Think Beyond Cleaning: 3 Unique Ways To Use Your Vacuum

By Martin B

Vacuum cleaners are an essential tool for domestic cleanliness, but their versatility often goes overlooked. Here are three innovative uses for your vacuum cleaner that you probably haven’t considered:

Inflating Air Mattresses and Pool Floats

Vacuum cleaners are typically designed to suck in air, but many models also have an exhaust port that blows air out. This function can be harnessed to inflate air mattresses, inflatable pool toys, or even balloons.

Source: @norevisions/Unsplash

Simply attach the hose to the exhaust port, connect it to your inflatable item, and watch as your vacuum cleaner saves you from the strenuous task of manual inflation.

Finding Small Lost Items

If you’ve ever lost a tiny item like an earring back or a small screw, you know how difficult it can be to find it again. Enter your vacuum cleaner. Secure a small piece of pantyhose or fine mesh over the end of the vacuum hose using a rubber band. Next, pass the vacuum cleaner over the vicinity where you misplaced your item.

The suction will lift your lost item and trap it on the mesh, making it easy to retrieve.

Dusting Books and Delicate Items

Dusting books or delicate items like ornaments and lampshades can be a tricky task. A vacuum cleaner can make this job easier and more effective. With a soft brush attachment, you can gently remove dust from these items without risking damage.

Source: @chiklad/Unsplash

Remember to adjust the suction power to a lower setting to ensure you don’t harm your precious belongings.

These tips help to underscore the vacuum cleaner’s versatility. By employing unconventional thinking, you can extract additional benefits from this ordinary device.