40 Ingenious And Idiotic Craft Projects We Hope Not To Find On Instructables

By Ekhama O

If you’ve got a pressing need for something specific and you’re looking to save some bucks to get what you want, DIY is the best way to go. Not only do you upcycle stuff that would have otherwise been deemed as garbage, but you get to feel a sense of accomplishment and pride, while keeping your wallets locked tight in the process. What could possibly be better than that?!

You can DIY just about anything, but that doesn’t mean you should, and these examples show you why. Here’s a list of some of the most ridiculous and insane DIY projects ever crafted that will make you want to consult a friend before embarking on your next homemade project. Seriously, some of them are just that bad. Take a look!

Spider Jean Bag Chair Thing

We’ve all got a couple of old clothes we’d love to get rid of. Instead of tossing them into the bin, consider donating or upcycling the old thing. Turn it into some new chic piece of clothing, do whatever you please, but on all accounts, do not make them into a sofa.

Source: noneo/Reddit

This… we don’t even know what this thing is, but it’s really creepy. It’s the kind of prop that would go well in a low-budget horror thriller movie and not a piece of furniture in a home a fellow human being resides in.

Ruining perfectly good lamps twigs us off

Some crafts are so bad that you begin to wonder yourself — who even came up with this? And that’s exactly what we thought when we saw this lampshade. It’s one of those ideas we believe people weren’t in the right state of mind when they came up with it.

Source: SeriousMichael/Reddit

The lamp has been covered with sticks with what looks like expanding foam or some other adhesive substance. There’s a fine line between creativity and questionable application, so it’s pretty clear which one of those this idea is an example of.

There was an attempt

Look, we’re not going to rain on this quilter’s parade. It may not be the most spectacular nor true-to-life piece, but quilting is no easy game. Considering the time and effort it took whoever did this to make it, we’ll give them a solid E for Effort.

Source: van_bh/Reddit

Nevertheless, we can’t just overlook the faults in this piece. Whenever we stare too closely at it, we feel a little uncomfy, and what is up with the dude on the right? His eyes are staring right into our souls. If they were going for creepy, they nailed it.

There was no need

Sometimes, things get a new look because they’re old and the owners are not ready to get rid of them yet, they see an opportunity to let their creativity run wild, or it’s just the more pocket-friendly thing to do. Other times, it’s just because…

Source: Imtiredofyoursh*tbroReport/Reddit

This revamp-er thought it would be a swell idea to add a little more pizzazz to their doormat in the form of rocks. Well, this is just a guess, but we haven’t got a clue what those might be. The glue seems to be shining through, and we’re pretty sure it was okay as a regular old doormat.

Knitted nails

Fashion trends are expensive and pretty hard to keep up with — we understand this. The question is, what’s the best way to stay stylish without breaking the bank? This person’s answer was probably to start a whole new trend.

Source: invisiblylost/Reddit

Unfortunately and understandably, it wasn’t picked up by many, but at least they can take solace in the fact that it definitely made the rounds online. Is it creative? Totally! It’s one of a kind; we’ll give them that. Is it practical? Not at all; it’s a big miss for us.

Eye lamp

We’re very much aware of the crazy ideas people can think up and execute, and this eye lamp is one of the good ones. It’s unique, quite special and now we think of it, this piece would fit really nicely in an optician’s office!

Source: planete-deco.fr

This article is, by and large, about some of the most questionable DIY projects ever made, and questionable doesn’t always translate to tasteless. It just wouldn’t be as fun if we didn’t include some smart and innovative crafts once in a while and this lamp made from glasses is one of them.

A bosom full of blossoms

Now, we’re not saying a bra filled with ornamental plants is a bad idea, and that’s only because it doesn’t need to be said. It is a bad idea. Empty cans, plastic bottles, or even jars would have been much more suitable. A leopard print bra is too far-fetched.

