45 Woodwork Projects That Would ‘Spruce’ Up Any Home

By Aakash M

Woodworking isn’t the cheapest hobby out there, and it definitely isn’t the easiest. But, it is surprisingly satisfying and gratifying. It is also why so many people have started to take it up as a hobby to reconnect with their creative side. After all, putting your hands to work and making something tangible sounds so fulfilling. We all must also realize that taking a piece of wood, which generally has no meaning, and turning it into something isn’t easy. It requires a lot of creativity, skill, and patience to make it happen. We came across many talented people who created excellent woodwork pieces. Their results were posted in the subreddit group r/WoodWorking, and we simply can’t get enough. They are dedicated to everything that has to do with woodworking, so let’s take a look at 45 of their fantastic creations!

*Puppy eyes*

Those are not puppy eyes, but owl eyes wouldn’t sound very cute. Here we are, starting off with a very wholesome image. This person carved a small owl from maple wood. After looking at this, we are sure that these things would sell by the dozens!

Image Credits: Reddit/seanpt3009

The moment we saw this cute thing, we wanted one for ourselves! If that’s the case, why wouldn’t almost everybody want it on display in their home? We said almost everybody because some people might think that this tiny owl looks like a skull. To each their own!

Nothing is impossible

How do you think they made this next woodwork project? Get ready to get your minds blown. This piece of art was created with the help of a simple YouTube tutorial! Also, the person behind this project used a saw for the first time to produce it!

Image Credits: Reddit/fppfle

Does it even remotely look like a first-time thing? But it is one! What happened was that this person had ordered an outdoor sofa on Wayfair. The company said that it wouldn’t arrive till the next few months. So, the guy took matters into his hands and made this beauty.

Love at first sight

Before you even ask, this image is not from Disneyland or any other such place. This image shows a grand woodwork project that is actually on a whole new level. We’re sure this took months! You are looking at Rapunzel’s tower and a cottage playhouse.

Image Credits: Reddit/AwkwardMethod

The person behind this creation also said that landscaping is what he plans to conquer next. We are sure that kids would surely love this playhouse. Also, this playhouse is way nicer than ordinary houses. We wish we could have one of those for ourselves!

Antique beauty

Some things look lovely mainly because they are highly decorated. Then, there are these woodwork projects that look better than the fancy decorated ones, even though there is no grand design. Minimalistic designs are our all-time favorite. There. We said it.

Image Credits: Reddit/ilcadm

The person behind this jewelry box constructed it for their grandmother. Can you guess the materials that were used? Sorry, that’s a far-fetched question. Anyway, it was mainly made from oak from the stairs of his grandma’s old house. We love a sentimental touch.

More expensive than you think

Next, we have a beautiful nightlight. They didn’t buy it. Instead, they made it. Generally, these things cost around three to four bucks. But, this person thought of making a nightlight for his wife, which is so romantic! However, it cost him a lot of time and effort!

Image Credits: Reddit/anonymoususer1776

Instead, it took him ten hours, and it cost him roughly 30 dollars. We believe that cost includes all the material that he needed to build the extravagant nightlight. This nightlight looks so beautiful, and we wish we could make something like this with our bare hands! 

A chest of drawers

Who needs Ikea when you can build one of these space-saving drawers yourself, which, by the way, are more spacious and efficient! That chest of drawers under the staircase just made organization much easier, and they probably saved a ton of money that would’ve been spent on furniture.

Image Credits: Reddit/bunfunion

But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves, since building something like that also takes a lot of time, effort, skill, and some money. Nonetheless, it’s beautiful. The person who executed this project said that he worked on it for a few months.

One from the fairytale

What’s with all these woodworks looking like they are straight out of a fairytale, a comic, or anything of that sort? Basically, what we are trying to say is how beautiful these projects turn out. We have a lot of questions about this one.

Image Credits: Reddit/magicalstickbending

Firstly, what was the process like making this? Next, how long did it take? Lastly, how much material did it take? We hope we get an answer to these questions since most of you might also be thinking the same. The person behind this woodwork calls it the “Neverending Fence.”

At ease

Look how peacefully that baby is sleeping. He has no worries at all and is living his best life. That baby is fortunate to have a grandfather who was able to make such a beautiful cradle to sleep in. We have never seen anything like this before, and it would be hard to find this in a store.

