45 Easy Hacks To Turn A Dull Basement Into A Kid-Friendly Fun Zone

By Peace L

If you don’t have a designated playroom in your home, redecorating your basement could be the perfect solution for that. To revamp the dull space of a basement, all you need is a delightful splash of color and some toys.

Considering that safety is a top priority, you should check the area first, including checking for structural hazards, insulation, gas pipes, a fire escape, etc. You can also include an adult section in the design, which will allow you to oversee younger children as they play while you also have fun.

Custom designs can provide you with a space to get some work done simultaneously in case you work from home. Carpet tiles, funky wallpapers, bright colors, and even designs matching their favorite TV shows are just a few ways to turn a plain room into an indoor playground.

As you’ll notice, many of these designs are flexible, which is perfect for updating the playroom as kids grow and their interests change. Here are 45 ideas to turn a basement into an inviting and fun space for kids (and adults).

#1 Non-stop Fun Over Here

This setup is suitable for toddlers and young kids. If you have the height, why not throw in a mini slide to spoil your kids with fun. Soft pads at the bottom of the slide absorb the impact of the drop and protect your kids from burns or bruises caused by friction. 

Source: relentlesshome.com

A combination of ladders, tunnels, and a playhouse in collaboration with the slide make a compact play area for the kids. For younger kids, simple puzzles built into the playhouse walls are perfect for enrichment. The setup also features bright colors to match the giddy mood of your kids. 

#2 To Never Letting your Eyes off the Kids

This playroom is designed for you and your toddlers to enjoy at the same time. It features a couch, a large TV set, and a table at the center of the room for your kids. Additionally, the cool grey color on the wall is a well-balanced fit for you both. 

Source: architectureartdesigns.com

You can watch your favorite show and keep an eye on your kids while they scribble and paint on a notepad. Provide toys and side attractions like teddy bears and seesaw to keep your kids engaged. With seating for both kids and adults, it also makes a perfect spot for family movie nights.

#3 Affordable and Adequate 

Go for simplicity with this design concept. The minimalist playroom features an area illuminated using ceiling lights and propped with a huge shelf for holding all your kids’ toys, dolls, as well as other play items. Higher shelves are perfect for storing messy toys that you don’t want your kids to be using without supervision.

Source: decorchite.com

In this case, since your kids will be crawling on the floor as they play with their toys, carpet flooring gets the job done. Plain grey walls make an accommodating background for the color variety of toys. In addition, this design is budget-friendly.  

#4 Classic-styled Playroom

Here is another simplistic playroom; a grey shelf, drawer, and wall to complement the colorfulness of the toys. The blank background strategically helps toys glow and soak up the attention of your toddlers. Throw in a light touch of flowers to beautify the room.

Source: Futurist Architecture/Pinterest

You can position some of your kids’ portrait pictures to make the environment homier. Additionally, it’s essential that you cover the floors with carpets and that the room has enough space for the kids to roam freely and interact with the objects. 

#5 Nature-themed Playroom

The image below is a perfect example of a themed playroom. The design simulates the outdoor environment of a park by utilizing a lush green wallpaper with trees, bushes, and other elements of the natural outdoors. This design is perfect for rainy days; your kids will still get the feeling of playing outdoors.

Source: Foter Magazine/Pinterest

Given the outdoor aesthetics, don’t be surprised to see your kids exhibit energy nostalgia for their play sessions at the park. It is expected for children that enjoy the outdoors to respond positively to this setting. To top it off, you may bolster the natural vibe of the environment by placing a plant or two as decor.

#6 The Colors Make a Difference 

Opt for a cozy play setting with a warm splash of colors that attracts your children’s attention. Carpet tiles prove to be one of the best playroom flooring solutions. A colorful tile pattern really sets the mood for fun, especially for younger children.

Source: softtiles.com

Besides providing a comfortable platform for your kids to lie on, their surfaces are easy to clean. Stuff a shelf with engaging coloring books and storybooks for your kids to indulge themselves. Shuffle the available books on the shelf from time to time to sustain their attention.

