Almost “Nailed It:” Funny DIY Projects That Didn’t Go According To Plan

By Aileen D

When we’re hit with inspiration to start a new project, we are filled with motivation. We tell ourselves, “It’s going to look beautiful,” or “This will look great on my front porch!” But soon enough, you realize that whatever you conceptualized in your head is inevitably flawed, and what you’re left with is something completely strange. We admit that the results can be side-splitting, and it would be a shame if we didn’t poke fun at a few.

Many have attempted to recreate cake designs, draw portraits of loved ones, and sculpt word-class masterpieces. Some have #nailedit, whereas most have failed comedically. To be fair, most of these folks haven’t tried their hand at baking or even cooking themselves breakfast before. There is a funny subreddit corner on Reddit called r/nailedit that’s dedicated to innocently shaming those who attempt to try and make something with their hands but failed miserably, and today, we are celebrating them.

If we’ve learned anything from this group, it’s that it’s ok to make fun of yourself. There is no shame in making someone laugh out loud because you made an eyesore of a cake, right?

Howdy Folks?

Some of you might be thinking, what the heck is this thing. We have devised a list of guesses – a cake, a candle, or even a distorted figurine. But the truth is that the image below is handsoap. After seeing this, we are inclined to ditch handwashing altogether.

Image Courtesy of Chicagogogo / Reddit

The only logical thing Redditor chicagogogo should have done was to throw it away and use a regular handwashing liquid. But, he didn’t want his efforts to go to waste. He could have used it for bathing his dog’s fur, but even his dog doesn’t want this grotesque hand lathering him up.

Done In Less Than 15 Minutes

Having a pet is oddly similar to having a kid. It’s a serious responsibility to look after a fur baby. You have to feed them, walk them, and even groom them. Having someone do the latter for you might be worth your time. However, it comes with a price.

Image Courtesy of RUKiddingMeReddit / Reddit

Redditor RUKiddingMeReddit thought he could easily shave his dog’s fur like the groomer’s in the salon. After all, he had the vision and the materials. In less than 15 minutes, he felt nothing but regret. He sighed deeply. “Well, it’s as close enough as I can get!”

Best Left To Memory

It has been six months since the death of this Redditor’s cat. He and his partner are finding ways to cope with the loss. They would light a candle for their cat and say a little prayer. Today, this Redditor figured he could make a cake resembling their beloved pet.

Image Courtesy of ABig_ol_mess  / Reddit

He cocked his head. He had a vivid image of his cat in his head, but somehow it came out flawed and completely opposite of what he pictured. He tastes a pinch of icing and then calls his partner into the room. They both burst out laughing.

Close Enough

Everyone has got to start off somewhere. Dreaming of being a baker, this five-year-old asked her uncle if he could buy her a DIY cake mix she could bake for the family. She wore an apron and made sure to wash her hands. Then she set out to create this masterpiece.

Image Courtesy of jimmyc7128  / Reddit

That isn’t a bad start for a five-year-old. In fact, we might even say that she bakes better than many of us adults. We can imagine this kid winning a baking competition soon or giving Paul Hollywood a run for his money!

Shredded Wax

It’s always a good idea to repurpose items. Not only do you save on costs, but you also help the environment. Almost everyone is pitching in this global effort. Clothing brands are recycling plastic into clothing, while Redditors like spezi_is_life are repurposing antique items.

Image Courtesy of spezi_is_life/ nailed it / Reddit

He takes to Reddit to tell everyone how to upcycle a meat grinder. Just as you would expect, the process is messy and tiresome. We can’t even imagine why he would want to grind a wax candle. If anything, that’s just laying waste to a perfectly functional antique item.

Two Heads

Winter can be harsh in North Dakota. To keep her dog comfortably warm during the said season, Reddit user mayflour decided to knit her dog a beanie. She had only knitted socks and blankets before, but she was confident she could manage.

Image Courtesy of may flour / r / nailed it / Reddit

She was humble enough to admit that she didn’t follow the pattern. What should have looked like a beanie looked like a two-headed cap. At least his mom can spot him a mile away with that cone over his head.

Another Try

Reddit user even-hungrier and his wife bond over decorating the house during the Yuletide season. They buy wreaths, chimes, and even candles to line the shelves of their house. They decided to create these baubles filled with confetti and candy this Christmas.

