How to Hang Christmas Lights For An Electrifying View

By Stephen M

Special occasions deserve special decorations. During these times, we try to create special and unforgettable moments for family and friends. So be it the Christmas holidays, marriage ceremonies, Thanksgiving Day, birthdays, etc., festive lights ensure that your venue looks special and attractive.

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If you are a newbie in the realm of hanging Christmas lights, here is a guide to see you through the process. After reading this, you will know:

How to choose the right Christmas light

Know your decorations plans before choosing your string of Christmas lights. Are you using it indoors or outdoors; are you hanging it on a tree? You should consider the purpose and area of hanging before selecting a type of Christmas lights. It is important to use the lights exactly in their designated places. Outdoor lights shouldn’t be used indoors; likewise, don’t use indoor lights for outdoor purposes. That said, there are varied multipurpose lights on the market. They come in different colors, single and multi-colored, so choose according to your preference and the occasion.

How to hang outdoor Christmas lights

Hanging Christmas lights can be a little challenging, but you are good to go with these steps. The first step is to gather all the tools needed for the installation. Imagine completing the installation only to find out the light isn’t working! To prevent this, test the lights even if they are brand new. Afterward, fix the light clips at designated places of the wall with the help of a ladder. You can now hang the lights on the clips and hurray; you are done. Enjoy your captivating view by plugging in the lights.

Fixing a Christmas light on a trees

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Aside from beautifying the outer and inner parts of your home, you may also want to lighten up your trees or Christmas tree. You have to follow the same procedure used in hanging outdoor lights. However, you wouldn’t need clips. The branches of the tree would serve that purpose. Run the strands of your Christmas lights through the branches of the tree in a systematic way to create something beautiful. Afterward, you can plug in the lights to enjoy the breathtaking view.