Gaudy Glamour: 40 Questionable Decor Ideas That Make Our Homes Look Tasteless

By Joyce S

Accessing good quality and budget-friendly services and products for everyday life has never been easier than it is now. Still, even though things are more accessible nowadays, it’s essential to research before buying anything, primarily via the internet. 

For example, you can give your home your personal touch without ruining everything by choosing cheesy ornaments. It’s also essential to weigh the benefits between a brand-new item from that huge store everyone is talking about and the smaller second-hand store that often keeps precious articles that will undoubtedly bring a feel of good taste and individuality. 

Either way, the idea you have in mind may be the one tiny decor mistake that can considerably downgrade your home if you’re not careful. So, read along to learn through the mistakes of others.

Sad Plastic Couch Covers

There’s no excuse for something like plastic couch covers still being a thing. They prevent you from feeling the texture and warmth of your couch and make an unbearable noise whenever you sit. Though we understand the main purpose of it is to protect your sofa, it’s still unsightly. 

Image courtesy of iammarcomartinez/Instagram

There are a few solutions that are much better in terms of style and practicability you should try before surrendering to the infamous plastic cover. Furniture and home design stores provide impermeable couches and covers that are more appropriate for the couch model that don’t kill its charm.

Plastic Storage Containers

Finding storage space at home can be challenging, so we often resort to more practical items like these colored containers. However, there are alternatives to this kind of plastic storage that won’t damage your house visually. So please, do some research.

Image courtesy of athomewithjody/Instagram

Depending on the room the containers are kept, they wouldn’t necessarily present a fashion problem. Though we know that a good life doesn’t equal fashionable and stylish things all the time, be mindful of where you decide to put these plastics in your home.

Twinning Couches and Curtains

For those of you who treasure the unique and uncanny, please, do better than matching curtains and couch covers. This was a fad when our grannies were younger, and it had its 15 minutes of fame among lower and middle-class households.

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But today, there’s no point in doing that. You should aim to enhance the charm of your living room space with curtains that flatter the furniture and the color schemes you already have. Matching curtains and couch covers is extremely outdated.

Futons Are a Hard Pass

Futons are often the number one pick for first-time home renters and owners due to their affordability and versatility in terms of space. They are also a popular alternative to beds. Unfortunately, they also have some red flags. Couches and beds tend to be much more resistant than futons in general.

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Futons, on the other hand, have a lower life expectancy and wear down fast, demanding replacement or an extra topper. At the end of the day, only you know what’s best for your budget. However, when it comes to style, futons are a hard no. 

French Country Style

We borrow many things from the French, and interior design happens to be one of the most beloved elements brought by the French lifestyle. The French countryside style has been huge among small households and people looking for something idyllic.

Image courtesy of stefy_skin_home/Instagram

But this trend is easy to get wrong. Ditch this idea if you think the countryside style entails fancy decor and tidy rooms. The mix of vintage, rustic, and soft decor doesn’t blend in well if you’re the kind of person who seeks less visual pollution.

The White House Concept

Attention all fans of Kim Kardashian! Just because she did it doesn’t mean you should do it, too. An all-white house, from the walls to furniture and decor details, is not your ally. In fact, it quickly becomes your archenemy.

Image courtesy of ingridbohannon/Instagram

Think of the recurrent maintenance it’d require. Also, forget about it in case you have kids or pets. White furniture, decorations, and appliances are easily stained and hard to clean. It would look great with contrasting paintings and vases, for example, but an all-white house would be too much of a cost.

No Kitchen Racks

The kitchen area is probably the most important to check out before buying or renting a place. Once again, storage space is the issue here. The more we buy, the lesser space we have in the kitchen to keep everything organized. 

Image courtesy of pitmanthebrain/Instagram

DIY sometimes saves time and money, which is excellent, but in the long run, having DIY kitchenware and your pans and mugs hanging from them becomes a setback. Everything is exposed to dust, bugs, and animal fur, and on top of that, it doesn’t look good. So, invest in quality racks.

Reimagining Famous Artwork 

Art is one of the best and most original ways to express one’s individuality and taste. But it doesn’t work the same way for painting rip-offs. We understand why buying pillows inspired by Starry Night might seem like a good idea.

