And Just Like That: People Share Easy Solutions For Everyday Problems Using Everyday Things

By Sachin P

According to its true meaning, a life hack is a method or task at hand to manage one’s schedule and daily activities in a more efficient manner. Life hacks are meant to make your life better. There is simply no excuse for not settling (the sensible way) and conserving one’s time and bother when there are so many creative hacks appearing on the internet day after day.

The internet is full of life tips, and you can easily find them on most social media platforms. The fact that these hacks are so popular proves that they’re effective. Most people will wonder, “where have all these life hacks been my entire life?” after reading this list. Because they truly are incredible, as you’ll see.

These simple tips will simplify your life and help you deal with all kinds of everyday problems, from properly cleaning consoles to wearing mascara.

No more foggy mirrors

After quite a busy, enjoyable day, taking a warm shower is usually the ideal way to wind down. But the vapor from such a warm shower also makes the mirror foggy, making it difficult to complete the remainder of your nightly regimen.

Image courtesy of Imgur

If you don’t wish for this to occur, you may always spread some shaving foam on the mirror to stop it from being fogged. Just let it dry, then wash it off. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy! But seriously, though, don’t let lemon on your mirror.

Who says alcohol can’t solve problems?

Bubblegum may taste wonderful and be enjoyable to chew, but if it is left lying around, it can turn into a real nuisance. You can sit on it under certain conditions, in addition to being able to step on it and ruin your shoes.

Image courtesy of gkidd / Reddit

You might not be aware of this, but the gum can be removed using rubbing alcohol. Simply soak a Q-tip or cotton in alcohol, then lightly massage the area around the gum’s attachment point. The gum issue is now resolved.

Can’t find your car? Chin up and place the remote under it!

It is very frustrating whenever you park your vehicle and can’t quite remember where exactly you put it. In order to locate it, many individuals unlock their cars using the remote. This facilitates finding it when the car lets off a sharp beep.

Image courtesy of Chris Mueller / Stack Exchange

However, some remote controls don’t have the range we really want. Therefore, you can keep your lips agape and press the controller against some parts of your body to increase the range. Although we are unsure if it helps, it is still worth a go!

Helping you with the peanut butter situation

Nowadays, many families have organic peanut butter in their cupboards as a growing number of individuals try to ensure that their kids are eating nutritious meals. As you probably know, there seem to be numerous varieties of nut butter available.

Image courtesy of Sally Tamarkin / BuzzFeed

When stocking such jars of peanut butter, all one has to do is turn those on their tops to prevent them from splitting quite so much. While the splitting will still exist, it will be lessened, and the butter will be simpler to combine as a result.

Now that’s neat!

If you enjoy drinking soda with a straw, you may well have encountered the issue of the straw simply drifting upward and pushing out from the can. The straw gets lifted out from the liquid as a result of the effervescence.

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However, there is a workaround built into the container’s structure, namely the ability to utilize the tab to feed the straw straight into the opening. The straw would stay in place because of this. Simple yet effective, and we think most of you came across this today!

No more worries about no sleep

It’s not easy to fall asleep, and it might be all the more difficult if you’re experiencing anxiety or tension. That could be the reason a large number of individuals provide advice on techniques that make it easy for them to sleep. The image doesn’t imply that learning Croatian would knock you out cold, though.

You could, for example, attempt the alphabet game. Select a general section, then begin listing the items in that segment in alphabetical order. Your brain will stay operational while starting the shutdown process as a result. But it’s better to see a specialist if the sleeplessness persists.

No more leftover products with this hack!

Making the best use of your finances is important because cleaning materials can be expensive. When working with spray bottles, there is occasionally that minuscule portion that the plastic conduit just can’t access—kind of like the last bit of yogurt in a tall cup.

Image courtesy of DIY Hacks and How Tos / YouTube

Therefore, you might be able to extract the entirety of the liquid by curving that tube up into the central element of the container and pressing it on using a few screws. Just use the sprayer bottle reversed after you have everything set up.

Scent triggers win quizzes

Have you been having trouble recalling your knowledge before an upcoming test or assessment? Then, you could try using scent to stimulate your brain. Take out all those perfumed erasers and have a whiff if there is anything significant you have to remember.

Image courtesy of abbellomy / Reddit

While you are studying, that is. Then, while you’re taking the test, have a whiff while carrying that eraser with you. Have trouble recalling the capital of Burkina Faso? One sniff of the strawberry-scented eraser should help you to remember Ouagadougou!

