40 Shutter Blunders That Are Nothing Short Of A Job Not So Well Done

By Jo A

Shutters are stunning accessories that help add spice to your windows. Depending on the window in question, they usually come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. In truth, they are quite functional as they provide protective and aesthetic purposes for your windows. On the other hand, everything could go wrong if they’re fit to look like they were meant for a different house. Thanks to Robertas Lisickis, a renowned content creator who runs The Craftsman Blog, we have the honor of looking at several images of shutter blunders that will leave you speechless. Some shutters are entirely off the rails as their designs are nothing to write home about, while some are nothing but pure comic relief. We’re about to show you a few that we thought would leave you in amazement, and we don’t mean that in a good way.


If you’ve come across a set of twins before, you’ll know that in most cases, they tend to cover up for each other. Speaking of covering up, check out these shutters and see how they covered each other’s back with this design.

Image source: thecraftsmanblog.com

The length of the first shutter didn’t measure up to the window’s height, so its twin, the second shutter, didn’t want the other to come up short. The best move was to cover up the failure so it wouldn’t be so blatant for the world to see, right?


For a shutter to fit, you have to consider the shape of the window. For example, if you have a rectangular-shaped window, ideally, you should have a rectangular-shaped shutter as well. The same thing applies to all the other windows out there, too.

Image source: www.thecraftsmanblog.com

Just so you know, this person, or rather, the designer, did not think it was necessary to match the shape of the shutters to the window. Even though the concept or design the artisan was trying to achieve is somewhat noteworthy, it’s still a fail nonetheless.

Secret Revealed

Some shutter designs are so bad that you begin to wonder about the design inspiration behind them. On the other hand, you may not be surprised why there’s no logic behind the design, just like the shutter you’re about to see.

Image source: www.thecraftsmanblog.com

It looks like whoever did this was got tired of the job and decided to draw the shutters on the wall instead of actually constructing them. Let’s hope no one notices it since the shutters on the second window are still intact.

Double Mistake

Sometimes, adding extras to something may give it the perfect touch you’re looking for. However, that doesn’t apply to everything. The architect behind this job figured that this garage door needed more than one pair of shutters for some unknown reason.

Image source: thecraftsmanblog.com

So the solution was to add an extra pair of shutters since one pair didn’t cut it. Unfortunately, the outcome wasn’t great. The result they ended up with were shutters that literally served no aesthetic beauty or functional purpose.

Unique Shutters

As you can see, this person decided to wear his creative hat and used pigs for shutters. This kind of creativity is the type you don’t get to see all the time, but a burst of piggy inspiration could have you refurbishing your house with piggy shutters.

Image source: thecraftsmanblog.com

In today’s world, shutters perform aesthetic purposes beyond their original function. You can be creative when making shutters, but in doing so, you mustn’t forget to maintain the purpose it’s built for in the first place, or it will end up as a fail.

Island shutters

We have many questions regarding these designs, but first, we’ll restrict our questions to the topic at hand – shutters. There are several things that they could have used in place of these next shutters to beautify the house, but the owners thought otherwise.

Image source: thecraftsmanblog.com

On the other hand, it could have been that there were supposed to be eight windows, but the house was repurposed, and the need for these windows was no more. However, having shutters in their place is totally unnecessary. Phantom windows are apparently a thing, we guess.

One big Pair

Shutters are pretty easy to identify because they are often the same size as the windows. In most cases, some people prefer to make their shutters match the color of the windows, while some choose to go a completely different route. 

Image source: thecraftsmanblog.com

Nevertheless, you probably didn’t see this giant pair of shutters on a friendly-looking house coming. Sometimes, designers get tired while working because they are humans too. Perhaps, their creative juices dried up, and they decided to go the easy route that day.

Far from it

At first glance, you may think everything is perfect until you look closer. Just to be precise, this house actually has green shutters. We’re not really sure what happened here, but it’s clear that those green panels are nothing like shutters.

Image source: thecraftsmanblog.com

Maybe putting up a few shutters was the last thing on their mind, and so that last-minute decision is the end product we’re seeing now. As a designer, it’s imperative that the colors on a building should correctly match and contrast.

Not cool

The fact that shutters should fit to compliment the size of the windows cannot be over-emphasized. As if the mismatch of sizes is not enough, there’s an incomplete job done here. The three windows in the third column have no shutters.

Image source: thecraftsmanblog.com

It would have been better if the windows had no shutters at all, just like the three windows at the far end on the right. The only thing consoling about this sight is the tree that added a beautiful touch of nature to the picture.

