Dodgy Discoveries: 40+ Unusual Finds Unearthed During Renovations

By Jishnu B

Home renovations can be a heap of fun. Not only does it allow you to make your home your own, but it can also add value to your property. It helps in improving functionality by creating more space, adding storage solutions, or upgrading outdated systems such as plumbing and electrical. It also helps in adding value to the architecture of the home through personalization.

However, home renovation projects can also bring some unexpected surprises. What if you found a secret room behind a bookshelf while tearing down a wall? From hidden rooms to lost paintings, renovations can uncover hidden treasures and unlock the mysteries of our homes. Here are some of the weirdest things homeowners have uncovered during their renovations. 

The Tea Kettle Incident

Ever thought about how it would look like to have a tea kettle on top of a house roof? Well, it would certainly be a quirky and humorous touch that adds character and charm to a home. It can bring quite the laughter to the neighborhood. 

Image Credit: Jfonzy / reddit

The tea kettle roof can be a conversation starter, attracting curious passersby and eliciting double-takes. It can be a unique and unexpected way to enjoy a hot cup of tea while taking in the views from the roof. And finally, it may become a local landmark, known for its whimsical charm and inviting spirit.

The Cosmic Discovery

Have you ever started a home renovation project and discovered a hidden treasure lurking beneath the surface? That’s exactly what happened to one lucky homeowner when they found a vintage space-themed wallpaper under three layers of outdated wallcoverings. The wallpaper is believed to date back to the mid-20th century.

Image Credit: bubbaloon / reddit

It features a unique and colorful intergalactic scene and looks pretty stunning despite being so old. The owner must have been overjoyed to find such a unique and rare treasure in their own home. We think this wallpaper is extremely cool. 

Uncovering the Past

For many new homeowners, finding hidden surprises within the walls of their houses is part of the excitement of owning a new property. But what if those surprises were 120-year-old bricks that had been hidden for decades? That’s exactly what happened to one new homeowner. 

Image Credit: ProfessorTuukar / reddit

The homeowner was making changes to the wall when they noticed something strange. The plaster was loose in one section, and upon further inspection, they discovered that it was hiding a layer of 120-year-old bricks. He was thrilled to have uncovered such an unexpected find.

Finding a 20-Year-Old Letter

Imagine the excitement of buying an old house full of history and character. It is a dream come true for many people, especially those who love the charm and uniqueness of vintage homes. However, it’s not all about the aesthetics; old homes often hide secrets and memories that only come to light after renovation work.

Image Credit: AngeB1818

This was the case for one couple who had just bought an old house and were in the process of renovating it. They were taking down the wallpaper in one of the bedrooms when they found a letter that had been hidden behind the wallcovering for 20 years. 

A Secret Room

Renovating a home can be an exciting adventure, full of surprises and hidden treasures waiting to be uncovered. One of the most thrilling discoveries a homeowner can make is finding a hidden room, whether it was used as a secret hideaway, a storage area, or something else. 

Image Credit: lofud / reddit

A hidden room can turn out to be the perfect location for a game room, a man cave, or even a disco ball-equipped dance studio. However, this was an awful way to discover the extra room. We just hope that no one had discovered the secret room yet and that it was vacant.

Sim Card Discovery

Have you ever stumbled upon a strange object while fixing a leaky ceiling or doing a home renovation? It can be a strange experience, especially if the object is something you’ve never seen before. That was the case for a group of contractors who recently discovered a sim card embedded in the ceiling.

Image Credit:

The sim card was found while they were conducting a routine maintenance check on the building’s infrastructure. Upon closer inspection, they realized that the card was embedded in the ceiling tiles and was connected to a network cable that ran through the building’s ducts.

Found A Safe

Discovering a safe in your house can be pretty exciting! It’s like finding pirate’s treasure. The mystery and intrigue surrounding the safe can be fun to imagine, like what could be locked inside? Maybe it’s old family heirlooms or valuable items that have been forgotten for years.

Image Credit: sumsum216 / reddit

These sturdy relics of a different time evoke images of mysterious secrets, hidden treasures, and long-forgotten stories waiting to be uncovered. If you’re lucky enough to have the key or know the combination, opening the safe can be a thrill. It’s like unwrapping a present that’s been hidden away for who knows how long. 

Another Hidden Room

The discovery of this hidden room adds a new layer of intrigue and excitement to the renovation process and sparks the imagination with possibilities of what could have been. It has the potential to become a standout feature of the house, adding to its character and history.

