Construction Chaos: 40+ Buildings That Desperately Needed An Architect’s Touch

By Ayomitide F

Historically, buildings and monuments have served a much bigger purpose than being mere structures. They have been treated as an edifice of human ingenuity and rightly lauded as the ultimate expression of wealth. Few assets would outshine a beautifully designed and well-built structure.

As such, creating such structures requires more than the bare minimum. It’s an art that combines taste, expertise, and of course, common sense. On one end, we have monuments like the Sphinx, the Pyramids, the Great Wall, the Taj Mahal, and many others that set the standard for those who may dare.

However, there are other structures that automatically set the bar way below. Today, we have selected a couple of those for your entertainment. We hope you enjoy!

Hell’s Dome

This structure is fascinating in its own way, to be sure. As a matter of fact, it was built with the idea of harnessing the full potential of solar power. The dwelling has a double-glazed glass surface that catches the heat and light from the sun, providing free heating in the winter. 

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons/ Laurent Jerry – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

In the summer, the roof creates a shade that provides natural cooling. It’s called the Heliodome, but we put a spin on that to emphasize how hot and inconsiderate it is. The name “Hell’s Dome” makes sense because the structure neglects most of the proper components of a beautiful building. 

The Coven

Who knew the secret to watching the game in peace required creating the most unthinkable sanctuary? You don’t need a degree in interior design to label this as the most self-centered home innovation ever! Live, laugh, love is simply the way to put this. 

Image Credit: Reedit, brambe

We can only admire this selfish person’s motive and the effort that was put in to make this. Using a dedicated ladder is no joke, but that can easily backfire with mischievous teenagers. Good thing the chair is not so comfy because nodding off would be an actual nightmare!

The Big Picture

What’s the best part of investing in a beautiful bedroom with all the makings of a luxurious space? Simple. You get to ruin it with an extra bed above the actual bed! Genius, right? This should be a trend. The TikTok algorithm would love it.

Image credit:

A plausible explanation for this horrendous addition would be that the owners have a troublesome cat or that this is an alternative to the couch when an argument arises. Instead of getting kicked out of the room, you take the accessory bed like a champ!

WallMart Apartments

We see fascinating innovations every day, and this is the latest rave, which includes the sick art of attaching a whole building to an even larger warehouse. Sick idea, right? Glad the trend died on the vine. It would have been insufferable. 

Image credit: Construct America

The major irony about this building is that it’s the headquarters of a construction company, which displays real bravado to its clients. Perhaps they wanted to save the employees a few minutes of walking from the offices to the warehouse. Good intentions always count!

The Exorcist

Up next, we have an edifice of modern architecture popularly known as the Brutalist. Rumor has it that the company initially considered “the Exorcist” but figured lifetime lawsuits from Warner Bros wouldn’t be fun. Either way, that name sticks for us, especially considering the unorthodox 45-degree orientation of the building.

Image credit:

Designed by the LYX Arkitekter company, this concept house is fascinating, especially the pool, which conforms to the slant angle. The building follows the Brutalism concept engineered by Le Corbusier in 1952. Now, this Iceland rendition would command prices in the millions. 

Barbie House

It took us a second to realize this was no doll house. It is the restroom for customers at Sloan’s Ice Cream. Taking a spin at this joint anytime soon? You should definitely avoid the bathroom. Or you could ignore this and let curiosity take its ride!

Image Credit: www.

It’s a mystery why it was made this way, but it certainly fits the whole ‘Pink Kingdom’ aesthetic of Sloan’s Ice Cream. Some things will never change, and we’re happy this pink world is only a private trend of Sloan’s ice cream chain.


Well, here we have the most accurate depiction of the real estate market. There is no way any sane person would use this bathroom or even buy this property. Not even “Mr. Magoo” would have to think about it. But never say never.

Image credit: Oozed, Reddit

Anyways, this bathroom is totally cursed. What’s the worst that could happen? Someone blocks the outlet and traps you in. Not the worst thing, right? Unless claustrophobia enters the chat! Also, let’s not forget about the extremely steep staircase. Dystopia beckons!

Lego apartment building

Although it looks like a bunch of Lego blocks, this condo building was designed by an expert architect named Rem Koolhaas. Now known as The Interlace, it was envisioned as a structure that weaved through the nearby forest and provided residents with all sorts of activities. No doubt it will.