Image Credits: Reddit/Ill-Trainer-9903

You are looking at a longship cradle made by the grandfather for his first grandchild. If we were judges, we’d give full points to that woodwork. We wonder if these things came in adult sizes? Also, how cool would it look if the baby was sleeping in a Viking outfit!

Saving trees, one step at a time

This woodwork is aesthetic, but it has an interesting backstory. The owner wanted to cut down the whole tree for the deck. But, a friend actually convinced talked the owner into building a bench around the tree, and we love the outcome!

Image Credits: Reddit/stillcantshoot

You can see what we’re mean when we say we love it! We, for one, think that not only did it save the tree, but it also turned out to be a unique addition to the deck. The man behind the woodwork thinks the same. What do you think?


This piece of art, which is surprisingly all constructed from wood, is called “Reflections of Perspective,” and its dimensions are 150x90cm. Furthermore, it is inspired by Artdeco, a specific style of visual arts, architecture, and design. Let us take a moment to admire its beauty.

Image Credits: Reddit/lifeinlayers

We see so many images in this woodwork, and it is all so incredible! Well, the name justifies everything. We can only imagine how long it took to construct and how hard it was to build something so beautiful like this piece.

Take a guess

Here’s what we want you to do. Take a look at the image below, and take a good look at the drawers. The dog is adorable, yes, but stay focused on the woodwork. Now, looking at it, can you take a guess how experienced the man is who made it?

Image Credits: Reddit/sloppyjoesandwich

What do you think, is it ten years, twenty years, or more? Well, let’s leave the years for a second. The person who executed this project is a beginner, and it was his first time sticking to something and finishing it instead of leaving it half-done. Unbelievable, right?

Children’s favorite

This piece is not only meant for children, but it can become a favorite piece for Star Wars fans. The fans know what it is. For those who don’t, it is a Tauntaun! In fact, it’s a rocking Tauntaun! These are non-sentient lizard species in Star Wars.

Image Credits: Reddit/SerCornballer

We believe that the person who made it must be a Star Wars fan. If not, at least his kid or his grandkid must be one! This fun woodwork project was constructed using Poplar and Red Oak. Building it must have been so satisfying!

Dining table

When we lay eyes on some of these projects, we don’t feel like buying any furniture. It feels like we should give woodworking a try. If not, we can at least consult somebody who’s an expert at it! This walnut dining table is simply gorgeous.

Image Credits: Reddit/coffeebic

Perhaps, what makes it more impressive is the surrounding, including the modern chandelier hanging above it. Even the photography angle makes it very aesthetic. From the looks of it, the dining table looks like it has a smooth surface.


From the side view, this next project looks like an illusion. Like the one that we saw earlier, this one is also made out of walnut wood. But, it seems really very expensive, and not something that everybody can afford. 

Image Credits: Reddit/Acecarpenter

This woodwork project definitely belongs in an art gallery. It looks so complicated that it feels like it has some sound absorbing or sound diffusing properties. If not in an art gallery, it at least deserves to be in a recording studio. The carpenter did a splendid job!

Innovative piggy bank

This one is rare, and we are sure that a child would love it no matter what. This project is a piggy bank in the shape of a wood-carved dinosaur, which kinda looks like a T-rex! We’d definitely want to see a coin sliding through it and landing in the jar.

Image Credits: Reddit/gridr_ch

A father made this for his son. What a lucky child! How amazing would the dinosaur look painted and designed exactly like a dinosaur, with all the colors and scales? Still, it came out amazing, and anything else would be the icing on the cake.


We want to start by congratulating this man because he’s posing with his first woodwork project at a local store, and he looks so happy about it. It is well-deserved since the woodwork is splendid. We can only imagine the price of that thing.

Image Credits: Reddit/chronicpaincarving

We must point out that cornering this cabinet isn’t an easy task. This image is indeed an inspiration for everybody who wants to sell their woodwork and for those who are thinking about getting into the world of woodworking.

Small and cute

This playhouse is so adorable! Here’s a surprising fact. The person behind this woodwork design decided to make a playhouse entirely out of recycled pannels and roofing! The reason behind it? Obviously, the increasingly high cost of wood and building materials.

