Bookworm’s Dream: DIY Bookshelf Ideas To Save Space On A Budget

By Farah J February 12, 2024

Your collection deserves more than a mundane bookshelf in a world of literary wonders. In the wondrous age of minimalist living and creative expression, the humble bookshelf has become more than just a repository for books; it’s a statement piece for the artists out there. 

Imagine transforming a simple stack of wooden planks into a multifunctional marvel that houses your literary treasures and adds flair to your living space. From repurposed crates to ladder shelves, from floating wonders to tree-shaped wonders, we found you a tunnel to inspiration, our lovely space-conscious bookworms.

Whether you’re a minimalist seeking sleek simplicity or a maximalist craving an eclectic display, these budget-friendly ideas promise to turn your reading nook into a masterpiece and elevate your home decor game! Don’t you think that organizing your literary treasures should be as enchanting as the stories they hold?

Stepped crates

Isn’t this stepped crate bookshelf the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen? Just like a little library wonderland for kiddos! And the best part? It’s about as budget-friendly as DIY projects come. We love how each crate has become a cozy nook for showcasing books and cuddly toys. 

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Imagine children’s squeals of delight as they clamber up the “stairs” to reach that special book on the top shelf! This isn’t just about storage; it’s an invitation to play, explore, and let imaginations run wild. Also, it’s kind to our wallets and our planet, too! 

Standing gator tube

Wow! Let us admire this beauty for a second! This free-standing DIY gator tube for books has us all swooning harder than a bookworm at a library sale! No fancy hardware and no trips to the lumberyard that leave you needing a second mortgage! 

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Whether you’re a book dragon or a casual reader looking for a cozy corner to curl up with your latest obsession, this DIY gator tube is your new BFF! It’s the kind of friend who holds your scribbled secrets and never judges your questionable taste in book boyfriends! 

Wire basket

This book stand is like the lovechild of sleek industrial vibes and cozy bookworm haven, and we’re smitten! Forget overpriced store-bought baskets that drain your wallet faster than a good whodunit! This stand is straight out of the hardware store, with humble wire mesh transformed into a masterpiece. 

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The clean lines and geometric pattern scream modern simplicity, but the warmth of the metal makes it feel inviting. Plus, you can customize it to your heart’s content! Also, spray painting with a bold color or lining it with a piece of fabric would be a good idea! 

Vintage cabinet

This ain’t your average bookshelf—it’s a DIY vintage cabinet crafted with love, a sprinkle of elbow grease, and a whole lotta budget-savvy brilliance! See how the rich black paint catches the light and that black and dull gold wallpaper, such an elegant design!

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Each shelf has become a curated vignette, showcasing treasured novels, vintage finds, and maybe even a family heirloom or two. It’s not just storage, it’s storytelling. We love how this cabinet whispers of rainy afternoons curled up with a good book! 

Plumbing pipe shelf

Check out this DIY bookshelf made from, wait for it, plumbing pipes! Sounds unlikely, but the result is nothing short of stunning! Look at how those dark iron pipes climb the wall, their sleek lines softened by the rich grain of the wooden shelves. 

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This design is like an industrial fairytale, where function meets form most unexpectedly! But it’s not just about the looks. Those sturdy pipes can hold a whole library’s worth of tomes without breaking a sweat! Honestly, this bookshelf is a bookkeeper’s dream come true! 

Toscana design

Did we accidentally step into a cozy Italian farmhouse with all warm terracotta hues and weathered wood charm? Forget your run-of-the-mill bookshelves, this is rustic elegance at its finest! An ode to the rustic beauty, whispering tales of simpler times and cherished memories! 

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And the best part? This Toscana dream doesn’t have to break the bank! Reclaimed wood can often be found at salvage yards or even on the side of the road. A quick sanding and staining job, and voila! You’ve got the base for your masterpiece! 

Invisible shelves

Whoa, hold the tape measure and step back! Have you ever seen bookshelves so sleek and space-saving? These minimalist, invisible DIY shelves are nothing but bookshelf magic! These little wonders float on the wall, cradling your favorite reads like invisible hands! 

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Look how the books themselves have become the stars and their spines forming clean lines and pops of color. It’s like walking into a living, breathing Pinterest board! With a few L-brackets, some DIY spirit, and maybe a repurposed book, you can build these babies yourself. 