Image Credit:

Alongside its hexagonally stacked blocks, the building has three peaks of 24 stories, and other stacks have 6 to 18. Residents started living in the space in 2013. Depending on your taste, You can say it’s brilliantly unique or just horrendous. It could just be ahead of its time!

No Way

Dedication and passion are some of life’s greatest feelings. But this is what happens when you tip the scales just a bit too much. Indian music teacher, Bidul Thyagaraj, displayed his passion in the form of a music-themed house in Parali, Palakkad district. Interestingly, the house is named after his daughter, Siveri. 

Image Credit:

The theme incorporates a 22 feet Violin, a piano made out of cement groves, and a massive rendition of Dolby speakers. Jaw-dropping! Whatever reservations we might have about these, it remains a local sensation as the neighbors and visitors keep taking multiple snaps for the Gram at this glorious site. 

Green roofs

Talk about being environmentally conscious. The patrons of the green roof trend are the real MVPs here. Most of us look for ways to help the environment and reduce global warming, but we often fall short. Fortunately for you, ladies and gents, we’ve found the secret recipe.

Image Credit:

Apparently, this practice dates back to the 18th century and has been kept alive for that long. It takes a lot of preparation to make a green roof like this. You’ll need good fabric, a waterproof membrane, and a competent drainage layer. Green roof owners can grow herbs and vegetables right above their heads!

The Wishlist

Window shopping for houses online can truly be an eye-opener. Real estate will always be an incredible investment, considering the average price of a home has skyrocketed from $391,000 to $530,000 in just two years! However, steering clear of houses like this is only right.

Image Credit:

It has been rightly listed as unique. The only potential purchaser would be someone who wanted the building for their growing collector’s portfolio of the weirdest houses in the States. Plus, it’s located in Pungo, Virginia. What do they even do down there? Hard pass, ma’am.


It seems 3D wallpapers are still a thing. At least, the fault here does not lie on a bad architect or the lack thereof. This is just a case of poor taste. When in doubt, get yourself a reputable interior decorator, and you’ll be thankful for it.

Image Credit:

There is nothing more saddening than ruining the interior of a well-constructed house. In case you are wondering, nobody would be convinced that there is a secret forest waiting behind your staircase. And as time goes by, it becomes an annoying eyesore.


Fair enough; anyone would get points for making an abode out of containers while enjoying free land for as long as possible. Hanging out with the fellas on those benches with drinks and stories in the shadow of your monstrosity sounds like a fulfilling leisure time.

Image Credit: 891R, reddit

That is until someone takes a hard look at your structure and points out the obvious vulgar depiction. But you already knew that because it’s called the DOmestikator, designed by Atelier Van Lieshout to show how we abuse animals for our own gain. Message received.

The inflatables

In case you missed it, the era of inflatable items is still very much alive. Lucky you! Growing up with balloons, inflatable pools, air mattresses, and water slides has inspired some people to make even larger inflatable items, like tents.

Image Credit:

Here we have an inflatable museum designed to boost public learning among kids across Mexico. It was developed by Guadalajara-based Estudio 3.14. A 30-minute tour by the team gives the kids a cool memory lane trip as they learn about contemporary Mexican culture in the most fun way possible.


This is what $2000 rent gets you in New York these days. A cozy bed and a bathroom in the attic. No surprise there. On one hand, it seems like the most peaceful part of the house where you can have some great me-time.

Image Credit:

How was it even possible to put a bathtub on the attic floor? Just pondering about it is a mess! No doubt, it takes a special brand of genius to pull this off. It certainly does offer a unique “experience,” so we can’t really decide how we feel about it.

User friendly

A little dose of aesthetics never hurt anyone, but overturning the whole essence of a structure can be quite a disaster. Right here, we have a staircase that is not user-friendly. Climbing up and down might be fun at first, but it will become a chore after a while. 

Image Credit:

This unique staircase is part of the Valna house located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It was designed by JSa Architecture, so we know who to thank. Although it’s a brilliant family house, the utility of an important staircase should have been prioritized over aesthetics.

Another nut job

Floating staircases are an architectural delight and reasonably so. Aside from being brilliant pieces of art, we know how rare they can be to come across. That said, staircases like these certainly give many people a hard time. But then, sometimes, architecture is all about sacrificing practicality for aesthetics.

