All In A Day’s Work: When Plumbers Come Across Hilarious Things And Share Them On The Internet

By Saptargha D

This article was originally published on BetterManly

Plumbing can be an interesting occupation, considering you get to see many weird things in different homes. While some may make you shake your head in disappointment, others will make you laugh out loud for at least a couple of minutes. But no matter the issue, plumbing requires the utmost skill and talent to do a good job.

Whether bathroom designs or neat and precise installations, all plumbers have their work cut out to perform these tasks. In fact, our hygiene, health, and lifestyle will stand ineffective without these experts.

In this article, we have enlisted some of the funniest plumbing experiences to help you understand the mess these helpful professionals face while performing their job. By the end of the list, you’ll get why some plumbers look unenthusiastic at work. Their work is draining. Get it?

A plumber’s Halloween

Halloween is the time to dress up and cosplay your favorite character. Kids and adults both enjoy partaking in this holiday tradition. While most people prefer dressing up as a spook or horror movie character, others may have different views about the tradition.

Photo by Flooded3rdfloor on Reddit

Unfortunately, some people may have to work even on the scariest night of the year, but that doesn’t mean they won’t have fun. For instance, these plumbers decided to dress up as the famous Mario Brothers while taking calls on Halloween night. Who says Mario can’t fix leaks?

Sinking teeth

Plumbing is not an easy job, especially with incredibly bizarre objects you might find as the cause of a clogged sink. If you’re lucky, you’ll forget the nauseating images in a few days, but it’s bound to stay with you for some time when you come across things like this.

Photo by txplumber on Reddit

This plumber probably had no idea what was in store for him that day when he went to work. We can only hope that an older adult in the home was happy to find out the fate of their long-lost dentures.

A job well done

Plumbing doesn’t always include fixing leaky pipes. Sometimes, the survival of many aquatic creatures in an aquarium depends on the plumber’s skills and talent. Luckily for the residents of this aquarium, this plumber seems to have done a pretty good job. 

Photo by service_plumber on Reddit

They created a great air and water system, including drain and overflow pipes for over 31 separate tanks. Also, they ensured that the lines were correctly fixed and would not cause undue problems. Well, this plumbing job is genuinely a thing of beauty and precision!

A shower to remember

A good shower can make you feel like a new person, and for a good reason. The high pressure and warmth of the water can soothe any aching muscles and stave off all tiredness. This is why two shower heads can only be better than one.

Photo by david-spain on Reddit

With this plumbing job, the shower heads at the opposite ends of the tub ensure you get a double spray of hot water no matter where you stand. In fact, this guy even went one step ahead and installed three separate faucets to enhance his shower experience.

Plumbing for royalty

Plumbing is a job that lets you see how different people live, from having gold-plated sinks to fancy-looking silver handles. However, the skills needed to fix all the fixtures remain the same irrespective of how exquisite and expensive they are.

Photo by wcollins260 on Reddit

For instance, this plumber thought he would have a normal day but instead got to see one of the fanciest bathrooms. With colorful and vivid wallpaper, golden taps and hand washes, and a ceramic sink, this definitely isn’t an average bathroom.

A tub went wrong

Plumbers can fix most tub problems but cannot repair a poorly installed one without completely taking it apart. Thus, it would be best if you got a good plumber to do the job right from the beginning. And it seems that this homeowner probably realizes it now.

Photo by knvb17 on Reddit

This particular tub will take quite some time to get fixed and even more time to be good enough to use. Well, it may not seem like a huge problem at first glance, but it will prove very inconvenient for the house members.

Telephone-themed bathroom

Most people are very creative while designing their bathrooms, but sometimes, they manage to make it the best-decorated room in the entire house. In the case of themed bathrooms, there are many things you would not expect to see in a bathroom.

Photo by alfredhospital on Reddit

Just like this bathroom is 80s-themed. The designer seems to have really committed to the idea. The telephone-shaped toilet paper dispenser is unique in every sense. We’re sure that it must be fun to restock the phone once the paper is over.