Image Credits: Reddit/djpoopmypants

So, cost shouldn’t be the reason stopping you from entering this hobby, since you can always find an alternative! Decorating it with flowers makes the playhouse more beautiful. We wonder what’s going on behind it since we can see a table over there with some chopped wood on it. Is it a new project?


Why would somebody post a picture of a rope? Unless it’s not a rope! It took us quite a long time to realize that it isn’t a rope. Instead, it’s wood. Even though it was written that it’s made from wood, we couldn’t believe it at first. 

Image Credits: Reddit/YouKnowWho2016

We’re sure most of you can’t believe it either. But, this rope and knot were carved out of basswood. Don’t mistake it for a cake, because these days, there are so many videos on the Internet of random things that are actually a cake. That’s some impeccable woodwork!


The person who posted these images on the Reddit group says that this woodwork project is far from perfect. We disagree because it is simply perfect. First of all, just look at that thing. Secondly, it’s the thought that matters.

Image Credits: Reddit/AnnyLam

This person is trying to make his parent’s porch look better. That’s the thought behind it, and it’s wholesome. The image on the left was taken before it was finished. The right one is the final product. We must say, the mission was successful!

Orca music box

It’s beautiful how the people behind these projects are so creative. We have come so far, yet we are yet to see two similar woodworks. Every woodwork is staunchly different from the other. It simply shows that there are so many ideas out there. 

Image Credits: Reddit/ dilettantetaun

You only need to let your imagination run wild and then implement those thoughts, just like this one. Building a music box is excellent in itself, but an orca music box? That’s some next-level creativity. Who would’ve thought of that?

Another knot

Once again, this one isn’t a knot. Instead, it is a trefoil knot that was carved out of a solid cherry piece. The knot itself is difficult to understand, but somehow, looking at the whole thing sends out a very peaceful vibe.

Image Credits: Reddit/heritageoak

These types of woodworks make newbies more interested in learning about the craft. Even though it’s not a grand size, don’t think that building it didn’t take long. It took many hours and a lot of concentration. The biggest question in our minds is how the guy managed to tie the knot.

Innovation at its best

This woodwork is another project that looks very professional and made by someone who is highly experienced. However, in reality, a first-timer made it. If his first project was this good, we could only wonder how his future projects will turn out!

Image Credits: Reddit/astillaestudio

This first project sofa arm tray with a phone slot and a divet shaped for a small cup. You can keep your phone in that slot and keep scrolling without lifting it up! This nifty design was made using laminated bamboo with a strip of recycled beach wood.

A huge plant shelf

This plant shelf is four feet tall and is made using curly and hard maple with maple plywood parts. The design is pretty complex, so we must give props to the person who made it. The whole thing looks gorgeous, and the photography angle makes it stand out.

Image Credits: Reddit/OverZealousCreations

Here’s a backstory. The guy behind this woodwork project has four cats, and he was tired of keeping them on shelves that people couldn’t see or reach. So, he decided to design and build this shelf as a birthday gift for his wife. So cute!

The lockdown brings out the best in you

Many of us can relate to this next endeavor. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we all had no other option than to stay home. So, many of us got creative and started doing new things. Some of us found new hobbies, while some reconnected with the old ones. 

Image Credits: Reddit/kanyewestie

What you see above is the outcome of someone that needed a COVID project. Before we say anything else, we need to say that this woodwork is the most satisfying one that we have seen so far. The finish is insanely beautiful.

A wooden outdoor shower?

Not many people demand a wooden outdoor shower, but for the sake of those who do, here is one. Although it could seem a little out of place for some, we can’t deny that it looks so beautiful and satisfying from the inside and the outside.

Image Credits: Reddit/headyorganics

The person who made it said that he doesn’t do outdoor showers since he’s a cabinet maker. But, the customer said that cost wouldn’t be an issue. So, he gave the project his best try. We must say that the result is impressive.

Dragon Ball Z

Although it isn’t a competition, this woodwork has the potential to stand out amongst thousands of woodwork projects out there and grab all the attention of so many viewers. Just look at the details on that thing. It doesn’t look like it’s from this world.

Image Credits: Reddit/DWoodartstudio

For those who don’t know what it is, it is a carving of one of the most epic fighting scenes in the famous Japanese show Dragon Ball Z featuring which is Goku vs. Vegeta. We, for one, have watched that show, and we can say that it is an exact replica.

