How To Maintain Order In Your Living Room

By Goodness M

The living room: the perfect place where your family gathers and relaxes. We have compiled tips that will assist you with the important task of keeping your living room organized.

1. Add a Wastebasket

Our living rooms usually accumulate a lot of trash. Therefore, to get rid of the clutter, introduce a wastebasket that matches the room’s decor. To avoid a nasty smell, get a wastebasket with a lid. Also, a deodorizing trash bag helps to get rid of the smell.

2. Clutter-free Flat Surfaces

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As a place that sees a lot of traffic in your home, the living room usually accumulates more clutter. Papers, books, brochures, and magazines always find their way onto flat surfaces. Clear all the papers and introduce a filing system where excess papers and reading materials can be placed. Furthermore, you can introduce a two-drawer lateral file to assist in storing files instead of putting them on the coffee table.

3. Control Tangled Cables

Behind our entertainment centers, tangled cables cause headaches, especially when trying to locate a particular cable. However, a Cableyoyo can neatly coil the cords no matter the length. Also, its adhesive backing sticks to any surface. Also, a cable caddy has space that clamps numerous cables while allowing them to freely dangle. The best choice is a cable zipper which puts all cables in a tube. As a result, the cables are completely taken out of sight.

4. Create a Play Zone

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Children and their toys often overwhelm the living room. Therefore, transform one of the corners of the living room into a play area. As a result, encroaching clutter is easily blocked by the walls. Furthermore, a corner is perfect for putting a children’s table. Toys can be stored in rolling bins.

5. Creatively Display Photos

Family photos create pleasant memories. Sometimes these photos are scattered all over the living room. However, they can be stored properly in photo albums and collage frames. Also, the vertical space on the wall can be used to put the picture frames.