Transforming A Bland Wall With Black Geometric Accents

By Luka E

Have you ever had a wall in your house that didn’t feel right? As you’ll see, there are many creative solutions to create harmony in your home. This couple’s protruding lounge wall is a splendid example. They didn’t like the way it looked at first, feeling that something was missing.

They decided to give it a make-over with a fantastic central accent piece. The first step was to add built-in cupboards in the indented sections on each side of the wall, starting with the frame, then the doors, and finally the racks. 

Using a miter saw, drill, nail gun, paintbrush, and wood filler, they created the cupboards entirely from scratch. The result is already gorgeous! 

Next came the painting. They opted to use Cracked Pepper by Behr and started by painting the wall first before making any modifications. This helps avoid cutting between all the corners created by the lattice pattern they add later. They also spray-painted the pine lattice boards separately.

Finally, they created a beautiful geometric design by arranging the lattice boards in an apparently totally random pattern. Random or not, we think it looks extremely stylish! The result is absolutely gorgeous, creating a striking centerpiece for their living room with functional shelves on either side.

This couple’s DIY skills are awe-inspiring, turning a relatively bland, awkward wall into what feels like the work of an interior designer. Their project stands as proof that anyone can – and should – try their hand at DIY to add some beauty and a personal touch to their home.