Image Credit: jpel46 / reddit

The room’s large size and hidden nature suggest that it was meant for a specific purpose, whether it be a secret hideaway, a storage area, or a special place for the previous occupants of the house. We are really curious as to why such a big space was left unnoticed all these years. 


When it comes to identifying your home, house numbers are essential. But what if your house number could be more than just a simple digit displayed on the door or wall? That’s what you get with the shadow of a house number projected onto the stairs.

Image Credit: deleted user / reddit

This unique touch is made possible by the etched glass in the door. The glass is etched with the house number, and when the sun shines through, the shadow of the number is projected onto the stairs below. It’s a subtle yet eye-catching feature that adds a touch of character to the entryway.

Paw Imprint

Discovering a dog paw imprint on the floor during a house renovation can evoke feelings of nostalgia and sentimentality. The paw print serves as a tangible reminder of a beloved pet who once lived in the house and brings to life memories of the joy and companionship the pet brought to its owners. 

Image Credit:

It is a poignant reminder of the ways in which our pets leave their mark on our lives and homes. The paw print also represents the passage of time, as the renovation of the house is a sign of change and growth. It can be a touching moment, making the renovation process feel more personal.

The Tiniest Fork

The tiny size of the fork makes it seem like it was created for a fairy or miniature person, adding a touch of whimsy. It serves as a reminder of the beauty and artistry that can be found in the smallest of objects. 

Image Credit: animal_highfives / reddit

The fork’s miniature size makes it seem like it was made for a doll or a tiny creature, and the thought of using it to eat a regular-sized meal is absurdly comical. It’s almost as if the fork is daring you to try and use it, making mealtime a hilarious and lighthearted experience.

Uncovering History

For many homeowners, the crawlspace is a dark, damp, and creepy place that is best left untouched. But for one family, the crawlspace proved to be a treasure trove of history when they discovered an old newspaper from way back in 1902.

Image Credit: bobfromholland / reddit

The family had recently purchased an old Victorian-style home and were doing a few renovations when they stumbled upon the newspaper in the crawlspace. The newspaper was yellowed and brittle with age, but it was still in surprisingly good condition.

Double the Convenience

When it comes to designing a home, the bathroom is often an afterthought. But what if you could have a bathroom that had some extra pizzazz? This homeowner discovered just that when they bought a house with two toilets facing each other.

Image Credit: a_paper_clip / reddit

They were a testament to the creativity and practicality of the home’s design, and they added a unique touch to an otherwise ordinary room. Overall, the homeowner was thrilled with their discovery of the two toilets facing each other. However, there is a concern about privacy here. 

The Keyhole in Brick Wall

This wall looks like it could be a prop from a spy movie. The keyhole’s presence suggests that there is something hidden behind the wall, something that can only be accessed with the right key. How strange. We are intrigued.

Image Credit: VillainStrange / reddit

The keyhole’s placement in the solid brick wall also implies that the contents are well-protected and secure, adding to the allure and mystique of what might lie behind the wall. Whether it’s being used as the entrance to a hidden bar or the entrance to a secret garden, we’ll never know. 

Monopoly Floorboard

One family who was pulling up the carpet in their newly bought home made a pretty surprising and delightful discovery. Underneath the old and worn-out carpet, they found an imprint of a Monopoly game board permanently etched into the floorboards.

Image Credit:

In a world where everything is fast-paced and digital, it is refreshing to come across something that is tangible and nostalgic. The Monopoly board imprinted on the floorboards is a reminder of simpler times when families would gather around a board game and spend hours playing and laughing together.

Behold The Basement Toilet

Having a toilet in the basement can be a funny and practical addition to your home. Whether you’re enjoying the adventure of going down the stairs or providing privacy for guests, a basement toilet is sure to bring a smile to your face.

Image Credit: user deleted / reddit

Going to the bathroom in the basement can feel like a mini-adventure as you navigate the stairs and head to the depths of your home. With its low ceilings and lack of natural light, a basement bathroom can feel like a dungeon—a place to hide from the world and escape from reality.

Bug Infestation

Imagine discovering an old bunker deep underground, filled with all the supplies and resources needed to weather a disaster. But instead of finding a safe haven, you find yourself face to face with an army of creepy crawlies. That would definitely be a gnarly sight. 

Image Credit: Colombianthunder / reddit

Bunkers, being underground structures, are the perfect environment for pests. With no natural predators and a steady supply of food and water, bugs and rodents can thrive in these conditions. In addition, many bunkers were built before the invention of modern pest control methods, making them even more susceptible to infestations.