Image courtesy of

Additionally, wall curtains and huge posters with Munch’s Scream or Monet’s landscapes single out a room’s aesthetics. However, you should think hard before doing that because imitations of paintings in different or cheaper materials, like fabric, give a whole different energy to the masterpiece. 

Pallet Furniture

This is a popular option for nature lovers. Furniture made of pallets is not only cheaper but also gives new meaning to these materials that are often used in storage facilities. By setting your imagination free, you can find countless possibilities for this product.

Image courtesy of ideje_za_uredjenje_enterijera/ Instagram

It can be enjoyable to assemble a large king-size bed using only pallets to support the mattress or build a new set of sofas for your living room. However, keep in mind that this is not something you should use in every room or for every piece of furniture you want. 

Film and Band Posters

Millennials know what this means, but we are here to help, not judge. As we grew up, we were all fanatics of either a particular band, artists, or actors and actresses. We’d go to the newsstand to buy teen magazines and posters to decorate our bedrooms and thought it was the coolest thing ever!

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While that is undoubtedly a great teenage memory, it should remain as such. Forget about band posters and displaying photos of celebrities on your walls if you are not a teen anymore. It will give your home a childish vibe, which is the last thing you want.

Trinkets Everywhere

It’s unlikely that your house doesn’t have multiple trinkets covering the shelves and corners of the rooms. They are there for a good reason, of course. From holding birthday gifts or trip souvenirs to family antiques and historical artifacts, trinkets are a must-have in most homes.

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However, no matter the niche, decor pieces like trinkets should always improve your taste and personal style. So, whenever they appear cluttered in your home, the complete opposite of that happens. You end up overwhelming the decor not only visually but also physically.

Couch Cushions

This is a divisive topic, we know. For those with a more minimalist approach to house decor, the couch may match the color schemes of the house, so it is only natural that the cushions go down the same path.

Image courtesy of officialshabbychic/Instagram

For those who like taking risks, there are limitless possibilities when picking the living room couch and cushions. Regardless of your preferred style, it’s essential to have an eye for the perfect match and balance between furniture items. Most importantly, avoid cluttering the couch with too many cushions. 

Faux Plants

Where do we begin? Fake plants aren’t ideal in any circumstance. They are the complete opposite of what having plants at home is supposed to be. The obvious plastic ones, especially, look tacky and don’t serve the purpose of refreshing your home vibes.

Image courtesy of just_artificialplants_shop_ke/Instagram

Plastics, in general, are a big source of pollution, and the solution for that is to preserve and nourish the environment. So, give your space a fresh and unique look with real plants, regardless of whether it’s an apartment or a house.

Small Rugs Are Not Ideal

It’s easy to make mistakes when it comes to tapestry. Knowing how to match texture, size, shape, and colors is not a walk in the park for everyone. So, it’s a common mistake to choose rugs incorrectly and end up ruining the decor in your house. 

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To ensure you get the perfect rug for a space, like a living room, remember to measure the room and the furniture that will be around it. The ideal carpet for a living room should be wider and larger than the couch. This way, you will have depth and comfort even in smaller areas.


Let’s keep talking about tapestries that don’t add grace to your house. Rugs are a nice touch of one’s personality in a place, but you should only incorporate them with moderation because it’s super easy to overestimate or underestimate your rug choice. 

Image courtesy of warlock.tiedye/Instagram

Nobody wants a dull rug that doesn’t match their pretty decor and furniture because it has too many colors or patterns that make the room too busy or, worse, too tacky. While adding contrast is good, you must know how to do it effectively. 

Blanket Ladders Shouldn’t Be a Thing

It’s hard to understand how blanket ladders became a thing in the first place. We understand that it’s important to have a stylish storage area and also save some space at home, and we are all for that. But not with blanket ladders.

Image courtesy of origin_106/Instagram

Some designers even encourage homeowners to use the ladder to organize jeans and towels! On one hand is too tacky to have your pants or blankets exposed like that, no matter how gorgeous they look. Also, think of all the dust that would pile up on your clothes and blankets. There’s no winning here.