Image Courtesy of even-hungrier / Reddit

She had finished one bauble when she realized she had painted this bird upside down. What a waste! She painted a beautiful robin, only to make it appear like it was hanging upside down on the Christmas tree. We would have still hung it up!

Dyed Denim

We think we should put a limit on specific DIY projects. Reddit user niko1307 wanted to revamp his house, room by room. He asked a company to refurbish the living room and redesign the stairs. He requested that the stairs be painted a denim blue, and the company didn’t disappoint.

Image Courtesy of niko13107 / Reddit

He quips. He places a mouth over his hand to keep from himself from saying any more. The project leader tries to calm him down by saying, “At least you wouldn’t have to wipe off your boots at the door. You can do that on the stairs!”

When Self-Pity Creeps In

People shouldn’t make any life-altering decisions after a break-up. Regardless of what they say, a break-up can be rough. Reddit user hamchalice decided he would redirect his attention to baking or cooking. It’s not like he’ll burn the kitchen down!

Image Courtesy of ham chalice / Reddit

He tried to bake a pie with an octopus design as the crust. The whole process looked pretty easy on video, but he never thought that it would take three times the amount of time in reality. He’s overtaken by self-pity.

Serving Some Eggs

When Reddit user LottimusMaximus’ kid was a baby, he would gobble everything down in a second. But when his kid grew into a toddler, the latter was very picky about anything he put into his mouth. Suddenly, dad had to devise a plan to get his kid to finish his breakfast.

Image Courtesy of LottimusMaximus / Reddit

He found a video online about different ways to serve eggs. he thought. In under three minutes, the woman was able to design a Yoda-inspired boiled egg, which he and his toddler would appreciate. But the reality was the boiled eggs looked like possessed gremlins lived inside them.

Ooh, Terrifying

We can’t understand why anyone would want to make pillows shaped like bears or sharks. They’re some of the most fearsome creatures in the wild. However, Redditors like DameJeffrey thought to craft their own beanie inspired by these two predators.

Image Courtesy of Dame Jeffrey / Reddit

Which amongst the two would you consider more terrifying – the ultimate marine predator or that horrible DIY beanie of a shark? Either way, we are terrified. After seeing this picture, we’re starting to believe that you can mess up a project a simple 10th grader can excel in!

He Took Up Photography

You would think that photographers would be able to draw well, but the truth is that not all of them can. Sometimes, they’re better off with their tripods and DSLRs. When this photographer attempted to draw a portrait of his wife, the results were just a bit less than flattering.

Image Courtesy of alexthetetrapod / Reddit

She looks at the picture and back at him. “I didn’t know that you could actually suck at drawing? I think that’s the only thing you’re bad at.” She tears the paper away from his grasp and then crumples it. He throws it to the bin.

Off To Rome

It is said that Giovanni Strazza’s Veiled Virgin lives in Canada. The flawless statue is made of marble and was created by the said artist in Rome. The artist is admired for producing breathtaking work, showing off subtleties and flowing drapery. Another artist attempted to recreate the same statue.

Image Courtesy of Gerry1of1 / Reddit

We have to applaud Reddit user Gerry1of1. He has copied every minute detail. You can see the bridge of the nose, the hooded lids, and the downcast look. You can see the expression of grief and almost hear the growl of this unsuspecting dog.

Both As Cute

Now, here’s a disclaimer. You can’t be the best at a craft if you copied another masterpiece through and through. Sometimes, you must forge your own path or create your own designs. You will encounter a lot of failures, which are the keys to your success.

Image Courtesy of lolosun / Reddit

Reddit user lolosun exclaims, “Oh god, what have I done?” Rest easy. You may not have copied the cookie design a 100%, but you were able to craft a new design that kids will undoubtedly want to munch up! It’s too adorable with its large, beady eyes and its red-orange coat.


We don’t know why this is here because we would actually buy this patch if we could. Taking inspiration from the diagram on the left, Reddit user guhoya15 tried to stitch a UFO landing in a field, and a few words beneath that read “I want to believe.”

Image Courtesy of guhoya 15 / Reddit

Same, brother, same. We would want them to take us with them too . We can’t recall any movie that included an alien invasion or alien landing that ended well, though. So the only reasonable course of action would be to leave this planet for good.

Safe To Say He’s A Sleepyhead

You shouldn’t trust your morning self just like you wouldn’t your intoxicated self. Reddit user iamnutzo had grown accustomed to waking up at 4 am. Today had been his day off, and his body clock woke him up even though he didn’t have to work. So, he decided to be productive.

