45 Outlandish Ways People Designed And Decorated Their Homes

By Amy M

The best feeling in the world is when you own a home. You can adorn it however you want without being confined to the strict rules of a rental property. The trouble is that some people may get too excited while at it.

These people might have gone a bit over the top with their décor choices. Sure, we know that people can do whatever they want with their space to bring them joy because home is where the heart is. But hey, some of these choices are pretty questionable.

Can you imagine having creepy doll wallpaper in your bathroom or neon green kitchen cabinets? It sounds quite strange, but some of these do deserve some points for creativity. Let’s take a look at 45 unique and outlandish designs that these people might regret in a couple of years.

Haunted Wallpaper

These people might want to rethink their terrifying wallpaper. If someone claims that dolls aren’t scary, they probably missed out on Chucky. It must be unsettling to use this bathroom, especially at night. It probably feels like the eyes of the dolls are following you.

Image courtesy of Moria Atropos/ Facebook

As if the wallpaper isn’t strange enough, they went ahead and added this oddly shaped mirror. Maybe it’s used as a distraction from the walls. Every bathroom requires a mirror, but they should consider getting rid of this one. You’ll have a heart attack seeing the reflection of the wallpaper behind you.

Light the Way

This room is filled to the brim with luxury and elegance because of all these chandeliers. We’re probably all wondering the same thing. Why are there so many of these hanging on the ceiling? Luckily, this roof is very sturdy. Any other one would collapse under all the weight.

Image courtesy of Lisa Benedict/ Facebook

This person either has a passion for collecting these crystal beauties or runs a business selling them. Either way, it’s strange to see all these chandeliers in the attic. Well, the advantage is that they’ll have plenty of lighting every time they go up there.


This fireplace isn’t for the faint-hearted. If you see this at night, it will leave you shaking in your boots. It’s quite disturbing how realistic the teeth look, especially with the fire glistening underneath them. The eyes also stare straight into your soul.

Image courtesy of Michelle Kirwan-Woods/ Facebook

If you hate unwanted guests lingering at your house, install one of these bad boys in the living room because it’s a surefire way to deter them. They will be creeped out at how the eyes look like they follow your every move.

Green Obsession

What do you think this person’s favorite color is? They are obviously gaga over this shade. Green isn’t terrible to have in your kitchen if it’s more of an olive color. This design looks like the Grinch blasted his color all over the cabinets.

Image courtesy of Moira Atropos/ Facebook

People should march to the beat of their own drum, but it’s not a bad idea to get inspiration from others every now and again. This kitchen, for example, could look amazing with a trendy pistachio or mint paint. Neon colors look best in bowling alleys rather than homes.

For Your Convenience

This could be situated anywhere in the world, but there’s one place that does come to mind, and that’s New York City. Showers and baths can be found in kitchens in many late 19th and early 20th-century apartments. This might be the only decent place you can get if you’re bargain-hunting in the Big Apple.

Image courtesy of Lisa Benedict/ Facebook

For the right price, you can be an optimist about the layout of the place. Some individuals might consider it advantageous that they can cook while on the toilet. We sure hope there’s a bed situated in another room. You wouldn’t want to sleep in there as well.

Dysfunctional Curtains

These old-fashioned curtains serve no purpose other than causing confusion. The rods were positioned in a way that the drapes couldn’t be drawn properly. The one in the middle can’t be shut at all! Remember to take the correct measurements when installing rods so that you can avoid this dilemma.

Image courtesy of Moira Atropos/ Facebook

Just as well, there are shutters on the windows to give this person some privacy, or else anyone would be able to peer into the room. Curtains can be pricy, so that’s probably the reason for their hesitation to remove them.

Hoarders Galore

Someone call Marie Kondo stat. This place is in serious need of decluttering. To say this person loves their ornaments is an understatement. Even the queen of organization will probably find it difficult to get them to part ways with their decorations.

Image courtesy of Lisa Benedict/ Facebook

This person should adopt a minimalistic lifestyle. It would make their life easier. The room would be less of a challenge to clean, and a headache would be avoided every time they enter the room. It’s true that a tidy space equals a tidy mind.


You would think a mansion worth more than five million dollars would have a more lavish toilet installed in the bathroom. This sprawling property in Georgia shockingly has 12 bathrooms. We need to know if all these restrooms come equipped with these odd toilets.

