How To Utilize The Space Above Your Couch

By Luka E

If you’re busy redecorating and are on the lookout for some new design inspiration, this is for you! These are a few stylish ways to decorate the space above your couch to make your lounge a truly iconic space for lounging.

Single Artwork

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For a less busy feeling space, it’s a good idea to find one big piece to cover the wall above your couch. It could be colorful, abstract, minimalistic, or whatever your artistic preference might be. This approach can be lovely when done right.

Vintage Pieces

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Going vintage can save on expensive purchases and means you don’t need to make too many changes to the walls themselves. This vintage divider gives the room an effortlessly elegant feeling without having to do much.

Big Mirrors

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A large mirror that takes up significant space on your wall can be an incredible piece of decor. They end up lending a very chic look to a room while adding an extra visual dimension and creating the illusion of space. 

Gallery Wall

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This really gives you a chance to show your personality through the pictures you put up, the style of the frames, and the way you lay it all out. It has the potential to be vintage and old-timey, modern, or playful, depending on how you do it.

A Mix of Everything

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Why stick to any single one of these options when you could combine them all? In this example, they’ve creatively incorporated shelves with plants, a mirror, and a few prints that give the space a wonderfully mixed texture and mood. 

So, those are our top design ideas for the space above your couch! We hope they’ve gotten you one step closer to building the lounge of your dreams.