Image Courtesy of iamnutzo / Reddit

He set a couple of bunnies on the kitchen table and then propped the dinosaur on the stage. It was ready to engulf a dozen rabbits given the chance. But instead of consuming all of the bunny residents, the dinosaur gave out a big burp after eating just one.

Who Won It?

It isn’t just Reddit that’s hyped up over who #nailedit. Even this group of friends wants in on the bandwagon. They decided to place bets on it, too. They held their very first #nailedit competition after choosing to replicate the picture of the cake in the middle. Who do you think won?

Image Courtesy of toge kriss / Reddit

To be fair, baking a cake is difficult. You have to be precise in your measurements and have an eye for designing. Designing a cake can be very time-consuming, only to have the whole masterpiece eaten in less than 30 minutes. So, it’s safe to say that everyone in this squad deserves a round of applause!

Placing An Order

Reddit user katetheg8 has been a fan of Sesame Street for as long as she can remember. She knows all of the songs and has a collection of posters, coloring books, and even keychains. She often takes inspiration from them for her baking business.

Image Courtesy of katetheg8 / Reddit

We can’t see any reason to diss this up-and-coming baker. These Cookie Monster cookies are engulfing other treats. In fact, we would love to place an order for a dozen. Who wouldn’t want to munch on these delish baked goods while reminiscing our childhood?

Abort. Just Abort

After posting a picture of this item online, an aspiring artist nearly went out of business. He had invested a couple of hundred dollars in his dream, not that there’s anything wrong with that. But repurposing hot water bottles as women’s accessories? Really?

Image Courtesy of macky cormacky / Reddit

Upcycled, he claims. Excuse us? It would be better if this artist left hot water bottles as they are. They can be sold at a premium instead of repurposing them as necklaces, which are uncomfortable to look at and would invite the ridicule of everyone around us.

Where Did The Body Go?

We don’t think anything is wrong with a little competition. If you’re a good sport, then you could learn a thing or two about your shortcomings. Your foes are more likely to help you improve. But, you should be realistic about your strengths and weaknesses.

Image Courtesy of caitiezx / Reddit

Reddit user caitiezx thought baking a cake was easy, especially if she had molded it according to the picture. She proved herself wrong. Midway through, she decided she would forego the body and settle with imitating the penguin’s head. We still think it’s kinda cute.

Straight To Eating

We have got another Muppet fan in our midst. Reddit user cyclosarin88 and his kid love to watch the tv show Sesame Street. Sometimes, he would mimic the falsetto voice of the furry red monster on the show. And he even decided to bake themselves an Elmo cake.

Image Courtesy of cyclosarin88 / Reddit

It was supposed to be a secret. Cyclosarin88 imagined the shock and amazement written on his kid’s face. But come the big day, things could not have gone as differently as he imagined. For one, he finished baking the cake mid-afternoon, which looked nothing like the furry red Muppet monster.

Handmade Hurriedly

Have you ever browsed a product online and thought it would make a great gift from a loved one or a friend? Reddit user pputkowski was confident it would make the perfect wedding gift. Although there were only a handful of product reviews, they were mostly 4-5 stars.

Image Courtesy of pputkowski / Reddit

Unfortunately, someone had taken the last piece before him. The shopowner phoned to tell him that they would make one for him, and that it would take some time. Six months later, when he received a parcel. It was a west elm mistro tray that looked nothing like the advertisement. What a bummer!

More To Eat

Frozen became a mega-hit in 2013 that even dads sang the lyrics by heart. There is something relatable about the two sisters who couldn’t see each other eye to eye, at least not until the end. Anna, the fearless optimist, searches to find her sister, Elsa, Queen of Arendelle, who can’t seem to get her powers in control.

Image Courtesy of ggodfrey / Reddit

Frozen had become such a sensation that even bakers were asked to design cakes with an image of Anna or Elsa. Reddit user ggodfrey challenged himself after being given only two hours to finish a cake and then deliver it to his client. It’s quite the spitting image of the Queen of Arendelle.

Baby Yoda, That Is Not

“You’re a precious little creature,” the audience agrees as Baby Yoda appears to crawl through the bushes in The Mandalorian. This is only one of several shots of him naively maneuvering the territory. He even engulfed a frog, letting it slip out of his mouth.