The “Moon Knight” method of eating Cheetos

Cheetos taste great! But when you eat them, your fingertips accumulate a coating of Cheeto dust, making them less than clean. Additionally, when the majority of us attempt to clean the cheesy powder off, we just make matters worse by getting it everywhere.

Image courtesy of buyalex / Flickr

So, if you still wish to enjoy the snack but do not wish to settle for having Cheeto fingers, consider using something else, like chopsticks. Although it may seem unusual, it works. Oscar Isaac knows this, and he eats Cheetos with chopsticks.

Always be cautious when handling chilies

If you love cooking, there’s a good chance you’ve chopped food you weren’t supposed to and unintentionally touched your eye. The jalapeño is usually the cause of this. Upon cutting this ingredient, you might start crying from the intense burning sensation.

Image courtesy of technikallie / Reddit

But there are numerous workarounds for this, and they’re pretty simple. One of our favorites is to lightly apply cooking or vegetable oil to the palms after chopping the jalapeños. Do not forget to thoroughly rinse your hands with soap and water afterward.

Burger etiquette

Hardly anything beats a nice cheeseburger, particularly one that has just come off the grill! You are now prepared to eat the burger after placing it onto the bun and adding all of the toppings. But heed the warning—eating burgers is usually a sloppy experience, so have a tissue nearby!

Image courtesy of CalciteSnapper / Reddit

Alternatively, you could try flipping the hamburger upside down, which will help you keep it intact and minimize the mess. That’s because the bottom bun has increased thickness and consistency. No more worrying about all the tomatoes and lettuce sliding off from now on!

The wrists don’t lie

If you reside in an area with a warm climate or are particularly lively, you could occasionally feel a little uncomfortable during the summer months. This is quite typical and can easily be fixed. All you’ll need is some ice or icy water.

Image courtesy of msmtigers / Reddit

You can choose to rub your wrists with cold water. Alternatively, you might grab an ice cube and push it against your wrist’s pressure point. You will experience a fast cool-off when you do this. It seems like it’s all in the wrist.

Keep ’em long by keeping them separate

A dish of fruits always seems to be convenient for a fast snack. However, we frequently purchase more fruits than we really are going to eat, which results in part of the fruit going bad. This is due to the gas that lots of fruits emit, which quickens the ripening process.

Image courtesy of Leela Cyd /

Bananas, apples, and avocados are just a few of the foods that produce this gas. Therefore, if you have any of those at home, be sure to keep them far from each other so that ethylene gas will not accumulate and the fruit around it can survive longer.

Numbers do have that effect

Regardless of where they’re from, everyone is likely to experience sleep problems at a particular time in their life. Fortunately, there are diverse approaches available that can help you with this. You may, for instance, attempt to meditate or perhaps listen to nature sounds.

Image courtesy of @benblenner / Unsplash

However, you might also challenge yourself to count up to a given number. Then, as you start counting, be sure just to go more and more slowly so that you inevitably fall asleep. But if the sleeplessness persists, please make sure to see a specialist without delay.

Proper cookie (slam)dunk

Most people are into soaking their Oreo cookies in milk as if they were chocolate chip cookies. This technique slightly softens the cookie, which is convenient while munching on multiple pieces. But they frequently sink too deeply when you put these in milk.

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It’s hard to reach them in the bottom of the glass, and your cookies will get way too soggy if you leave them there. Try this hack if you haven’t figured out a way to make this task easier. Use a fork to dunk your snacks and then easily pull them back.

When in doubt, flip percentages!

Many individuals shudder a bit when they see anything that remotely reminds them of Mathematics. This seems to be likely a result of the fact that they aren’t particularly good in this area or had a rather hard time when trying to learn Math as a kid.

Image courtesy of @jeswinthomas / Unsplash

But perhaps if they had learned this small tip early on, they would have understood how to apply the idea to other issues. It appears that 18% of 25 and 25% of 18 are exactly the same amounts, and this trick can be easily applied to other numbers. That’s awesome!

Channel your inner hitman with this hack

If you raise children or are simply susceptible to accidents, you’ve definitely had a few instances in which some garments may well have picked up a small amount of blood or other red liquids. Sadly, blood is notoriously difficult to remove from anything, as some of us know from experience.