A Beach House with a Window

Imagine waking up to a view of ships in the water. For one beach house owner, this dream is a reality, thanks to a unique feature in their home – a window specifically designed to make a boat’s shadow appear on the horizon.

Image Credit: DamnMikeHockslong / reddit

The house was built with the ocean in mind, and the designer wanted to bring the sea inside. They achieved this by creating a window that was positioned in such a way that it would cast the shadow of a boat on the horizon as if it was sailing across the ocean. 

Tapes of David Koresh

It is a very unlikely instance where one would stumble upon lost tape recordings of cult leaders. This particular user came across recordings of the leader of the cult known as the Branch Davidians, David Koresh. These tapes offer a glimpse into the mind of one of the most notorious and controversial figures. 

Image Credit: ignorethesigns / reddit

The tapes serve as a stark reminder of the dangerous and destructive influence that cult leaders can have on vulnerable individuals. It also reminds us of the need for vigilance in protecting those who may fall under their persuasive sway.

The Miniature Masterpiece

Are you tired of your kids constantly asking to play house and never having enough space for their imaginations to run wild? Well, one creative family has found the solution to this problem by building a functional house for kids under the stairs.

Image Credit: AeroBearo / reddit

The mini house was designed to be a replica of a real house, complete with a living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. It was built with kids in mind, so every detail was carefully thought out to make it both functional and fun. 

Bowling Balls

It’s always intriguing to uncover the secrets of a new home and to imagine the stories that the walls and objects within can tell. Imagine moving into a new home and finding a hidden stash of bowling balls under your porch. 

Image Credit: David Olsen

This was the reality for a family who recently bought a new house and was in for a surprise when they discovered a collection of bowling balls hidden under their porch. Apparently, the balls are from the 50s. Perhaps the space was once used for recreation. 

The Many Colors of The Window

Have you ever encountered a window that showed different colors in each part due to the outside view? This rare phenomenon can be seen in some homes and buildings that are situated in unique locations with different views from each side.

Image Credit: pommiegurl130 / reddit

We’d like to call this “the window with the split personality: a unique view of the world.” Due to the difference in lighting and landscape, the different parts of the window appear to show the colors of the trees during different seasons.

An Ancient Well

Why did the archeologists dance around the ancient well they found under the wooden floor? Because they were over the well and underground at the same time! Yeah, we never claimed to be comedians. This user removed a piece of the wooden floorboard only to be surprised with an ancient well beneath it. 

Image Credit: sdavis08 / reddit

The well’s age and cultural significance make it an important artifact, and its discovery sheds new light on the history of the area. Apparently, it was common for homes to have a drilled or hand-dug well before municipal water systems were installed. 

The Mysterious Chain: An Enigma Embedded in the Wall 

If you’re a fan of mystery and history, you’ll love this tale of a random chain embedded in the wall of a 1930s-era home. The chain, made of heavy iron links, was discovered by the current owners of the home while they were renovating.

Image Credit: WomanOfEld / reddit

At first, they were stumped as to what the chain could be used for, as it didn’t seem to serve any practical purpose. Despite no one knowing the origins of the chain, it has become a part of the home’s history and charm. Furthermore, it is definitely a conversation starter.

The Toast of the Town

If you’re looking for a unique and quirky addition to your home, you might want to consider buying a house with a built-in toaster. Yes, you read that right—a toaster that is connected to the kitchen wall. This odd but endearing feature is a true conversation starter.

Image Credit:

The concept of a built-in toaster is not new and dates back to the 1950s and 60s when home appliances were becoming more integrated into the design of homes. These built-in toasters were considered to be luxury items and were typically found in high-end homes.

The Ultimate Workspace

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s not uncommon to find people working from home. Since more people started working from home, it can be tough to distinguish between home life and work life. But what if you could have a built-in desktop right in your own bathroom?  

Image Credit: AlliumVineale / reddit

But how does it work? The desktop is attached to the side of the toilet and is hinged, allowing it to be easily lifted and used as a workspace. It provides a flat surface allowing you to work comfortably while you take care of business.

The Shocking Discovery

Imagine buying your dream home and finding out that it was built using materials that were meant to mark the final resting place of the deceased. One unsuspecting homeowner made the shocking discovery that their house was made of gravestones.

Image Credit:

The house, built in the late 19th century, was made of a type of stone known as “gravemarker granite,” which was commonly used to create gravestones and monuments. The stones were perhaps sourced from a local cemetery and were used to construct the walls and foundations of the home.