Image Courtesy of tegren-bkwrd_nerget / Reddit

After watching The Mandalorian, this Redditor and his daughter decided to craft baby macaroons in the likeness of The Child. It was easy enough – just a circle with spiking ears and a cute face! But lo and behold, they had come up with this freakishly alien macaroon.

Jiggly Putty

This Redditor thought it was time to introduce his kid to arts and crafts. He came up with a list and went through each one – painting, clay potting, sketching, or molding clay. The last one seems the easiest yet the most inexpensive.

Image Courtesy of diO-Olb / Reddit

He wanted to show his son how easy modeling clay was. He took a palmful of pink clay, rolled it into a ball and then put some eyes and ears on it. He pinched and flattened as he saw fit, but somehow he hadn’t managed to convince his kid that playing with clay dough is a fun way to pass the time.

Hmm. Tastes Like, Erm, Licorice?

For future reference, this is why you shouldn’t always listen to your friends’ advice. This Redditor had been told that if you put thin slices of strawberry in the oven and bake them, you would be able to come up with a homemade candy that tastes similar to Twizzlers.

Image Courtesy of grasping wind / Reddit

As Reddit user graspingwind waved the smoke from his kitchen, he defintely wasn’t reminded of candy stores or Christmas. He pops one burnt strawberry slice into his mouth, then retches. “Yeah, no.” He holds the metal tray in both hands and then heaves all its contents into the bin.

Does It Taste Like Sharks?

What is it about food in Ikea that makes us want to binge? You can choose from any of the cold plates and starters to the main courses and pastries. When visiting an Ikea store, it’s nearly a no-brainer to check their crunchy almond chocolate cake, or in this case, their, shark buns?

Image Courtesy of oishii onigiri / Reddit

Disclaimer: their shark buns look nothing of the sort, nor do they taste like sharks. Yet, you can expect Ikea to place a hefty price on them. After your guest’s tour nearly a 500,000-square-foot furniture facility, they wouldn’t be in the mood to complain about shark bun prices.

Player Eliminated

Netflix is giving cable tv a run for its money. One of the most acclaimed shows featured on the site is Squid Games. It takes its name from the shape of a children’s gameboard in Korea. But instead of boasting rights, players in the movie get a chance to win the 46.5 billion, or at the very least, stay alive.

Image Courtesy of code – veronica / Reddit

One of the games makes use of honeycomb cookies. Players must carve the shapes etched out on these Dalgona cookies without breaking the wafer. Triangles and circles are easier compared to umbrellas and stars. How do you think you’d fare if you played this Squid Game?

Gone Extinct

Hosting a children’s party is fun for both adults and kids. It takes some degree of planning and creativity to come up with games and food items that kids will enjoy. This Redditor mom decided that a watermelon dinosaur head would suit the occasion. And she was right!

Image Courtesy of jcrus 0 / Reddit

She made it for her son’s fourth birthday party. Given his fascination for gigantic reptiles and 12-inch serrated teeth, a dinosaur fruit tray of this size would surely please him. He showered her with kisses and bragged how his mom caught a T. rex in the backyard.

How Hard Can It Be?

We dare you to draw mickey mouse. It shouldn’t be too hard, just draw three circles and then fill in the details. The same should be true when designing a cake after the 93-year-old Disney character. But Reddit user dessertdwellerrr proved that this is a difficult trick.

Image Courtesy of desert dewellerrr / Reddit

She tried to make her daughter a mickey mouse cake. In the end, she didn’t bother telling her she had fashioned it after the comical Disney character. After all, she and her daughter had had enough laughs at Mickey Mouse’s Adventures.

Speaking Of Angle

Women know that with the right accessories, you can accentuate your best features. This woman’s most marketable asset is her hands. They are slim and long, yet soft despite the hard work she did with them. A ring would definitely draw attention to them!

Image Courtesy of domestica / Reddit

But we beg to disagree. It isn’t Reddit user domestica’s physique that makes her stand out. It’s her sense of humor. While designing a ring, she chose a weird angle of a woman in the magazine. Now, she and her friends have wholehearted laughs whenever she gives a toast.

Blame It On The Piping Tips

After seeing the number of #nailed it pictures on the web, we figured out why people are having a hard time – the lack of artistry, skills, or the proper equipment. Reddit user freh knows how to draw and stylishly design flowers atop cookies and cakes.

