Plant Nursery: Top 5 Plants To Start A DIY Nursery In Your Backyard

By Stephen M

If you are a lover of nature and interested in having a house filled with plants, you may sometimes want to nurse these plants yourself. Nursing helps you nurture your young plant, stem, or seed to a certain age before transplanting them to a permanent place.

Source: @karolina-grabowska / Pexels

As a beginner, you may struggle with some species as not all plants are easy to nurse. But we got your back. Here are some of the best plants and scrubs to plant once you get your DIY nursery project in full motion.

Creeping Thyme

This lovely scented and good-tasting spreading herb is definitely a must-try in your nursery. Its beautiful color adds to the aesthetic view of your garden while attracting pollinators for fertilization.

Creeping thyme is good as a ground cover plant due to its high level of resistance.


Stonecrop is another highly resistant ground cover plant. This succulent has light green leaves, which become reddish in winter. It bares flowers, so you are assured of having pollinators around.

Investing in this crop in your DIY nursery is never a waste of money.


Who doesn’t love the sweet and soothing scent of a lavender plant? It has both culinary and aromatic uses aside from the beauty it adds to your garden. Lavender is native and does very well in the Mediterranean zones.

Nonetheless, some varieties can withstand cold weather.

Pampas Grass

Native to southern South America, the pampas grass is a long-lasting and low-maintenance plant. With their visible feathery plumes, they add beauty to your garden and are very tolerant.

Source: @jeno-medgyesi-273403596 / Pexels

All it needs is good drain soil, and you are good to go.


Forsythia is best known for its lovely flowers that blossom in spring. A member of the olive family, this shrub is truly magnificent to have in your garden. It isn’t difficult to nurse, so far as you have well-draining soil, which is medium moist.