Cubist box design

Oh, honey, this cubist plywood box bookshelf design is like a chef’s kiss! Practical, stylish, and easy on the wallet, all rolled into one genius little package. The mismatched plywood boxes are stacked and staggered in a cubist way and are held together by those humble binder clips.

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This awesome design is like an art installation masquerading as furniture ready to store your favorite novels and knick-knacks! No two shelves are alike; it’s got this dynamic and playful energy that just makes us want to stare at it! 

Behind the door

Hello there, cleverness! This simple behind-the-door solution has us doing a happy dance! Check out those sleek white shelves behind the door; we are in love with this creativity! It’s like a storage ninja using dead space like nobody’s business! 

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This genius invention is on a budget BFF’s speed dial! No fancy custom carpentry is required. You can find similar shelves at home stores or online, or maybe even get a crafty and DIY one yourself. It’s not just practical but stylish, too! 

Brick and wood

Okay, this is a big wow! It seems like the design gods sprinkled some magic dust on a reclaimed factory wall, and voila! Instant home decor heaven! First of all, can we just talk about how perfectly it blends raw brick with warm wood? Simply fantastic! 

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The rustic charm of the exposed brick is softened by the smooth, honeyed tones of the wood, creating a visually cozy and inviting atmosphere. This beautiful design is like a big, hearty hug for your walls, begging you to fill it with all your favorite things.

Crate bookshelf

This wooden crate storage design practically screams cozy farmhouse chic, don’t you think? We can’t stop admiring that rich, warm stain, the way the wood grain peeks through, and those handy little slat gaps begging to be filled with pretty bits and bobs! 

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We can already picture them stacked with lots of novels or maybe even a mini succulent garden! These crates would be the perfect perch for magazines in the living room, a cozy blanket holder by the bed, or a stylish toy corral! 

Horizontal ladder

Oh goodness! This rustic recycled wood ladder bookshelf is honestly not just a place to store your favorite reads, it’s a whole vibe! Each shelf is a sturdy step leading you up a literary mountain. Paperbacks nestled against hardcovers, spines whispering their titles in a chorus of forgotten languages! 

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Each knot and groove of this DIY design is like a tiny fingerprint, whispering secrets of its former life. And then, look how it is suspended against the wall. It is transformed into a bookshelf, a haven for your bookish treasures. 

Colorful stack

Someone took a bunch of plain old wooden crates and transformed them into the most adorable bookshelf we have ever seen. And guess what? It’s not just delightful, it’s crazy smart for keeping track of little tikes’ books and toys. What a genius idea for children! 

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We love how these crates stand tall and sturdy, like little colorful soldiers ready to guard the children’s library! Each one can be labeled with a different category or age group, making it easy for even the tiniest bookworms to find their favorite books. 

Asymmetric tree

Have you ever stopped to look at a tree? Look at that bark, all textured, like a well-worn leather journal! And the branches? They shoot off in every direction, like a spider web spun by a particularly eccentric arachnid! Now take a look at this.

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This earthy, asymmetrical design is a nature-inspired masterpiece and is practically free. No fancy software is needed. It’s all about creativity, willingness, and sustainability, about making something beautiful out of the everyday. Honestly, that’s the kind of bookkeeping boost we all need!

Hanging skateboard

Whoa! Is that a skateboard? Transformed into a shelf? And hanging from the wall with rope, no less? Yep, this DIY project is stopping us in our tracks! Not only is it the coolest subversion of a familiar object, but it also screams budget-friendly bookkeeping brilliance.

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You just have to grab some trusty rope, find a drill, and channel your inner MacGyver! The result? A unique, eye-catching shelf that practically begs to be filled with your favorite things! Books, trinkets, potted plants, this beauty can handle it all! 


Wow, isn’t this child’s dollhouse plus DIY bookshelf just the cutest thing ever? We mean, seriously, can you imagine how much fun a little one would have with this? It’s like a blank canvas just waiting to be filled with their imagination and creativity. 

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Anyone can easily repurpose an old bookshelf or use inexpensive materials like plywood and paint. Plus, you can customize it to your child’s liking, whether they want a fairy cottage or a modern mansion! Also, we love how the pitched roof adds a touch of whimsy! 

Storage cabinet

Isn’t this thing just gorgeous? Look how the clean lines of the white storage unit are perfectly complemented by the elegant abstract wallpaper on the back panel. It’s like a breath of fresh air in any room, and it instantly elevates the space. 

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But this beauty isn’t just about looks, you know! It’s also super functional. Imagine using this for all your bookkeeping needs. You can store your files, receipts, and other important documents in these spacious cabinets and keep everything organized and clutter-free.