Image Credit:

This particular one certainly oozes class. And we hate that we cannot outrightly despise it. Look at the intricate symmetry that works around the custom wood plank and the incredible element that the rocks beneath the stairs add to the portrait. Minimalistic, impractical, and oddly pleasing. 

The Deep Arch

We can’t say if this is a newfound trend or a total neglect of calculations. Either way, it could be much better. As much as we love arch windows, their beauty comes out best when they’re not covered by the ceiling. But this is what happens when a client insists on arch windows.

Image Credit:

Thankfully, the paint’s good taste is enough to keep the whole room from going sideways. And the owner got their arch in the end. It won’t be surprising if the next owner decides against the arch and removes it, though. We would actually consider it proper.


Once again, last-minute calculations deliver another decisive blow. Everything seems out of proportion here, and the over-utility they opted for has not paid dividends. It’s also quite fitting that there’s only one sink, so two people would not try to squeeze into that tiny space.

Image Credit:

The odd aura of this bathroom continues when you notice the toilet roll paper is attached to the sink. Squeezing that much utility into this cramped space is quite criminal. It’s hard to imagine anyone being comfortable, especially those who struggle with claustrophobia.  

Gothic Kitchen

There was little chance that we would ever encounter a kitchen with a red interior, but here we are. Quite odd that anyone would enjoy cooking here. One can call this the textbook definition of overkill, which comes from the lack of a proper interior designer. 

Image Credit: Ale Marquez, Twitter

The decor would still be overkill, even for a slaughterhouse. Unless your designer is “Wednesday Addams,” you should definitely get a refund. But till then, all efforts should be made to avoid your kitchen and, more importantly, avoid letting your visitors take a peek at it. 

The Rock!

As far as exotic goes, a rock getting showered by water might just be the limit. This room is a part of the Hartland private estate situated on the slopes of Sayan Ridge in Ubud, Indonesia. It was designed by Studio Jencquel and sits on 600 square meters of land.

Image Credit:

The estate features a loose string of bungalows that aim to blend into the environment, hence the rock in the middle of a room. But it is quite the impressive project overall. The use of locally sourced materials like Javanese teak, bamboo, and stones from Sumba boosts its overall profile.

Studio apartments

The real estate market keeps getting better. These sore sights are endless! Getting good value for your money is no longer a decent option in this climate. Folks are just looking for the next best option, but for some reason, they never get it.

Image Credit:

This is simply horrendous. No measure of interior design or architecture can play the savior here. One-room housing is really a shallow bottom pond. Fitting the stove, cupboard, bed, and TV all closely together in one room is more than ridiculous. And clearly not worth it.


It is never too late for a last-minute tweak. Someone realized they had messed up here and quickly rectified the problem by creating even more problems. This is definitely not the bathroom for a claustrophobic person or a lover of privacy.

Image Credit:

More planning should have gone into this, for sure. This article has shown us that people love to shove bathrooms in the weirdest spaces possible. Probably because that’s where everyone spends the least time. And with a bathroom like this? You’ll spend even less time in there!

Thanos’ work

What happened to the competent builders? This definitely looks like something Thanos would do out of sheer spite. It’s hard to see what the intention was here, but it certainly didn’t work out, considering the building has been abandoned. This is another level of incompetence. 

Image Credit: kitsf, Reddit

But then, it can be considered wheelchair access, depending on how you see it. Or maybe the picture is upside down, and the van is actually stuck to the ceiling! Thankfully, it is not a ramp for cars because it looks like it could break anytime. 

No guidance

And we are back with the staircases. By now, we know the most likely parts of a house to be messed up: staircases and bathrooms. Though this is a beautiful staircase, it loses its practicality in place of aesthetics, not that we are surprised.

Image Credit:

The lack of handrails is quite alarming, but the owners seem to be into that. The enigmatic staircase is one of the main features of the Villa MQ, which was designed by Office O architects for a couple with two children. We can already picture the accidents.

The Doome

Building domes has been a trend from the beginning of civilization, and it doesn’t look like that will change anytime soon. In their effort to build a historical landmark, these architects built an oversized Igloo hut instead. The windows that sprout from the sides of the “dome” make it even less appealing.

Image Credit:

What would an architect do differently? Maybe broaden the base a little bit. The compact base makes it look very boxy and low-budget. As for the windows, they could maybe make them more rhythmic with the overall dome outlook. The simple things count for a lot.

