself. He suggests more room to learn and gain more skills with each project. You can get DIY skills by watching tutorials and practicing or hiring professionals for complicated tasks like plastering, electrics, and plumbing.