A surfboard?

Yes, you heard that right. We never thought that we’d be seeing surfboard woodwork, but here we are. Now, the woodwork is one thing, but making it look stunning is a whole other task. This man succeeded at both, and we admire his abilities!

Image Credits: Reddit/ventanasurfboards

That hollow frame surfboard is seven feet two inches and is made from salvaged wood. On the downside, it is actually too gorgeous to ever be used. If we had it in our possession, we’d be so afraid of damaging it that we either wouldn’t use it at all, or we would never be able to enjoy using it.

Back to the ’50s

That’s the first thought that came to our minds after looking at this woodwork. This piece is the final project of the apprenticeship of the person who made it. He decided to show it off, and we must say that it was an excellent decision.

Image Credits: Reddit/Chko123

If we had the option, we’d definitely buy that. It looks like the kind of furniture you’d see at a store that would make you check its price tag. And once you look at it, you might be shocked because you had predicted that it would be very costly.

100/100 for aesthetics

This next piece is a finished journeyman’s project that includes a desk made from walnut wood and ash. We bet that whoever worked on that laptop would be so productive using it because of how aesthetically pleasing it looks and how comfortable it feels.

Image Credits: Reddit/Nexaner7

This one, at least for us, is a dream PC desk, and after looking at this image, we can say that it is an absolute delight to see something that is handcrafted executed so well. Lastly, we’d like to congratulate the maker on the journeyman ticket!

The library to die for

We can’t see any books yet, but just the woodwork makes it so beautiful. Imagine how good it will look once it’s filled with many books! This woodwork pience is of a finished oak desk area for a local school library.

Image Credits: Reddit/ElFunkioJunkio

Libraries are beautiful, and in the eyes of a child, it’s all the more grand and magical. We, for one, love and appreciate it. Libraries are special, and projects like this one keep that spirit alive, which is always an excellent thing.

Any opinions?

What do you think this woodwork is? Although it remotely resembles a keyboard, it’s easy to guess that it’s a serving tray! The complexity of this design is jaw-dropping. We’d definitely love to have one of those for ourselves.

Image Credits: Reddit/simon5678

The building process of this woodwork is definitely different from most of the woodworks we’ve seen so far. Those little cubes look like cheese cubes, and there are way too many of them. However, this must have been the most complex part of the process.

A heartwarming woodwork

The woodwork that you are seeing in this image isn’t recent. This chair was made by a father-son duo many years ago. However, the image is recent. The son snapped this image since he was house-sitting for his parents while his father was in surgery.

Image Credits: Reddit/Chrissyml1

Currently, the son is sitting and photographing everything that he can to make the most out of the memories. He plans to make many more chairs like this one. We hope his father is fine, and we hope they both find peace and strength.

A hi-tech door

You are looking at the inside and outside shots of a shop door. It has been made using poplar, black walnut, and many resins fills. The blue bits are for letting in the natural light. Can you guess what else is unique about this woodwork?

Image Credits: Reddit/highsierra3b

For those who couldn’t come up with an answer, these blue bits can also glow in the dark! This shop door indeed gives off a “business outside, party inside” kind of a vibe. But, all in all, it’s just a shop door!

One from the movies

This definitely looks like it is from a movie, but it is a summer project garden office. We want one, period. We guess there’s only one way to get one of these, and that is to work hard and be able to afford one of these one day!

Image Credits: Reddit/ hunt_gather

We can’t imagine building this with our bare hands. These are actually pretty costly, and since COVID, there has been a significant increase in the prices of these garden roofs. Having this office would set our mind at ease because working in it would be the best feeling in the world.

For the warriors

Take a look at both the images, and guess how long it took to build one of those. The answer is six days of hard work. It is a Mandalorian wooden helmet that is carved out of oak wood. Fascinating, isn’t it?

Image Credits: Reddit/OleksandrHrtysai

What’s most surprising is that the make constructed it with his bare hands! Power tools like CNC might have shortened the process, but that’s for personal preference. There is a whole video of its production on YouTube if you are interested in it!