The Bunker bathroom

In case of a nuclear holocaust, we bet everyone would love to have their baths at least. To be fair, it was really impressive to fit a bathroom into this cavern. And if you don’t mind using a bathtub that’s directly under a huge mass of rock, then bingo!

Image Credit:

But with this unique environment, a more exotic finish would have complimented this subterranean cave. In fact, you may feel more comfortable with a wine cellar, a cozy fireplace, or even a pool instead of a whole bathroom underneath such rocks.

The epidemic

Nothing delights us more than sharing yet another aesthetic, impractical death trap of a staircase. People really need to relax and cool off these trends because it’s quickly getting out of hand. It’s only a matter of time before someone gets hurt for prioritizing being fancy over practicality.

Image Credit:

For the love of God, it’s just a staircase. A utility that should be readily accessible and useful to everyone who needs it. Imagine having to jump up to climb a stair. That just defeats the whole purpose of their existence! Don’t let the cool picture fool you. Say yes to practical staircases!

Wait, what?!

Finally, we are blessed with an out-of-the-box solution. You actually have to admire the concept here. Someone realized many people couldn’t make it upstairs or downstairs to use the bathroom, so they put the toilet right on the staircase. What a genius move!

Image Credit:

Privacy is not an option in this scenario. Perhaps it’s necessary to lock eyes with everyone that passes by, to assert dominance and all. It sounds like a brilliant idea after a drunk night out. You do your business on the way to bed and just crash. But on the next morning? Not so much.

The Suburban Pyramids

For some reason, someone went along with the most plain and most boring outlook for a suburban home. This is what happens when you hire a community college intern to design your home. You get a one-dimensional living quarter for yourself.

Image Credit:

But seriously, think of the most plain houses you have ever seen. Doesn’t this one top that list? As a matter of fact, it’s almost scary. Several horror movies end with a scene in a big ugly house with an American flag attached to the two-door garage. We don’t make the rules.


Hiring a community college intern might earn you a plain boring residence but an architect with a Ph.D. could loom large on the polar end of annoying. If you have always toyed with the idea of living in Pan’s labyrinth, then you are in for a treat. 

Image Credit:

This has the potential for unlimited nightmares. It could get really dangerous for toddlers and preteens. Adults are not exempt since navigating this house could be horrific after a drunken night. If you remember the state of the house (and that’s a big if), you’ll crash in the sitting room once you find it.

The little things

Well, well, at this point, you are already convinced that a lot could go wrong in building a house. Unfortunately, sometimes you might be forced to live with a design flaw forever. In this case, we have some deviants who opted for a single pillar instead of the usual double pillar.

Image Credit:

Whatever unique outlook they wanted, they surely got that. No elegant luxury vibe is as wonky as these ancient-style pillars that aren’t even centered properly. As much as the little things make a difference, they can also tip the scales quite negatively. 

Oh, no!

Tirau is a small town located in the Waikato region, New Zealand, with a population of just under 800. Aside from farming, the town is also known for its popular trend of using old, discarded, corrugated iron to make art-inspired buildings like these. 

Image Credit:

The Dog House is one of the town’s proud landmarks, which guards the highway that passes through Tirau. It may look like an eyesore, but it’s also the pride of the town. The building’s dog head was created by local artisan Steven Clothier, and it was later designated as the town’s Visitor center. 

Sunken realm

For some reason, many people find some kind of comfort in sunken bathtubs and such. Perhaps, we wouldn’t mind much if they were in separate spaces, but fitting both the toilet and sunken tub in the same room is totally criminal. You’ll be living in the center for germs and broken legs!

Image Credit: Reddit, lostinwonderlandxx

Definitely, the most bizarre toilet you will ever see. Being drunk and falling into the tub right after using the toilet is not a theory but a very probable event here. This is a Sims upgrade, not an actual house. 


We have seen all sorts of stuff at this point, but this shipbuilding really stands out. It is known as the Dom Korabl, a residential building located on Bolshaya Tulskaya Street in Moscow. The building is nicknamed the Titanic for its shape and the way it stands out among smaller buildings. 

Image Credit:

The 14 stories high structure holds over 900 apartments. In fact, the building is also nicknamed “House of Nuclear Scientists” because its design includes some features that can protect you against Nuclear bombs! Classic Moscow. The city is the only one in the world with a concrete cruiser at its center. 

Storey story

The tale behind some structures will leave you amused, disappointed, or even angry. When you get a clear context of buildings like these, you understand why they come out so deranged. For example, answers from the architects themselves would satisfy great curiosity here.