Image courtesy of Terri Garret Gilmore/ Facebook

This toilet isn’t completely hideous. It would work better in a less fancy setting. They needed to purchase a gold-plated toilet, just like Kim Kardashian did back in 2013. A solid gold toilet costs around six million dollars. If you have the dough, treat yourself.

Kitchen Nightmares

Stay off the kitchen if you can’t handle the heat. This monstrosity would have anyone running for the hills, including Gordon Ramsay. Cooking a meal can be difficult enough. Now you have to deal with this kitchen that would trigger a dizzy spell.

Image courtesy of Moira Atropos/ Facebook

Be careful not to stare at this photo for too long, or else you’ll end up with a terrible migraine. Who on earth would want to have this color in a space that they have to use constantly? At least now they would have an excuse to order in.

Tiger King

Raise your hand if you think this is a cool design. If you didn’t, we don’t blame you. You’re likely a huge fan of Tiger King if you love this couch. This design is endearing, but it wouldn’t match anything unless you have a whole jungle theme going on in your house.

Image courtesy of Teresa Maxwell/ Facebook

The designer didn’t take people’s clumsiness into consideration. The extended legs and tail attached to the couch are a safety hazard. It would be hilarious to watch folks tripping on those. The tiger head will also be the cause of many jump scares.

Toe-Curling Decoration

Beds don’t need to be shaped in different ways in order for people to want to buy them. We’re simple creatures that only require a comfy mattress and a plain bed frame. If you want to switch things up, here is an adult version of a race car bed.

Image courtesy of Lisa Benedict/ Facebook

This foot-shaped bed is so bad that it’s good. It would be interesting to see how many people have actually purchased this and placed it in their bedrooms. Where can one buy this peculiar bed? We’re just asking for a friend.

Tragic Trend

Isn’t it wonderful to have a carpeted bathroom floor? You can step out of the shower without needing a mat. Hopefully, you can sense the sarcasm. It would be terrible. Think of how unhygienic it is because there’s going to be so much mold growing there.

Image courtesy of michelle Kirwan-Woods/ Facebook

The 70s are best associated with this creation, but it’s the 50s that birthed this controversial trend. The war made it difficult to access many luxury products, and carpeting was considered luxurious. After the war, the prices dropped drastically, which led to many people placing carpets everywhere in their homes.

Trippy Tiles

Insert Phoebe’s famous line from Friends: “Oh, my eyes! My eyes!” How can you enjoy singing in the shower with these trippy tiles? If you suffer from vertigo, we wouldn’t recommend following in this person’s footsteps and getting this funky pattern for your shower.

Image courtesy of Lisa Benedict/ Facebook

It’s impossible to feel tranquil in this place. This is almost reminiscent of the Overlook hotel bathroom in The Shining. They’re both incredibly off-putting! This needs to be retired, or else someone will slip after trying to scurry out of there.

Mickey Mouse’s Club House

This is either situated in a Disney fanatic home, or it’s a condo owned in Orlando that’s rented out to tourists. That would make more sense, but the truth is that there are people out there that are passionate enough about Mickey to create something like this.

Image courtesy of Lisa Benedict/ Facebook

Disney adults, the kind of people who are obsessed with anything Disney-related, would love to have this in their place. Except they would definitely add more Mickey Mouse trinkets in the kitchen. This archway is a bit over the top for a regular house, but if you love Mickey, we say go for it.

Swing High, Swing Low

It would be pure chaos to have swings in a kitchen, especially if you have children. The sole purpose of these so-called chairs is to use them to sit down and enjoy a nice meal at the table, but it would just turn into a jungle gym.

Image courtesy of Lisa Benedict/ Facebook

This design wasn’t the best idea. If you are able to swing on them, you’ll end up crashing straight into the kitchen island. The cherry on top is that it doesn’t even have back support. Enjoy looking like a shrimp while eating.

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let Down Your Hair

This has got to be the best design on this list. However, we have to admit that it’s a bit excessive. No one needs a staircase and a slide attached to their bed. This is something you expect to see in a young royal’s bedroom.

Image courtesy of Moira Atropos/ Facebook

You don’t have to be a child to feel a twinge of jealousy over this magical bedroom. The only good thing about not growing up with this type of luxury is that you probably didn’t turn into a spoilt adult.

Best Seat in the House

Wowza! This movie room has a huge couch in it. This person either has a large family or wants to be neighborly and invite the whole block over for a movie night. At least you can dim the lights so nobody would be distracted by the bright pattern.