So Small

For starters, let’s talk about the place of the shutters in the picture below. They both seem to be going in opposite directions, which is a kind of distinctive design that achieves little to nothing. Although its size is small, it doesn’t qualify as a shutter. 

Image source: thecraftsmanblog.com

Among the shutters we’ve seen so far, this is clearly the smallest of them all. Even if the idea behind this mini-shutter is still for aesthetics, we don’t seem to understand what it’s covering. At least, the color is quite lovely.

Long shutters

In some way, after the number of shutter fails we’ve already seen in this article, maybe, just maybe, a new business will be put in place to ensure that shutters are set up right. This house is a classic example of why this business is needed as soon as possible.

Image source: thecraftsmanblog.com

From the look of things, every other part of the house seems to be perfect. However, we would have featured the house on this list if it wasn’t for the unnecessarily long shutters in place. Apart from the length, the width of the shutters is also awkward.


It happens every so often that artisans see a design somewhere, and they have to try it, just like what we saw in the previous slide. There’s every chance this design inspiration was pulled from the last shutter blunder we saw.

Image source: thecraftsmanblog.com

In truth, it is not compulsory to add shutters to doors or windows, even if you love the added touch. Looking on the positive side, the surrounding of this garage is quite beautiful, and that may compensate for the shutter fail.

For the Sake of Art

Add art to your life adds spice, character, can beautify literally everything if you have a good eye. Here’s a tip for you: if you don’t want to utilize the services of a professional, you can always look up design inspiration from websites like HGTV or Pinterest.

Image source: thecraftsmanblog.com

You can see the windows above are paired with some not-so-beautiful shutters that look more or less like out-of-place borders. First, the colors are completely random, and the blue borders contrast so much that it’s distracting to a fault.

A Big No!

Almost everyone that sees this slide will notice the improperly placed shutters beside the windows. To start with, it is badly done as the shutters aren’t the same size. On second thought, they could have pulled it off if only they had hired a specialist.

Image source: thecraftsmanblog.com

So, this means that as long as you have windows, you must make room for shutters. But in this case, they are shudder shutters. The fact that they don’t align may be slightly triggering to some, especially those with OCDs who can’t bear the mismatch.

Wrongly placed

These people went the extra mile and ended up getting on our list. They did the unimaginable that will have shutter specialists wondering what they were thinking when they put them up. At some point, someone should’ve suggested they stop.

Image source: thecraftsmanblog.com

Maybe everything does need a bit of spice and pizzazz, but no one we know thought they needed to add shutters in order to beautify air conditioners. Now, the air conditioners look like they have wings and are ready to fly away any moment from now.

Border Lines

In some way, a novice will not believe there are shutters in this house if they look from afar. The distinction between a border and shutter in this house is so thin that you won’t know which is which – and it is not your fault.

Image source: thecraftsmanblog.com

There are several alternatives and shutter designs they could have used apart from this, which would have made the house stand out. Sometimes, it’s good to ask for feedback from specialists after the work is done, so you don’t get on our list.

A Neat Mistake

In some way, this house looks really nice, but from the mistakes they made with the shutters, we had to add it to our list of shutter fails. Luckily, the house isn’t that bad to the untrained eye, but the shutter fails are too grand to ignore.

Image source: thecraftsmanblog.com

We’ll give the owners props for keeping their lawn neat, which will definitely distract you from looking up at the shutters hovering below. The lawn is perfect for a picnic, and to top it all of, it’s great for watching the sunset.


To be honest, these shutters would not have been considered a fail they were correctly installed. However, with several pieces of equipment obstructing it, we have no other option than to say it’s a fail as they can’t do their duty as shutters.

Image source: thecraftsmanblog.com

Honestly, this is entirely avoidable because the equipment could have been placed somewhere else without obstructing the shutter. On the other hand, it shows what the house owner prioritizes more, and we see shutters were the last items on that list.

Short of words

If you look at these windows carefully, you may understand the reason why the homeowners decided to go for these kinds of shutters. There are other alternatives that they could have used in place of these shutters, better ones if we might add.

Image source: thecraftsmanblog.com

Due to how small they are, there’s every chance it won’t serve the purpose it was intended for. However, we would have been more forgiving if they didn’t have overgrown bushes, but it seems other things are of higher priority to the owners.

The Sign

According to these people, shutters can serve other purposes, and they decided to maximize them to the fullest. We’ll give bonus points for creativity, as we believe creativity of all kinds should not be stifled. Unfortunately, it’s still a shutter fail.

Image source: thecraftsmanblog.com

The shutters above look like a street sign of some sort because why have shutters when you can combine both together to save some money. To pass on their message more clearly, they even decided to add it to the shutters above.