#7 Here’s What to do with a Large Basement Space 

If you’re considering a roomy playroom and have the budget, give your kids endless fun by setting up a multicolor ball pit; attaching a slide to the structure doubles the fun. Smaller-sized equipment can be situated in the room to complement the ball pit. 

Source: relentlesshome.com

A large playroom also allows you to host your kid’s birthday parties and other celebratory events. A ball pit is lightweight and easy to move, allowing you to utilize the whole space. Organize chairs adorably decorated with cotton clothes to get your kids and their pals in the spirit of celebration.

#8 Somewhere to Relax with the Children

Here is another dual-purpose playroom. Strike two birds with one stone with a play area fitted with sections for adults and kids; note that this design is for older kids. It provides a cutout place for you and your kids to escape the world and get mixed up in the fantasies of a good read. 

Source: thelilypadcottage.com

Preferably, the kid’s section should be centered in the room to make sure your kids are within eyesight at all times. The kids’ section doesn’t have to be grandiose; a simple miniature section in the center of the room is perfect. A white and grey color scheme provides the serenity required for this play area. 

#9 Simple Design for Toddlers 

Something like this is perfect for toddlers. Fixing up the open space of your basement with bright colors, a chandelier, and a large carpet is a simple but efficient playroom decoration solution. It is important that you clear up the space for any obstacles that may trip your kids. 

Source: pouted.com

Set up little chairs and a table for your kids to get busy with their hands by occasionally drawing from imagination or painting on a kid’s coloring book. A short bookshelf allows the kids to easily retrieve and return books on their own. 

#10 Design with a Funky Coloring Scheme 

Merely looking at this picture already arouses the feeling of warmness and comfort. This is partly due to how our brains are wired to react to color impressions from our surroundings. The cool colors are highlighted with touches of brighter colors, giving the room a brilliant appearance.

Source: allarchitecturedesigns.com

Transform your musty basement into a recreational zone where your kids can kick back and relax after school. You could provide the entertainment of TV and a collection of their favorite novels on a bookshelf. With so much to entertain them, be prepared to host a lot of playdates.

#11 A Place for You and The Kids 

Nothing beats the convenience of an underground lair for unwinding after a long, possibly hard day at work. Repurposing your basement to provide a spot for solace in your own space after a long day at work is definitely worthwhile.

Source: chrislovesjulia.com

A monochrome playroom with sparse decor aptly does the trick of getting you in that relaxed state. The pair of white pigmented low-sofas and wall and dabs of brown furniture delivers an elegant appearance. Hanging pictures of your loved ones on the wall gives the final piece that makes you feel at home.

#12 Storytime

If you would love to renovate your basement and provide a special spot where you can read to your kid, this design is best for you. Give your kids an indoor adventure by withdrawing them from their mundane daily routines and sweeping them into the entertaining realms described in the book stories.

Source: projectnursery.com

The plain walls attenuate the colorful collection of books stacked on the shelf. Add decorations like a flower vase to boost the playroom’s appearance. Leaving open space on the walls is a perfect place for kids to hang up their drawings.

#13 Playroom for a Developing Child 

The image below is for toddlers. Besides the matching chairs and shelving, other accessories provide the full support and entertainment needed by the child — like a feeding chair and board for pasting their drawings/paintings. Soft flooring is a must for younger children, so carpets and foam tiles are ideal.

Source: Mary Williams/Pinterest

It is advised to feed the young mind of your kids with as much learning material as possible at this tender stage. Prop charts on the walls and even take advantage of the carpet to display the map of the world. Don’t be afraid to use every corner to provide enrichment.

#14 Affordable Design Options

For those that intend to transform the extra space in the bottom level of your house into a fun room but are limited by a budget, it doesn’t take more than moving a corner piece sofa and footstool along with some pillows to upgrade the space.