Image courtesy of cottonga92 / Reddit

However, there is a quick and effective approach to help you get rid of those blood splatters. Get a soap bar and rub the clothing item thoroughly using the foam until the stain is gone. And try to be more careful around certain red liquids next time…

Keep the allergies at bay

Each spring, pollen is expelled when everything returns to life, irrespective of where you may be. Pollen from such plants and flowers frequently circulates in the air and adheres to the skin. Of course, your hair is bound to get some pollen on it. What do you then?

Image courtesy of CatsandPotatoes / Reddit

One internet solution is to just wash your hair prior to getting in bed. If you choose not to, the pollen will move to the pillowcases and eventually pile up all over your bed. But don’t forget to dry your hair before going to bed or you may develop a severe case of dandruff.

For this, you have to get in hot water

If you want to open a jar of preserves or pickles but really just can’t manage to pry the lid off, it is really annoying. This happens because the jar lid gets twisted excessively tight and subjected to immense pressure during the sealing process.

Image courtesy of Taylor Martin / CNET

The lid only needs to be submerged in hot water for 30 seconds or so; after that, it ought to be simpler to hold and come off. But whatever you do, don’t hit the lid on the counter to get it open or it turn into a disaster!

Ask for help

Many women out there have decided to journey solo because they want to explore the globe. This could be a bit alarming and daunting, and it frequently results in problems, considering that some places worldwide are not exactly fond of independent women. But it does not always have to be that way.

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That’s because all one must do if they feel lost or in distress is to ask somebody for assistance. Keep in mind that most people won’t offer you anything in life unless you ask. A simple adage that will serve you someday, somehow.

Shout your way to remembering

If you’re anything like us, you occasionally lose track of where you put stuff down after setting them down. Sadly, the stuff we lose is usually important, like a smartphone or keys. So how can you train your brain to recall where you put things more effectively?

Image courtesy of Snoo-74820 / Reddit

It will be easier to remember where you first put the items down if you always say it aloud while setting something down. For instance, you can say “coffee table in the living room” out loud when you place your phone there and you’ll likely remember it later.

Pavlov your pets to prepare them for emergencies.

Given that a dog’s hearing is extremely acute, you might discover unexpected loud noises that make them go completely out of their minds. Additionally, if somehow the noise is going off because of an emergency, that may be an unsafe moment for them to lose composure.

Image courtesy of CanuckEh79 / Reddit

Therefore, be certain to take the opportunity to spoil your pet if the smoke detector ever goes off. That would happen if you had a fire inside your house. So, if there was an emergency, they could find you immediately because you have trained them.

No more loud noises

Your jogging sneakers must occasionally be put through the washing machine and dryer. This is done because then you can get free of just about any odors and exterior grime. However, placing them inside the dryer might make quite a bit of noise.

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Therefore, why not install a mesh pouch on the dryer’s lid so that your shoes may dry, but also you won’t have to endure their loud banging for an hour? We’re pretty sure these mesh bags are gifts from heaven, and you’ll thank us for giving you this suggestion!

Vinegar to the rescue

Being one of those kitchen essentials, vinegar can be utilized in a lot more ways than just food preparation or as a salad dressing. In fact, you may rid your taps of undesirable muck by using white vinegar. It’s a weak acid, after all.

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For example, you could put vinegar in a bag, wrap it around the tap using an elastic band, and allow it to sit overnight if the faucet head contains mineral growth or a small amount of rust. The water must then be capable of flowing freely after that!


Whenever it is warm outdoors, young kids enjoy going down the slip-and-slide. But occasionally, this entertaining children’s toy doesn’t remain as slick as it ought to. Slip ‘n’ sideburns and a less-than-fun evening could result from this. You do not want a slide burn on your feet!

Image courtesy of tmcconahay / Reddit

You might want to try using baby shampoo if you want to maintain the slippery slide relatively slippery. It only has to be connected to a faucet or even merely doused out onto the slide in order to achieve the ideal level of slipperiness.

No more snoozing during lessons!

It can be challenging to resist shutting your eyes while in school or even when attending boring meetings. Even so, you are aware that falling asleep is not actually a viable alternative. So, we have a tip for you today that will help you keep vigilant!

Image courtesy of Men Repeller / Giphy

It is simple and doesn’t demand extra work. If you are feeling fatigued, lift one of your feet off the floor and observe how long you can maintain that position. It all lies in the way we try to trick the brain.

Arrive at work looking like a million bucks.