Image courtesy of Teresa Maxwell/ Facebook

The screen should be the main focus when you’re in there, but this couch is definitely stealing the spotlight. This person should definitely consider the idea of replacing this couch with multiple chairs rather than a couch that takes up the whole space.

Death Trap

A bed on a platform like that would cause some serious injuries. We hope whoever owns this remembered the wise words of their parents and didn’t attempt to jump into this death trap. The worst part is that the floor isn’t even carpeted.

Image courtesy of Lisa Benedict/ Facebook

This person was blessed with natural light in their room that most people would only be too happy to have, yet they decided to block it out with this unnecessary piece of stone. The mini fridge next to the bed almost makes up for it.

Caution! Slippery Floor

Flooring is the last thing that most people think about when it comes to decorating their space. It is one of the key elements in interior design and can either make or break a place. This custom-built floor appears to have stones in it that were created using epoxy, which is a synthetic resin.  

Image courtesy of Lisa Benedict/ Facebook

This epoxy flooring can potentially break the bank and some bones if you’re not careful because it’s really slippery. Some might say it’s not even worth it as it only lasts around 2-3 years if you get a lot of foot traffic.

A Princess’ Room

We’ve found a room that would totally fit in with Barbie’s pink Dream House aesthetic. This fancy-schmancy design is brought to you by Antonovich Architecture and Design Luxury Interiors. They sure know how to create something fit for a princess.

Image courtesy of Moira Atropos/ Facebook

You could only set up a room like this if you have one child. Imagine how expensive it would be to provide several fancy rooms for multiple children. You have to be the apple of your parent’s eye to get this.

Hawaiian Tropic Estate

This is an example of how money can’t buy good taste. This cluttered mansion was put up for sale for a large sum of 6 million dollars in Florida. Interestingly enough, this once belonged to Ron Rice, the founder of Hawaiian Tropic.

Image courtesy of Lisa Benedict/ Facebook

The magic touch of the Property Brothers is needed if they want to sell this property. Jonathan and Drew Scott could turn this place around in an instant. This home could go from being a gigantic mess to an elegant liveable space in the Sunshine State.

Beetlejuice Vibes

This contemporary bathroom looks like it was taken straight out of director Tim Burton’s popular film Beetlejuice. This modern design would receive the Deetz family’s stamp of approval because it resembles how they transformed the quaint house in the movie.

Image courtesy of Lisa Benedict/ Facebook

It will be challenging to take a relaxing soak in the tub if you’re faced with this hectic paint on the walls. This bathroom houses a stunning bath, which seems to be the only thing that hasn’t been spray-painted. The arty design is cool, yet a bit extreme for the bathroom.

Floral Overkill

Why? Just why? Someone clearly fell in love with this fabric and decided to deck their whole room in it. Everything is covered with this pattern except for the carpet, which is surprising. Luckily, that was left out, or else it would make a person more disoriented. 

Image courtesy of Eliza Russell/ Facebook

Only a grandmother could appreciate this as they’re known to be obsessed with florals. A lot of time and effort was put into this, which makes it quite sad that people are only going to express their hatred for this design.

Bed, Bath, and Beyond

A little advice to all the sleepwalkers out there: never put water surrounding your bed unless you want to find yourself swan-diving into a pool at night. People who roll in their sleep also require a warning, or else the same thing will happen.

Image courtesy of Moira Atropos/ Facebook

It’s going to be difficult to get a good night’s rest here because of the smell of chlorine emanating from the water. This whole experience would be stressful because you also have to worry about not bumping into anything or else valuable objects will take a dive into the swimming pool.

Angelic Bed Frame

What happened to the days when bed frames were plain and unadorned? Mind you, this is better than those 1800s metal ones. At least with those, you didn’t have to worry about crashing into a cherub figurine every time you got up.

Image courtesy of Moira Atropos/ Facebook

The beds aren’t the only unusual thing in this photo. If you take a closer look, you can see scary clown dolls placed on top of the bedding. We could see this room being in a boutique hotel that is a hundred percent haunted.

Evil Lair

So this is what you’d expect every movie villain’s evil lair to look like. All it’s missing is a tank full of sharks and a swivel chair with a hairless cat on it. A James Bond movie could’ve been the designer’s inspiration for this home.

Image courtesy of Moira Atropos/ Facebook

It’s quite strange to picture someone living out their daily lives and lounging around in their casual clothes in this fancy home. It’s easier to visualize this being used to throw soirées. This eccentric house would also make a great place to host an art gallery.