Source: HGTV

You can make it an adult-kid playroom by adding a kid’s toy, like a swing, at the center. A makeshift swing can readily be constructed by suspending a flat piece of wood with a rope to the ceiling. Before allowing kids on it, ensure the swing is secure. The girl in the picture’s smile says it all.

#15 Spacious Playroom

Transforming the dark empty area of your basement into the most fun room in the house is an entertaining exercise in its own rights. Instead of cramming toys into a large basement, let the space do the work for you. With a bigger play area, kids can run around, and having too many toys are a tripping hazard.

Source: onekindesign.com

One kid-sized slide, a bookshelf for holding toys, and a counter with a sink and running water are all you really need. Positioning these elements at the edges of the room maximizes space. With a minimalist design, the playroom is perfect for kids of all ages.

#16 Making Space for Free Play

Your kids will appreciate the privilege of their own little room for running around and expressing themselves freely. The idea of a playroom in the basement also allows you to host your book club meetings without intrusion or disturbance from your kids.

Source: 12oaksblog.com

Furnish the room with a bookshelf, a table and chair sized for toddlers, and a television. Throwing in a chalkboard for some fun learning time is a good optional addition. Do well to stuff the shelf with toys and books for engaging your kids. 

#17 Simple Joe

Thinking of going for something simple? This playroom encompasses an adequate set of items that promises your young cubs a good time. Try something like this for a quick fix or a budget-friendly alternative. It’s also a perfect solution if you have a designated playroom that’s currently out of commission.

Source: whitehouseblackshutters.com

Populate the playroom with a floor game of twisters and a collection of your kid’s favorite toys like building blocks, puzzles, dollhouses, and stuffed animals. There’s nothing wrong with adding some learning toys such as doctor sets or electronic alphabet readers. Get a nice wooden shelf to hold all the toys when playtime is over. 

#18 Playroom Bursting with Color 

If you have a larger budget, you can equip the playroom with a plethora of objects to give your kids non-stop fun. They will find delight in the wide variety of toys available to interact with and will hardly ever get bored. 

Source: salvabrani.com

A bright and colorful playroom is always a good choice for kids younger than nine. Get creative with the wall decorations. You could use wallpaper on one side of the wall and paint the rest. When buying toys for the playroom, think of them as decor, too. Get colorful toys to bolster the liveliness of the room. 

#19 Play Equipment and Toys Studded Playroom   

You could provide all the physical activities your kid enjoys in one playroom if you have the space. Recreate the feeling of being in the park by including some of the equipment found there. This one is another design perfect for rainy days.

Source: Exceptional Studios/Facebook

Obviously, your basement can’t contain an entire park, so select your kids’ favorite ones for deployment in your playroom. Position a ball pit in the center of the room with a ramp for your kids to slide into it. Add a wooden toy house structure where they can climb around.  

#20 Playrooms with Adult Sections Included 

Here’s another example of a mixed playroom for kids and adults. Sometimes, the babysitter won’t be available, and work simply can’t wait either. A playroom with an area for you to work while you watch the kids is the best solution in those instances. 

Source: sunlitspaces.com

Have floor games in one corner of the room; some ideas are twisters, snakes and ladders, giant Jenga. You could also set up a few play tents for your kids to play trivial fantasy and tell stories. Keep your kids engaged while you take care of your work without interruption.

#21 “I Just Want to Be Alone”

Having a sequestered palace to yourself isn’t too much to ask for. An underground lair where you can zone out and be alone is achievable right underneath your house. Turn your basement into that comfortable space for you to relax or focus all your attention on work without distractions. 

Source: HGTV

The key is to keep it simple. Choking the space with too many items robs the place of its ability to provide mental clarity. Choosing a white color theme for the walls and furniture further serves this purpose and suggests class. Add colorful accents to give the room just the right amount of energy for a dull workday.

#22 Town-themed Playroom 

Giving kids a play world of their own right in their home is one of the sweetest things you could do for them. If space permits, engage children’s wild imagination by creating a mini-town in your basement where they can role-play and entreat themselves in all kinds of fantasies. 