Source: SgtRandiTibbs/Reddit

We’re not sure if this one was actually intentional. Maybe they forgot to bring in their laundry for a while after leaving them to sun dry. After some time, stuff started to grow on it, and they just decided to let nature take its course, literally.

Needle felted oysters

The whole point of having an imagination and being creative is to come up with things nobody else has thought of. But this notion seems very flawed simply because items like this next one exist. Is it art? Was it a mistake? Is it something the cat coughed up? We’ll never know.

Source: almighty_faye/Instagram

If you’re looking for a place to keep your precious jewelry, get a box. Or, if you don’t feel that’s adequate enough, toss them in a safe or a vault. A fur ball — or whatever this craft is — is just a little unnerving.

Bottoms up or heads up?

So, this one’s pretty straightforward. It’s a doll’s head that’s been made into a wine glass. It’s probably a prop in a kid’s movie for the evil villain, and we’re just saying this because we can’t bear the thought of someone actually keeping this at home, much less using it.

Source: turnups/Reddit

There are currently more than 7 billion of us on the globe, so it’s basically impossible for the more stable ones among us to monitor the activities of the unhinged. That’s exactly why artworks, or shall we say tableware, like this are able to be breathed into existence.

Kinda looks like a cake

Many people love adding a little dazzle on their devices. For instance, phone cases could just be a bland and boring protective cover for your phone, but people like to get pretty ones. And without all the glitter and frosting on this midi controller, it wouldn’t be quite as spectacular.

Source: limping_bear/Reddit

Maybe that wouldn’t have been so bad, and to be honest, if you take away the paint and the rest of the ornaments, this piece wouldn’t be half bad either. While many of you may be asking why the real question here is, do people actually still use midis?

Should have taken out the studs…

Is there any better way to spend your free time than giving your old and dusty furniture a well-deserved make-over? Absolutely not; furniture flips are everything. If you’re searching for some inspiration, the internet is your one-stop shop. It’s got loads of ideas, though we’re not talking about stuff like this.

Source: iamrealsmart/Reddit

A chair made from old denim isn’t the worst idea, but there are much better materials that could have been used in place. Perhaps this was just the vision they had or something. We can’t imagine it being very comfortable, though.

Pickled Teddies

Some things are just too hard to let go of. You’ve made a billion memories with them, they make you feel nostalgic and it may be painful to give them away. To put it simply, you’re just too attached to them. We get it.

Source: Goobersita/Reddit

This is totally understandable. But when you start to put your old stuffed toys in jars to preserve them, you have left the gates of “keeping memorabilia” and entered the “psycho in training” territory. Please, don’t do this. Just don’t.

Cent-ainly not a good idea

What we can only identify as an old car was given new life again when the owners decided to cover the entirety of its surface in pennies. It was probably done in a bid to increase the car’s worth or maybe they just had too much change lying around.

Source: What_u_say/Reddit

Instead of changing them for bills, like other (normal) people would have, they decided to get creative by decorating their car with the coins. Pimping this ride must have taken many hours to achieve, so it’s a bit sad that some of the copper has fallen out.

Strawberry Soda Crotched Hat

It’s a hot boring or cold rainy day, and we just haven’t got the slightest idea of what to do with ourselves. Everyone gets this feeling every now and then. The best way to make yourself feel more alive and productive is probably engaging in your favorite hobby.

Source: nwm141/Reddit

That could be reading a book, visiting an old friend, making new ones, or maybe, turning a Weight Watchers strawberry soda pack into a neatly crocheted hat. It may not be the most wearable or stylish piece, but at least it’s got good craftsmanship, which counts for…something.

Denim boots

Boots are some of the best pieces of footwear. They may not be appropriate for every weather condition, but they do come in handy when it’s rainy or snowy. And that’s the main problem with them. So how can we make these lovely shoes summer friendly?

Source: weberhed/Reddit

Good question. The simple answer is we turning them into some sort of flip-flops, and what better material to use than old jeans? The title of this one is somewhat misleading because, now we think of it, these actually look a bit closer to socks than boots. We don’t know if that’s better or worse.