Bookcase Wallpaper Is Such a Shame

Though getting this may sound cheaper than investing in a real bookcase with actual books, it will make you regret this decision pretty fast. Wallpaper, in general, is tricky to choose and apply. It can easily bubble up or tear down, making the decor a total mess.

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When we think of bookcase wallpaper, it’s even worse. It is not as fun as using an app filter with books in the background. This wallpaper will also give your house the wrong idea about who you are. So, if you really want wallpapers, you’re better off picking anything else.

Furniture Skirts

The days of furniture skirts are over folks. Forget the sofa slipcover or the armchair with wavy skirts around it. For some reason, it was a functional and fashionable trend back in the day, but now we have much better options.

Image courtesy of theslipcoveratelier/Instagram

When choosing your sofa and armchairs, there must be a balance between what’s budget-friendly and what’s stylish. After all, you want to add glamour to your house, not downgrade it. The sofa skirts do just that; they downgrade any home regardless of other tasteful decorations.

Wooden Mallards

Mallards are cute creatures that love to swim around in ponds or lakes and grab some fish as they rest. While we get the appeal, things can go too far when you bring wooden mallards to your home. This is another outdated decor style homeowners used to love.

Image courtesy of ducksmakegreatpets/Instagram

But, we should leave it in the past as a sweet and corny memory. Wooden mallards should never become a part of your home decor, even if you are a proud collector of the animal’s replicas. Instead, find a specific spot in your house to display your collectibles. 

Big Mouth Billy Bass Aren’t Cute

The ‘90s were over the top in so many ways that it would be hard to point out every remarkable thing that was trendy back then. That said, we decided to bring your attention to this peculiar yet popular decor piece from that decade.

Image courtesy of crazykatz1973/Instagram

The big-mouth billy bass on the wall used to be a must-have at home. The singing and dancing fish was a sensation among kids and adults, too. In today’s world, however, this singing fish has no use. It is actually a setback in your home’s interior decor. 

Shaggy Rugs

Shaggy rugs may be beautiful and a great find for those who appreciate a sensorial home, but it is also the evil twin of all rugs. Once you buy it, it’s like heaven, but when you have to clean it up, it will quickly turn into a nightmare. 

Image courtesy of andicaine/Instagram

They are more difficult to clean than other rugs and are particularly bad for those who are allergic. The threads host dust like no other kind of rug, and they shed fiber pretty easily, depending on the quality of the material. So, aim for something beautiful and carefree.

Shot Glasses as Decor

Shot glasses are among the top 10 collectibles, for sure. They are very popular souvenirs and come in handy when it’s time for some fun and hardcore board games. However, you don’t need to pack an entire shelf in your living room and call it decoration.

Image courtesy of michelledestefano82/Instagram

Collectibles, in general, deserve a special place in the house, so save your shelves for actual decor pieces that reflect your current style and personality. This way, you avoid the college vibes, which normally isn’t what adults aim for when decorating their homes. 

Color-Changing Lights

This is not a hard pass for us, but we have to ask you to choose wisely and find the perfect spot for them. Color-changing lights are associated with a fun vibe and, sometimes, kids. But if you’re a grownup and still want to have some fun with coloring lights, you can.

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We just ask you to go slow on the decision-making part. First, choose one area of the house to highlight and, please, avoid the tv area because it already has a lot of visual impacts. More importantly, it’s essential to choose color hues that enhance your home’s style and flair.

Overwhelming Patterns

There are plenty of ways to display character and personality in home decor. You really don’t have to fill your walls from the floor to the ceiling with overwhelming wallpaper patterns that will just make your home feel claustrophobic and mind-boggling. 

Image courtesy of casawatkinsblog/Instagram

Unless you’re aiming for picturesque architecture and interior design, there’s no reason to pick extravagant wallpaper patterns. Find objects you would like to highlight, like a dashing bowl-shaped red floor lamp or a large abstract painting for the walls, and focus on that.