Underground water leakage detected

At times, it takes a lot of time to figure out the problem when you are working on a plumbing project, but sometimes the answer is literally dropped into your lap. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it makes the whole job a lot easier.

Photo by firstexiled on Reddit

For this plumber, he could pinpoint where the sewer line had collapsed in a matter of seconds because it watered only the specific leaked part of the otherwise dead field. This further turned the dried grass green only in the respective area, making detecting the problem easier.

Break it till you make it

Most people can’t be considered logical in a stressful situation. When someone panics, they impulsively carry out the first action that comes to mind, even if it doesn’t make sense. And, most often, the seasoned professional has to deal with the mess.

Photo by avozzella6 on Reddit

This customer couldn’t get their toilet to cease flushing, so they took the next best approach and smashed the entire thing with a hammer to stop it. While it’s uncertain whether this action fixed the problem, we are sure it will take a long time to fix the toilet.

Don’t flush it down!

Many consider flushing items down the toilet an appropriate method of disposal. Whether it is old pills or expired juice bottles, they think the fastest way to get rid of them is by pouring them down the toilet. But this always doesn’t work out well!

Photo by IERNA_Air on Reddit

For example, flushing kitty litter down the toilet is a terrible idea. The pipes might get clogged with it, causing severe drainage issues. And this is what exactly happened to this unlucky customer who didn’t think things through all the way. No doubt, this plumber had their work cut out for them.

The ladder in the way

Like other professions, plumbing has a lot of scope for committing stupid mistakes that might end up making the job harder than before. But the only thing you can hope for is that the error is a one-off, not a common occurrence. At least this plumber seems to have made an honest mistake.

Photo by JohnnSACK on Reddit

However, the one useful thing this image teaches is that one should always be wise enough to check the ladder’s position before installing a new pipeline. We’re not sure how this plumber will manage to fix their blunder, but we hope they don’t make a costly mistake like this again.

The muddy pipe burst

Plumbing isn’t an easy job. If you’re lucky, all you have to do is tighten a leaky bathroom tap, but if you’re having a bad day, you might have to wade into a muddy ditch to fix a sewer line. Whatever the job be, plumbers do it all.

Photo by Unknown User on Reddit

Well, this technician seems to have earned the title of God’s bravest soldier with the job he’s about to undertake. Armed with only a light raincoat and his tools, he will mend the ruptured pipe that is spraying solid streams of water in every direction.

A good plumber maintains his tools

What is a plumber without his tools and equipment? Thus, most technicians consider it imperative to keep their tools clean and maintained so that they are ready for use as and when needed. By doing so, they do not have to lug around heavy toolboxes.

Photo by benderbrian on Reddit

Some professionals drive around trucks to make their equipment easily accessible, as done by this plumber. Storing your tools well organized in the back of your vehicle will help you find them easily whenever you need them without wasting time searching.

A glass shower

Bathtubs seem to be placed in the weirdest locations. While some people love elegant-looking tubs in their bathroom, a few take it a step ahead and install them in extremely unexpected places, like in front of an open window. Well, that’s what this plumber discovered.

Photo by downyzz on Reddit

On one of their appointments, they responded to this customer who installed a tub right in front of a window overlooking snowy mountains. Although it doesn’t seem to be a feasible idea for a shower, it is indeed a unique one.

Pipe in line

You know you hired the right guys when your plumbing job looks almost ornamental instead of a haphazard mixture of water pipes. No wonder the skill and talent it took to create this massive network of pipelines in the basement.

Photo by ThirtySecondsOut on Reddit

These types of arrangements not only beautify a drab piece of work but also make it easier for other handypersons to do their job, whether it’s an electrician or another plumber. The geometric knowledge and precision used in this installation are incredible and praiseworthy.

