Simple Tips To Make Your Backyard More Welcoming To Owls

By Anthony K

Owls are iconic birds cruising in the wild. They are nocturnal, private, and wary of the human world, preferring secret woodland areas to residential areas. But did you know that you can create favorable conditions for owls to visit your yard more often and reduce the need for visiting the wild?

Source: @jvdm/Pexels

You can attract owls to your property by making the space similar to their natural habitats by letting native plants like shrubs, wild herbs, and young trees sprout naturally. A natural habitat will attract owls and other birds seeking a haven.

Make the space safer for birds by eradicating noise pollution that could drive them away.

You may also build a buffet for the carnivorous hunters by increasing food availability. Owls love feasting on voles, mice, squirrels, and lemmings. Encourage the rodent population to thrive in your yard to attract more owls seeking food. Leave a pile of lawn clippings, branches, and sticks, or let the lawn grow shaggy over time to create favorable habitats for the rodents.

You may also attract owls to your compound by adding a nest box in strategic locations. Owls can find hideaways to sleep, preen, and build nests. A ready-made nest box reduces the birds’ hustle of building their homes. Secure the nest box on the trunks of mature trees using screws or nails to ensure they can hold several birds without breaking.

Source: @brett-sayles/Pexels

Avoid dumping dangerous chemicals in your compound to protect the owls and other birds by eradicating the use of rodenticides and pesticides. Also, turn off exterior and indoor lights at night to make hunting less hectic for the owls.

Connect with your local community for information on where to find owls to make your backyard more exquisite.