Image Courtesy of freh / Reddit

You can only do so much with the tools you’re given. Freh discovered that she needed to invest in smaller piping tips if she wanted to recreate this frail yet elegant cookie design. But, it’s not like her batch of cookies is painful to look at. They’re gorgeous!

Meant To Keep You Warm

Reddit user RosieSpose thought there would be a market for this product. She found herself straining from the cold toilet seat when she woke to relieve herself at midnight. She thought of a way to keep herself warm and cozy on the toilet bowl.

Image Courtesy of rosiespose / Reddit

She crocheted herself a toilet seat cover. It only took her a day to finish, but we reckon she should have taken more time to think it over. Imagine relieving yourself and having to throw this crocheted piece into the laundry after every use. Not very practical, right?

Cooking Skills: 1/100

This Reddit user has a deep-seated fear of the kitchen. When he was a kid, he nearly burned the whole thing down. He only wanted to bake his mom a batch of cookies but laid waste to the oven and the kitchen walls.

Image Courtesy of rattyravenrizzo / Reddit

He claims to have dropped an egg as if he wasn’t meant to. You have to give him credit. He managed to cook two eggs in the pan without burning the house down. And he even managed to take a picture of this dish before serving it to his wife for breakfast.

Keep Off The Mustard

This newbie chef has discovered a pro tip when cooking. Learn to label your food items. This is especially important when you share the kitchen with siblings and other family members. While baking a cake, he managed to use the right icings, except for the yellow!

Image Courtesy of adorable _ depth 2238 / r / nailed it / Reddit

His mom bit into the cake excitedly. Then she dry-heaved the cake unto her palm. “Wow, that’s uh….that’s delicious.” She peers at the cake curiously and then takes a whiff of the yellow icing. “Is that mustard?” He is taken aback, and he dips his finger in the icing to taste it.

Getting There

If you dislike having to look after dogs or walking them, how about considering a pet plant? You read that right. They’re less maintenance than pets, and just like you, they need a little sunlight and water every now and then. We suggest planting pets such as this Chia Pet Bob Ross for beginners.

Image Courtesy fo [unknown] / Reddit

This Chia Pet is affordable. It should only cost you about $16, and it comes with enough seeds to plant three times (just in case, you know, you manage to kill the first two batches). Your own Bob Ross planter can grow a healthy head of hair if grown successfully.

Not As Absorbent

If there’s one piece of advice we can give the ice pop company Popsicle, it would be this – keep your popsicle designs simple. Stick to those ice lollies that two can share. When they go charting into unknown territories, like Bikini Bottom, they might end up lost undersea.

Image Courtesy of w00t burger / Reddit

This limited edition lolly comes in two flavors – fruit punch and cotton candy. But fans are quick to criticize that this lolly looks nothing like Spongebob Squarepants. His shirt is red instead of brown. He doesn’t have a belt or blue eyes. Just what in the holy barnacles did they do to him?

Far From It

Does visualization work? They say it’s helpful if you’re accustomed to doing it and have some realistic basis for doing so like you have enough skills to make your vision a reality. But if you have little experience sculpting dinosaurs out of playdough, you shouldn’t claim that you’re a pro.

Image Courtesy of bublebeej10  / Reddit

At least Reddit user bubblebeej10 was humble enough to admit he had thought his play dough skills were better than he anticipated. He can chalk this to experience and leave sculpting to extinction. Even he can’t tell the head from the dinosaur’s tail!


You can never go wrong when baking pizza. Simply shape the dough and add your favorite toppings. Leave out the pineapple, just to be safe, and then bake it in the oven according to the instructions. You could even craft your stuffed pizza if you’re feeling adventurous.

Image Courtesy of Tim the Tooth / r / nailed it / Reddit

But when Reddit user TimtheTooth tried this little endeavor, he could see little semblance with the bread dough before him and the snake design he was copying. He grabbed the pizza cutter and slit the reptile’s body into four, then stuck two Cheetos in its mouth.

How Old Is She

For many reasons, this picture achieved notoriety online. Redditor rohit attempted to draw a portrait of his girlfriend. It took him an hour. He stippled, sketched, and erased as he saw fit, making sure that there were shadows where he needed them. But the result was far from his expectation.

Image Courtesy of rohit – n / r/ nailed it / Reddit

People were rolling on the floor at the results. That’s the work of a grade-schooler, which would explain why the woman he’s modeling the picture after looks very young. Either way, he solidified his girlfriend into a meme for life.