Twisted pipes all the way

Who says you can’t have a little fun while decorating a bathroom? This particular plumber was on one of their routine calls when they were introduced to this wacky arrangement of pipes in front of a urinal. It highlights the fact that art can be discovered anywhere.

Photo by i-cant-even-anymore on Reddit

This crisscross installation of pipes seems to be taken straight out of an escape room. It also gives the occupants of the urinal something to admire as they go about their thing and adds mystery vibes to the otherwise bare and boring bathroom.

Don’t even try it yourself

While many people like doing things themselves, this self-dependent attitude can sometimes give you severe trouble. The resulting problem can even become more prominent than the original one. For instance, if you don’t know how much caulk to use while fixing a shower, it’s better not to meddle.

Photo by BadCrychta on Reddit

It seems that this person realized the fact the hard way when they had to call a plumber to fix their amateur attempt at installing a new shower kit in the bathroom. We hope they decide to leave such jobs to seasoned professionals the next time around.

The cat manager

It is a thing to be supervised by your client while carrying out a plumbing task. But being overseen by their cat is a whole different experience, especially when they are being sneaky about it. This plumber was lucky enough to have encountered such a circumstance in their life.

Photo by guitar_allan_poe on Reddit

We can only imagine the jump scare the technician must have got when they looked up to see this serious cat watching them repair the broken fixtures. With supervisors like this, it is hard to screw up on a job, and we hope the plumber was doing their job right!

The tire basin

Functionally designing a bathroom is a creative task that requires a lot of thought and effort. Thus, the person who designed this particular gas station’s toilet did a stellar job. They aligned to the theme of the petrol station and created a sink placed inside a big truck tire.

Photo by greatchicagofire on Reddit

We’re sure everyone who passed by this fuel station could not resist using this basin at least once to experience the feeling of washing their hands in a sink tire. Well, it is also another way to increase business at the station. Smart, isn’t it?

The 4-tap tub

It is common for a bathtub to have 1 or 2 taps, but this one has four fixtures. The tub itself is modeled beautifully, with carvings at the bottom. It is supposedly made of marble and exudes a sense of elegance.

Photo by apgapgapg on Reddit

It can be anticipated that each tap offers different degrees of hot and cold water, which probably makes it seem so special. Thus, with varied options of water temperatures and this vintage stone tub, taking a shower is an amazing experience!

The crisscross of sewer pipes and gas lines

Usually, sewer pipes and gas lines are installed underground. Thus, plumbers and gas companies must take the necessary precautions to ensure that they don’t damage each other and stop doing the job they were installed to do in the first place.

Photo by SignificantSetting23 on Reddit

This customer had to deal with the gas company installing a gas line through the sewer pipe underneath their house, cracking it and stopping its essential functioning. However, the problem only came to light when the homeowner dug deeply into the soil, as shown in the image above.

Don’t start the fire!

While installing gas lines, it is common knowledge that you shouldn’t light a fire anywhere nearby, considering the gas is highly flammable. But these people didn’t get the memo, and it is possibly a major blunder on the part of the person responsible for it.

Photo by joshkyer on Reddit

These people were indeed lucky that there was no gas buildup when the fire was lit; otherwise, there would possibly be no house to fix. If the gas had escaped, a big explosion would lead to a huge tragedy, which luckily didn’t happen.

A mushroom here, a mushroom there!

Mushrooms are fungi that can practically grow in any place with a high moisture level. Depending on the area they crop up, these fungi are either treated as a nuisance or a blessing. However, we’re unsure how to classify mushrooms growing at the bottom of a fixed toilet.

Photo by LotsoWatts on Reddit

Well, it does make sense in a way, as bathrooms are one of those places that are always wet and full of moisture. But unlike this case, regular maintenance and frequent cleaning make it impossible for your bathroom fixtures to develop fungi, especially through a tiled floor.

Affix it to the floor properly

Installing toilets to the bathroom floor is one thing but affixing them using a clayey substance like the Plaster of Paris is entirely different. This person seems to be at peace with their decision to have a toilet that looks like it has been glued to the floor.