Sporty furniture

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have human-like furniture? Yeah, us neither, and this piece is probably why. If this was their attempt at giving their side table a new look, the makers of this should try again.

Source: TaffleBottom/Reddit

Sometimes, things go from di-why to flat-out flops. If this craft was some sort of funny joke or prank, then they nailed it. We love random humor, and this one takes us out. If it wasn’t, then we’re just dumbfounded.

Good vibes only

From dreamcatchers to four-leaf clovers and lucky charms to crosses, many people love keeping trinkets that make them feel safer and just overall luckier. Some make them into pieces of jewelry so they can carry them about easily, and others like to engrave them on their bodies and belongings, like their cars, or maybe it’s just this person.

Source: WullieBlake/imgur

We can’t even begin to state how dangerous this is. No matter what design you make, when the airbag deploys, you’re going to feel all those hard rocks making an inscription on your face. That’s good luck turned bad karma.

Fake accessories

Upgrading your ride can be pretty expensive, and not everyone can afford to change their vehicles. What many people can afford, though, are simple car accessories that make their rides stand out. It’s a budget-friendly alternative to a total swap.

Source: Deepthrusting99/Reddit

We searched this online, and it turns out, that selling fake sunroofs is actually big business. Question is, do people actually care all that much if you can stick your head out the top of your car or not? Is that a new automobile trend?

They must be very door-able

The world of upcycling is filled with successful flips, flops, and projects that tend to fall in between. Exhibit A — these chairs are made from doors. While we applaud the ingenuity of the makers of these chairs, the execution leaves a lot to be desired.

Source: BQJJ/Reddit

They don’t seem like the most comfortable pieces of furniture, and there has definitely got to be a more ideal design out there. For these, benches would have probably worked better. Either way, we give these a big thumbs up!

Where did we go wrong?

Sifting through our old belongings to create free space can be a tiring task. You’ll have to think hard to figure out if that item is worthy enough to be kept, good enough to donate, or useful enough to be repurposed. Whatever you do, do not try to turn your doll’s skulls into flower pots. 

Source: tommeland/Reddit

Not only is it creepy and can potentially land you in the psych ward, but it’s also not the most convenient or sane way of upcycling your toys. A final word of advice, consult a friend or if you haven’t got any, use the internet.

Butt bowl

The toddler years and baby months are some of the best chances parents get to create the most unforgettable memories with their kids. Babies are especially dependent on their parents, and they have total control over them, hence why crafts like this can exist.

Source: raydioactivity/Reddit

These parents painted their poor son’s derriere, making a print on a bowl with it. Making feet impressions wasn’t in fashion yet here, we assume, so they decided to come up with this. We have to admit; it is kinda cute.

Colgate coin purse

Plastic has really done a number on our land, our water bodies, and marine life. Cups, bottles, bags; we haven’t done the greatest job at managing them. But with the power of the three Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle), the help of science, and our imagination, we can make things a bit better.

Source: reciclagemearte.blogspot.com

Good job of trying to devise a way to use an empty toothpaste tube, but we’ll pass. It actually looks like a waste of a perfectly good zipper, and the only way we can see this being of any good use is if you’re trying to hide small invaluable trinkets.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Converses

The best way of repurposing something is by getting inspiration from other things around you. These shoes look like they were a cross between sandals and Converses. Apparently, the footwear is based on a type of traditional Japanese socks called Tabi.

Source: lexakookie/Instagram

We guess they wanted to take the style of those socks to the next level by modeling them into shoes. We’d say they should have just worn the socks, but we guess you can’t really do that on the street. Or can you?

Floral Print Grandma Style Seat Covers

It’s pretty common for people to redecorate their property to suit their taste — from our rooms to our living spaces to our cars, especially our cars. This person thought it would be great to give their’s zero leg space and turn it into the interior of a bored grandma’s home.

