Give Your Furniture A Vintage Look Using Chalk Paint

By Stephen M

Many people think that chalk paint is only meant for farmhouses or (DIY) painting jobs. However, the creator of the paint, Annie Sloan, has revealed that it does more than that. She has therefore shared some tips on how to use chalk paints to create inspirational works.

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What Is Chalk Paint?

Chalk paint gives furniture and other objects a chalky or matte appearance. Initiated and trademarked by Annie Sloan, it is for both exterior and interior purposes. The paint comes in different colors and shades. You don’t need any preparatory works like sanding when using chalk paint. Being a water-based paint, it is highly absorbent, durable, and has excellent coverage.

Properties of chalk paint

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No need for preparatory works

Unlike other paints, you wouldn’t need any sanding or prime works on the furniture or item you want to paint. Nonetheless, it is absorbent and does a great job. With this, you to apply it in any form you want, be it modern or vintage.

Being water-based, chalk paint dries quickly; hence, suitable for quick fixes. Being highly pigmented, mixing it is easier and faster. Chalk paint has very good coverage, and just a little can do a lot.

Annie has also designed ergonomically perfected chalk paint brushes, which come with split ends and hold more paint. They are great for smooth or textured finishes and good for product waxing.

How to use chalk paints

You can give your old kitchen cabinets and other furniture a vintage look using the farmhouse chalk paint. Apply the paint generously for the first coat and wait for about 10 minutes. When it dries, give it a second coat and wait for it to dry. Now you can create some wear and grain around the edges using a sanding pad.

You can also get something for your waxing works, give your furniture a modern, velvet or silky look, or any other looks you want.