Money In Vent

The discovery of money in the dryer vent is a reminder of the potential for unexpected gifts in life. Like the way the light dances on the crumpled bills, life is full of moments of shimmering beauty that can be uncovered with a little patience and a sense of adventure.

Image Credit: TipsyMc_stager / reddit

The money can be a source of jokes about the power of tumbling to make your money grow. We wonder what they will buy with their newfound riches. Let the discovery be a reminder of the unexpected wonders that are waiting to be uncovered in your life. 

Drinking Fountain

Drinking fountains can be a sought-after amenity for those with the means to afford them. However, installing it in a more middle-class household surely raises some eyebrows. Thus, having a water fountain in your home does not necessarily equate to being rich. 

Image Credit: user deleted / reddit

There are also several perks to installing a water fountain at your home. For instance, you don’t have to worry about running out of glasses again. It saves time and money on bottled water purchases. Most importantly, it can double as a shower head in a pinch. 

The Secret Buzz

For many homeowners, discovering something unexpected in their yard can be a cause for concern. But what if that something was a secret colony of bees thriving just below the surface? That’s exactly what happened to one lucky family who discovered bee hives underneath a brick wall in their backyard.

Image Credit: fryfryfryfryfry / reddit

The hives were located just beneath a brick wall that surrounded the yard. The family was amazed to find such a thriving colony of bees. The discovery of these secret bee hives was a true delight for the family. It was a reminder of the wonders that can be found just below the surface. 

The Adjacent Door Debacle

If you want to add laughter and charm to your daily life, we recommend you install adjacent doors at your house as well. Leading to endless opportunities for humor and hijinks, living in a house with many adjacent doors can be a funny and confusing experience. 

Image Credit:

The abundance of doors can lead to some humorous attempts at keeping track of which room is which. Not to mention, getting lost in the labyrinth of doors can be a source of endless amusement. The many doors can make for a great game of hide-and-seek or door-to-door sales.

A New Year’s Surprise

Staying in a new place can be exciting. You never know what you might find. But what if you discovered a hidden room that was just waiting to be explored? This family found a hidden bedroom with a secret bookcase door while staying in a vacation home for New Year’s.

Image Credit: pokersquirrel / reddit

The hidden room seems like a cozy and inviting bedroom, complete with a comfortable bed and all the amenities one might need for a comfortable stay. It is the perfect hideaway for anyone who needs a quiet moment to themselves.

From Hospital to Home: The Fire Extinguisher That Remains

Hospitals are places of care and comfort, but they can also be quite different from the homes we live in. So, when one family decided to move into a former hospital-turned-house, they knew they were in for a unique living experience. But they didn’t expect to find a fire extinguisher still hanging on the wall.

Image Credit: TaterHD / reddit

The fire extinguisher is a remnant of the building’s previous life as a hospital. It was a simple yet important tool used to ensure the safety of patients, staff, and visitors. But when the hospital closed its doors, the fire extinguisher was left behind, hanging on the wall where it had always been.

The Hostage Frog

Finding an unexpected item on the roof can be a cause for concern. But what if that item was a strange statue of a frog tied up as if it was a prisoner? That’s exactly what one family discovered on the roof of their house.

Image Credit: dwrecksizzle / reddit

The family was doing some routine maintenance on the roof when they noticed the statue. At first, they thought it might be a prank by some neighborhood kids, but as they got closer, they realized that it was a well-made statue of a frog, intricately crafted and tied up with ropes.

Fish Fossil in Kitchen

The thought of a fish swimming around, minding its own business, only to become fossilized and trapped under the kitchen floor for countless years, is a funny image. It’s as if the kitchen has its own little aquarium from prehistoric times. 

Image Credit: cameronsounds / reddit

Apparently, the preserved fish belongs to a species of Knightia eocaena. It was an ancient fish typically found in an area called the Green River Formation which consisted of Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming. Since this house is located in Massachusetts, we’re not sure how the fish got there.

The Purr-fect Picket Fence

For many cat owners, their furry friends are more than just pets—they’re family. So when one homeowner stumbled upon a house with a unique feature, they knew they had found their dream home. The house in question had a white picket fence, but with a twist. 

Image Credit: Ashtronica2

Each picket was carved in the shape of a cat! From the playful grins on their faces to the intricate details of their fur, the pickets were unlike anything the homeowner had ever seen. These provided a sturdy barrier for cats to play on without risking them running away. 

