Upcycling: Turning Bread Clips Into Useful Things

By Stephen M

Have you noticed how satisfying it is when you can turn something out of use into something useful? Yes, upcycling breathes new life into discarded materials and helps them become useful new items.

With plastics causing high pollution worldwide and endangering wildlife and marine life, upcycling is one of the surest ways to reduce such pollution and help the planet.

Source: onecrazyhouse.com

Have you ever thought of giving your old bread clips a new life instead of dumping them? Here are some useful ways to repurpose your bread clip.

1. Store yarns and strings

If you have pieces of yarn or strings that you find too useful to throw away, you can wrap them in bread clips.

Afterward, store them in a glass jar for easy access. With this simple trick, you have saved the environment from plastic pollution.

2. Label things

You can use the bread tag in labeling items in your home or office. For example, if you have multiple electrical cords and cables, which are pretty difficult to identify, you can label them with bread clips to avoid confusion.

3. Crafting your art

Artists and even art lovers with a passion for mosaic art incorporate it into their artworks. That aside, it can be styled and used as pieces of jewelry, including as lockets for necklaces.

4. Sticky tape end roll

Finding the end roll of a sticky tape can be very frustrating if not deliberately marked. To avoid this, you can attach a bread clip to the end roll for easy identification and usage.

5. Mark book pages

If your forgetfulness makes it difficult to remember which page of a book you are reading, you can use a bread clip as a bookmark for easy access.

Source: reusegrowenjoy.com

6. Key labeling

If you have a bunch of spare keys at home or at the office, you can use the bread clip for labeling and identification. This is a great solution for when you’re in a rush to get inside the house but can’t find the right key.