This door is enormous and royal from all angles. The house would probably look equally impressive if this door were the only fancy piece of furniture in there! The post doesn’t end here. This woodwork has quite a backstory!

Image Credits: Reddit/LittleShalot8902

The person who made it left his job and changed his career for his passion! Before finishing this vast project, he worked as an apprentice in a cabinet shop for over a year. He wishes he did it sooner, but we’re happy for him!

From scratch

This woodwork journey teaches us one thing: always stay patient and trust the process. You can see how it all begins from an idea, which blooms into an invention. The best part is that the drawing on the paper and the final product looks exactly the same!

Image Credits: Reddit/joe-welly

We hope that the person who made it is satisfied with it since he has actually done a pretty spectacular job. Also, we think that it should be located in the middle of the room, or at least somewhere without walls right next to it.

That’s a bench

It’s not from Amazon, Ikea, or any other marketplace in the world. But, the quality of it is so excellent that it actually looks store-bought. Also, what’s with these photos that take the whole project to a new dimension? 

Image Credits: Reddit/Schmidtgoods

That’s another lesson. Always take interesting photos for good marketing and for grabbing people’s attention. This one is a bench made from African Mahogany. Everything about this woodwork is splendid, from the design to the material to the craftsmanship!

Another COVID project

For those who think that the putting a TV on the porch is fancy, here’s a step up. This project, according to the one behind it, is the “DIY Pandemic Playhouse with Outdoor Movies.” Wouldn’t every child, and adult, want that?

Image Credits: Reddit/Moodyplex

We wonder how much the wood would’ve cost because that is a lot of wood. The children in the last photo where the children are watching look so happy, and for good reason! That’s indeed some wholesome pandemic woodwork.

The perfect romantic getaway

This man built a screened-in porch on the back of his cabin. Even from the image, we can say that the view from there is breathtaking. The view from that porch, in reality, is beyond our imagination. However, let’s not forget the woodwork.

Image Credits: morphinebysandman/Reddit

On second thought, it doesn’t look like a screened-in porch. Instead, it seems like a massive room with screened windows. What amazing work. We would actually like to thank the person behind the project for posting an image of the woodwork so that the world can see.

Beautifying the house

The house doesn’t look like the most beautiful house from the outside, but the porch does a lot to add to its beauty. They built this porch using red cedar. We hope this porch is facing the east side so they can watch the sunrise every morning. 

Image Credits: Reddit/JaquesPackage

If it is, then the people of the house can call it “the porch of the rising sun!” All in all, it looks amazing, and it’s the place where you might want to sit down, read a book, and sip on some coffee.

Best gift ever

This woodwork is from a boyfriend to his girlfriend. He made it for her, and he is really proud of it, and so are we. The dimensions of this piece are 24″ x 48″, and do you notice those black rings on it that make it look like an illusion?

Image Credits: Reddit/Ryguychu

Well, those rings are for holding potted plants. The grass on that thing is preserved moss with a mesh backing that eases things. We love everything about this woodwork. The girl is fortunate because it’s very satisfying to look at.

Sleek and simple

These are floating bedside tables made from walnut wood. It would be so amazing to have one of those beside the beds. It is so clean that it almost looks like a 3D render! We are sure that this thing would sell for a lot of money online.

Image Credits: Reddit/tommywoodchip

These tables are so beautiful because of their simple and efficient design. Although it looks so simple, building it was actually pretty complex. We must also applaud the effort put into the details because it is truly superb work. 

Never quit!

This image is of an engagement ring box that this person made for his beloved. It is made out of wenge, and this person only attended a few woodworking classes a decade ago! That’s one way to brush up on your skills!

Image Credits: Reddit/pt606

The box looks beautiful, and so does the ring. We hope the partner is pleased with all the progress, and of course, the engagement ring! It definitely takes a lot of confidence and courage to pick up a hobby a decade later and still do a great job.

Sleek and simple part.2

The backstory behind this woodwork is that the person just had a second child. Thus, he had to give up his home office. So, he thought of making a Murphy-style desk in order to save some space in his bedroom.

Image Credits: Reddit/leadpainteater

It’s made from cherry wood, and he milled it by himself with an Alaskan mill from a tree in his dad’s yard. That tree fell about a year ago, so he didn’t have to cut any trees for it. We love how the desk doesn’t take up any space!