Spine bookshelf

What a clever and stylish way to store your books! We love the concept. This innovative design has horizontal marble slabs, which create a sleek and minimalist look, and that’s so perfect for small spaces! Gone are the days of bulky, space-hogging bookshelves that dominate your room! 

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This sleek design is incredibly practical. We can maximize our storage capacity by packing the books nice and tight! Plus, it’s super easy to customize. Add or remove shelves as needed, and adjust the layout to fit your specific collection and your unique style.

Recycled palette

Hey everyone, check out this amazing recycled pallet bookshelf that has a stained-back detail! Isn’t it stunning? We love the rustic, industrial vibe this design gives off, and the stained back adds a touch of sophistication that takes it to the next level. 

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If you’re looking for an affordable way to add some personality to your home, then we highly recommend giving this recycled pallet a try. It’s a project that’s easy on the wallet and the environment, and you’ll end up with a wonderful piece of furniture! 


Okay, this is truly a work of art! We can’t get over how beautiful this design is! The rustic wood has so much character, and the distressed finish gives it a touch of farmhouse charm. We love the way it has been styled with plants and other decorative items. 

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This is a great way to keep your books and other belongings organized, and it can also be used to display your favorite collectibles. Additionally, it’s the perfect size for an entryway. Not too big or too small, and it won’t overwhelm the space.

Hanging leather straps

This design is so simple yet so elegant, and it elevates the look of any space. Also, look how it’s such a genius idea for bookkeeping! No more bulky bookshelves taking up floor space, just these sleek straps cradling your favorite reads right where you need them.

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Leather straps are surprisingly affordable, and you can probably find everything else you need at home or for a few bucks at the hardware store. You can customize it to your heart’s content as well with different leather colors and shelf sizes or even add some plants. 

A-frame ladder

Guys, check out this fantastic rustic A-frame ladder shelf! What a superb creation! We love the way the natural wood grain shines through, and the simple A-frame design is so graceful. It’s the perfect blend of rustic and modern, and it would look amazing in any home.

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What a great way to add some extra storage space to your home without taking up too much floor space! And because it’s DIY, you can also customize it to fit your needs. You can choose the size and even add some decorative touches like hooks or baskets.

Modern strong tie

Isn’t this rustic modern Simpson strong-tie shelf something special? We mean, just look at it! The warm tones of the wood and the industrial finish of the metal brackets, wow, it’s a match made in design heaven, no? Can you imagine using this shelf for your books?

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The cool vibes of the brackets will add a touch of personality to your workspace or even the living room, making it feel less like a chore! Moreover, you’ll also save a ton of money compared to buying something similar at a retail store! 

Five crates

This design is simply creating a sense of order and balance. We love the way the crates are stacked up so neatly. These crates are a perfect way to keep your belongings organized and out of sight. You can use them to store books, magazines, toys, etc. 

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And the best part is that they’re so easy to make! You can find plenty of tutorials online that show you how to build your stacked crates using recycled wood or other inexpensive materials. They’re not only practical, but they also have a certain rustic charm! 

13 shelves

Oh goodness! This stunning, rich brown wooden bookshelf is a beauty! Look at the deep, warm color of the wood. It’s so inviting! Isn’t it? And it screams sophistication and class. We can already picture it in our home, filled with our favorite books! 

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We love how this bookshelf design will create a cozy and personalized space. With thirteen shelves, there’s more than enough space to store all your books, magazines, photo albums, and anything else you can think of! This design seems to be a great value for the price.

Birch revolving bookcase

This revolving bookcase is like having a mini, personalized library at your fingertips! The clean lines and natural birch wood exude a warmth that would elevate any room. Imagine its shelves showcasing your favorite novels and treasures, each turn revealing a new literary gem! 

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But this beauty isn’t just skin-deep. The revolving feature is a stroke of genius for any bookworm or bibliophile! No more straining your neck or playing hide-and-seek with that elusive paperback. With a gentle spin, you have your entire collection within reach, accessible, and beautifully displayed.

Streamlined standing shelves

We want this vertical bookshelf gracing the walls of our home! We can’t stop admiring how its clean lines and minimalist design are adding a touch of refinement! With its vertical orientation, it takes up minimal floor space. What a great idea to keep books!