Source: middletownct.gov

This playroom solution is expensive but worth every cent spent at the same time. Take the fun up a notch by providing costumes for your kids to assume different characters as they play. With so much fun crammed into one space, you won’t have trouble keeping your kids engaged at home.

#23 Small but Sufficient 

This one is a great playroom design for older children. Prop up a table at one end of the room for them to practice their drawing and painting skills. If they have younger siblings, a ball pit could be mounted on the other end of the room. 

Source: pm365.tk

A white color theme is a brilliant design choice for kids within the older age bracket. A high shelf hung on the wall for storing a few books increases the neatness of the room. Additional storage spaces are perfect for keeping board games and other activities.

#24 Bringing Class to Playrooms 

For space you’ll like to enjoy alongside your kids, try something like this. White painted walls with black flooring and grey carpets to match fit the mood for this sort of playroom. The simple colors are perfect for adults, and the colorful toys are the perfect bright accent.

Source: talkdecor.com

A plastic cross-hatched basket rounds up your kids’ toys. Your kids also have a table all to themselves to play with the toys. A comfy light blue couch is propped in the room where you can sit back, relax and oversee the activities of your kids. 

#25 A Garage for Your Kid’s Toy Cars

Got kids that are enthusiastic about toy cars? Design a shelf specifically for keeping their extensive collection of toy cars in your basement. Not only does it store their collection, but the wall-mounted display allows them to enjoy the ones they’re not playing with by having them in view.

Source: handimania.com

Kids love to play with toy cars, but it becomes an issue when they own way too many, and there are toy cars scattered all over the house, even in the most unwieldy places. A dedicated shelf for keeping the toys in the basement is an efficient solution to this problem. 

#26 The Handy Solution of a Stationery Holder 

Artistically gifted kids with a knack for whipping up masterpieces tend to own an overwhelming amount of stationery. Their pens, brushes, or markers happen to spill over to floors and cause a mess. And some aspiring artists may get frustrated when they can’t find the marker or pencil they’re looking for.

Source: homebnc.com

The setup in the above picture solves this problem. A rail with cups for holding up your kids’ wide variety of stationary tidies things up. You can sort the stationeries into different categories for easy retrieval. The open setup makes it easier for kids to find what they’re looking for and even easier for cleanup time.

#27 Going for a Warm Look? 

Check out the elegant playroom in the image below. One of the advantages of this setup is that you could also use it as a study room. Grey carpets always go with white furniture and walls. Complement the color-devoid background with colorful toys and decorations in the room. 

Source: premiergroupcontractors.ca

Organize books and toys on a portable shelf. Use lights that deliver a soft, warm glow to create a comfortable mood. Throw in a counter with an electric kettle for tea time. Each part of the design is independent of the other, so it’s perfect for changing things up as the kids grow.

#28 Playroom Renovation in Elegance 

Looking for something for your teenage kids? Try this. You could give your playroom a modern look and add simple shelves for stacking books and board games alongside other elements that recreate the comfort of a living room. Supplement the couch with some pillows for convenience.

Source: marieburgosdesign.com

Dark blue walls suit the play room’s chill vibe. Adorn the walls with posters or portraits, but avoid the urge to oversaturate the wall with images. Let the kids design the room by letting them help you choose the wall art.

#29 A Haven for Avid Readers

Some kids love to read, and the best thing you can do for them is provide a quiet space for them to enjoy books from their favorite authors. Kids who love reading should be encouraged to fill their minds with all the tales they want.

Source: maisondepax.com

The setup is simple: a shelf for keeping the books, adequate lighting, and thick carpets. With thick carpets, there is seldom a need for a chair since your kids can lie and sit on it as they digest a novel. Toss in a few stuffed animals for your kids to cuddle to make their reading experience comfortable.

#30 Avoiding the Mess of Toys 

Children just can’t get enough toys. You get them one today, and they shower it with so much attention and hang on to it obsessively. But then, in the next few days, they are done with it just like that.