Source: Die_Like_A_Rockstar/Reddit

Yes, this is bad, but it took some serious effort, planning, and loads of dedication to achieve this. The sewing skills, whether done by hand or by machine, are on point. Please, we beg of you, put them to better use.

Hanging on a thread, almost literally

One main purpose of DIY-ing is to improvise for the things we don’t have. If you’re lacking something in your home, the most creative way to get it is by making it yourself. The lazy way, though, is by using something else in its place.

Source: IAMmojo/Reddit

These folks thought it would be wise to use their hanger to hoist up their bulbs, providing them with the light they so desperately desire in one of the most ridiculously dangerous ways ever. We just hope they’ve got the fire department on speed dial.

Doll face pins

We’re all for creativity. Go nuts. Do whatever you like! It doesn’t mean some of it won’t be bad ideas or just downright psychopathic, just like these dolls whose faces have been made into pins — the perfect statement accessory for upcoming loonies. 

Source: flolixak/Reddit

If you want to start your not-so-successful career in face skinning, it’s a pretty good idea to begin with dolls and not any living creatures. At least we’re hoping you aren’t practicing this on anyone, whether it’s man or animal. Really, don’t.

Bicycle Surf Board

Upgrading old items can be cool and fun, and sometimes you may get so excited to do it that you might just be brimming with ideas. Combining some of those ideas can be a nice and satisfying idea, only if the piece turns out to be useful.

Source: uv_searching/Reddit

This bicycle has been fitted with a surfboard (or maybe an ironing board) and fastened in place with some plywood boxes. We have no idea what purpose this serves or what led to its creation. All we do know is this is one of the biggest DIY fails of the century.

Is there a doll head fad epidemic?

If there’s one thing this post has taught us, it would be that people are addicted to dolls and have a hard time letting go of them. In line with what we’ve seen above, many of us actually find doll heads to be items worth treasuring, which is a bit disturbing.

Source: PraxisLD/Reddit

We know that we’re not all alike. Our ideas and thoughts differ, and that’s what makes the human race special, but a doll head being turned into a lamp is still bewildering. Let’s just hope they aren’t keeping this in a kid’s room.

Hose rug

Outdoor rugs are amazing and add just the right amount of spice to your porch, patio, or deck while giving you a nice place to rest your feet on. You’re going to need a material that’s water resistant and durable. That’s why making one out of old hoses is a good idea!

Source: bad_fake_name/Reddit

It puts those pieces of rubber to good use, but we can’t help but wonder what exactly it would feel like to walk on it while barefoot. Plus, it would make the perfect breeding ground for insects. Creative, but it’s a no from us.

Umbrella flower bed

Garden beds are pretty neat planters, and they have the special ability to make your garden look better. There are all other sorts of benefits to getting one for your flowers and plants, so why not DIY a couple for your backyard?

Source: PineappleLife3/Reddit

This garden bed is made from an old umbrella and is quite a brilliant idea. It’s a bit impractical, and if the soil isn’t heavy enough to hold the umbrella down during a storm, you might wake up to your precious flowers that have been scattered to bits.

Dino open-toes

At first glance, it looks like the poor toy dinosaurs are carrying all of her weight, but if you look closely, you’ll see what actually makes these shoes as sturdy as they are, heels! The cobbler really went to great lengths for these, and we can’t help but wonder why.

Source: BarefootHippieDesign/Reddit

For these shoes, we can’t fault the makers of them too much. Yes, they’re a bit silly, but they’re also pretty creative. In case you’re wondering how to make these, you can google “dino heels,” and one of the first results will be a complete guide to making your very own prehistoric pumps. You’re welcome.

Old books turned knife holders

Some DIY ideas are silly, some are a bit purposeless, a couple can have good intentions but bad executions, and others are just questionable. These knife holders made from old books do not fall into any of those categories. They deserve one of their own.