Image Source: /Pinterest

And check those shelves! They’re the perfect size for storing all your favorite books, magazines, and knick-knacks, keeping things fully organized. Hence, you can finally ditch those overflowing cardboard boxes and give your books the home they deserve without breaking the bank! 

Book shelving tree

Such a brilliant bookshelf design! This branching design bookshelf is not only eye-catching, but it also creates multiple shelves of varying sizes, perfect for accommodating all sorts of books. Compared to traditional bookshelves, the tree design often uses less wood, making it a more affordable option.

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Whether you guys have a large collection of hardcovers or a mix of paperbacks and magazines, this gorgeous rack can handle it all. And because the shelves are staggered, you can easily arrange your books in a way that’s both visually appealing and practical. 

Floating shelves

Wow, these floating shelves! We love how they are a perfect blend of modern and rustic, with clean lines and a warm, natural wood finish. We surely can’t get over how beautiful they are! They’re not just pretty faces; these shelves are also extremely useful! 

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A great way to add some extra storage space to any room without taking up too much floor space! And because they’re mounted on the wall, they don’t require any bulky furniture that can clutter up your space. Such a clever idea, isn’t it? 

Small dowel rod

Crafted from smooth dowel rods and sturdy wooden shelves, this nursery bookshelf is nothing but a charming piece of art. Look how each shelf is like a stage, showcasing colorful board books with their whimsical illustrations and playful titles. We love it! 

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But you know, the magic didn’t just stop there! Peek beneath the bottom shelf, and you’ll find a delightful surprise! A hanging rod with such cute hooks! This little gem is a dream come true for budget-minded parents. Such a rewarding project, allowing you to pour your love! 

Wooden wall tree

Can you all get over how beautiful the tree bookshelf is? Because we surely cannot! The way the branches curve and twist, creating these little nooks and crannies for books and other treasures, is just so fascinating! And the natural wood grain is adding so much warmth! 

Image Source: /Pinterest

Anyone can create this work of art themselves with a little bit of DIY know-how and some materials. Imagine the satisfaction of knowing you made this gorgeous piece of furniture for a fraction of the price you’d pay at a store! 

Wood and Pipe

This design is extraordinary! Like a symphony of industrial chic and cozy farmhouse vibes, all rolled into one stunning piece! The rough-hewn wooden shelves, each with their unique knots and swirls, whisper stories of reclaimed barns and weathered fences. 

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The cool dark pipes frame the shelves like a modern artist’s masterpiece. They add a touch of urban edge and a hint of “Mad Max meets minimalist haven”! It’s the perfect marriage of rugged and refined, making a statement without being overbearing! 

Corner six-tiered shelf

How seamlessly this bookshelf blends the warmth of natural wood with the crispness of white paint! We are in love with this design! It is creating a versatile look for any corner of your home. This beauty isn’t just for the eyes, it’s also kind to your wallet! 

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The clean lines and airy silhouette of the six tiers instantly elevate any space, adding a touch of finesse without feeling overwhelming! The contrast between the light wood and white finish is simply stunning. Also, the corner design makes it perfect for maximizing space. 

Naturally classic

Such a breathtaking rustic and natural horizontal bookshelf! We love the way it combines the coziness of natural wood with the delicate touch of shabby chic elements. Moreover, it looks like it would be right at home in any rustic or farmhouse-inspired space. 

Image Source:

Hence, if you’re looking for a unique and stylish way to display your books without any robbery, this DIY project is worth considering! It’s a great way to add some personality to your home and show off your crafting skills. And it’s just so darn attractive! 

Built-in home library

Gosh! This built-in home library is truly something to behold! Look how it stretches majestically from floor to ceiling, creating a haven for bookworms and bibliophiles alike! And the best part? It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to create this literary wonderland!

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Just imagine curling up in a cozy armchair and running your fingers across the spines of your favorite novels! The built-in shelves eliminate the need for bulky furniture, freeing up floor space and making your room feel open. You can also customize it. The possibilities are endless!

Unique tabletop

The beauty of industrial grit meets bookshelf charm! This small tabletop gem might not reach the ceiling, but its impact is everything! Crafted from metallic pipes, it exudes an urban-chic vibe that would steal the spotlight in any loft apartment or cozy reading nook.

Image Source:

Using readily available pipes and lumber, anyone can recreate this magic on a budget-friendly shoestring. Seriously, imagine transforming salvaged materials into a statement piece that holds your favorite reads! Talk about sustainable style! It’s a project that promises a creative storage solution that reflects your individuality.