Nightmarish Setting

Does anyone else get really bad vibes from this place? It has a clinical feel to it with those curtains draped across the whole room. And what is up with the white carpet on the floor? It looks like someone’s husky shed its fur there.

Image courtesy of Moira Atropos/ Facebook

At the moment, this bedroom looks quite dull. It desperately needs some color to bring life into it, and the owner of the place should consider adding a poster or two. This person thought they were making the room interesting; instead, they created a nightmarish setting.

Oversized Scratch Post

Cats would have a field day with this plush staircase. It would be like a giant scratch post that they could climb. A person, on the other hand, would have the burden of having to vacuum constantly. Another disadvantage would be the terrible carpet burn they would experience if they fell.

Image courtesy of Moira Atropos/ Facebook

If you remember anything from Science class, you’ll know that rubbing your feet on a carpet, especially with socks on, will create a static charge. This person should walk around with shoes if they want to avoid getting shocked every time they touch a doorknob.

Indoor Playground

This interior design is a wonderful way of bringing the outdoors in. If you want the benefits of being out in nature but don’t want to leave your house, then take inspiration from this. Hopefully, you don’t mind attracting woodland creatures into your home.

Image courtesy of Teresa Maxwell/ Facebook

This wouldn’t be nice for the person who is responsible for cleaning, though. Kids, on the other hand, would have a blast with this makeshift playground. They have what looks like a bird’s nest to use as a tree house. Now their parents can’t yell at them to go outside; they basically already are.

Take A Seat

It is strange to have seating in a bathroom. These yellow chairs will be perfect to use in a waiting area if someone is taking their sweet time on the toilet. Plastic seating is a good idea for a damp environment. Perhaps a different color should be chosen to match the setting.

Image courtesy of Ivona Bradley/ Facebook

The only seating people use besides a shower chair is the porcelain throne in the bathroom. No one wants to spend all their time sitting in a bathroom unless they want to ponder life in their towel for a few minutes after a long shower.

Pattern Mania

It’s a good idea to use wallpaper in a room because it is more durable than paint. It is common for ceilings to act like a fifth wall and to be decorated with wallpaper or murals. This is typically done when the walls are left bare.

Image courtesy of Lisa Benedict/ Facebook

This pattern is gorgeous, but it could look better if it was dedicated to one item or placement in the room, such as the walls. It is intriguing how they managed to find the same pattern for the bedding and everything else in the room.

Work in Progress

Fingers crossed that this bathroom is busy undergoing renovations. It would be terrible to have purple walls, a broken bathtub, and an unfinished floor. It might look like carpeting, but it’s actually concrete flooring. The mottled pattern also gives it an unclean appearance.

Image courtesy of Kim Rose/ Facebook

If you have a good eye for decorating, you’d be able to see the potential that this place has to become a sophisticated modern bathroom. Picture it with a coat of white paint, a claw bathtub, and a new vanity. It would look amazing!

Decorative Plates

Is this a home or a hotel lobby? This person clearly invested in good quality furniture, which is the best thing they could have done for their house. The furniture is lovely, but there’s one thing that will have the internet divided.

Image courtesy of That?s It, I?m Home/Home Decor Shaming/ Facebook

Depending on your décor preferences, you will either love or hate these blue accents on the wall that sort of resemble decorative plates. Some people will really appreciate this creation, and others will say the wall would look better untouched.


This is the work of a skilled interior designer that went a tad overboard with their décor pieces. There is so much going on that your eyes don’t know what to look at first; the elephant tusks, the poster, or the three circular things on the bedside table.

Image courtesy of Moira Atropos/ Facebook

If only this stunning space was a bit bigger, then all of this person’s ideas would work better in the room. It looks cluttered, especially with the three different chairs. It would be a mission impossible to try to dodge all of those at night.


Well, well, well. Look what we have here. It’s another matchy-matchy design. According to the two other pictures we’ve seen, this seems to be quite popular. We don’t think this is the worst one, but that’s for you to decide.

Image courtesy of Lisa Benedict/ Facebook

The 1920s were known as the golden age of wallpaper. But this room could also be from the 80s because that’s when it rose to fame again. Everyone’s granny probably had a bedroom decorated like this at one point. It does have that grandmotherly warmth to it.

Beach view

This coastal bathroom won’t be to everyone’s liking. It could be favored if it contained more blue accents that are typical of an ocean theme. The only blue object we can see is the shower curtain in the reflection of the mirror.