Wrong Replacement

When you were a child, did you ever break something in the house, and the next thought that came to your head is to try replacing it so your parents don’t notice? We think that’s what happened with these shutters, but this time, we took notice of the replacement.

Image source: thecraftsmanblog.com

Well, this idea of behind the unique shutters seemed great until we saw the final outcome. Not only is it placed conspicuously at the entrance meaning anyone will notice, but it’s quite evident that the other shutters are completely different from it.

Poor Arrangement

No matter what angle you look at this house, it looks like a poor job. Starting from the window placement down to the sizes of the individual windows, this job doesn’t look like it was done by a professional in any way. Let’s talk about the shutters.

Image source: thecraftsmanblog.com

How cruel! Not even shutters can solve this problem. Our hearts go out to the innocent people who had to live in this house with terrible windows and also to the passersby who get to witness this eyesore every day.

Brick Shutters

Out of all the shutters we’ve seen so far, this one seems to be the only one that actually does its job – at least we’re thankful for that. You may be wondering what the shutter is doing on our list since it’s actually serving its purpose, right?

Image source: thecraftsmanblog.com

The reason for that is not farfetched. Rather than going through the standard route, the person decided to build their house by skipping corners. However, it didn’t slip our penetrating gaze as the designer used a matching interior which makes the house look like a single unit with white borders alone.

Where they Belong

Everyone can attest to the fact that mistakes happen when building a house. You can place things in the wrong spot and not know, but we’re not sure if this seems to be the case here. On the other hand, it’s a poorly done job with lots of mistakes.

Image source: thecraftsmanblog.com

Thanks to Robertas Lisickis, he decided to take situations like these into his hands by showing the owners the right what they should’ve done. With the help of arrows, he showed them where they were supposed to place the shutters, with the last one going into the trash.

Curved mistake

Apparently, this house sports rectangular windows, but the owners decided to showcase their creativity, and to be honest, they did a fairly good job. However, nothing escapes the watchful scrutiny of Robertas Lisickis, and you know his standards are very high.

Image source: thecraftsmanblog.com

Just for clarity purposes and avoidance of doubts, curved shutters are for curved windows, while rectangular shutters should be used for rectangular windows. The two of them definitely shouldn’t replace one for the other like what we see above.

Fair enough

If you have an idea about shutters, you will understand why most of the shutters on this list are a fail. Even though we seem to understand what the designer was trying to get at with each design, we conclude that overdoing it is usually what causes problems.

Image source: thecraftsmanblog.com

In design, consistency is key, and it’s imperative. It makes a whole world of difference as it can separate your work from a fail like the ones we’ve seen so far. This wouldn’t be on our list if the designer were consistent with the number of shutters on each side.

Door Shutters

There are instances where some items can complement each other, but unfortunately, this instance is not one of them. In truth, we don’t understand why some people use shutters in the first place, which is the case with this next design fail.

Image source: thecraftsmanblog.com

In ideal situations, shutters are used for windows, but this person tried something a little different and decided to use it for a door instead. The irony of it is that there are two windows without shutters which would have been the best place to start.

Shutter chaos

A very peculiar factor among shutters is that you can best believe that the house will look really beautiful when they’re done well. On the other hand, when they are terribly done, you can’t help but notice several other problems with the house.

Image source: thecraftsmanblog.com

Since the designers did a terrible job with the shutters, all we can see are other glaring flaws in the house. The first you’ll notice is the unnecessary window placement which disrupts the beauty. Lastly, the shutter colors and placement aren’t too great either.

Unexpected Sight

There’s so much going on in this house that you may be confused about what the problem is. Before we continue, try to take another detailed look at the home and see if you can place a finger on what you think the issues are.

Image source: thecraftsmanblog.com

If you have a keen eye, you’ll spot at first glance that the colors they used do not match in any way. Since we’re tasked to find shutter fails, we’ll stick to that. However, you can see they didn’t even get the shutter heights correctly for the window on the right.

Saving costs

Some homeowners try to save costs through several means when they start to design their homes. This is truly an applaudable initiative that should be encouraged, but it shouldn’t come at the detriment of something else, and in this case, it did.

Image source: thecraftsmanblog.com

In a bid to save a quick buck or two, this house owner decided to take things into his own hands literally. He saved himself a whole lot of money by not buying shutters but by painting some on the sides of the windows.

One Sided

Sometimes, hiring the best hands for the job will save you a lot of money in future as you’ll avoid issues like having to fix mistakes that were made by a poor designer. Even though a lot was done in the right way for this home, the shutters were definitely a fail.