The Secret Door

Buying a new house is tempered by the stress of finding hidden problems or issues that need to be fixed. But what if, instead of finding problems, you stumbled upon a secret door that had been hidden for years? That’s exactly what happened to one lucky homeowner. 

Image Credit: imgur

The homeowner was exploring their new house when they noticed a suspicious crack in the wall that seemed to lead to a hidden room. They decided to investigate and, to their surprise, found a secret door that had been cleverly disguised behind a bookshelf by the previous owners.

Raven Sighting

A raven perched in the attic of a restaurant is an intriguing sight. This large, intelligent bird is known for its glossy black feathers and its distinctive croaking call. Its presence in the attic of a busy restaurant could be the result of a variety of reasons, such as seeking shelter from the elements or searching for food. 

Image Credit:

Regardless of the reason, encountering a raven in such an unexpected place is sure to be a memorable experience that will linger in the minds of those who witness it. This is definitely a scene out of an Edgar Allan Poe poem. 

Finding a Mystery Box

Imagine moving into a new home, only to find a rusty, old box hidden under the floorboards. It’s like something straight out of a mystery novel. But when one homeowner discovered just that, they were in for a wild ride.

Image Credit: danzorz / reddit

The box was in such bad shape that it looked like it had been there for decades. If we were in their place, we would be immediately intrigued by the box and couldn’t wait to find out what was inside. Perhaps the box was filled with old photographs, letters, and trinkets. 

No Front Door

Living in a house without a front door can be a wild ride, as it’s guaranteed to keep things interesting. For instance, it saves time on door knob polishing and makes it easier for friends to drop by unannounced. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about the doorbell ringing during your nap time. 

Image Credit: Stuckinsidemycar / reddit

It may provide a sense of open living, increased natural light, and an unobstructed view. On the other hand, it may also raise security concerns and create difficulty in regulating privacy and temperature. You’ll never have to yell “Come in!” again—visitors can simply step right in from the back door. 

A Floor Safe

When a family decided to renovate their living room, they never expected to find a floor safe hiding underneath their carpet. The discovery of the safe was both exciting and comical, as they found themselves in the middle of a real-life treasure hunt.

Image Credit: M3ANMACHINE / reddit

Once the carpet was removed, the family was stunned to see the safe, which was covered in a thick layer of dust. They eagerly approached the safe and tried to open it, but to their surprise, the door wouldn’t budge. They tried every combination they could think of, but the safe remained stubbornly closed.

Dedicated Entry for a Furry Friend

As we mentioned before, for many pet owners, their furry friends are more than just animals; they’re a part of the family. So when a family decided to build their dream home, they made sure to include a special feature for their pet hedgehog – a dedicated entryway.

Image Credit:

The entryway is designed to be the perfect size for their hedgehog to come and go as they please. It was made from sturdy materials that would withstand the hedgehog’s sharp claws and is built to provide plenty of ventilation, so their pet would always be comfortable.

Finding a Safe Behind an Electrical Socket

When a family moved into their new home, they never expected to find a hidden safe behind one of the electrical sockets. The discovery was a complete surprise, and it quickly turned into a thrilling adventure as they tried to unlock the secrets of the safe.

Image Credit: hippyscum98 / reddit

The safe was located behind a wall socket in the living room. The family noticed that the socket was slightly loose and, upon closer inspection, discovered that it was actually a disguised door to a small safe. It surely is an ingenious way to hide a safe.  

Sunlit Toilet

The warm glow of the sun filtering in through the glass panes casts a mesmerizing dance of light and darkness over the bathroom, casting the toilet in an otherworldly glow. The light from the window illuminates the curves and angles of the toilet. 

Image Credit: cykaexe / reddit

In this way, a toilet lit by a single window in a bathroom becomes a work of art, a masterpiece of light and shadow that transforms the mundane into the magical. Let the light and shadow be a reminder of the artistic potential that can be found in even the most unexpected of places.

Samurai Sword Discovery

Renovating an old house can bring surprises and discoveries that are beyond one’s imagination. For one family, the surprise they found while renovating their home was a piece of history that had been hidden for many years. While digging under the section of the house that had a dirt floor, they discovered a samurai sword.

Image Credit: BriCins / reddit

The sword was in remarkable condition, considering it had been buried under the dirt floor for an unknown period of time. It is a testament to the beauty and value of preserving history. It is a reminder that sometimes the most precious treasures can be found in the most unexpected places.