Photo by soupsandwich13 on Reddit

Aside from the uncommon substance used, the other highlighted thing in this image is how messily the job has been done. It isn’t neatly installed or smoothed over, and it looks like it was carried out by a distracted technician who just wanted to complete the task as fast as possible.

The octopus pipe

If you have ever wanted your plumbing system to look like an evil scientist’s lab, the guy who did this job has got you covered. It has eight pipes meeting together at one point, forming the structure of an octopus.

Photo by PipeCop on Reddit

We’re not sure who would ever want a pipe design like this, but we feel sorry for the technician called to diagnose and fix the plumbing problem in this arrangement. With that being said, a huge part of whether the design is good or bad depends on the purpose of the piping system.

Pipes through pipes every way

While we’re talking about faulty pipe designs, here is another one for you. It isn’t easy to describe the shape formed by these pipes because we honestly think there isn’t one at all. It is just a messy pipeline structure.

Photo by Unknown User on Reddit

There is no way to figure out what goes where in this installation unless you go about it carefully and systematically, which will take you more than half an hour. Although this structure does have a weird charm around it, we would recommend installing pipes in a more organized manner.

Plumbing in the past and the present

Plumbing is something that has been done since time immemorial. Initially, it was executed roughly with no tools other than hands, but later with advanced equipment, more finesse was added to the work. So, the following plumbing fixture is a fine example of this exciting part of history.

Photo by friscohunter on Reddit

Unlike modern taps and knobs, this one has been carved on gold and made to look highly exquisite. The yellowish backdrop also serves as a point in this plumber’s favor. However, you’d rarely find these fixtures, so the existing ones must be preserved safely.

A good bath can soothe you

Bathing is supposed to be a relaxing affair, especially when your idea of bathing is soaking in a warm tub for a couple of minutes or hours. It is one of the ultimate experiences, and this person just found a way to enhance it.

Photo by d_p0p on Reddit

They built a small skylight above their bathtub with a shower faucet attached to the wall surrounding it. So now, this lucky individual can feel the bright light and warm sunrays striking against their skin, enjoying a sunkissed bathing experience.

Make yourself aware of the plumbing system

Plumbers have to deal with a lot of things while on house calls. One of the most common scenarios is the homeowner being utterly oblivious to the harm they have caused to the plumbing system. For example, putting self-leveling concrete down the floor drain is a huge blunder.

Photo by downyzz on Reddit

It is not a good idea for many reasons. Since it is concrete, it will harden under certain conditions and cause severe clogs in your floor drain. We are sure this plumber had a lot to deal with in this situation, but we also hope the homeowner learned their lesson.

Hey, please check the leek!

Who says people don’t have a sense of humor? The wordplay is pretty good in this prank. The person on whom the trick was being pulled was told there was a nasty leak under the kitchen sink. But they had a surprise waiting for them as they went to investigate.

Photo by kidsolo on Reddit

They found the common leek vegetable under the kitchen basin with an angry face drawn on it to convey the nastiness of the veggie. We don’t know whether the victim of the prank found it funny or not, but we did.

The embedded pipe that can be partially seen

If you’re a plumber, to keep the work engaging, it is good to give yourself a challenge at times. During installing pipes or fixing sinks, it is always suggested to try something different. Well, that is exactly what this talented and possibly adventurous plumber did.

Photo by iglootyler on Reddit

Instead of attaching a pipe the usual way, the technician decided to embed it half into the concrete wall. This way, only one side of it is visible, and the rest is hidden within the wall. It is a pretty neat trick, and the plumber did a commendable job achieving it.

A perfect design

You can be artistic, too, while installing water pipes, and this plumber teaches us just that. The system is perfectly aligned and neatly constructed, making it an incredible sight. However, it naturally seems to be, and definitely is, an arduous task and not everyone’s cup of tea.