When you wake up late, there’s no way you’ll have time to press your clothes before you have to get to work. If it happens a lot to you, you must come up with a fast and inventive method for removing wrinkles from your clothing. All you need is a vintage steaming kettle, apparently.

Image courtesy of Imgur

You could hang your clothes over the steam funnel to get them wrinkle-free. Alternatively, you might spritz your clothes lightly with water and then dry them with a hairdryer. Such a hack would allow you to grab that extra five minutes of sleep.

Pulling a trick on the engine

When you’re on a road trip, the very last thing you want is for your car to break down on the road. While you can always call for assistance, who knows how long it’ll take them to get to your location. But here’s a trick.

Image courtesy of Dumbledore23 / Reddit

In case you notice that your car engine is overheating, you can turn on the heater and wait a while. This way, the heat will be funneled into the car and help relieve the engine. Then, you can drive to the nearest gas station and wait for assistance.

And that’s the way the cookie crumbles

It’s really enjoyable to make a brand-new batch of handmade cookies. Once you finish going through the recipe, you have a tasty treat that you can indulge in whenever you want. And let’s not get started on the wonderful scent that fills the house when you make cookies.

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Sadly, such cookies occasionally don’t turn out as well as they should and turn extremely stale after a few days. Make sure to include a piece of bread in the bottle or jar if you wish to prevent the cookies from doing that. The bread will absorb most, if not all, of the moisture!

Windex that ring jam

Each person has their own reasons why they want to remove a ring after a long time. Maybe they want to get a new ring. Maybe their relationship ended, and they want to get rid of the ring. Or maybe they just want to clean it.

Image courtesy of mamamoonie /

Rings get stuck because you have gained weight or you’re retaining water. Therefore, grab some Windex from below the cabinet the next time your ring gets jammed on your fingers. After applying a small amount of spray to your finger, carefully remove the ring.

Just the way you want it

When it’s extremely hot outdoors or when you’ve been working hard, all you desire when you walk into the house is an ice-cold drink. However, not every fridge cools down those beverages quickly enough. Soak the drinks in ice water, ice cubes, and add some salt.

Image courtesy of Shalazbit / Reddit

This is one sure-fire method for quickly chilling any drink. After that, you’ll notice that the beverages are generally ready very quickly. Nothing feels quite as good as cracking open a cold one on a hot day as the wind hits your face.

Keep away the onion-cutting ninjas

Nobody wants to prepare dinner if it involves cutting onions! This is because it can be quite difficult to complete the chopping tasks while you are chopping onions since the onion’s fluids frequently produce a vapor that makes you cry.

Image courtesy of Alexis Aumiller /

Put the onion you want to cut inside the fridge for ten minutes to lessen the effects of the gas. By doing this, you’ll be able to freeze the fluids and have sufficient time to chop that onion before you start crying. No more unwanted onion-induced tears!

Taking care of your bling

It is occasionally necessary to spend time cleaning your jewelry after extensive wear. However, you must exercise extreme caution because if you employ the incorrect material, you risk a chemical process or even physical harm. You may carry out the same procedure without using chemical additives.

Image courtesy of MsCavalier01 / YouTube

You can mix water with dishwashing soap for this. Just mix the two together and then clean the jewelry with a soft toothbrush or cloth. But if it’s something valuable, we advise seeking the help of a professional to prevent any unintentional damage.

On-the-spot solution

There might surely be occasions when you have to light a fire while spending a few nights outdoors. Fire is necessary not just to keep you toasty but also in order to prepare your food. What transpires, though, when there is a light drizzle?

Image courtesy of

What happens when the tiny wood fragments become wet? You may use a container of the popular corn chips for kindling for a fire if you have any on hand. It will be a matter of time until you’re roasting marshmallows once more.

That roach is toast

Cockroaches! No one loves them. Nevertheless, they are unavoidable in some regions of the world. Finding an inexpensive way to kill such pests can be difficult because they can withstand just about anything. Four hundred forty million years of evolution will leave one with some perks.

Image courtesy of Mosieur_Train / Reddit

We’ve got a do-it-yourself remedy for you, so grab a sprayer and fill it up with water as well as some liquid soap. After that is finished, all you need to do is mix it until it becomes frothy, then spritz it whenever you see a rogue roach!

Dual purpose

For the women out there, we are confident that you have a pile of foundation removal wipes in your washroom. These wipes have yet another useful purpose that you might not have considered. If you have to deal with armpit stains in your clothes, you’ll love this.

