How To Make Wax Melts At Home (DIY)

By Stephen M

We all love pleasant scents, don’t we? The feeling of having your home/office smell exquisitely fresh is an incomparable desire. Good scents, especially those from essential oils do improve mood and can serve as an immune booster. Oh yes, you read right! You can enhance your home/office scent using an air freshener being it aerosol sprays, pump sprays, plug-ins, gels, and solids, or candles and wax melt. Of all the methods, the wax melt has proven to do extraordinary work. When infused with essential oil, melt wax churns out a great smell and is very easy to prepare at home. Follows these simple steps to prepare melt wax at home using natural ingredients.

Photo credit:  Mindaugas Norvilas on Unsplash



Photo credit: FotoHelin on Shutterstock


  1. Fill the saucepan with water halfway or 1/3 and put it on fire to simmer
  2. Now place your beeswax, candle dye, and coconut in the glass bowl and place it over the already simmering water. As it begins to heat and melt, stir it gently with the large spoon for a homogenous mixture. After the ingredients have melted and mixed, bring it off the heat source.                      
  3. Now you can add the essential oil as preferred. You can add two or more essential oils for a unique smell. Stir is very well to mix well.
  4. Pour the mixture in the silicone ice cube tray or any other molds you have. Your melt wax is ready.
  5. Now place the molds or silicone cube tray in a cool dry place for the wax melt to solidify. After some hours take them out of the molds and store them in a Tupperware or airtight container.

Your wax melts are ready for use now.