Four Simple Home Maintenance Tasks That Can Save You Money

By Anthony K

Almost everyone constantly seeks ways of saving money whenever we can. On the downside, look around your house, and you will discover that your reluctance to fix some tasks is costing you plenty. This article explores some easy methods of handling these complications at low costs.

Water heater

Image courtesy of cantoni/flickr

Flushing the water heater should be on your to-do list. By conducting this task each year, your home benefits from a better hot water supply and ensures your system lasts longer. Consult a specialist or read the manuscript to ensure the process flows seamlessly.


During the cold weather, your doors and windows are susceptible to allowing cold air inside. Although a little air can be ideal, an increment overloads your heating system. Should you consider how to solve this issue, weatherstripping can help. By following a few elaborate steps, you can regulate the air flowing in your house. Remember to measure the doors and windows alongside the weatherstripping, preferably twice before cutting for more accuracy.

HVAC filter

Image courtesy of via 193473686@N05/flickr

Despite changing your HVAC filter frequently, you may not be tending to it as often as you should. Experts suggest that these filters require changing every ninety days to enhance efficiency. However, if you’re a pet owner, the time shifts to sixty days. Fortunately, changing one of these filters is straightforward. Remove the old filter and replace it with the new one as you offer special consideration to any arrows and ensure the filter attaches securely.


While it may seem pretty obvious, most people assume dripping faucets. A leaking faucet can cost you a great deal, depending on the intensity of the leak.