Stunning Functional Greenhouse Design Ideas

By Luka E

After seeing images of the Vaughan House Greenhouse, which is the most excellent spot for a snooze, we felt inspired to write an article with ideas for greenhouse design. See below for some fabulous greenhouse designs.

Image source: @VaughanHouseGreenHouse

Garden Coffee Table

This restful escape is a perfect place to meet the day and read the morning paper. We can imagine spending all day in a space like this, with our books tucked under the plant table and a nice coffee or cake with friends. They’ve made use of ferns and palms to filter the light and provide some shade while you have a relaxing morning cuppa or afternoon read. 

Image Credit:

Greenhouse Deluxe

This large, luxurious greenhouse from Hartley Botanic doubles as a spectacular space for entertaining in style, with an exquisite chandelier and marble counters. While some may say they’ve got overboard, who wouldn’t do this if they had the ability. You can hang plants or have them stand on tiered plant benches to free up space. The cupboards can store gardening tools as well as dining equipment, snacks, and drinks. You could even install a small fridge if you’re feeling particularly extravagant. 

Image Credit: Hartley Botanics

Garden Couch

With a small couch, a table, and a desk, you could spend your days in the sun, surrounded by your plant babies. This is a perfect space to do some reading or have lunch with your partner or friends. 

Image Credit: Alitex


We hope you feel as inspired as we do after reading this article. The possibilities for a multipurpose greenhouse are endless, so let your creativity run wild!