Source: trucsetbricolages.com

A playroom equipped with enough baskets to store all the toys is an ideal solution. Getting them a huge load of toys makes it hard for the toys to get old because their attention will be divided across the wide variety of toys. 

#31 Minimalist Playroom Style 

What an eye candy playroom we have here. The good news is it is quite affordable. Renovating your basement like this won’t rip a hole in your savings. After clearing up the basement, all you have to do is paint a few square feet of wall and carpet tile for the flooring. 

Source: sunshineontheinside.blogspot.com

For the furnishing, a mini-table, chairs, and moderately-sized shelf should do the trick. The only pricey item here, the chandelier, costs only a few hundred dollars. This design is flexible, making it an ideal design for upgrading any home, no matter the space available or the age of the kids.

#32 Cozy Playhouse for Toddlers 

This is indeed an adorable playroom look for toddlers. Use the combination of bluish color on the walls and a light brown carpet to create a welcoming atmosphere for your kid. The mirage of a tree with birds perched on its branches on one side of the wall is also a nice touch. 

Source: decorchite.com

The room is filled with fun objects like a trolley, a tent, and a small shelf containing kid stories. A long couch where a kid can also stretch their legs out and relax is also situated at the corner of the room. 

#33 Playroom with Well-optimized Space 

The design below cleverly utilized available space in the room. The objects in the room are positioned at the edges to give free room for kids to play in the center. In this case, poufs are used for sitting solutions because they don’t take up much space. 

Source: projectnursery.com

Recently, poufs have been turning up more frequently in interior decoration, thanks to their portability. A broad carpet covers the hardwood floors to provide a frictionless surface for kids to play on. Leaving some wooden flooring available for playtime is the perfect surface for toys with wheels, such as cars.

#34 Nature-themed Playroom

What do we have here? A brilliant playroom design that brings the experience of the outdoors to a home’s basement. Sometimes the weather isn’t right for outdoor playtime, like overheated summer days. Kids are very imaginative and could forget they are really in the basement in no time. 

Source: onekindesign.com

The design here is a masterpiece in its own right. The details of the tree, lawn, and storefront are truly inspiring props. The cherry on top is the hammock hanging from the tree. Go for this design or a similar theme if you really want to thrill your kid. 

#35 Easy Does It 

Contrary to what many think, a minimalist playroom gets the job done in most cases. Space is the most important element in a playroom. Besides the toys, this playroom features a shelf, a tent, and a table. Use the available wall space for enrichment, such as posters of the alphabet.

Source: remodelaholic.com

Since kids love colors, flooring with multicolored carpet tiles is a good choice. Foam tile pieces are a perfect solution for concrete floors. One last essential piece of equipment is a basket neatly keeping the toys after playtime is over. 

#36 Cheeky Playroom Design 

Your kids love to have fun with a pencil, crayon, and paper, so while not give them an elegant space to artistically express themselves. After they are done creating, give their finest work some exhibition on the walls and watch how their lips drawback into a smile. 

Source: freckleschick.blogspot.com

The above playroom design pulls off a white-on-white color scheme. The walls and furniture all feature the same brilliant white pigment, and of course, a brownish-grey flooring is employed. By keeping the room’s design simple, your child’s art will be the center of attention. Look how beautifully it all comes together.

#37 The Room Occupant Deserve a Spot on the Wall

As the frequent users of the playroom, a place for the kids to mark their territory as theirs with some framed portraits on the wall is perfect. To do this end, you need only attach portraits to one of the four wall’s four corners. Enclosing the portraits in attractive frames bolsters the beauty of the entire room as well.

Source: reasonstoskipthehousework.com

Additionally, they will feel great when they get to put their drawing up, relishing in the beauty of the masterpiece scribblings, created in the past. Get creative by adding descriptor plaques to give it an art exhibition feel your kids will love.