Image source: thecraftsmanblog.com

Not only are the shutters not placed symmetrically beside the windows, but the colors used could also have been better. In some way, they could have pulled off the concept design of the shutter. However, they definitely fell short.


This house owner decided to do something more comical than genius. His window shutter broke, and he didn’t think it was necessary to get a new one. So, he decided to improvise and cover it with something that looked kind of similar, hoping no one would notice.

Image source: thecraftsmanblog.com

Although most will gaze past it without realizing it isn’t a complete shutter, the eagle-eyed ones won’t let it out of their sight. Shutters aren’t that expensive, and getting another one would have been the best option as this should’ve only been temporary.

Brief Settlement

Yes, the first impression matters, and that’s why you only have one time to get it right. In an ideal situation, all the shutters on a house would have equal dimensions in regards to the windows, but this homeowner thought otherwise.  

Image source: thecraftsmanblog.com

However, this is not to be in this situation as the designer is constrained by a lot of things. The major constraint is the fact that the shutters can’t get to the top because the window design doesn’t allow it, so they had to reduce the length of the shutters.

Octagonal Blunder

The unspoken rule with shutter designs is to always ensure they match the shape of the window, or else, it will be anything but pleasing. This lesson is something most people learn the hard way, as we’ve seen so far, and this next photo proves our point once again.

Image source: thecraftsmanblog.com

For this reason, the shutter they should have used to match the window would have been octagonal-shaped shutters, but alas, the owner didn’t want to be stressed over such matters. It’s so obvious that you’ll notice it from a mile away.

Winged Windows

The whole point of shutters is to beautify the house, but things did not go as planned. First of all, the shutter’s color is way off the mark, and it doesn’t end there. We’re trying to understand the design concept the house owner was trying to achieve

Image source: thecraftsmanblog.com

If you look closely at the other windows on the house, you’ll notice that some have shutters while others don’t. The most surprising part is that the windows without shutters actually look better than those with them. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Hello People

To be honest, this house is not completely unfortunate looking, but it’s a compliment Robertas Lisickis wouldn’t want to give due to how bad the shutters are. To the house owner himself, he doesn’t look bothered one bit as he’s pleased with himself.

Image source: thecraftsmanblog.com

Take a closer look at the shutters, and let’s really see what the problem is. There are several mismatched shutters when it comes to dimension, and even though it’s not why we’re here today, we can’t help but think that he should also take his gardening more seriously. Those plants need water.

Wood for Shutters

Going retro is sometimes the way forward when you can’t seem to find the right design inspiration. However, we think this homeowner took it a little too seriously when he decided to go way down the home design history hole.

Image source: thecraftsmanblog.com

A window shutter is something specific, and many would agree that using wood to construct it doesn’t fully qualify it as a shutter. Ironically, this is one of the few shutter designs that are beautiful but still, we have to consider it a shutter fail.

Look closely

This shutter fail would require you to do a double-take, or else you might miss it if you are not careful. The way the shutter is designed, together with the color and the design of the porch, your eyes might skip over it immediately if you are not careful.

Image source: thecraftsmanblog.com

The reason for this is not farfetched. After fixing the shutters, the owners realized they didn’t fix it beside a window but instead a door. Rather than beat themselves up over it, they decided to merge the shutter and their patio together.

Shutter Cluster

This is one of those few cases that we’d say this house could have done without the shutter. The reason is that it’s beautiful already without any shutters, but because they were badly done, all you can see is this specific mess up.

Image source: thecraftsmanblog.com

Even though the designer must have had a nice concept in mind, the problem is with the execution, which didn’t come out as expected. However, the chances for redemption are slim as one of the shutters is stuck behind a roof.

Square Hole

One thing about shutters is that they could change the looks of a house completely, especially if the designer gets it wrong. This house is a perfect example of that. Take a good look at it and see if it reminds you of anything.

Image source: thecraftsmanblog.com

It looks like a square tunnel that can take you to an entirely different world. These are the kinds of windows that fascinate people like those in Alice in Wonderland due to the mystery behind the windows. However, the shutters don’t help in such matters.

Precious Duck

After all the shutter fails we’ve seen, we’ve finally come across one that has a picture of a duck. Animals are very precious to humans, and we can go to any length to protect them, even if they are inside an octagon frame.

Image source: thecraftsmanblog.com

It seems as if the owner knows the shutters will protect the duck inside the frame. However, if you look closely, you will notice the duck is not happy about the mismatch of the shutters, and that makes it fail in no simpler terms.