Source: sircumsizemeup/Reddit

Wet knives will leave moisture on those pages, encouraging the growth of some nasty fungi. And even if the knives have been properly dried, it’s just an overall unsanitary idea. Plus, it’s being held together with a rope. That’s just not right.

Eco-friendly sunglasses

Some of the best upcycling and recycling projects are made from plastic. It can feel very fulfilling to turn a lousy piece of plastic into something that is actually useful. Plus, it’s a much better alternative to throwing them out.

Source: designboom.com

Suning Chen came up with these ingenuous and fashionable pieces for a design competition centered on repurposing plastic materials. He took going green to a whole new level by using a Sprite bottle and… is that a keyring by his nose?

Milk Carton CD Rack

We support people who have a passion for repurposing otherwise useless items, but this CD rack is not a good nor ideal placement for your discs. We’re also a little bit blown away by the fact that people still use CDs.

Source: inficraftmc/Reddit

Everyone who has ever used a CD just knows they tend to not work well after they’ve been heavily scratched. If you’re looking to ruin your discs, then you can go ahead and use this. Otherwise, this is another DIY fail and terrible inspiration for your next recycling project.

Spiky candle holders

DIY projects can go south and get pretty dangerous, especially if you need good craftsmanship and expertise to execute those crafts well and safely. Like the hanger light-bulb idea, these candleholders are not a safe way to repurpose your old forks.

Source: TargaryenPie/Reddit

First off, candle holders are incredibly overrated. Secondly, it’s kinda tacky, and this particular piece looks like the makers got inspiration from one of those “five-minute crafts” videos. They may both start with the letter “u,” but unique does not mean useful!

Lady Gaga-inspired heels

Remember what we just said about the fork candle holder craft being tacky and ridiculous? Yeah, we take that back. These shoes have earned their nasty-looking selves the title. Who in the world thought this was an idea worth pulling off?

Source: jaxxly/Reddit

From what we can see, it’s made from a drink can, some rope, a shoe insole, a piece of fabric, some sticky tape, and a plastic jar, so none of those items is actually used to make heels. Well, except for the insoles, but you get the point!

This phone case is just a big mess

Getting your gadget customized or doing it yourself adds just the right dazzle to your electronics. Not a big fan of permanent decorations? No problem, you can have their accessories customized instead. This way, you’re getting the best of both worlds!

Source: Da_Drueben/Reddit

In the limelight, there’s no harm in giving your phone case a make-over yourself. A chain and buttons are not a bad idea either, but this is sloppy execution at its finest. It doesn’t even look like they put in much effort.

Okay, this has to end

Hair accessories are super fun! They let you style your mane in all sorts of crazy and pretty ways, adding beauty to your look at the same time. We honestly don’t think this jeweler had any of those in mind when they designed this piece.

Source: playfully_evil/Instagram

So, it’s a doll’s hand, sticking out of a flower. The doll looks like it’s giving us a thumbs up, and we haven’t got a clue why. Plus, now we think of it, a doll’s hand glued to a flower has got to be one of the most random ideas out there.

Homemade snacks

Some snacks are downright expensive, some of which are absurdly overpriced. And when there are special iterations of your favorite snack, you can expect to pay a few dollars more. So, for some reason, this person tried to save money on peanut M&Ms.

Source: hannahc137-420/Reddit

Though, this image does bring up a thought: what about edible glue? Does that exist? If so, we can get on board with something like this. It’s one heck of a way to make trail mix or even cereal bars.


Some people love dreamcatchers for their aesthetic, while others truly believe in their mystical properties. We might not be believers, but we appreciate the concept. So, this lady wanted to make a one-of-a-kind dreamcatcher. Cute, right? Hold that thought until you see it…

Source: GhostalMedia/Reddit

This is an insult to hair and dreamcatchers! Why would anyone cut off their locks just to thread them onto a decor piece? It’s honestly a bit gross and it won’t look good for very long. You certainly can’t get your hair looking shiny when you’ve cut it off.