Image courtesy of Lisa Benedict/ Facebook

Another design feature that people will find bothersome is this textured wall. Even if you’re not a fan of it, you have to agree that the designer is clearly dedicated to their craft. We can only feel sorry for anyone wanting to redecorate this bathroom. It’s going to take ages to remove those pebbles.

Magical Entryway

Just when you think you’ve seen all kinds of unique designs, we present you with this nature-inspired entryway that will leave you spellbound. Walking into this home must feel like you’re entering the magical world of The Hobbit, but that’s not necessarily a good thing in this particular case.

Image courtesy of Lisa Benedict/ Facebook

The entrance to a house sets the tone of what the rest of your space will be like. First impressions matter, so it’s important to put your best foot forward when decorating this area. This is an incredible design. However, it looks busy, and sometimes less is more.

Vomit Green And Electric Pink

Design is subjective, but we’re sure that only a handful of people will support this color scheme choice. These vomit green and electric pink hues aren’t attractive alone, and when you bring them together, they clash. One would prefer calming colors for a good night’s rest.

Image courtesy of Moira Atropos/ Facebook

Trends tend to pop back into our lives at one point or another. If this was ever considered popular, we wish for it to be buried deep in the past. This room doesn’t give off positive energy, and anyone would have nightmares if they had to sleep there.

Mystery Room

You can normally figure out what a room is used for, but this one will leave you scratching your head. This space is so random. There is no furniture in there to give us a clue as to what it could be used for. There’s only a carpet!

Image courtesy of Lisa Benedict/ Facebook

This person loves the great outdoors so much that they decorated their wall with faux rocks, and you can even see that the partially-covered floor looks like fake grass. A person should try camping once in a while if they get to the point of putting that in an enclosed room.

Over the Top

This is what you can imagine all kitchens in Las Vegas to look like – over the top with gold accents here and there. This probably won’t make the list of the world’s most luxurious kitchens because it’s slightly tacky.

Image courtesy of Lisa Benedict/ Facebook

This kitchen design is probably here to stay. It looks newly renovated as there are no appliances that have been placed there in those empty spaces yet. In all likelihood, the refrigerator, microwave, and whatnot will be gold to tie in with everything else.


It would be nice if we lived in a world where people didn’t design their spaces like this, but sadly this is the reality. This kitchen is quite an eyesore with the red and black colors on the cabinets and not to mention the confusing ceiling.

Image courtesy of Moira Atropos/ Facebook

There is a positive side to this design flop. With all the cooking that goes on, kitchens can get quite messy. At least these black floors and cabinets can easily disguise the dirt. They should’ve put the same color on the table tops.

Cherry Red

There is a shared fondness for the color red because of what it symbolizes. It is mainly known to be linked to love and passion but also spells danger. Living rooms are meant for relaxation, so you wouldn’t want feelings of panic to arise if you view it as the color of aggression.

Image courtesy of Lisa Benedict/ Facebook

This bold shade is nicely balanced out with the white in the room. The color isn’t our main focus, though. The décor, what we can only assume is flowers dangling from the ceiling, overpowers the room. It is quite overwhelming.

Man Cave

This is the epitome of a man cave. Men tend to want to escape their overbearing wives by sitting on the toilet for countless hours. This room is two-in-one with a bathroom and a cave. When you put them together, it becomes the ideal setting for a tired husband and father.

Image courtesy of Ivona Bradley/ Facebook

However, there are potential risks to using this bathroom. There is nowhere to escape if you get trapped there. Even worse, what if someone stinks up the space? There are no windows to air it out. Good luck avoiding suffocation.

Bathroom of Mirrors

This bathroom is like those halls of mirrors that you find at amusement parks. Instead of walking through a maze, you can watch yourself on the toilet. It’s easy to get distracted by the mirrored walls, so we want to point out the sunken bathtub just in case you missed it.

Image courtesy of Lisa Benedict/ Facebook

It seems challenging to get in and out of the bath without slipping and injuring yourself because they didn’t provide a handrail. It looks like you have to roll on the floor to get in there, and you’ll need assistance to get out.

Paint Disaster

It appears that someone went haywire with some pink and white paint in their kitchen. They were most likely too impatient to wait for a professional and decided to DIY in the dark. The good news is that this could easily be fixed with another coat of paint.

Image courtesy of Moira Atropos/ Facebook

Do these cabinets make anyone else really uncomfortable? This marble effect that was painted on there will leave your skin crawling because it almost looks like raw meat. Hopefully, the person who created this noticed the resemblance and painted over it immediately.