#38 Kids Art Studio, No Playroom

Kids love to draw — which is evident in the frequent use of coloring spaces in playrooms. For kids who can’t put down their pencil, build a place where they can do that specifically. This playroom offers a gigantic sketch pad for your children to express themselves to their heart’s content. 

Source: petitandsmall.com

Other important requirements for this setup are pens, markers, brushes, poster colors, watercolors, etc. — typical tools for drawing or painting. Another important thing is a jar for organizing the instruments. A wall-mounted coloring space is perfect for kids to contribute to the room’s decor. Just be careful that they don’t go off the paper.

#39 Low Budget Playroom Fitting

If you don’t have too much money to spare or need something done on quick notice, the design below is a good alternative. Your expense will only be limited to new flooring for the basement (if necessary), a carpet, and some lighting. 

Source: momhomeguide.com

With those out of the way, play equipment is all that’s left. A kid-sized tent will make for scary nighttime stories, amidst others like a slide, twisters, and a table for playing with toys. The toys available are up to your child’s interest and your discretion. 

#40 Scrap Wall

Kids can be possessive at times. They suddenly attach value to a certain object and will wail for hours if they are deprived of it or it goes missing. Dedicating an entire wall area to pining these objects is more fun for your child than you think.  

Source: theinspiredroom.net

Make provision for a surface on the wall for fixing these items. They often range from sketches of the little ones created in a flash of inspiration to cardboard cut figures and other artistic projects you have undergone with them. 

#41 Self-generated Decor Project 

Instead of posting an expensive piece of art on your playroom wall, why not employ the hand of your children to create artwork and put them up. Kids always love showing off their latest masterpiece, so they are sure to love seeing their work framed on the wall.

Source: fivemarigolds.com

This provides a stellar opportunity to bond with your kids by doing work together. If your child is a prolific painter, help them select which art goes on the wall. Complimenting the framed art is sure to brighten your kid’s day.

#42 A Quiet Space for the Avid Readers 

Little kids are, by nature, extremist, to say the least. Those that are interested in books are usually completely absorbed. The best service for the reader types is a compilation of their favorite books on a shelf and a comfortable environment for digesting them. 

Source: weareteachers.com

Furthermore, It so happens that these designs are budget-friendly. The shelf is probably the highest costing decor in the room, and it is still under $100. Cool colors like light blue certainly suit the playroom for reading. A combination of soft floors and comfortable chairs is perfect for kids who can’t sit still.

#43 Impressive Slide Ideas 

For the ambitious decorator, a slide is one piece of equipment to mount in your playroom. Little kids love to go on these things and can do several rounds on them before retiring for the day. If you would like to put one in your playroom, here is an example of a slide design below. 

Source: kellycreations.ie

Unfortunately, not every playroom has the size to accommodate one. Though they are quite affordable (cost about $100), they also consume space that a playroom might not have. The slide above is mounted at the edge of the playroom and has a play-home attached to it. 

#44 Strung up Alphabet Cards

You’re allowed to get creative with your playroom decorations. Decorating should essentially be the last stage of the design process. After clearing up the space, painting, covering the walls with wallpaper, mounting equipment, and positioning them in the right configuration, beautifying is the final step. 

Source: projectnursery.com

In the playroom above, letters of the alphabet are strung up on a string fixed to the wall and pinned in place using pegs just like clothes. It’s a simple decoration that anyone can do. Mix and match the color for the letter cards to contract the wall color. 

#45 Catch them Young with A Basketball Hoop in the Basement 

You never know if your kid will be the next NBA superstar. Therefore, you should give them all the practice they can get, even inside the house. They are sure to appreciate the effort spent in providing them a place to chase their dreams.

Source: HGTV/Pinterest

The idea of a hoop inside the house might seem unorthodox, however, a playroom in your basement isn’t very conventional either. Attach one to a wall to give your basketball-loving kid some quality fun time. Younger kids can enjoy this design as well, with the use of lighter, softer balls to toss in the net.