Moss Graffiti – An Awesome Contemporary Art Project

By Luka E

Contemporary art and climate activism join hands in this eco-friendly form of graffiti. Street artists have found an incredible way of creating a painting that forms moss. These moss paintings don’t require an aerosol and only need a bit of moisture to thrive. Not only are they actually alive and beautiful, but they’re soft too! This short guide will teach you how to make your own moss graffiti at home.

Image credits: Jaime Rojo (artist Hugo Rojas)

What you’ll need:

To make your paint, start by collecting moss from around your area or buy some at a nursery. Rinse the moss under cool water to remove as much of the loose dirt as possible. Place the moss along with the buttermilk, water, sugar, and corn syrup in a blender and get it really mixed up and looks like a milkshake. Just remember you’ll need to clean the blender especially well when you’re done!

Image credits: wikihow

Next, take your mixture and a paintbrush and find a suitably porous wall that gets a good amount of sun every day. A great tip is to put tape on the wall before you paint to keep your lines clean. You could also use cardboard cutouts for stencils. Use clean brushes as any paint residue will kill the moss! Once you’re done, water the painting every day for at least 2 weeks.

Image credits: wikihow

Remember that if you plan on taking your moss graffiti out into the public, it’s important to choose the right place where people will appreciate it. There’s a fine line between tasteful street art and vandalism.