Red laminated shelf

Wowza! Talk about a showstopper! This red-painted laminated DIY bookshelf is like a burst of sunshine in the room, and we are so obsessed! It’s a DIY dream! The magic lies in the vibrant red paint, transforming humble laminate into something truly eye-catching. 

Image Source:

You can fill those shelves with your favorite reads and shiny fairy lights; how pretty they will look against the bold red backdrop! This project is honestly a reflection of one’s personality and a testament to the power of a little DIY magic.

Trio tower

Buckle up, bookworms! This tower bookshelf is about to steal your heart and maybe some space on your nightstand as well! It’s downright adorable, no? Just stack three rustic wooden crates, each one sturdier than the last, and it’ll transform into a charming little tower! 

Image Source:

Think of the satisfaction you’ll feel when you gaze at your creation, knowing you brought it to life with your own two hands. You can line up your favorite novels or maybe even perch framed photos, little artificial plants, or scented candles alongside. 

Movable shelves

This bookshelf is making a statement without saying a word! Check its black metal frame and how it exudes an industrial vibe and perfectly contrasts with the movable wood shelves. Yes, you read that right! You can move those wooden shelves according to your liking and preferences. 

Image Source:

It’s not your grandma’s dusty bookcase; this baby is modern, edgy, and bursting with personality! It is also a DIY dream, crafted with love using readily available materials. How amazing is that, right? Plus, the industrial touch adds a dose of cool to any room! 

Painted spice rack

This surely isn’t your average store-bought shelf! It’s a charming little bookshelf bursting with colorful children’s books, each shelf neatly tucked into its cubby. This DIY masterpiece is crafted from humble spice racks reinvented in a symphony of playful hues! How adorable! 

Image Source:

Sunshine yellow, rose pink, calming light purple, and sky blue, each shelf is a unique burst of one’s character and persona! We love how these shelves are hanging proudly on the playroom wall, the perfect height for little hands to reach their next literary adventure! 

Bookshelf room divider

Hold onto your hats, book lovers, and check this design out! Such an awesome room divider crafted entirely from wooden crates! Just imagine sunlight streaming through the gaps between the crates, casting playful patterns on the floor. Can you see it? Isn’t it adorable?

Image Source:

Repurposing wooden crates into a room divider is a genius upcycle project. You can hit up your local flea market or garage sale, snag some crates at a steal, and unleash your inner creative genius! Sand them, paint them, and stack them just the way you like! 

Easy access shelves

Wow! Guys, this ain’t your ordinary dusty bookcase! Crafted from simple materials like plywood and hairpin legs, this DIY easy-access bookshelf exudes an effortless mid-century vibe that would even make Don Draper himself do a double take! Also, this bookshelf won’t cost you your kidney! 

Image Source:

By channeling your inner handyman, anyone can whip this beauty up for a fraction of what you’d find at some fancy design store! Plus, look how the open shelves are making it so easy to grab your favorite reads. A great bookshelf design, especially for the children’s room! 

Geometric wooden shelf

This bookshelf seems more like a work of art than furniture. Forget flimsy particle boards and mass-produced monotony! This geometric wooden shelf is handcrafted from reclaimed wood. Its rectangular frame offers clean lines and a sturdy presence, but the magic lies in the geometric details! 

Image Source:

We love how each piece is meticulously fitted together to create a visual rhythm! The touch of rustic charm is bringing a depth of character you won’t find on store-bought shelves. Each shelf offers ample space to showcase your favorite books or even potted plants. Amazing, right?

Cozy corner

Nestled in the corner of a kid’s room, here is a mini haven! A beautifully made bookshelf nook! Its shelves are bursting with colorful spines that whisper of adventures and laughter. Forget boring beige bookshelves, this one’s a modern masterpiece, and we adore it! 

Image Source:

This DIY bookshelf nook isn’t just for storage, it’s a love letter to childhood wonder. A place to dream and to be whisked away by the magic of books! And the best part? You can recreate this magic in your own kid’s room with a little creativity.

Four-level wall mount

This bookshelf is not your average, grown-up kind, mind! This one’s playful with four levels, like a mini staircase for books. Can you all see it? The whole thing just pops with happiness! The yellow backdrop makes the whole scene cheerful, like a ray of sunshine! 

Image Source:

The mismatched books, oval shapes and sizes, tell a story of their own about curious adventures waiting to be devoured! It’s the kind of bookshelf that makes you want to grab a book, curl up on the floor, and get lost in a world of imagination!