Image courtesy of joshemerson / Reddit

You ought to be capable of removing deodorant streaks and some of the stench that develops during the day using one of those wipes. Just rub it over the stain and then scrub the whole thing using vinegar and a toothbrush.

Whiteboards are remarkable

Sometimes the package for marker pens as well as whiteboard markers appears extremely similar. This explains why a lot of individuals unintentionally use a permanent marker to scribble on dry-erase boards. Such people may occasionally believe that perhaps the whiteboard has reached its end.

Image courtesy of Joan WZ /

Because of that misconception, they believe it is no longer useful. However, you can easily erase anything you wrote on the board with a permanent marker by writing over it with a whiteboard marker and wiping it away. Simple as that.

Be prepared for anything

It is constantly a good idea to master safety precautions such as the Heimlich technique. However, what ought to be done if you’re on your own and need to perform the Heimlich maneuver? You’ll be glad to know that anyone can perform the Heimlich on themselves.

Image courtesy of

All you have to do is place the top rail of a chair right below your ribcage and firmly press down on it. Hopefully, this will clear the obstruction. Always good to focus on the movement of food through the esophagus. That means no talking while eating!

Pause it with a Post-it

Did you ever utilize the restroom and the automated flushing toilet started to flush as soon as it sensed that you were through using it? It can be quite shocking and even untidy if there is a tendency for spilling. There is, however, a simple fix.

Image courtesy of Mike Spohr / BuzzFeed

Simply have a stack of Post-it notes in your wallet or purse. Arrange it over the sensors at the head of the toilet whenever you are prepared to sit down. Case resolved. But make sure to remove the Post-it notes after you’re done.

Not that painstaking to remove paint stains

Perhaps you were planning house improvements and thought that your house might use a fresh coat of paint. But, after you’ve selected your paint and started painting, you discover that it is really difficult to avoid getting paint on you.

Image courtesy of

In reality, if you open your medical cupboard and grab some rubbing alcohol, you’ll have a way to clean the paint from the clothes that they have stained. The bulk of paints may not be affected, although it generally works. Well, ‘generally’ is enough for us!


Cereal sounds wonderful for either breakfast or dinner, whether you are a kid or a grownup. However, it’s not unusual for all the broken-up small crumbs to be still present when you reach the bottom of the box. That final bowl of cereal can become a bit mushy.

Image courtesy of Imgur /

For all the problems we encountered here, there’s a solution. And this one is no different. Observe the fragments and large bits of cereal separating as you run the cereal through some kind of strainer with a fine mesh. You can now savor a satisfying bowl of cereal.

When in doubt, turn to memes

It appears that there may be numerous items in your home that your dog can find bothersome. The feared vacuum serves as one of their greatest enemies. Most dog owners are curious about how they can prevent their pets from growling at this home appliance.

Image courtesy of @GunterHentschel / Flickr

You’ll be delighted to learn that it’s really fairly easy. Immediately begin shouting at the vacuum, and you’ll notice that now the dogs will usually cease barking at it. It sounds a bit cartoonish, but hey, if it works, that is what matters in the end.

No more lost lens caps!

There are numerous photographers out there who spend a significant amount of money on buying new and unique camera equipment. The glass element is among the most crucial components of that camera’s lens, which is why most cameras arrive with a lens cap.

Image courtesy of

These lens coverings do, however, regularly disappear. In order to always remember exactly where they are, one solution is to attach a Lego to the backside and then maintain an additional Lego piece so that you may mount it into that.

No more temporary blindness

Wearing a mask presents several new difficulties for the majority of people who wear glasses. The most significant of these hardships is that our breaths move upward, resulting in the glasses fogging up. That can surely drive anyone who wears glasses up a wall.

Image courtesy of Mary Hunt /

You may address the issue with your regular shaving foam, just like you would with just about any mirror or piece of glass. You shouldn’t need to bother about the spectacles fogging up if you apply some, let it dry, and afterward wash it off.

Now, this…we like this!

Whether you acknowledge it or not, every person has a favorite brownie piece. Certain people prefer the edges, others the corners, and so on. But how can you guarantee everyone gets their preferred part when you slice a brownie for a bake sale?

Image courtesy of

This individual came up with an incredibly straightforward solution to this dilemma, which was to color match and provide their clients with a key so they could identify where their favorite pieces are at. This would also mean that all the corner pieces will be gone like hotcakes.