Eco-Friendly Home Designs That Can Help Save Our Planet

By Goodness M

Green home designs are a cost-effective way of helping our environment slow the effects of global warming. They also create a comfortable and durable home for our families. In achieving a green home, the materials used to build are environmentally friendly. We will explore various aspects that are considered in creating a green home.

1. Site Location


In our quest to build a sustainable green home, we have to find a suitable area full of inspiration. Such an area must have space for gardens, solar access, water, and air. The positioning of our home is dependent on the climate of the area we have chosen. Therefore in hot climates, large windows should face the north side. By so doing, cool air can flow in the house freely.

However, in cold climates, large windows must face the south side. This is to facilitate more sunlight to come into the house. As a result, your home conserves energy and is comfortable regardless of the climate.

2. Building Materials

Materials we use when building our homes must be environmentally friendly. Recycled materials such as glass, tiles, and aluminum must be used in building our green homes. LED lighting, ceramics, bricks, mild steel, and non-toxic paint are essential. They help to conserve energy and are harmless to the environment.

3. Roofing


Extra insulation reduces energy consumption. That is why we use green roofing on our houses which helps to cool the air and filter pollution. The rooftop can also accommodate a solar panel that is used as a source of electrical energy.

4. Furniture

Eco-friendly furniture made from renewable sources such as floorboards, railway sleepers, and wood claddings is available to complement your green living. They are available in unique and exciting designs.