Image Credit:

Unless this is an incomplete building, then a lot of explaining is required regarding the logic of the balconies. Was there going to be a fire escape linking them? Or were they built for pure decoration? Imagine having a balcony you can’t use. 


There is no worse feeling than an awkward finish to an otherwise great space. Here you have a property on a great piece of land, but then it somehow gets overshadowed by a bunch of wood logs. We are no experts, but this room deserved better.

Image Credit:

With a property like this, you should be enjoying freedom, serenity, and enviable views. But with this one, residents would be more concerned about running into one of these wooden pillars than marveling at the wonderful space. Interesting choice, indeed.


If you thought the Pentagon was absurd, wait till you see this piece. A whole Octagon sitting in the middle of almost nowhere. This is one enigmatic structure right here, but who knows its purpose? It looks perfectly suited for an intelligence station.

Image Credit:

Given the level of inconsideration in terms of the growing bush surrounding the building, it is clearly not suited for civilians like us. We wouldn’t be surprised to find out that there’s a whole catacomb of tunnels and caverns underneath this monster. The CIA cannot fool us this time!


The toilet terrorists strike again. We have seen configurations of the bathroom go wrong over and over. But it seems nobody is learning from these mistakes. If anybody was, they would realize this sink and the toilet seat are too close for comfort. 

Image Credit:

Unless there is a serious dearth of space, this shouldn’t be happening. This court of Architecture is sick and tired of rookie mistakes like these. But we know there are even more bizarre bathrooms out there. This one is on the mild end.

Another one

Well, well, if it isn’t another plain brick-and-mortar creation. This is the recipe for an office building in the States. You have the tall slim pillars that might give away at any time, touches of white paint, and the bricks of eternity. Add a few sizable windows, and you’re all set.

Image Credit:

However, it is our deepest hope that we are leaving the days of plain boring brick shows and concrete jungles behind and moving on. To what exactly? We cannot say, but the pyramids might be a great place to start. At least those were sturdy! Architecture is going full retro. 

The Matrix

And we are back to bathrooms. That was quite the long break we had there, wasn’t it? As far as bizarre bathrooms go, this one sits in the mid-range. Which is even generous considering it’s a horrendous finish of an already well-done bathroom.

Image Credit: Reddit, CyberSunburn

Sometimes it feels like there’s a “how can I mess it up” challenge going on. For some reason, there is a strong psychedelic effect that we know we’d feel if we set foot in here. The desire to be enigmatic with regard to bathroom design has become quite worrying. 

Here we go again

We think it might be necessary to come up with laws that keep the out-of-the-box bathrooms way outside and accommodate the simpler ones. There is no point repeating how out of hand these designs are. Architecture should be about making life easier, not vice versa.

Image Credit:

For the love of the universe, can we all just agree to a pact that will keep bathrooms simple and practical? Who wants to climb a ladder to pick towels, man? Maybe a staircase would have served better in this case, but no. A ladder in a bathroom seemed the perfect solution. 

Wayne Manor

Ever wondered why nobody in Gotham knew “Batman’s” true identity? Who else could afford all those gadgets and match the ferocity of the Bat like the long-lost billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne? Well, here is another attempt by him, telling us to take the hint.

Image Credit:

Building a house with bat ears might make you think Gotham’s top dog is playing around again, but it’s all part of a massive identity reveal. This will change things forever, but only if we keep it to ourselves. Stay tuned for more!

Today’s riddle

Why would there be steps leading away from the tub? In case you were wondering, these stairs allow you to climb out of the tub and onto the sink, where you can shave. Pretty neat, right? We’ll hold back on this one.

Image Credit:

For alternate uses, the steps can be a great platform for pissing out of the window! Not that we recommend it. Or to do a mid-bath salsa dance on the countertop. The possibilities are endless! This bathroom is your oyster, do with it as you wish.

The Crap

Surely, there is no saving this one. It’s an absolutely horrendous fixture undeserving of anywhere sensible. Imagine being a guest in this house and wondering if it’s some kind of 3D Photoshop until you get closer and see it is actually real. The horror!

Image Credit: Reddit, UFOHHS**T

Whatever the concept or intention behind this fixture was, we’re sure the guests will be stoked and very comfortable, especially when they sit right under it. If you ever find yourself in a place with one of these, just chuck it up. No need to be an asshole about it.