Fluorescent Lighting Is Not Cozy

Fluorescent lighting is used as a dramatic tool in films when the director wants to convey a cold and bleak feeling. We believe this is far from what you want to convey in your home. If you’re still doubtful, think of the lighting hospitals, supermarkets, and hotel lobbies have. Not pretty.

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The intimate, cozy atmosphere you want for your home will not be made possible with this kind of lighting, trust us. You can still pick white lights, but not fluorescent ones. Yellow lights are even warmer. So, do some research and see which option best suits your space.

Live, Laugh, Love Signs

One of the things we cherish the most is our personal touch when choosing what to wear or how to decorate personal spaces. So, generic signs like “Live, Laugh, Love,” though positive, don’t speak to your originality or good taste. 

Image courtesy of rinis4everlove/Instagram

It’s still possible to spread positivity in your place without erasing your identity. For example, look for a local artist to design or paint an original piece for you. This way, you can pour out your warmth and good vibe in a uniquely authentic way.

Plastic Dishes

Children’s birthday parties or block parties require plastic tableware. But there’s no reasonable explanation as to why anyone should have plastic dishes and cutlery at home and use them on a daily basis. They can be an alternative if you’re on a budget, but not for the long run.

Image courtesy of felicesfinds.etsy/Instagram

Before making plastic plates, forks, and spoons part of your kitchen, ask yourself if they are going to add something good to your home. Plastic dishes get greased pretty easily, and it takes a lot of soap to clean them up. So, they aren’t worth it.

Glass Furniture

Glass tables and cabinets were a big deal back in the ‘80s, and for a lot of families and households around the world, they still fit into their style. The see-through appeal of these tables gave a crystal-like feel to dining rooms and kitchens.

Image courtesy of lilysvintagedecor/Instagram

The setback about this kind of furniture is that it’s prone to stain from spills and fingerprints very easily. The fact that we can see the table support and screws is also not so appealing. Also, though the glassy table top is made with special glass, there’s always the possibility of it breaking or cracking.

Barn Doors Belong on Farms

The barn door in urban or suburban areas became a huge trend, especially in hipster and modern households. It’s an unexpected decoration piece, but before going all in on barn doors to spruce up your home, give the pros and cons some thought.

Image courtesy of antiquitieswarehousetc/Instagram

Sometimes is better to be safe than sorry, and a barn door at home can make you regret it. If you really want to incorporate a country or rustic feel to your urban home, find different props that brighten rather than downgrade your home, like a rustic coffee table.

Windows Without Drapes

We don’t have to excel in interior design to understand the relevance of having shades on windows, especially wide windows. Drapes, curtains, or shades are important elements not only attached to style, elegance, and good taste but ultimately to privacy.

Image courtesy of thomsonschoolhomestead/Instagram

Foregoing these essentials means your home will be exposed to neighbors and the general public. Imagine those amazing New York townhouses or Berlin apartments without drapes. It would make you feel as if you were in Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window film! You definitely don’t want that.

Cables: Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Hiding cables is not a task everyone masters well. After installing the TV, routers, receptors, and every other electronic gadget, you often notice that the exposed cables don’t look great. They may even give off an idea of unfinished business.

Image courtesy of The Gamer’s Grotto/Quora

There are a few options to get them out of sight. For living rooms, for instance, there are wood panels that go behind the tv set. Alternatively, if you’re building your house from the ground up, there’s always the option of embedding cables on the wall or something close to that. 

Chevron Patterns

This tiling pattern looks a lot like the Herringbone one. However, if you look closely, you’ll notice the difference. Herringbone tiling relies on asymmetric layouts, whereas the Chevron style makes perfectly symmetric triangle or arrow-like patterns. You often find them in open areas or even kitchens and offices in the house.

Image courtesy of

Getting the perfect Chevron tiling pattern requires a lot of work from craftspeople or carpenters, considering they require clean cuts. The downside of this style is that it can be a problem for those who suffer from balance issues or visual sensitiveness. 

Generic Gallery Walls

It always feels so good to go hunting for furniture and decoration items for a new home. It’s a chance to add our personality and let our creativity roam free as we imagine all the possibilities for each room. If that’s what you’re looking for, then decor pictures sold in bulk are not for you.