Photo by t4ckleb0x on Reddit

This particular guy has done a tremendously beautiful job with no imperfections or flaws in the installation. Thus, they deserve to be acknowledged for their talent, skill, and hard work. The homeowner must be very proud of the work done in their house.

A non-functional so-called bidet

Many people prefer using a bidet nowadays instead of regular toilet paper. As a result, its installation has become very common in many homes. However, some people are still unclear on what a bidet actually is, just like this customer.

Photo by mitchcw on Reddit

Thus, a plumber was called and asked to uninstall the element that the client considered a bidet. In reality, it was not a bidet but something that looked like a wire. We’re confused about how this customer even used this rusted and damaged copper wire as a bidet for so long.

A vintage water heater that works

Vintage items are always a joy to behold, especially when made of metal. With old styles of carving that are rarely available today, these items should be considered a part of the heritage. This customer seems to have been lucky enough to own a vintage water heater.

Photo by zone1-1 on Reddit

It is a pretty big device with metal carvings all around that look exquisite, and they give classic vibes. Also, it seems hardy and looks like something that will last a long time for visitors and plumbers to admire whenever they come over to the house.

Get rid of the lint

Lint in the dryer is a genuine issue that should be taken seriously because of the major inconveniences it causes. It can prevent your dryer from doing its actual job of drying your clothes or, in milder cases, significantly slow down the process.

Photo by the-truth on Reddit

Well, this customer found it out the hard way when they were told by their plumber how necessary it is to empty the lint trap before every load of washing to prevent the accumulation of lint like this. However, all we can say is better late than never!

To drink or not to drink!

Plumbing blunders can always occur; some are too bad to overlook. For instance, this installed tap has two signs, one for drinking water and another for water that is not safe for consumption. However, there is a major problem here.

Photo by nakattak87 on Reddit

Both the safe and unsafe water taps are attached to each other in this arrangement. Thus, both of them are getting their water from the same source, and we can only cross our fingers and hope the water is safe.

No place to die

Many plumbing jobs are performed underground, and there is no telling what you can find there. However, this plumber was unlucky enough to discover the actual skeleton of an animal that had probably died there and had been scavenged by rats and worms.

Photo by -Starshadow- on Reddit

The death must have occurred quite some time back, given how cleanly it has been picked, and we cannot help but feel sorry for the poor creature. This is exactly why plumbing is not for the faint-hearted and for people who cannot stand gross sights.

The garbage disposal blender

Garbage disposals are a huge deal in households, but having a clogged device is one of the most frustrating experiences ever. So, to deal with this problem, this homeowner has come up with an interesting yet controversial solution that might seem either genius or plain disgusting to people.

Photo by PlumbLucky on Reddit

They attached a blender to the end of the garbage disposal pipe to ensure that all the wastes are blended into liquid or tiny particles that will not clog up the system. Although we don’t have any opinions on this one, it is undoubtedly a unique concept to implement.

An unprofessional plumbing design

A bathroom is supposed to be where one should put their best decoration skills to use, considering it’s where many people go to relieve their stress of the day with a warm shower. But in one of their calls, a plumber came across this poorly designed bathroom plumbing system.

Photo by Mandalore626 on Reddit

The tap to the tub looks like it was the work of an amateur plumber or someone who forgot the right items and just put in an alternative they found in the basement. Thus, this professional plumber will have to spend a lot of time and effort fixing the entire mess.

The wipe that claims to be flushed

After using the bathroom and toilet wipes, many people throw them in the bin. But most offices prevent their employees from doing so, as in the case of this individual. Due to the foul odor and unhygienic disposal of these used wipes, office and public toilets keep flushable wipes.

Photo by srocco31121 on Reddit

But no wipes are entirely flushable, even if they have a tag of “tested with plumbers.” So, to prove this point, this person always writes such a message on the packet of wipes to spread awareness. Office authorities must understand this and either install bidets or regularly maintain their drainage system to prevent water clogs.