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The generic frames and images don’t tell your story, even if they show images or phrases that you like. Personalized items and original artworks flatter your house in a unique way. So, if you want authenticity, please forget about generic gallery walls and aim for simple custom pieces.

Bold Statement Walls

It feels great to pick a statement for a bedroom’s interior design. You just have to find a balance between what you want and what fits that particular room best. If you embrace maximalism rather than minimalism, there are ways to achieve your goals without ruining your home design.

Image courtesy of annlowengartinteriors/Instagram

Good furniture selection and wall decoration can state your personality without overwhelming your comfort zone at home. On the other hand, wallpapers, furniture, and decoration pieces based on a single theme might bring an unnecessarily chaotic feel to your home.

Ditch the Chintz Wallpaper

Another crushing decoration mistake is to add Chintz wallpaper to your home. Things get even worse when larger spaces are decorated with this wallpaper pattern. Again, it’s okay to focus on classic designs and take a chance on second-hand stores or antique shops.

Image courtesy of chrissiehomeanddesign/Instagram

Sometimes you have family memorabilia you want to display, so matching a Victorian wallpaper might make sense to you. However, remember that you don’t need to cover the entire room in Chintz wallpaper. Rather, select a sweet spot in a cozy room to create your unique sanctuary.

DIY Furniture

A low budget and sense of adventure make people opt for making their own furniture. Pinterest is also a culprit when it comes to DIY ideas we love. There are lots of variables to consider before you get all hands on deck, though. Your safety is the most important one.

Image courtesy of

Think of the hardware and tools you’ll need to build what you want. Make sure you pick something less challenging at first, then, you can go wild once you feel more in control of the practice. However, if you’re looking for stability and trim pieces, forget DIY furniture altogether. 

Reusing Mason Jars

Repurposing containers and pots is super helpful, environmentally and economically speaking. Plus, they give your place a bit of personality, too. One of the most popular reusable items is the mason jar. Eco-friendly and zero-waste households love to have some of these at all times.

Image courtesy of alisavp0912/Instagram

Mason jars have different purposes like party decoration, school supplies organizer, mixing drinks, storing grains, and so on, but that doesn’t mean they always elevate a space. When the jars don’t match the decor, it becomes a visual problem, and your house may end up looking cheap and less refined.

Wood Paneling

Wood paneling is the number one, most logical design choice for cabins and farms. However, this perspective shifts when we think of houses in urban areas. Placing wood panels on the walls is not only a bad idea in that regard but also a shot in the dark.

Image courtesy of ourhomeonbrunswick/Instagram

If you choose low-quality wood because it costs less, for example, you will definitely face maintenance problems in the near future. They also make it difficult to notice stains and bugs. On top of everything, it’s an outdated interior design trend, so avoid it.

One-of-a-Kind Lamps

Investing in classical interior design is one way to go if you want to achieve sophistication, a vintage feel, and opulence in a room or the entire house. Lamps have always been a key decor piece, but we all know how hard it is to find what you want for your safe haven.

Image courtesy of tigerrosevintageco/Instagram

This is a precious example of what you shouldn’t want for your home. Be careful not to mistake over-the-top and weird for fancy or elegant. A lamp is not just a decor piece; it also plays the important role of lighting up your place, so choose wisely.

Animal Skulls

Animal skulls as decor pieces are not for everyone. They give the room a stark feel and intimidate your visitors. It’s a classic Southwestern American trope to have the skulls of hunted animals hanging on the wall as a trophy.

Image courtesy of hallie_stephens/Instagram

But if you feel that you don’t subscribe to that ideal, ditch the idea of having a bull skull on your home office or living room walls. It’s also not an easy piece to match with the rest of the interior design.

Gold Everywhere

Ever heard of the brilliant saying that goes, “Too much of anything is poison?” that also applies to the world of interior design. In this particular instance, we mean people who love gold so much they just need to see it everywhere in their houses.

Image courtesy of compassrealestate_/ Instagram

While this trend enjoyed some popularity in the ’80s, we can’t think of anything more tacky now. You just need to look at this photo once to understand why. It’s okay to invest in gold-accented pieces for your decor; just remember to do so with moderation.